December 18, 2008

Seeing Thru the NWO Schemes

As a member of the post-war, 'baby-boomers,' I grew up during the tumultuous years of the 1960s and '70s, and then thru the last quarter century or so of the fall of International Communism and the rise of International Capitalism. Looking back now with mature eyes, I can see events along the way that should have clued me in to the existence of a very high-level conspiracy of forces that direct global events. And yet, it was difficult to put the pieces into a coherent picture, since those events were apparently disconnected or isolated and a common thread was not obvious... not to a properly mind-conditioned citizen of the Western World, at least. The first big, unforgettable shock to our senses was almost certainly the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In the general dismay, only a few old hands (relatively) could smell a rat, and the rest of us rationalized it as proof of the American predilection for violence, carried to the very top. Few of us connected the event to the murderous escalation of the Vietnam War, and the monstrous profits reaped by the war industries at the cost of 50,000 US soldiers' deaths. The assassination of the next Kennedy, five years later, certainly smelled very suspicious, once again, and conspiracy theories went unresolved (to this day, as with JFK). Again, few of us possessed the background or the imagination to be able to conceive of forces within the establishment who would resort to such heinous tactics.

By the 1990s, I was well aware that it was a different world entirely, from the early post-war decades. The idealism of the 'boomers' had wondrously morphed into an unashamed lust for the 'good life' of rampant materialism in every hedonistic expression. Pilgrimages to the ashrams of India were replaced by business junkets to the money capitals of the world. Hand-painted VW campers gave way to fully-loaded SUVs with every gizmo on the option sheet. Communes were long abandoned for condos in Florida. On the international scene, it was no longer the titanic struggle between the embodiments of Left and Right-- that matter was settled 'for all history' in 1989-90. No, now the talk was all about 'globalism,' and 'free trade.' And behind the push for unrestricted movement of goods and services was the WTO, the World Trade Organization, a new flagship entity in the new struggle to turn the entire world into a macro-USA. People of all backgrounds, ordinary people, now started smelling something very fishy, and vigorously resisted the WTO wherever their meetings took place in the world.

The 'powers that be' who were behind the push for 'open markets,' decided it was time to take a break from the WTO gambit, and try other avenues. They are experts at the multi-pronged approach, and operate on a much different timeline than ordinary individuals. While the world was awaiting the arrival of the year 2000 with a mix of anticipation of a really big bash, and dread of the collapse of our now essential computer networks, the PTB were cooking up the next really big caper to advance their global intentions. Since 2000 is, in fact, the end of the 20th century, they waited until 2001, which is the true start of the 21st century, and was also the first year of their new boy in DC, one G. W. Bush. We all experienced the shock of '9-11' in much the same numbness as we had, a generation earlier, the brazen assassination of JFK. This time, tho, I think a lot of people got their wake-up call, and started connecting a lot of very dark dots scattered over the last half-century. For me, personally, it was a quantum jump to a new awareness of the evil in our midst that plots to control the world. For many of my circle, however, this realization is just too big a leap for their consciousness to accomplish... and I can understand that, although it is often exasperating.

Those who resist the unpalatable notion that 9-11 was a conspiracy orchestrated from within the US government itself are forced to rely on denial of facts, and assent to an official fairy tale that holds together largely on the fragmentation of its numerous opponents. Those of us who cannot accept the official explanations have been divided into an assortment of camps that seem to forget that there is one, enormous factor that unites all-- that is the incredibility of the official line. The cabal behind the deed, meanwhile, are experts at using division, both to their advantage and to the detriment of their opponents. Let me explain.

One in my 'circle,' who tends to agree that there appears to be a coordinated conspiracy towards world domination, has a troubling question. Recalling the last Bilderburg Conference, he rightly points to the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Free Masons, the Davos Conference, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, etc., etc., and suggests that maybe we're simply paranoid, since we can't agree on just WHO the villains are. Good observation. But-- there's a rationale behind the apparent splintering among those disparate organizations. Take a look at the membership lists of these bodies (which are not easy to obtain-- why?) and start comparing. What you find is the same names keep recurring-- the 'movers and shakers,' often behind the scenes, of government and business. Heads of government agencies (some we've hardly heard about), present and former members of US administrations, people who sit on the boards of some of the biggest, global corporations, media heads, persons of great wealth, and predominantly, persons connected to international Zionism. They keep meeting together in different permutations and combinations; but overall, it's the same cast of rogues meeting under a different pretext! The conspirators, whoever they are (and we have a good idea) are skilled at using the 'shell game' tactic of presenting a myriad of faces to the world so that most of us can't establish any one of them as being 'the one' in charge. But that's the point-- they are a Hydra, a many-headed monster, all attached to one body, and having one, underlying driving ambition. What appears, on the surface, as division and confusion, is in reality, a mask of many faces covering the same hideous visage.

At the same time, the growing multitudes who are wising up to the existence of a global conspiracy, are fragmented into numerous camps that often disagree strongly among themselves. Each group focuses only on the 'tree' within their purview, but there are few persons capable of standing back and seeing the 'forest' for what it is. Those who refer to the enemy as the New World Order (NWO) are probably closest to the truth; all the examples of organizations that hold meetings behind closed doors operate in subservience to the overarching desire for control of the world for the gain of a small group of controllers. Those readers who may subscribe to one theory or another must force themselves to take off the blinders and face the manifold reality of an enemy that advances by any and all means possible. Stop looking for communists under the bed; stop finding Jesuits in the dark halls of power; start recognizing that there is one malevolent force abroad in the world, and it is using a hundred disguises to keep us off balance and ignorant of them. There are many more of us than them, and they well know it. Only by keeping the populace in blissful denial, and divided in awareness, can they hope to complete their dream of world government where they hold the power and we supply everything they want.

Remember that the first line of counter-attack TPTB use against attempts to uncover their secret agenda is to label the accusers as 'conspiracy theorists.' The idea with labels-- especially ones that have been carefully crafted into weapons of mass delusion-- is to instantly disarm and discredit the person making the allegations. It is important to strike immediately with this weapon in order to prevent listeners from thinking. Once the agnostic person hears the phrase, there is a neuro-linguistic suggestion in the brain that the person/group so labeled cannot be given credence. It is highly effective, especially after the media have combined their hypnotic efforts to impute a new meaning to the words, so that they are always associated with other key words like 'crazy' and 'nuts,' and so on. The big fear of the shadowy PTB is that listeners might somehow put aside, or see thru the linguistic mesmerism, and take the trouble to check the claims of the conspiracy theories for themselves. In that case, there's no doubt that nagging questions would arise in the minds of the enquirers when they see that there are glaring holes and inconsistencies in the supplied stories. At the very least-- speaking of any of the mega-crimes of the last half-century-- an objective reader would have to wonder why crucial evidence was disposed of so quickly; and why appointed investigators failed to ask the most obvious questions. Those really huge 'events' in the order of an assassination or an alleged terrorist attack, could not avoid being investigated by order of the highest authorities. Yet, with all the resources at its command, the US political-judicial commissions of enquiry always come to conclusions that absolve the administration of responsibility, and attach the blame to agents who are usually, conveniently dead, or disappeared, and more than that, happen to represent the favorite 'enemi du jour.' Even with their propaganda to promote their reports, a great many people are left with a bothersome feeling that the commissions have simply white-washed the crime they pretend to investigate.

The lesson ought to be starkly clear to any intelligent person: you can't just accept the stories presented by the authorities as true; you've got to do your own study. And really, it doesn't take a lot of study, or a degree in poli-sci to quickly see that things 'ain't what they're supposed to be.' Thanks to the Internet, with a bit of persistence with a search engine, you can pull up all kinds of fascinating material that never made it to prime-time news hour. Can you believe it all? Of course not; but you can extract enough data from even the 'weird' sites that it's obvious we aren't being informed of a huge amount of important, often inflammatory, information. You will see, at minimum, that your 'news' is being filtered and managed so that you get a distinctly one-sided view of major events. It's scary, for sure; but it's exhilarating to finally start to see the world as it really is, rather than how our masters want us to view it.

Almost exactly seven years after the stunning right hook to the body politic, the world was hit by a series of left jabs to the financial jawbone with the meltdowns and bailouts on Wall Street that ricocheted around the world. The earlier shock came in one spectacular blow that left us reeling for a couple of years. This second shock is designed to wear us down, mentally, physically, emotionally, over a period of time, as the news goes from bad to worse, and the extent of the first depression of the 21st century becomes manifest thru-out society. Having set up the global game board with the 'war on terror' card, the hidden games-masters have played the financial meltdown card; and you can be sure that they are maneuvering us into some kind of corner in which they will offer a pre-arranged solution when we are sufficiently desperate and begging for relief from anyone who can provide it.

In enacting their plot, the conspirators have become masters at understanding and manipulating human psychology, exploiting our every weakness. They know that they never have to convince 98% of the population of anything. As long as they can fool a solid core of the great 'middle' of the bell curve, formerly called the silent majority, they can achieve virtually anything. Because it's this big group of 'opinion-followers' who determine how things go. These are the type who allowed Hitler to rise to the top of Germany by giving in to their fears and moral lethargy. Convince them that the sky is falling, and you can get all the funds you need for falling-sky shelters. And, as we've seen, convincing the masses about any issue is as easy as owning the few, major TV news channels. That's why you can find a lot of individuals who know the government is corrupt; yet you can't collect enough people of awareness to put together an impeachment of the most criminal president and cabinet in the history of the USA. Those people know full well that the criminals, using their co-opted media, have deluded enough of the general populace that an impeachment could not be sold to the public... not without a highly risky, very divisive and volatile political struggle that few are prepared to unleash.

That's their plan, folks; that's how the high-stakes game is played for mastery of the world. You better start getting your mind around it, before the world you know and everyone around you starts getting unglued.

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