October 2, 2005

The Conspiracy - Addendum 1

There are plenty of commentators-- many of them quite prescient in some ways-- who insist that almost every part of modern culture is corrupted and directed by the secret society that they've identified as the ultimate conspiracy. There's often a certain ring of veracity in some of those claims; but too often, they're just too sweeping, too hyperbolic to be patently true. And because of the air of exaggeration or excitement behind them, the majority of hearers tend to dismiss the allegations totally, as obviously over-wrought. Wary skeptics throw out the whole message, while the gullible and paranoid swallow the whole. Well, hold on there! Maybe there is some worthwhile truth in the claims, if not in totality. As I've said elsewhere, if the conspirators are a society like the Illuminati, then they've had plenty of time and experience to work on their game plan. They are expert opportunists-- the ultimate, in fact. They are masters at setting up competing systems that appear to be diametrically opposed to each other. That's one reason why it's so hard to detect their trail. After all, are they on the 'left' or the 'right?' With the religious or the atheists? And so on. In fact, they're behind both, or all.

Isn't that counter-productive for them? Not at all. When you measure progress in centuries or decades, playing both sides against the middle is diabolically clever. So much human capital is consumed in these struggles of opposing ideologies; so much misery caused; so much cynicism engendered. It all plays into the hands of the puppet masters and furthers their master plan. They've learned how to make money in good times and in chaos; when markets are up, and when they're down. These canny wolves take advantage of every situation, be it a coronation or a crisis. They love to foster wars, where they can back both sides until a winner is inevitable, then quietly retire with more riches for their vast stores... and a new global chess board on which to create further gains of wealth and power.

We ordinary folks find it quite unbelievable that any group of individuals could possibly operate so smoothly, so clandestinely, so successfully for so many years... and not slip up and be exposed. Yes, it does stretch one's credulity, I agree. That's the part I find hard to swallow, too. The lesson of history is that evil always, eventually implodes on itself. It's the very nature of evil that nothing and no-one can be trusted; therefore, the guy at the top is always betrayed by a scheming subordinate who wants to replace him. Corruption is another word for rot, and all corrupt entities rot and decay-- they simply can't last forever, by the very laws inherent in the universe. And altho this present cancer has been around a long time, it too shall pass. But not before causing a great deal of destruction.

You have to wonder: since these ultra-conspirators are so fiendishly clever, and can foresee the outcomes of many of their sick plots-- then why don't they see that they're ultimately doomed? Alas, it's a mystery. In fact, the Bible refers to it as 'the mystery of iniquity' because there seems to be no logical reason behind it. It's like mankind's apparent unconscious urge towards self-destruction; so caught up do some of us get in the mad race to accumulate wealth and power before the death we all know is coming, that nothing else seems to matter-- not even the futility of it all. Evil fails eventually; but it's a question of time. Some dictatorships, for example, survive much longer than others.

How ‘They’ Thrive

So, while the Conspiracy is fated for final failure, it has endured long and has avoided the pitfalls that generally bring down any other, lesser manifestation of evil. Why? How have they managed this feat? Let's consider some factors working in their favor...

  • - having a very long-term goal helps keep the players focussed in one general direction-- especially when that goal is nothing less than world domination.
  • - they have had time to make some mistakes and learn from them and probably to cover them up.
  • - they are such a secret society that most of the members themselves are never fully clear who reports to whom; therefor it's never safe to try to dispose of another conspirator. This purposeful ambiguity is probably the main reason how they've been able to succeed yet not get exposed, even accidentally.
  • - they must have an equitable way of dividing the spoils from the interim, local victories, so that their members are satisfied to support the big plan.
  • - once the organization (to the extent one can label it so) reached a critical level of wealth and influence, it became easier to maintain the secrecy. If anyone dared threaten to defect or oppose the big plan, he could be removed, dispatched, or neutralized in any number of creative ways that could range from economic sanctions, to forced exile, to academic disgrace, up to 'mysterious disappearance' or death.
  • - once the conspirators gained influence over a few communications media, the role of 'disinformation' took on great importance. Should genuine revelations be made about the conspiracy, they can publish various authoritative books, newspaper articles, etc. that cast all kinds of rubbish on the story... and pretty soon, 'it's history,' as we say.

Don’t Look Now!

One measure of how successful the conspirators are, is the manner in which they enjoy flirting with the populace. For instance, they will use their secret or special codes and symbology in all kinds of curious ways (just think of the numerology behind '911' for a prime example!). Some pundits have noticed all kinds of 'occult' features embodied in the design of the street architecture of Washington DC (road angles and confluences that depict pentagrams, etc.). Designs on the US dollar bill have been identified as of an occult or Egytian origin-- yet I’ve never seen an 'official explanation' for those symbols. Investigators have found music album covers and books that presaged, uncannily, the attacks on the WTC twin towers. It's happening all the time, but we don't know until something happens, and then we might (with untypical awareness) notice signs that were pointing in advance to the event.

Deeper Dimensions

All of this discussion is to illustrate how insidious is the Conspiracy, how virtually impossible it is for anyone to deal with it. Now, let's take a bold step, in the face of such an intractable foe. In view of everything I've stated, it's not unimaginable to view the situation as having spiritual dimensions. After all, the mystery of iniquity is a spiritual phenomenon. The Illuminati Conspiracy bears all the hallmarks of a Satanically-inspired and directed agency. It is vague, dark, and operates behind the scenes. It prefers to achieve ends by exerting influence over people who are pawns in their nefarious game. It likes people to believe that it doesn't exist, for that makes things much easier for them. But for those who do believe, there's so much confusion and disinformation flying around that there's little chance of any effective action arising from them. The very name, Illuninati, is clearly related to 'Lighted Ones' (or Enlightened Ones) which harks to Satan's primary name, Lucifer, the Bearer of Light. (Another obvious example of how they subtly flirt). You may not believe in a Devil or God; yet you can't deny that the Conspiracy is a pervasive, negative, self-serving, vicious, greedy entity. I'm not trying to get anyone to abandon atheism if that's their outlook; just to suggest that, at a level beyond human reason, there appears to be a force expressing itself thru the human agency of a super-normal conspiracy.

To show my hand, I believe that all things will eventually be revealed; that evil cannot hide its true nature forever. The way things are progressing, I think it's going to be quite soon-- a matter of a few years, probably-- before everyone will see the Conspiracy in its true light, and its members for the vultures they are. Even now, as they make ever bolder moves with the desired goal in sight, there are many people who are seeing the truth emerging. Sincere individuals, troubled by the clearly self-defeating path pursued relentlessly by the current pawns, the US government, know in their souls that something evil is afoot. Only when the situation becomes fully catastrophic will the present willing and unwitting supporters of the Conspiracy realize the terrible error they have made. It will be too late for many. Martial law will remove all present personal rights, and open dissent will be impossible. Maybe then, even skeptics will acknowledge the spiritual nature of the battle, and turn to oppose this Evil by seeking the spirit of Good.

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