January 19, 2008

Harvest Time!

We are living in truly 'apocalyptic' (ie. Revelatory) times. It is the time of the great harvest described in Jesus' parable of the wheat and the tares (Matt 13:24-30).
Both species have been allowed to mature, historically, and are now visible to the reapers for exactly what they are. Ready for harvest, there will be no more mistaking weeds for good grains. All lies will be soon be exposed; the tiger is showing his stripes, the skunk exuding his stench. Truth is waiting patiently in the wings of the cosmic stage, to be finally crowned with long-denied glory.

You can see it happening all around. The cancerous blight has been in our midst for eons. Over the centuries, a few perceptive souls recognized it before they died, and some tried to describe it in general terms of 'evil.' Most of us prefer to keep our minds busy with the minutia of life, and just ignore those annoying episodes that evidence satanic activity behind the illusions of normalcy. Our parents, God bless 'em, raised us to think that this was basically a decent world, occasionally punctuated by the terrors of war or whatever. These latter days, though, the veneer is spitting; the facile facades of glee crumbling. We are seeing the true dark force that has permeated the fabric of human existence like a stinking mildew thru a fog of cheap perfume. The Prince of Darkness knows that his benign mask is morphing back to the underlying grotesquery. In desperation, he is cranking up the volume of sensory distractions: more loud music, more gross movies, more toys, more wars, more death, more... of everything than ever before in this poor planet's history.

It's happening at the highest levels-- the public, political world of national leaders and bureaucrats and sycophants. Those of us who have eyes, nay, even one eye, can see the rotten web of lies that has sustained the Bush administration over the past eight, deplorable years. We've had to watch and weep as he ignited a pointless conflagration in the Middle East, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who just wanted to live a decent life like us pampered citizens of the so-called free world. The Bushmen arrogantly assumed they were above all law, acting as gods, doing as they pleased. Yet, there is Karmic law, and we can expect to see much more, and greater calamity strike the USA, as nature itself seems to shudder at the predation of the American military machine. Having had our innocence shattered by the blatant actions of the last administration, we can now look behind with 20-20 vision and see the depraved intervention of previous American governments in tumultuous world affairs. The horrible Vietnam War, for prominent example, as well as bloody revolutions in numerous poor countries around the world, and even the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, were all brought about by the machinations of the CIA and its covert cohorts.

The hidden hands of the secret manipulators of history are being uncovered, by their ever-bolder transgressions, their insatiable blood-lust, and their growing desperation as they realize that they have only limited time to accomplish their mad, destructive, malevolent plans. While the darkness increases, many individuals are starting to wake up, to peel the rosy shades from their eyes, and to see the horrible blight in the grain-field for what it is. Many of those still haven't put all the pieces together to see the big picture... I mean, the really big picture. They may still be focusing on the obvious-- Bush is the worst president in US history, American prestige has been set back decades, etc. They may still think that a new occupant of the White House will somehow set things right, and we'll all go on having a great life of 'more.'

It isn't that pathetically simple. (Would that it were.) The evil abroad in the earth is so malicious, so horribly malevolent, that we innocent inhabitants literally can't imagine it. We think Hitler is about the worst world leader that existed; yet the cabal that almost controls the world is populated by numerous sick souls who make Hitler look like a boy-scout by comparison. Without a sniffle of remorse, these fiends would happily authorize the murder of a few billion of their fellow humans in order to reduce the global population to numbers they could more easily control. Fortunately, many of the newly awake have connected the dots, and realize how ruthless and malignant is the conspiracy behind current events. They are making valiant efforts to awaken the rest of the slumbering citizens of this planet. It is a daunting task, for the Dark Side has control of the huge media machine that has been conditioning our minds for decades. Today, the best weapon the insurgency has at its disposal is the Internet. The Cabal knows this and they are trying to find 'democratic means' to grab control and surveillance of the Net and co-opt it to their Evil Empirical Ends. It will unfold as a hi-tech iteration of the classic battle between good and evil; but we can expect much mayhem and destruction in the unfolding.

Take note: we're also seeing the revelations at the personal and private levels. People we thought were friends are caught up in circumstances that reveal their true nature-- which is often not friend-like, after all. It can come as a shock, a disappointment, an aggravation, to discover that one you trusted to be there for you, even if you didn't share full agreement on all matters, turns out to be ready to disown you for your views. Sure, it's upsetting; but it has to happen, in these 'latter days.' Other people whose loyalty and amity you may not have been sure of may similarly reveal their steadfastness in these times. The wheat and the tares-- even in your own little 'field' of endeavor. Keep your eyes open; the revelations are occurring all around you!

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