February 19, 2009


Welcome to the 'Truth-seekers' website.
For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie-- deliberate, contrived, and dishonest-- but the myth-- persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. [John F Kennedy]
These essays are aimed to open minds to think beyond the constraints of 'conventional wisdom'; to venture into realms dismissed and denigrated by the exalted 'experts;' to question everything you think you know about this world you live in.

Those are lofty goals, and not exclusive to this site. I harbor no grand illusions about changing the world; I’m just driven to try to reach as many enquiring minds as possible. I have to trust that those who are meant to have their myths challenged will see these messages.

Proceed with me on a journey into risky territory, the frontiers of common sense reality. Leave your excess baggage at the gate-- your precious preconceptions of what the world must be; and take only your latent ability to discern truth when you sense it... to force your mind to think outside the neat boxes of pre-packaged 'information' served up by your friendly, commercial news outlets. For it is high time to cast off the numbing illusions of the masters of this world, and to see what is really happening before our eyes.
In the interest of full, honest disclosure, I make the following declaration. Every view of the world is biased-- it must be, for we are human, not divine. The question is always 'What is this writer's bias?' This is not one of those raving websites that boldly promises that their outrageous views are infallible, 100% 'truth.' We all know that is nonsense! What I promise is that I've studied widely, over many years, gone down numerous dead ends, given fair hearing to a lot of far-out ideas... and in the end, I am compelled by intellectual honesty (almost against my inclination) to accept the authentic Christ-based paradigm. I deliberately avoid stating 'Christian' because I believe most of what is proclaimed or understood to be Christian is, in fact, mostly garbage! I hate to be so blunt, but what else can one call the self-contradictory melange of scriptural truth and error, Old Testament mixed with New, oil and water, that is slickly packaged and sold as doctrine? But I get ahead of myself. Listen, even if you are an avowed atheist, at least be willing to explore something new. After all-- you must have found this site for a reason!

From this introduction, I suggest you go to the Index of essays, and click on the title of one that interests you. NOTE: if a title link does not work (i.e. is broken) you can find the essay by its date from the 'Blog Archive' on the right side.
These are the main themes that my essays deal with:
1. Conspiracy
Many people are starting to become concerned about the stability of their world. They've heard some claims that a ‘conspiracy’ is behind much of the troubling news. Others dismiss such theories as absurd. But, could it be true? Join a skeptic who considers the matter, with no particular axe to grind.

2. End of the World?

You can find any number of websites talking about 'the coming Apocalypse' or predicting the soon End of the World. Could there be something to it? As an amateur student of 'end times' speculation for many years, I've got some unsettling conclusions on the topic. Forewarned is fore-armed!

3. Religion- (reflections of a Christian and former church-goer)

A lot of sincere Christians are finding a strange stirring in their souls calling them to leave the church they now attend. And go... where? These essays are aimed at giving guidance about what it means and what to do... from one who's taken the leap. Also, there are several Bible studies intended to help readers get a new insight into scripture.

Religion has always been a contentious point among humans. Today, we can add the new ‘religion’ of science to the fracas. They all claim ‘truth,’ yet that’s obviously impossible. Can we ever distinguish fact from confabulation? Anyone with a curious mind-- atheist or religious-- is invited to join my enquiry.
You may not agree; but before you fire off a comment-- do some serious study, thinking, and praying!

4. Resources
These essays are intended to help the reader to make the paradigm shift... from the comfortable, familiar world of illusion, to the brave, new world of reality. They aim to assist in seeing thru the 'Matrix;' learning to recognize the awful, omnipresent stench of BS emanating from all our trusted media outlets and government officials. Most of the material comes from my own, hard-won, life experiences.

5. Society and Miscellaneous
Those essays that don't fit into one of the previous 4 categories will be filed under one of these general headings. 'Society' includes my comments on the economic situation; 'miscellaneous' includes some of my letters to the editors of various newspapers.

*- Guidelines for Posting Responses -*
Your responses to these essays are invited; however, please adhere to these guidelines... or wait until you are able to do so. ;-)
> Please refrain from profanity and personal attacks-- they get you nowhere but the 'delete bin.'
> Keep comments brief and addressed to the issue(s) raised in the essay.
> Most software now includes a spell-checker; learn to use it, and your comments will merit more respect.


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