November 6, 2005

The Conspiracy Meets The Apocalypse

In the last posting, we constructed a plausible (to me) scenario for the physical phenomena and events that could be expected in the indeterminate future of our planet. Now, some of the sources I studied talk not only about the physical events, but also about political events. For instance, there's the well-known 'Christian' predictions about a so-called 'Anti-Christ', identified somehow by that mysterious number, 666, and so on. Added to those images from Revelation, they have concocted a story about a 'secret rapture' of true believers prior to a seven-year period of 'tribulation.' An enormous amount of sheer nonsense has been written, and even cast into ludicrous movies, on this subject, until both Christians and others are either totally confused or totally deluded (or both). The 'Evangelical business ministries' have made fortunes peddling this Biblical gibberish to gullible people who haven't bothered to really study the Bible themselves. You might guess that I'm skeptical about such scenarios. :-)

Those 'Christian' stories are so bizarre that most people toss them into the same bin as the predictions of the New Agers and the 'alien cult' proponents, who claim that humanity is nearing a transition phase from our present energy state to a higher 'vibration' wherein we will finally achieve the peace we think we long for. They used to talk about the 'Age of Aquarius,' but now it's more about crop diagrams and aliens from other worlds. Well, the Hindus, too, talk about the end of the present 'Kali yuga' and the coming start of a new cycle to be characterized by a higher level of human consciousness. So in fact there may be something to that line of speculation. One could even suppose that the Christian outlook is really talking allegorically about the advent of 'Christ consciousness' at the end of this age. The thing is, no-one really knows for sure; so to insist that is will be exactly such and so, is to impose blinders on one's awareness. There are too many people with such self-imposed blinders and filters on their perceptions, already.

Yet there are some sinister things happening at a rapid pace before our eyes, that provide a basis for reasonable projection based on the lessons of history and the familiar predilections of this mad race. Referring back to my essays on The Conspiracy, one can try to connect the physical manifestations with the political manipulations. Perhaps it is simply coincidence that at the very time when the Conspirators are in a position to finally achieve their nefarious goal of world dominion, the world they want to rule is in peril of total destruction. Perhaps. I think there's more to it than that; but it doesn't matter much at this point. Some observers posit that the Dark Side are, themselves, precipitating some of the disasters that are hitting various parts of the globe. It's possible; the Bible's Revelation talks about Christ coming to deal with 'those who destroy the Earth.' Let's speculate on how they could pursue their agenda in a few, final, swift moves.

The anticipated 'next terrorist attack' on US soil suddenly occurs-- a 'dirty bomb' explodes in a major city, and hundreds of people are killed immediately, thousands are injured, and commercial buildings are damaged over a wide area. The President of the USA holds an emergency press conference and declares martial law on a 'temporary basis,' given the severity of the situation. Suspected subversives are forthwith rounded up and interned in isolated camps, as if lists and facilities had been planned in advance. With the cabinet now on an overt war footing, the Administration starts taking measures to ensure their dominance of the US and the whole world. They don't try to install a one-world government; they simply dictate to the UN what they want to see, and then by means of technological and military blackmail, they expect it to be done. In every country those individuals and agencies that have worked to oppose 'globalization' and capitalist interests (WTO, etc.) will be rounded up and interned indefinitely. The US military will 'enlist' all manner of bad actors who have a broad range of psycho-social disorders, but who share a weakness for hating 'them'-- the framed 'instigators' of terrorism designated by the White House masterminds. These psychopaths will then be put in uniforms, given weapons, and authority over the internment camps... and we will witness a repeat of the worst of WW-II's atrocities. How do I know? Because that's what happened in Nazi Germany, and we've no reason to presume that Americans are different from Germans in terms of fundamental character traits. The infamous Nazi leadership was full of individuals with various ego deficiencies, sociopathic traits, sexual deviancy, occultists, and so on. Not a healthy bunch to be at the controls of a crushing war machine.

Meanwhile, the Earth's geo-climatical state grows more perilous. Super-storms materialize all over, causing great damage and loss of life by wind and flood. Earthquakes in the 4.0 to 8.5 range are now common, and occurring in almost every region on earth. It's no longer possible to send rescue missions to help the affected areas because there are fewer and fewer places that remain unaffected and capable of providing external aid. People know 'something's wrong,' but those in charge are still not telling the general populace about the approach of the comet, planet X. Why the secrecy about something so dire? To avoid panic? No-- to forestall financial meltdown! The avaricious Conspirators are busy buying and hoarding possessions at a furious pace while people think it's still worth something. It would hardly be useful to the Putsch to let people know that, realistically, there's a good chance that the whole game is coming to a sudden end. Of course, they think that somehow they can use their money and power to survive the coming catastrophe while most 'ordinary people' will perish.

At some point, the Conspiracy declares that all debts owed by the US government are now cancelled. Creditors holding US debt instruments are left with worthless paper. Since the US dollar is essentially an IOU from the federal Reserve, it too is worthless. But the Conspirators have developed a plan. People can register with their co-opted banks and obtain some sort of 'smart card' that will allow them to store 'credits' that can be exchanged for necessary goods and services. These smart cards will be required for all commerce and will give the Conspirators absolute economic control over the population. It's conceivable that, in lieu of a smart card, microscopic RFID modules ('chips') could be inserted subcutaneously, even in the guise of innoculations against any of the new strains of virus that health authorities have been concerned about. (Here's where the Bible speculators get excited about 'the mark of the beast' which is found in the forehead or the hand.)

Conditions on Earth become unbearable under the onslaught of a myriad of 'plagues' triggered by the errant planet/comet. Pretty soon, the space intruder's presence cannot be hidden, and everyone can see the mysterious reddish cross, first in the night sky, then even in broad daylight. The Conspiracy starts to unravel as lackeys realize that they've been deliberately deceived by their 'protectors.' The great majority who had swallowed their doubts to support the false claims of the Conspiracy for peace and victory over 'terrorists,' now see plainly that those leaders are self-serving monsters with no regard for anything but their personal glorification. It's an ugly scene as the angry crowds go after the Conspirators with vengeance their focus.

After that, my crystal ball gets so foggy that it's completely obscure. This is where the Christians expect Christ to appear for his second coming. This is around the point where the New Agers expect to be transformed to a higher consciousness. In the lore of aboriginals and some Eastern traditions, this may mark the cross-over from one age to the next. There may be a flip in the Earth's axis, accompanied by monumental upheavals causing the death of billions of people. The foolish, materialistic Illuminati will see the utter destruction of all they have labored over centuries to bring about. Material possessions and vast fortunes of 'wealth' will prove to be worthless; only 'spiritual values' will have enduring quality in a world destroyed and reduced to a primordial stage. The path of greed, me-first, will be revealed as self-defeating and futile. Only the way of giving, of service to others will remain as eternal.

Okay-- that's the core of my end-times scenario. You may be totally incredulous at this point, and that's fine. But things are moving fast-- keep your eyes and ears on the news, and watch thoughtfully as events unfold. And then remember: you read it here first! ;-)

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