September 29, 2005

On The Conspiracy

For most of my life I have never given serious credence to any of the many ideas grouped under the general rubric of conspiracy theories. After all, one doesn't want to live with the constant paranoia engendered by such shadowy conspiracies as 'the Illuminati,' the Masons, the Trilateralists, the Jesuits, the international banking cartel, and so on, ad nauseum. Besides, such theories don't seem to be reflected in reality, in daily living. At least, not until recently did that seem to be true. Perhaps it's more than irony that I have achieved 'middle age' about the same time as the world has reached some sort of crisis point of its own.

I'd been getting pretty skeptical of all the large institutions that have come to dominate our society of the late 20th century-- government, big business, universities, etc. If I needed one, crucial event to push me over the edge, it was the 'attacks' of Sept. 11, 2001. Immediately, (once the initial shock wore off) I recognized this event as more than merely historic. It was going to be seen in retrospect, I reasoned, as a watershed, a loss of innocence for the human race. It was the event that pushed me into admitting what I'd avoided for years-- that, yes, there appears (at the least) to be a conspiracy operating behind the scenes of everyday life, a very evil, calculating, force of some kind that has some hidden, nefarious agenda whose nature is yet to be discovered. It sounds bizarre to the normal citizen-- just a sign of the insecurity of the times; a natural psychotic reaction to the stress of life in the 21st century. Or… could they be more to it?

We've become experts at rationalizing everything that threatens the delicate equilibrium of our tenuous, modern lives. Every day brings such a barrage of 'news,' of stories of all kinds assaulting our senses from various communications media, that we each develop our personal 'filters' that screen out anything that strikes us as 'off the wall,' outside our 'normal parameters' of thought. And the news comes in such a continuous, fast-paced torrent, that we just can't give any one story undivided attention for any more than mere minutes-- even one having the proportions of '9-11'. In fact, so stressed are we for precious time, that we invent short-hand phrases to denote all of these stories that come rushing at our harried minds. So, 9-11 (or 911) has already come to embody in 3 numbers a whole episode of multiple dimensions, each of which is a large story in its own right. When we say 'New Orleans' or 'Katrina,' we already know, mere days after the event, what disaster is being referred to. And so, the notion of a concerted conspiracy behind the momentous events of the last few years sounds too outlandish by many souls to be seriously considered, let alone believed.

Consider the Unthinkable

Yes, it'd be much simpler to just believe the unbelievable explanations handed out by the US government administration, and repeated with pathetically paltry circumspection by the big media outlets who effectively determine our collective views of reality. If you really want to find out details, minority opinions, alternative views, dissenting voices, you cannot rely on the big, 3-letter TV conglomerates to provide them. That's the awful truth-- you've got to get active and seek out those alternative views from other sources. Fortunately, these days we have (still, as of this date) a marvellous tool, called the Internet, or the worldwide web. When one starts to dig, tentatively, into the virtual world of the web, one soon discovers that there is a literally bewildering array of views, presented in a vast array of websites that range from the respectable to the bizarre.

In any case, I found that the figurative stench from the lying liars who are manipulating global events and world public opinion, was becoming so noxious and obvious that I didn't need the Internet to lead me to attribute it to a conspiracy. However, once admitting that there must be some kind of conspirators behind the scenes, the situation becomes quite murky and confusing. There are some very credible commentators who believe one theory or another, and can provide evidence that is more or less convincing for their allegations. Then, there are other, less mainstream sources who have some highly curious ideas of who the culprits are. Among the latter group, one must include the adherents of UFO-logy, extra-terrestrial visitors who, they claim, have made deals with certain national governments to assist them in gaining world domination. At this stage, I can't rule out any theory, no matter how incredible or novel it may seem at this stage.

Getting Started

What the dispassionate observer has before him/her, is an big array of seemingly disparate facts and theories, that at first, baffle the mind with their variety and novelty. However, as one persists in examining the panoply of 'evidence', certain threads or themes do begin to emerge from the mess. Not that I have any real, coherent grip on it yet; but it seems that, like a scrambled or 'pixilated' picture coming together gradually on a computer screen, the grand conspiracy theory is incrementally becoming integrated.

The first step is to spread the pieces out and examine them individually but in a cumulative manner-- to build up a database of available knowledge. By knowledge I include both measurable or verifiable fact as well as outright speculation. One has to assign a personal credibility factor to weight each of these bits of information.

The next step is to look for the patterns, the themes that skirt among the puzzle pieces. The proponents of each of the various theories is absolutely convinced that his/her paradigm is THE answer to the conundrums of the world. What the wary observer must do, I believe, is resist the temptation to compare and select a winner from among the competing theories. That is of course, what you are expected to do. Just as becoming a 'Christian' is supposed to require a decision as to which among the ridiculous array of 'churches' to attend or join. I have found, the hard way, that this pressure to choose a winner from a set of essentially identical or substitutable elements is a TRAP! It is a classic thinking trap. Once you grant assent to a single school of thought, you become its prisoner. It always comes with a prepackaged bundle of ideas that the novice is expected to adopt, wholesale, with full enthusiasm and little critical review. Once adopted, the prescribed paradigms define all of reality for the true believer, often very subtly, but always quite thoroughly.

Having learned this lesson from the 'religious' world, I am in a much better position to consider the range of views extant on the grating conspiracy question.

Some Basics

Now, to present some of the 'factoids' that pertain to the conspiracy problem...

  • - there is no shred of doubt left in my mind that '911' was perpetrated, not by foreign, Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, but by a cabal of powerful persons with connections to, and influence over, the White House administration.
  • - That the same cabal of conspirators also exert almost total control over the US mass media cannot be doubted by anyone who has a trace of intellectual honesty or discrimination.
  • - If anyone harbored any lingering notions that G.W. Bush is a 'compassionate Christian gentleman,' surely his demeanor in response to the destruction of New Orleans will have put them aside. It was a shocking revelation of a front-man for forces that have absolutely no regard for the lives of the poor masses who struggle for a living in the land of unparalleled wealth.
  • - looking back, one can recognize that the assassination of JF Kennedy was similarly engineered by the same forces who were bold enough to direct the tragedy of '911'.
  • - and if that last item be true, then it follows that the subsequent elimination of Bobby Kennedy was orchestrated by the same sinister forces. We could probably add the death of John Kennedy Jr. to the list of victims of this group, but it doesn't matter.
  • - every time a multinational corporation gets another privilege it doesn't deserve, another concession from some government somewhere, another obscene profit statement, it just cements in my mind how rotten the whole system, the entire world has become with the insidious, venomous rot spread by the minions, the acolytes of the shadowy conspirators.
  • - every time a new abuse by the agencies of the US gov't, or of the UN for that matter, are uncovered, some third-world country coerced into toeing the capitalist line, some flaunting of world convention by the USA, I see the mysterious hand of the conspirators in action.
  • - to anyone who has read more than one book on the phenomenon of 'UFOs,' it quickly becomes apparent that there is a concerted effort on the part of governments, particularly the US gov't, to not simply downplay it, but to utterly discredit and ridicule the whole issue. This attitude, completely uncalled for in light of the implications of its potential outcomes, has prevented any research that could settle the matter or at least cast light on it. To the list of simple 'light sightings,' one can now add the amazing spectacle of 'crop formations' (aka 'circles') that have become more and more complex since first appearance.

To my thinking, those are the principal pieces of evidence that make it increasingly clear that a coherent consciousness is manipulating the levers of power towards some unknown end.

Some Favorite Theories

Now, let's look at some of the major theories in circulation that purport to explain these observations noted above (from among a larger set)...

  • - there's always the Free Masons. While many influential leaders in the industrialized world have been and are members of the Masons, it is far from clear that they have the intention and the means to coordinate a conspiracy to rule the world. Still, they seem to be related to various groups that are less suspicious.
  • - the Illuminati are such a vague and shadowy organization that one can't be entirely sure that it really exists. If so, we are to believe that their few members have been orchestrating world domination over many centuries, so that their patience is entirely beyond the ken of the vast majority of mere humans.
  • - the NWO or New World Order seems to be a concept that became a reality with the election of certain right-wing presidents in recent times, and the promotion of their overarching scheme through the use of American military might in conjunction with American commercial might.
  • - just since 2000-- the last US presidential election-- we have been seeing stories of the strange fraternity known as the 'Skull and Bones' society, a secretive society of select Yale students that counts among its alumni GW Bush as well as JF Kerry.
  • - several earnest websites claim that there's solid proof that extra-terrestrial beings have made contact with US, Russian (previously, Soviet), and possibly other government leaders, and are assisting in secret plans to introduce one world government, etc.
  • - then there are numerous less credible theories that are often attributable to religious sects, that speculate about angels, demons, spirits, ‘Antichrist,’ ‘666,’ or what have you.
  • - there are probably many others, but these are the main ones that appear most often in the conspiracy web library.

Placing the Pieces

At first glance, these different theories may appear totally disjointed, having no common thread whatsoever. Yet, at second consideration, perhaps some coherence does begin to emerge. To begin with, nothing says that the possible choices are mutually exclusive. In fact, assuming that the Illuminists are as clever and long-term thinking as people believe, then they surely will have made the logical decision to use the organizations already holding power and influence... and then exert their own power and influence over these. So, I believe that whoever this fabled cabal of individuals is, they are exercising control over the Masons, the Trilateralists, the banking cartel, the governments (wherever necessary), and so on. The organizations may or may not be aware of this clandestine influence-- most likely only the 'dual agents' know for sure. As to whether alien (ie. extra-terrestrial) forces are somehow involved, well I don't want to say much about this, except that I wouldn't rule it out, no matter how outlandish it sounds to 'normal ears.' Nothing is normal any more.

Now, another important question to consider is this: where do you hide a conspiracy? Answer: in plain sight! This is an important lesson the Nazis handed down to their spiritual successors, those who would dominate the world, as for prime example, the NWO group. Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels understood that if you tell a lie, make it a whopper-- eventually it will simply be taken for granted, a background truth of the times. As incredible as this sounds to rational ears, it has proven to be amazingly accurate. The Nazis used the principle with gruesome results for the world. Today, the propaganda experts of the ‘White House’ (how's that for a euphemism in itself!) spin outrageous lies with nary a hint of compunction, in the face of bald evidence to the contrary. Yet, masses of American citizens support (whatever that really means) the president and his bushmen for a variety of reasons. What I'm saying is that, unlike the tyrannical scenarios envisioned by some critics of the WTO/NWO, the canny Illuminists have realized that they can carry out their plans within a ‘democratic’ context, and in virtual plain sight by manipulating public opinion using all the means available from psychology and technology. Try taking off the blinders when viewing or hearing or reading 'the news,' and place the facts in a broader panorama... it's surprising what you may conclude.

Endemic Mendacity

Another bleak insight that I've gained over my maturing years is how widespread and endemic the practice (some would say the art) of lying really is. When I first noticed it, I assumed it was a recent phenomenon, but reflecting on some of the glaring examples from history, I realized that it is an age-old and discouraging characteristic of human nature. Perhaps some people honestly believe the deceptions that they spout so eloquently. (To illustrate what I mean, I was working at a college once, where the dean or director seemed like a personable sort of fellow. He called a meeting of our faculty, and proceeded to expound on the value of high academic standards and how each of us was expected to uphold those standards by making demands on the students, etc, etc. It sounded very high-minded and idealistic. I was stupid enough to believe him. Two weeks later, I was dismissed from my lecture class because the students had complained about me (the college depended on tuition-paying enrollment for its maintenance). A week after that, the director took a transfer to another position. From that moment on, I saw purposeful lying used all over.) The spokesmen involved don't just 'color' the facts; they boldly state the exact opposite of what they know is the true course. If you want to allay fears about say, environmental damage, you state clearly that your company is deeply committed to the environment and upholds the highest standards in environmental protection. Then your company continues to carry on business as usual, completely ignoring all environmental considerations. It sounds too cynical to be true; but as always, truth is stranger than fiction, and the more outrageous a lie, the more chance it will be accepted by the poor, ignorant masses. It's not that the masses don't care. It's, as all you readers know, that we are all so harried trying to live in a world of information overload, job overload, and sensation overload (pull that MP3 out of your ear for a sec!) that, well, you can't check out every obvious lie you hear.

A principal weapon used by the conspirators in their ongoing process of 'educating' (ie. dumbing down) the populace is the use of 'experts' whom I call 'soothing-sayers' (as opposed to sooth-sayers who are supposed to be revealing 'sooth/truth'). These are persons with lots of fancy initials after their names, who assure us in academic rhetoric that all is well, there's nothing to worry about because 'science' tells us so. These were the people who brought us thalidomide in the 1960s; nuclear power (with no plan for disposal of hazardous wastes); blood transfusions during the early AIDS days; tobacco as a harmless product; and so on and on. The experts have all the science to back up their soothing assurances; don't worry, be happy... and just keep on making your paltry salaries and investing that hard-earned money in the black hole of the stock markets to keep the conspirators fabulously wealthy. Lately, they've been assuring us that there's nothing to 'global warming,' it's just a cyclical thing, so relax and break out the sun-screen. As hired spokespersons for the junk-food industry they tried to tell us that there's no danger to health associated with consuming vast quantities of garbage food. Fortunately, individuals like John Robbins (a junk-food heir himself) was brave enough to defect and proclaim the truth. Over the past half-century, the prostitute experts have had their hands full assuring us that UFOs are purely mythical archetypes, or optical delusions, or psychotic episodes, etc, etc. Meanwhile, even the major news media seem to harbor some doubts about the issue, witness one of Peter Jennings last big stories for his network.

Their M.O.

In view of the above observations, you can start to see how crazy the world has become. Those who desire world dominion are basically carrying out their plans in plain sight! Sure, there are plenty of intelligent people who see thru their schemes, and who even write books, make public speeches, appear on 'talk TV' shows, and so on. But the conspirators aren't worried any more. They've learned that they don't have to use dictatorial force and thereby finally blow their cover completely. No, it's far easier and cleaner to simply be patient, let the critics blow in the wind for a while, and just keep on with Plan A. The great harried masses don't like to hear 'bad news,' they don't like to listen to 'intellectuals,' they don't like to tune in to documentary news or intelligent TV shows... So, what's to worry about? Who cares what the investigators find?-- Just stick to the script. Now you can see why Michael Moore has used a more effective tactic, and why he must be starting to annoy some of the conspirators sorely. Mike has realized what the public doesn't like, and he has created these 'feature movie documentaries' that present research in a kind of story format, with himself as the protagonist, a sort of innocent abroad who just happens to uncover, oops, some very embarrassing material. Michael is a genius in his own right.

Showing their Spots

In light of everything I've said here, you can appreciate why I now believe in a conspiracy-- mainly because so many egghead spokespersons are assuring me that everything is just fine... apart from those nefarious 'terrorists,' of course. If one could easily detect the stench of a 'rat' following 911, and again at the invasion (oops, liberation) of Iraq, then the odor has become nauseous with the stunning images from New Orleans. If the images didn't stun you, then perhaps some of the stories that circulated on--not the captive 'news'--the Internet (the last bastion of free expression and honest news) would shock your senses into action. Besides some real-life horror stores from survivors, there are others concerning obvious 'stand-down' orders from gov't officials preventing aid efforts from even reaching the disaster areas. It smells a lot like the air force jets that didn't show up, within an hour of the first impact on the world Trade towers. Well, you can see what I mean about hiding a conspiracy in plain view! It's just so far-fetched that the normal mind figures there must be a reasonable explanation that 'they' know, or 'everyone knows;' therefore, dismiss it and move on. I wonder if some rational Germans realized that Hitler's 'democratic election' in 1933 was engineered and orchestrated? Let's not beat around the Bush, folks-- such stand-down orders could only have come from the President. The question is: who's directing Boy Georgie?

And that's the nub of the conspiracy. The cabal (Illuminati, whoever) have seen (heck, arranged) that the USA has become the super-power on the planet... at an era when the whole globe can be reached by communications and transportation technologies in a very short time. For the first time in recorded history, the opportunity is here for true world domination. (ie. As opposed to the relative world domination of the Romans or later, Britain in the 18th/19th centuries). For the conspirators, NOW is the propitious time to put the final touches on the ages-old plan. Continue to mesmerize the masses in the USA itself; continue to flex those military muscles in far-flung, strategic outposts; continue to ratchet up the audacity of the lies, the usurpation of human rights, the violation of American constitutional ideals, the abuse of Americanized 'Christianity,' and the abject enthrallment of the news media into blatant propaganda organs. Engineer a few more 'disasters' or 'terrorist attacks' on US home turf to really stir up those blindly patriotic juices and foster a final willingness to concede personal rights for the empty promise of 'peace and security.' Yes! The final victory, the ultimate achievement of human avarice and viciousness is now within plain sight! No more planning and waiting patiently for centuries and decades for the pieces to fall slowly but relentlessly into place, while brilliant leaders arise and are buried, the dream not yet fulfilled. SOON, very soon-- I'm sure the conspirators can smell it-- the New World Order will be a reality. Control the USA and you can control the world. The USA is all but a dictatorship, the Bushmen being willing partners or pawns. It's basically a cake-walk from here on.

The Resistance

Of course, it's not over. There are still plenty of cogent, awake, sincere opponents of this juggernaut. But, what exactly are they opposing? It's difficult to get a grip on. Some think it's Bush, some the NWO, some the Masons, others the bankers, or the WTO, or what have you, And how coordinated is this opposition? Just by believing in different bogey-men makes it almost impossible to coordinate the efforts of the opposition. In contrast, they are dealing with a ghostly menace that has been honing its skills and reviewing its plans for literal ages. The cabal has neutralized a large segment of potential opposition by exercising the mind-conditioning of a domesticated media. Even the stream of movies gushing out of Hollywood over the last decade or so has consisted of spectacles designed to prepare the common mind for such things as huge catastrophes of all kinds (quick think of 4 different ones!), the arrival of UFOs with alien intelligence, terrorist plots to subjugate the world, and so on. With the proliferation of TV 'reality shows' (another irony) the average viewer is hard pressed to distinguish true reality from concocted reality. When the final moves are made to make the conspiracy irreversible, most people will welcome it at first. So dull has our collective thinking ability become that lies appear appealing, even when they contradict common sense... so long as they tell us what we want to hear.

From that point on, the opposition will have to go underground... and it'll be a dreary grind. To get a flavor for how awful it will be, you need only read Orwell's classic '1984' (or just watch the movie, I suppose). The only thing that will save the world, ironically, will be its destruction. Because, the conspirators may be smart, but they don't seem to understand that by setting in motion forces that give them ultimate global control, they have unleashed powers that must 'backfire' and blow the whole planet into a wasteland. Whether they survive or not (and they probably will not, for similar reasons) there will indeed be a 'new world,' populated by a few survivors, who will not likely tolerate any further talk about governments and 'free enterprise,' and armies for defense, and all the old bull-shit that finally brought the whole house down. But, okay, now I'm really stepping out into the slippery realm of ultra-speculation! ;-)

So-- stay tuned to your favorite web-news sites, and keep collecting and fitting those pieces of disparate-looking information into your data bank. Look for the patterns; reverse all the lies; move to higher ground. These are certainly interesting times, as the end of another world age draws to its dramatic conclusion. May the 'true God' of the universe be with all who read this, and may Its Spirit give true light and direction to your mind. Amen.

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