January 16, 2018

Demons.... or UFOnauts?

Did that title pique your curiosity? Obviously, I have to provide some context to it. First of all, I have to state that I believe the phenomenon we call UFOs, or 'alien life' or whatever, is genuine. That doesn't mean I hold to some hard position as to what this phenomenon is. I'm saying that hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life (including police and military officers, pilots, and astronomers) over many years of reporting, cannot ALL be delusional or mistaken; and that thousands of sightings, including videotaped ones, cannot ALL be dismissed with the kind of nonsensical answers supplied so glibly by so-called authorities. Just because something is unexplained is not reason to deny it exists! 
There is no longer any doubt that humanity is being visited by some kind of intelligent entities; the first question is, 'What are they?'
Since 'legitimate science' has been effectively removed from the study of UFOs (by threat of public ridicule, removal of funding, etc.) it has been left to maverick researchers of various kinds to step in and fill the gap. Some of the better known have done a very good job, bringing a high degree of rational analysis on a most mysterious subject. After half a century of studying the phenomenon, it remains, largely, a mystery. However, some researchers-- those who can think outside the already stretched box-- have reached a fascinating, and ominous, conclusion. They believe that the UFOs and their occupants represent a demonic manifestation. Without going into a lot of detail, noted researchers like Jacques Valee and John Keel, have noted the parallels between the key characteristics of the UFO phenomenon and reported demonic activity (over the ages). For example, how they both materialize and de-materialize in a virtual blink of an eye; how they both defy the physical laws of our space-time dimensions; the presence of a sulfurous smell that often accompanies the appearances; and the sheer, apparent pointlessness to many of the manifestations.... their capriciousness, if you will. And I might add that follow-up research often demonstrates that bad consequences have befallen those individuals who have been involved in either type of phenomenon; they are both associated with evil.
It's not far-fetched to consider that UFOnauts might be a demonic manifestation. After all, many 'whistle-blowers' claim that these entities made agreements with earthly governments whereby they are permitted to abduct a certain number of humans for 'genetic research' or other dubious purposes. How benign does that sound? Abductees mostly have traumatic, negative impressions or recollections of their experiences-- hardly indicative of friendly visitors from space. Some self-identified 'contactees' or escapees from secret underground bases even have harrowing stories of humans kept in cages as either psychic or physical food for these alien interlopers. So there's plenty of evidence that the phenomenon is evil!
Alternative theories regarding the UFOs postulate that they are the technologies of highly advanced races of beings coming from some far-off origin such as planets in a distant solar system or even galaxy (e.g. they are 'Beta-Reticulans'). Yet given the generally bizarre behavior of these beings, and their ages-old taunting of humanity without proper, appropriate disclosure, a cogent observer is compelled to agree with those who identify them as a form of demon; more explicitly, as evil spirits. Having said that, though, I must return to my original query: are the UFOnauts demons... or are the demons of historical accounts really alien beings? The latter choice is saying that all those mysterious manifestations that the ancients and even modern man ascribed to evil spirits were in fact produced by alien intelligences whose superior technological capacities were viewed as supernatural. The former choice is saying, on the contrary, that the UFOs and their occupants are really evil spirits purporting to be alien, physical beings from another world who possess advanced technology. You can see that the argument might be made in either direction, based on the accumulated evidence; but the conclusions are vastly different.
If the UFOnauts are an advanced race of physical beings, then their activities provide an explanation for various 'spiritual' phenomena, and more importantly, would lend great evidence to the theory (becoming more widely spread) that the human race was created, not by God, but by alien intelligences. Hence, some people think we are soon to experience a grand 'coming out of the closet' by the UFOnauts, presenting themselves as our creators and cosmic custodians, come to usher us away from primitive religious notions, and from the incipient disasters we have generated on this planet, and into a brave, new world of higher consciousness. Many people, especially among those who have become disgusted with organized religions, have come to believe, and expect, that this scenario is going to emerge 'very soon.'
Now, on the other hand, what if the other alternative is true-- that the UFOnauts are demons? This view sees the UFOs/occupants as being evil spirits manifesting in a way that is intriguing to modern, technological mankind, but ruinous in intention. For a long time, I have been undecided, agnostic, on this subject, since I needed more information. Lately, I have found the pieces of the puzzle that, I believe, settle the issue. You see, the Bible warns that in the 'last days' (of this present age) Satan will arrange a delusion so compelling that it is capable of deceiving even the believers in Christ. Scripture also states that Satan will appear, impersonating Christ, as a false Messiah, producing miracles, and deceiving multitudes into accepting him as the New-Age savior of mankind. If you put the 'demon scenario' (above) with this warning, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to see how it can all fit together, direly. Imagine: after centuries of teasing, the UFOnauts finally 'descend from the heavens', possibly at various capitals around the world; they proclaim their mission to lift up the befuddled race they created millennia ago, and 'make them as gods,' as they themselves, in other words. They perform various miracles, heal some people from diseases, and appear as benign as your favorite aunt. "Sorry to inform you religious folk, but there really is no God, just the universal consciousness that you too can tap into to make your dreams come true." I expect that they will produce their leader, Satan, under an assumed name and title, as a shining being, dazzling with brilliance and oratory skills, who will explain how he fulfills figuratively the promises of the second coming of the Messiah. That would be strong delusion indeed!
So the question, demons or UFOnauts is a very crucial one. At present, it may seem entirely frivolous, even meaningless; but at some future time, it may be of utmost import. My hope is that my readers will start thinking about the issue, and recognize its possibility and eternal importance. The Bible has given us generally phrased warnings... if it had been any more specific, it would have been incomprehensible, misunderstood, ridiculed, or suppressed. Many scholars are finding new and innovative ways to discredit the Christian scriptures. Science has exalted itself above spiritual discovery. False shepherds of religion have perverted it and brought widespread shame and discredit upon religion. Most of the pieces are in place for the grand deception of the ages to unfold. Who will you believe-- earthly and unearthly authorities and powers... or the Word of God?

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