September 25, 2008

How Many Lessons Will It Take?

  • First, there was the event so iconic it is simply referred to by its code number, 9-11. The greatest 'sound and light' spectacle since the official opening of the pyramids of Giza (okay, I'm guessing a bit).
  • Next, there was the lead-up and consequent invasion of Iraq, all predicated on an elaborate web of 'intelligence,' innuendo, and salesmanship worthy of the slickest time-share promoter you ever met.
  • After that, there was the tragedy of hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans, wherein the world watched in disbelief as the citizens of a major city in the wealthiest country on Earth waited in vain for a rescue effort that was strangely unable to activate.
  • As I write this, we now have the financial melt-down on Wall street, with the foxes having consumed all the chickens in the hen-house, now wanting quick passage of legislation that will provide them with public money to buy more chickens for their ongoing money-sucking orgy.

What is my point, you ask? No doubt the more perceptive readers have sensed that maybe there's a pattern here... but what is it? The lesson I'm getting at is this: the public has had at least four (there are more, but these are the ones nobody could be ignorant of) colossal experiences that clearly revealed that events shaping our world are NOT simply the result of random chance or 'stochastic processes' as the statisticians might say. No, far from it! Every example cited here, from our recent, collective awareness, demonstrates the presence of behind-the-scenes manipulation by hidden agents. The majority of the public was so shocked by 9-11 that they were relieved to accept the nonsensical explanations that the government/media complex was so ready to supply. That shock was a paramount part of the conspiracy, essential in any kind of mind-conditioning, be it on individuals or whole societies. So, we can extend some sympathy for the innocent public, especially since it was the opening gambit.

The next big play, the convoluted arguments that resulted in a reluctant UN decision to sanction a cobbled-together, show-time 'coalition' of arm-twisted US allies to invade a sovereign nation, Iraq, to look for supposed 'weapons of mass destruction' that, in any case, could never have been used against the USA homeland, if they ever existed. Again, the public-- if only in America-- was ready to buy it, having been relentlessly whipped by the media into a frenzy to go and 'kick some butt' somewhere in the world, particularly somewhere Arabs lived. And amazingly, enough naive young men volunteered to enlist for service, that a sizable invasion force has been maintained in both Iraq and Afghanistan without resort to a 'draft.'

While the American public was programmed to seek revenge 'over there,' they were once again blindsided by the onslaught of a natural disaster that struck the culturally rich city of New Orleans. If there were any lingering doubts about the fact, obvious to a growing segment of society, that this White House was populated by black operatives, then Katrina should have blown them away. The same government that was incapable of sending a single jet fighter to intercept any one of four threatening airliners, over the period of an hour and a half, over the busiest population corridor in America... was now incapable of sending rescue forces, already mobilized and ready, into a disaster zone, even four or five days after the storm had passed! And there was more chicanery than that, which even the mainstream media inadvertently allowed to be published, at least one time before ditching the stories to the news abyss. Did it not strike viewers as 'odd' that the levee that 'failed' and flooded vast areas of the city was not built along the seacoast, but by an inland lake? And that it failed the day after the hurricane had passed? And that there were reports of 'explosions' heard near the place where the levee collapsed? Well, there were even news stories of a fire-fight between police and 'military forces' in the vicinity of the levee... (until the media 'disappeared' that story, too). What would a reasonable person make of all those bits of evidence? If he or she is an average American, the answer is, apparently, 'nothing.'

Late September of 2008 brings us this '9-11/Katrina' in the financial sphere, with multi-billion dollar banks and other corporations collapsing like the Twin Towers, having been demolished by the deliberately unbridled greed of the financial elite. Why weren't these institutions adequately regulated? Because they are the ones who pay off the politicians who are responsible for creating the regulatory regime in which their benefactors operate. It's simple greed-onomics, readers. And now the ones who were (supposedly) responsible for this mess are demonstrating their unmitigated gall by going back to the politicians and telling them 'give us more public money to throw at this problem, and we think, maybe, it will go away... just trust us.' And what they don't say is that they don't care if the 'plan' (to dignify their reckless gamble) succeeds or not, because by the time the whole house of cards lands in a heap of dust (again, like the Trade Center) these guys will be gone, taking their billions of taxpayers' 'bailout' with them.

You might argue that, in each instance, people believed what seemed credible at the time. Perhaps. But in each case, the truth was screaming in the background facts, and percolated to the surface in a short span of time. We've gone around the mulberry bush several times; there are no longer viable excuses for believing the spokesmen of the DC/NY axis. As the old saw goes, 'Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice (or three or four or more times) and it's shame on me!'

But, of course, dear readers, this is all sheer conspiracy theory, just the speculation of a bunch of crazies-- nothing to worry about. No, don't lose any sleep over the incontrovertible evidence that your world is a total illusion, and is about to unravel before your innocent eyes. It's too hard to believe, so the solution is simple-- don't believe it. Turn off the news, turn up your iPod, and drop out into the comforting world of consensus reality.

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