April 21, 2007

Virginia Tech Check

My first reaction on learning about the mass murder at Virginia Tech on April 16, was that here was another pathetic victim of the modern spiritual wasteland who decided he'd be a 'perpetrator' for a change-- in his last desperate act. And there's plenty of evidence to support that basic idea. He was a loser and a loner, a classic, alienated young man, who, in another society, would have been a prime candidate to be a 'freedom fighter,' or a suicide bomber. But in the 'reality game' that is modern America, there is practically only one avenue for such disturbed minds-- grab some fire-arms and head for a place you will be sure to find a concentration of young people, the hope of the future. We know by now how the rest of the script goes... in a blaze of false glory.

That's primarily the approach taken by most of the talking heads, pontificating on the event itself. Then there are the media, making a story about whether they should have broadcast the 'press kit' sent by the killer to NBC. And in each new 'reality video game,' the question of gun control arises anew. We're all starting to know how the story runs, and the sad eventual outcome to expect is that society, as a whole, will become accustomed to these massacres. Oh, they will always appall us; will continue to strike grief in the hearts of the survivors of the victims. But overall, we are getting used to this kind of 'senseless killing' by deranged gunmen.

But, my second reflection on the event went off in a new direction, one that I wouldn't have dreamed of a few years ago... back in the good, old days of the 20th Century. Yet, there it is... again. A 'funny' date-- April 16, 2007; or put it as 16-04 of 07. Now (bear with me): 1+6=7+4=11. Yes, eleven-- that curiously favorite number of the secret, globalist cabal. Okay, it's just a coincidence, I realize. But, the assassin just 'happened' to kill how many people? Oh, it was 32, plus himself, making 33. Now, 33=3X11; and 33 is another trademark Illuminated number, being also the highest order of the Masonic sect. What else?, some may demand. Well, there's a strong indication that the local police were under stand-down orders from federal authorities for a couple of hours after the initial killing of the first two victims. (You can check this on the 'Net for yourself.) The description of the killer, Cho Seung Hui, and his modus operandi, suggest a 'programmed, robotic murderer.' (Again, I won't go into details; you can find them even in mainstream media stories.) He seemed to be well trained in the use of the weapons, killing 32 people with guns that would not be expected to achieve such a high death rate. He had barred the doors of the selected rooms to prevent escape, further suggesting preparatory training. His press release suggests he was in a 'dissociative state' of mind. In other words, it is not far-fetched to surmise that he may have been functioning under some sort of 'hypnotic command.'

So, putting the disconnected pieces of the puzzle together, compels me to the conclusion that it is entirely possible, even likely, that the horrendous event was orchestrated by the Illuminated conspiracy.

Why would 'they' want to do such a heinous thing? For the same reasons they do every heinous act they're behind-- they believe it will further their agenda for world domination by an elite. Their primary lever is fear; fear of crime, fear of terrorism, and now, fear of random acts of senseless violence. Using the fear lever, they create a climate of fundamental distrust among all 'ordinary citizens.' This fear will inevitably lead some people to call for 'gun control measures,' which will generate a backlash from the gun lobby, which sets up another no-win, duality struggle. The cabal is ready with their 'solution' to the problem they created-- it will be martial law, and the end of personal freedom.

My final comment has to do with that issue of gun control. The gun lovers love to say that 'guns don't kill people, humans kill people,' (or something like that). Their opponents think that easy access to fire-arms makes it all too simple for anyone to kill anyone else... which is patently true. However, I have to say that by making the issue 'guns vs. no-guns,' we drastically oversimplify a complex situation, and we thereby completely overlook a myriad of contributing factors that may be even more significant than access to guns. For example, the ever-increasing parade of violent dramas on television, reinforced in gory video-games, creates a climate in which children are, fundamentally, brainwashed from an early age to the spectacle of violence. And note that it's not just violence, it's casual violence, all too often-- i.e. it's presented in an almost mundane context. The mind-conditioning is so continual, so omnipresent, that society hardly notices. (I still have newspaper clippings of stories decrying the increasing violence of TV programs, dating from the 1970s... that would look quaint but prescient in today's world.) But the proponents of gun control rarely talk about such ethereal effects any more. Most of the mass murderers have shown signs, or been confirmed of using mind-altering prescription products (such as Prozac); but again, this misuse of legal narcotics is rarely discussed as a causative factor. We have apparently lost the ability to conduct a public debate of any substance, having been habituated to having our thinking dichotomized by the US media into convenient but sophomoric debates between 'left' and 'right.' Hence, the availability of deadly fire-arms-- in a society that glorifies violence and is in a state of social disintegration-- makes the incidence of murder and mass murder virtually unavoidable. So, my take is that whether guns are controlled or not is essentially immaterial; at this point, if someone really wants a hand-gun, they can get one, legally or otherwise. Unless we can heal a morbidly sick society, starting with healthy, positive, uplifting, mind-conditioning, there will be no end to the murders. You can be sure that the shadowy 'powers that be' will do everything possible to insure that the world continues on its downhill slide into depravity and chaos.

As I've stated in other essays, we all have to raise our awareness, and train ourselves to see the true picture behind the events, especially behind the news we are fed by the mass hypnotists, the media. History, again as I've pointed out elsewhere, does not simply appear out of purely random, disjointed happenstance-- it is being propelled by powerful, secret forces towards goals that they create. Every newsworthy event is potentially another move in their long-standing game of world domination. Events may look random, but the puppeteers love to leave their obscure fingerprints on them, in the guise of number codes in the dates and other details, and in a variety of occultic symbols. To the majority, these details are either completely missed, or else dismissed as 'coincidence.' With these clues hidden in plain sight, the conspirators are taunting the few who are capable of perceiving them. They can only get away with this arrogance as long as the majority continue to hold themselves under the self-sustained illusion that history is accidental, and the world is basically orderly, if increasingly subject to coincidence. You, dear reader, must educate yourself before it's too late and you find yourself a quick graduate of the school of incredibly hard knocks.

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