June 12, 2008

Israel Returns from the Abyss

It was during the first GW Bush term that the phrase 'Axis of Evil' was floated, and denounced by cooler heads. Since that time, it has become clear (to the cool ones, at least) that the true Triumvirate of Evil is America, Britain, and Israel.
These countries are the main proponents of military force to 'solve' international problems, and the main instigators of problems where none exist. Starting from the fateful (and occult) date of 9-11-01, the US has barged into Afghanistan and Iraq, with the ongoing support of two notable cohorts, Britain and Israel; most other nations having seen the deceptive game and quietly withdrawn. Of secondary importance, we have Canada and Australia, fellow Anglophone strongholds and former British colonies, still upholding the historical ties that bind, and lending political, logistical, and military approbation to the self-appointed enforcers of global 'peace and security.' And of note, Israel, while a vocal cheer-leader for the belligerent interventions of its bigger soul-brothers, has contributed nothing in terms of troops, funds, or supplies to those adventures.

To most readers, there appears to be little direct connection between Britain and its former colonies, and Israel. But let's look below the surface, do a bit of reasonable speculation, and see where it leads us. Because there is evidence that the current polarization of the world into the Axis of Deception versus the rest of the nations is not at all accidental, but is the present outworking of a current of history that originated in the ancient Middle East, more than three millennia ago. Bear with me, dear reader; suspend your belief-shields a while, and exercise your imagination.

The story begins with Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, and the progenitor of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. If you've perused my other essays, you know we've been back to this point before. (It would be very useful to re-read the article on the Truth about Israel, as preparation for this study). After a symbolic struggle, Jacob was renamed Israel, signifying a change of heart and of relationship with God. He went on to father twelve sons who were the patriarchs of the original 12 tribes of Israel that settled in the Levant region of the Eastern Mediterranean. These groups were first one 'nation;' later, they coalesced into two different nations: the northern Kingdom of Israel, and the southern Kingdom of Judah. The southern kingdom consisted essentially in the large tribe of Judah with the small remnant of Benjamin. Nominal Israel thus was composed of the remaining ten tribes. For a time, they were united under king David (the famous slayer of the giant Goliath) then later, split into the two kingdoms. Like siblings, these two often squabbled, and their fates, like their kings, seemed quite distinct. In the years 718-722 BC, the Assyrians sacked the land of Israel, and the inhabitants were dispersed far and wide by the victors to ensure that they would never challenge the Assyrians again. They became known as the 'Ten Lost Tribes' of Israel, because they disappeared from the annals of history as an identifiable people. Most historians assume that their survivors went to different countries, intermarried with locals, and ceased to retain an identity.

The southern kingdom survived to be absorbed, centuries later, into the expanding Roman Empire, and called Judea by the conquerors. It is in this circumstance that Jesus was born, and his story is preserved in the four 'gospels' of the New Testament. Exactly as predicted by Jesus, Jerusalem, the capital and center of gravity of Judah/Judea was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD when they crushed another rebellion of the colonized Jews. While a great number of Jews perished, the survivors were dispersed, moving largely into Europe, and known essentially as the Ashkenazi Jews. Some 1880 years later, it was descendents of this group-- Jews-- who re-invaded Palestine and founded the modern nation that calls itself Israel.

There are various, persisting myths, some more outlandish than others, surrounding the Ten Lost Tribes. However, one theory that I read some years ago has a definite ring of truth to it, as born out by historical events. That theory was advanced by Herbert W. Armstrong, the late founder of The Worldwide Church of God-- (a church that, in fact, no longer exists as he fashioned it). Armstrong wrote many books and pamphlets expounding his religious theories (some of them quite sensible), among which is one entitled The United States and Britain in Prophecy. This is a fascinating analysis of Old Testament scripture, combined with some linguistic and sociological speculation, leading Armstrong to conclude that the Ten Lost Tribes did not disappear, but survive to this day. True, they lost their identity as descendents of Jacob, yet they left numerous, linguistic clues to their origins as they wandered through Europe, from the southeast to the northwest. For example, the tribe of Dan, Armstrong claims, gave their name to the river Danube, to 'Danmark' (or modern Denmark) and ended up settling in what is now Ireland (as 'Tuatha De Danann'). In similar manner, he traces the other tribes into parts of Europe where they settled and adopted new ways.

The case of Great Britain is particularly interesting and treated with more detail. Armstrong notes that the tribe of Ephraim apparently traced their ancestry back to Isaac, Jacob's father. (One reason may be because Ephraim was not a son of Jacob, but a grandson; you'd have to read the biblical account to understand the logic here.) In any case, they labeled themselves 'Isaac's Sons' or in linguistic dialect, 'Saac's-sons' or, as we now say, Saxons. Moreover, Armstrong writes, the name British owes its origin to Hebrew roots. In Hebrew, 'brith' appears to derive from 'berith' denoting covenant; while 'ish' is the word for man. Hence, British indicates a man of the covenant. Armstrong goes on at length to build a credible case for the premise that Britain was essentially composed of the descendents of Ephraim, and retains that identity in prophecy despite the admixture of immigrants from the various colonies of England in later years.

In similar fashion, Armstrong delineates how the United States of America was founded and colonized by descendents of the tribe of Manassah. (Again, Manassah was the brother of Ephraim, and thus, a grandson of Jacob). Armstrong points out that the younger son of Joseph came to receive the 'birthright blessing' normally conferred upon the elder. The reasons Ephraim and Manassah figure so prominently is related back to a series of prophecies uttered by Jacob/Israel on his deathbed, given to each of the 12 sons, and recorded in the book of Genesis (ch. 48, 49). These sparse verses represent succinct forecasts of the future of the sons' progeny. To illustrate: Jacob states that Levi and Simeon will be dispersed among Israel. In fact, during the sojourn in the wilderness under Moses, some 430 years after Jacob, the tribe of Levi became the priestly caste, and when the 12 tribes were assigned territory in the promised land, the Levites were told to disperse among the other eleven. Using like analysis, Armstrong takes the words uttered by Jacob over each son, and demonstrates via history how the descendents fulfilled the outline.

As Gen 48 details, Jacob upset the intentions of his son Joseph when he gave his patriarchal blessings to Joseph's two boys. He crossed his arms, thus placing the favoring right hand over the younger lad. And so it was prophesied that the younger boy (Manassah) would surpass his elder sibling (ie. their descendents would act thusly). As briefly stated, the book demonstrates that Britain represents the line of Ephraim, while Manassah finds fulfillment in the USA (ie. the founding Anglo-Saxon fathers). Clearly, in historical terms, while Britain achieved great heights, becoming probably the first global superpower ('the sun never sets on the British Empire', rah, rah), it was eventually surpassed by its former colony, which now is regarded as the supreme superpower, economically and militarily, even while it may be rapidly losing that stature through its geopolitical and fiscal blunders.

So, although some readers may find it difficult to accept Armstrong's thesis for lack of more substantial, direct evidence, nevertheless, it appears that in retrospect, events have transpired in a way that exactly fits the pattern painted by his analysis. In that optic, it becomes much clearer how and why, in this early 21st century, we find the world dominated by three particular nations that may share a common ancestry, and seem to share certain distinguishing, cultural characteristics in common. Just the fact that these three countries have dominated their respective spheres of influence for a long time is striking. Britain has been a major power in Europe over the past 500 years, more or less. The USA, once the major power of the 'Americas', has emerged as the global superpower, after a decades long struggle for the title with the once great Soviet Union. In the Middle East, Israel started by terrorism in the post-WW-II years, and quickly became the dominating power in the region, defeating a coalition of Arab nations in the last few wars. Today, these three have teamed up, whether formally or not, to exercise military muscle in the oil-rich Middle East, from Lebanon to Pakistan.

That the people on the island of Britain should have an empire at all speaks of their adventurous spirit and perhaps restlessness, too. Some of their sailors went down in history as great navigators and explorers, not to overlook expedient colonizers, claiming wherever they landed as territory for His or Her Majesty, as the case was, and regardless of who happened to be living there at the time. And there seemed to be plenty of entrepreneurs ready to travel to these far-flung corners of the world to make their fortune. In that fashion, the Anglo-Saxon seed was cast far and wide on the globe, giving rise to what are today some of the wealthiest countries on the planet.

It is rather fascinating to note that at the height of the British Empire, in the mid-nineteenth century, the little island of Britain controlled an extraordinary share of the world's wealth. English scientists made remarkable breakthroughs in knowledge, for example Newton in physics, Napier in mathematics, Maxwell in electricity; and similar milestones in technology, such as James Watt and the steam engine, Boole and calculators, and so on. (Actually, those pioneers often dabbled in several different areas of science at once, making contributions to each.) The same spirit was quickly manifest among the brethren who formed the United States of America, with inventive minds like Benjamin Franklin, Eli Whitney, Edison, the Wright brothers, and so forth. It is perhaps in the field of commerce that the English-speakers really distinguish themselves. The Industrial Revolution created a whole new class of 'captains of industry' in Britain and the USA (and later, elsewhere). The rise of industrialists and capitalists has had a profound impact on the world, both positive and negative, (I won't consider that issue here). Suffice it to say that the explosion of commerce has resulted in a virtual corporatocracy in charge of the world.

Many readers will have noticed by now that much of what is stated about Britain and the USA, could also apply to the Jews. Many observers have noted that Jews are vastly over-represented among scientists, big business owners, and executives of major corporations. George Bush's administration is not just peopled by individuals with Jewish names; many of them are dual citizens of the USA and Israel. The news and entertainment media, especially, are owned and managed by Jews, many who are said to be also Zionists. Many of history's major milestones were brought about by Jews. One could cite Karl Marx and the rise of Communism; Einstein and atomic physics; Freud and psychology as a science; and so on. Jews are overrepresented among holders of Nobel prizes in various fields. For better or worse, Jews have had global impact on the course of world events.

Another area where the three countries share a similar background concerns how they attained their territory. The origins of the British Isles are somewhat shrouded in myth and speculation; however, we know that there were many battles in many places among many tribes or cultural groups. To hold their territory, the English had to endure successive invasions and resist others with recurrent warfare. It was only in later centuries that Britain settled into relative security and cultural integrity. When their later descendents 'discovered' the New World, this land was taken by prolonged warfare with the indigenous inhabitants, being only lately acknowledged as a protracted ethnic cleansing. British colonizers even reverted to deliberately spreading cholera and other diseases among the natives, to clear the way for white settlers. In a much shorter time interval, the Jews from Europe made quick their invasion of Palestine, killing and forcing out the indigenous Arab population, and corralling the remaining populace into two virtual, vast prison camps, Gaza and the West Bank. For the children of Israel, from the taking of the 'Holy Land,' it has always been about pushing local people aside with force of arms, and invoking the name of God as their justification. It was the British, in the post WW-1 era, who paved the way for the establishment of a 'Jewish homeland' in Palestine, via the infamous Balfour Declaration. Today, it is the Americans who sustain Israel and its aggressive stance, with vast infusions of money and military materiel, not to forget strategic votes in the Security Council of the UN.

Under the spell of Zionist manipulators working largely behind the scenes, each of the three countries has been taken over by co-opted governments, disposed to doing the bidding of their masters. You think this is outrageous? Then you need to reconsider the still recent events following the amazingly convenient attacks of 9-11. Was it not 'interesting' how quickly the crime was pinned on Osama bin Laden and this terrorist group, Al-Qaida, who were quickly linked-- totally fictitiously-- with Iraq? And Iraq was both an ostensible enemy of Israel, and a major source of the 'black gold.' How quickly did Tony Blair throw his unmitigated support behind Bush's call for the invasion of Iraq? The Australian PM joined the cheerleaders for Bush very quickly, as did a few other, co-opted or coerced stooges. The whole theatre piece was so obviously orchestrated for a pre-determined decision. For those who dare think, the handprints of Zionist/Illuminist manipulators are clearly all over the scenario.

It is equally compelling that the capital cities of these three rogue states work in concert for the attainment of the Zionist/Illuminati goal of world dominance. The brains seem to originate in Jerusalem, seat of ultimate religious and secular authority of the beastly, would-be dictatorship. Altho many regard the 'New World Order' strategy as purely secular and materialistic, those who look deeper can see that the exponents have always been involved in occult-- that is to say, demonic-- symbolism and activities. They seem to believe that the rituals, numerology, and astrology somehow endow them with supernatural powers that enhance their physical abilities. In fact, the ultimate aim of the whole stupid exercise is to exact worship of the Dark Spirit behind the cosmic conspiracy! Washington, DC, with its pattern of pentagrams, obelisks, squares, compasses, and other Masonic symbology, is the center of power of the unholy cabal. It's power is both earthly and military, as well as occultic and demonic. Under Zionist direction, the US military might is deployed like attack dogs in subduing Israel's Islamic neighbors. And the hub of their economic control system is the City of London, a veritable city-state within greater London. Altho most people assume that the US makes it own economic decisions, they would be shocked to learn that the mavens within the financial towers of the City of London set the agenda and policy strategies for the economic engine of the world. The still-popular school of 'Reaganomics' actually originated with Margaret Thatcher in England, for example. London is the nerve center of the international banking mandarins who pull the strings, overtly or covertly, to control the global economy. Their planners are the originators of 'fiat money' (paper bills whose value is in the mind of the beholder) and have amassed unimaginable wealth thru such clever ploys as financing both sides of major wars, which they fomented deliberately.

Some observers consider that the center of religious authority of the Illuminati/NWO cabal is the Vatican, and rational arguments can be supplied to sustain this view. However, I believe that there has been a shift underway over the last half century to move the decision-making and coordinating authority to Jerusalem. This is the city that is expected to figure very prominently in the shiny, new age of totalitarianism expected to unfold in the near future. Clearly, with Jerusalem as the 'mind,' Washington as the 'body,' and London as the (economic) 'spirit,' the occult principals have created a counterfeit, unholy trinity in opposition to the Biblical Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In the book of Revelation, John's apocalyptic visions reach a climax with the coming to Earth of a 'heavenly Jerusalem,' wherein righteousness dwells, and the seat of cosmic authority containing the thrones of God and His Anointed One (the Christ).

So, today, we see the USA, Britain, and Israel, apparently united in the aim of securing the Middle Eastern oil fields, and more than that, exercising hegemony world-wide. What looks, at first glance, as a chance alliance of only loosely related nations, turns out, in the light of history, to be a reuniting of an ancient, extended family, the twelve tribes of father Israel getting together once again, this time under the direction of the Prince of Darkness, to create great mischief upon 'the gentiles' of the world. 'Who cares?' one may ask. When you become aware of this amazing realization of such an unlikely scenario, one that trickled down through some 27 centuries or more, you have to question whether there is not, indeed, a divine plan to human existence, a transcendent purpose being worked out here below. Of course, to inveterate 'realists' and the usual skeptics, this whole reconvening of Israel may be dismissed as pure fantasy. So be it. They would insist that we'll never know for sure. I say, one day--soon-- we will know the truth. The unholy trinity will reveal itself, either by design or by action, and people will see the evil intent behind their political, economic, and religious machinations. Stay tuned to your news... and your Bible.

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