January 27, 2009

Waiting for Messiah... Still

Here we go again. Another quadrennial presidential term begins, amid rock-star hysteria, not just in DC, but around the world.
It's a telling illustration of both American global influence and universal contempt for his predecessor, that the inauguration of the 44th president was watched, in person or on TV screens, in all corners of the world. It was a cheerless moment for a skeptic like me to see tears running down the cheeks of people in far-off countries, many who will never be able to visit the USA, as they listened intently to every word spoken by Barack Obama on that cold morning. And to see a sea of humanity standing in vast throngs in the streets of Washington, barely able to discern their man as a distant speck. Such is the hypnotic allure of hope, I mused. And hope, while intangible, is the only thing that Obama was offering the masses of pathetic souls desperate for a renewed, feel-good outlook on life.

Yes, I call these devotees pathetic because they never seem to be capable of putting two and two together, of connecting the dots of recent history, and perceiving that it's all a sham. The whole, year-long struggle to emerge finally as the victor in the presidential 'race' is a grand bit of theatre staged for the entertainment of the American public, and intended to sustain the illusion that, indeed, they inhabit the greatest democracy that money can buy. These are the same souls who cheered Bush as he declared his 'war on terror,' and didn't blink in cognitive dissonance when they were told that 15 of the alleged 19 hijackers of 9-11 fame came from Saudi Arabia, and therefore, the USA would invade Iraq! Many of these lost sheep voted again for Bush in 2004 when they had a chance to sweep his vermin out of the White House, not questioning the blatant evidence of vote rigging in various 'close races.' Unwittingly, this deluded majority is a major part of the problem, insofar as they strenuously resist attempts to disabuse them of their comforting delusions, because the truth is too disturbing to the lifestyle to which they have become habituated.

How can I be so cynical, and also, so sure that my cynicism is accurate? Remember the old adage that if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got? The Powers that Be keep presenting two equally odious choices for president, every four years as the constitution requires; and the voters keep voting for one of these shills, as instructed by the all-knowing mainstream media. In this last case, looking back now, we can see how the septuagenarian McCain was clearly intended to be the fall guy for the Repugnicans, especially when he was assigned ex-cheerleader Palin as his running mate. The struggle between Obama and Clinton may have been authentic-- it doesn't matter, they are exchangeable-- and did you notice that Hilary is now part of the 'team' in any event?

Secondly, Obama wasted little time in surrounding himself with a bevy of Israeli dual citizens, Trilateralists, cold-war hawks, Zionists, and other ghouls from the kind of bygone era that the sheeple were obviously hoping to never see again. (Did you hear 'Sha-na-na-na, good-bye' chanted as Bush's chopper hauled him away from the scene?) How can anyone believe in change when all that reptilian blood has been brought back to the halls of power? If Obama truly represented change, instead of embracing Dubya after his inauguration and sending him on his merry way, he would have had Bush and Cheney arrested for treason and other crimes, and taken away in shackles.

Thirdly, it's quite clear to someone discerning the big picture that the PTB (call them Illuminati, or global banksters, Zionist opportunists, or whatever) are hell-bent on finally accomplishing their ages-old dream (and the world's nightmare) very soon. No more measured centuries, or even decades; no, now they can see it happening in mere years. In fact, in my estimation, they are desperate to grab the brass ring as soon as possible. It's as if they know there is some kind of cosmic deadline looming just before us, and they want to be ahead of the game. The Bible's book of Revelation states: "But woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you! He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short."

Forth, the vast majority of hope-filled listeners to Obama's speech do not understand that our leaders employ a special form of language when they address the public. They use the same words we are familiar with, but they mean the diametric opposite in the minds of the speaker. Thus they can invoke emotions we like, and positive images, while all along they have the contrary intention in their own minds. This is a difficult concept for common, decent, people to wrap their minds around; yet author George Orwell recognized this phenomenon half a century ago, and labeled it as 'newspeak'. In his novel '1984,' Orwell described a Ministry of Peace that waged unending war, a Ministry of Truth that spewed unending lies, and so on. Our political, religious, and corporate leaders adopt that dialect with breathtaking ease, formally giving us sweet assurances while informally abrogating them.

Many who read this will be inclined to say that in his first hours in office, Obama has already demonstrated that he is going to undo the evils of the Bush administration, for example, by ordering the closing of the Guantanamo prison, and overturning the use of torture and extraordinary rendition. Yes, those are very laudable steps, and certainly, they look encouraging. However, my response is that the PTB are experts at playing the public like a huge fish, at times pulling vigorously on the hooks of repression, and when the weight of public opinion becomes outraged, they back off, slack the line, and try a different approach. They are adroit at playing 'bad cop, good cop,' on the political scene, and after eight years of 'bad cop,' it's time to bring out the alternative. Or, think of it as yet another variation on their favorite gambit of 'problem-reaction-solution,' where of course, they provide their solution.

It took blood in the streets and campuses to eventually pull the US out of the disastrous Vietnam war, and for a while, things seemed to settle down on the international front. Yet, unknown (or unacknowledged) by a majority of Americans, the wars were simply shifted in a new direction. Proxies were covertly armed by US 'advisors' (read CIA) in various countries of the world, most notably, Latin America, and later, Afghanistan, and the wars continued under US puppets and insurgents. You should see, now, that the PTB need to foment armed conflicts somewhere, anywhere, because they make huge profits from them, and they use every war to advance their sick agenda in one way or another. Hence, there is little reason to hope that any serious efforts will be made to reduce US military misadventures or support for proxy wars.

So, yes, Obama is making some beneficial changes in his first days in office, and garnering some good-will and some time, while the hidden masters set up the board for the next big move. There are reasons to suspect that while Bush was in office, some of their egregious plots were deliberately scuttled by concerned patriots within the ranks of the military and civil service. (Remember the strange fire in Cheney's office?) Hence, it is impossible to predict with any certainty what their next big move will be... or where. Who would have envisioned the attack on Mumbai, last November, 2008, by supposed Pakistani terrorists? It just came 'out of the blue,' in the 'shock and awe' type of event so favored by the global manipulators. There may be a period of rest granted by the grey eminences to the hopeful masses to allow the collective pulse to return to something near normal. Then, suddenly, we'll be shocked awake by some new tactic that will send our senses reeling once again. Lately, the preferred venue for the psychic jolts has been the economy, and as I wrote elsewhere, these are coming as a series of jabs that give us scant time to recover before the next blow lands. But, 2009 could witness a return to 'terrorist' attacks, as well as further financial setbacks.

The Bible has a verse that goes: "While people are saying, 'Peace and safety,' destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape" (1 Thess 5:3). We could be experiencing that kind of situation in Obama's early days (months?) in power, when it appears that sanity has returned to the White House, and conflicts are contained and stabilized. (Notice how Israel withdrew from Gaza almost on cue, as Obama was sworn in.) Besides us, no doubt the Illuminati too were observing the pitiable faces of the hopeful masses, and plan to lull them into that comforting sense of security that will make the inevitable, next psychic shock all the more effective in stunning the world into psychological disequilibrium. Once in that numbed state, it becomes an easy job to bamboozle the populace with ready-made, self-serving solutions to the trigger factors, solutions that will bring us ever closer to the New World Government of their design and desire.

Now, it may be that Obama is sincere and really thinks he can make substantive, positive changes despite the gruesome cabinet that has been foisted on him. It doesn't change my analysis. If he doesn't continue the NWO agenda, he will meet the same fate as the Kennedy brothers, and slavering servant of Zion, Mr. Biden, will gladly step up to the task. We are in an end game, and it will proceed apace regardless of who fills the charade roles. Worth noting, the next verse following the above quoted scripture goes on to state, rather optimistically: "But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief." Are you, dear reader, content to remain in the darkness of the shadow rulers of this world; or are your eyes awakening to the terrible realization that the problems of this world are not going to be solved by an elected messiah, regardless of his parentage or his resume or his charisma? It's a harsh reality to acknowledge, for it means the end of childhood, the death of cherished illusions, the acceptance of ethical/spiritual responsibilities... and difficult choices. May the Spirit of God guide us all in the next tumultuous years of this planet's existence.

January 1, 2009

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