March 6, 2009

Only Three Years to Go

As most serious web-heads know by now, the world is coming to an end on Dec. 21, 2012-- according to the now famous Mayan calendar-- and as of this writing, we are in March, 2009.
Let’s see... that leaves about three years, nine months, until the fateful day. If the various speculators are correct, the ‘New World Order’ should be in place before that date. Which means there is very little time to accomplish what some skeptics would consider impossible. I mean, how do you implement a world-wide government, when we’ve got several major ‘trading blocks’ (eg. EU, NAFTA, Asia) that seem to be rivals, and a lot of grass-roots sentiment against the expansion of WTO towards greater integration? And politically, there’s not much sign of harmony among nations these days. Even after two world wars and innumerable smaller but equally bloody ones, the UN has displayed only impotence in its ability to prevent, end, or mitigate international conflict. So, prospects for a one-world plutocracy don’t look very promising to say the least.

At one time, it would have appeared impossible to imagine going from this present, fragmented world to a one-world system of ‘governance’ (as ‘they’ prefer to call it), and especially in just three years. However, I think it’s entirely possible. If we should have learned anything in the last 20 years, it’s that the world can change literally overnight. Remember the ‘good, old USSR?’ When Gorbachev, its last leader, came along, it looked as if the Soviet Union was going to be rejuvenated. Yet within a very short time, the Berlin Wall was taken down, and along with it, the entire Soviet empire. We woke up one day, listened to the startling news about the wall, and it was a new world. The same thing happened at the start of this new Millennium. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, I watched a special news broadcast of the events in New York and DC... and realized then that I was witnessing some kind of turning point for the world. Seven years later (and note the interval), another Earth-changing event unfolded on Wall Street (note the name!) whose consequences continue to reverberate in financial markets around the world. This economic melt-down will prove to be the key. The previous milestones were necessary, preparatory steps, but this is the strategy that will usher in the Brave New World Order.

Why do I say that? Because the economic crisis is crucial and it is world-wide. Step by inexorable step, the world has been maneuvered into the place it is now: i.e. an interlocking, global economy, based on fiat money, very dependent on the US dollar, and a communication system that makes the flow of money instantaneous. Like it or not, money has become the life-blood of the world; almost every society is based on money as the medium of commercial transaction. Take it away, and chaos ensues. (Note the word chaos.) It’s as if you painstakingly built a house of cards, and now someone comes along and starts blowing on it. In this case, the builders and the blowers are the same people! But, every nation has a card in that house, and those who are puffing on it are the banksters who designed and constructed the house. National governments are playing the stupid game of throwing money into a pit and pretending that strategy will somehow prevent the house from collapsing. In fact, they are just transferring more money into the hands of those who engineered the crisis.

My point is that the world is in a precarious situation, where some, probably unpredictable, incident somewhere in the financial matrix just has to fail, and it will bring the entire system crashing to the ground (whatever that metaphor will look like in financial terms). That incident will probably involve the utter collapse of the US dollar, which has been dying the death of a thousand cuts. When that happens (not ‘if’) there will be much grief, wailing, and gnashing of teeth around the world, especially from the middle classes who have something to lose, and very little stashed away. The banksters are waiting for the cry for ‘something to be done’ to fix the monetary crisis they fabricated, and they will unveil their solution. I don’t know what it will be, but some cannier pundits suggest it will be a global currency of some kind. Others-- who are ‘far out’-- claim it will involve ‘the mark of the beast,’ as spoken of in the esoteric Book of Revelation, in the Bible-- like a tattooed bar-code, or a subcutaneous micro-chip. Frankly, I find that notion more than a little fanciful. However, Revelation does seem to refer to financial matters, and states that ‘no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark’ (ch 13:17). Curious, indeed; and a prophecy that will not become clear until it is actually happening.

Whether one accepts Biblical prophecy or not, many commentators are seeing basically the same scenario as I describe here. No doubt, along with the currency solution, there will be a number of other conditions attached. The trap will not be completely sprung at that time... and that time could be merely weeks or months away. No, the new economic world order will be another critical, perhaps penultimate, step on the road to global dominion, but will still appear to leave nations and peoples with their illusions of freedom. After that, ‘they’ must have one or two more pieces of their grand plan to snap into place as the capstone of their pyramid of world power. My hunch is that it will likely have to do with a major war, or threat of same, and perhaps involve revelation of visitors from outer space. Yes, the latter idea sounds bizarre; but there has been an explosion of sightings of UFOs all around the Earth in recent years, and some governments have even opened their files on the subject for public scrutiny. More than that, a string of movies from the font of esoteric but cloaked prophecies, Hollywood, insinuates that the powers that know are preparing the mass consciousness for disclosure, finally, of the mind-blowing news that ‘we are not alone’ in the universe. (Fancy that!)

Guessing at a timeline, one can see that the New World Financial disOrder could arrive before the end of 2009 (all their milestones seems to happen in autumn). After that, the next step would be implemented probably in 2010, and if it involves war, there are plenty of candidates available, such as Iran, Russia, China, etc., fallen upon by the USA, Israel, and maybe Britain. Either before or after the dust settles from such a conflict or apprehended conflict, a New World Order will be installed. Many speculate that the said war will be triggered (or threatened) by the next, big, staged attack on American soil, which will have to be at least as damaging as those of 9-11. For that reason, they anticipate deployment of something like a ‘dirty bomb’ (spreading radioactive dust) or even a ‘mini-nuke’ explosion, although they don’t rule out a biological attack, too. All scenarios have been ‘tested’ or aired by Hollywood, in a number of ‘disaster movies’ with corresponding themes. So, in accord with past patterns, we can’t specify any particular mode of attack, even if convinced of the likelihood that one will occur. The plan is to shock a population already reeling from economic dislocation, with an event of sufficient proportions as to create immediate terror, and so render the people psychically amenable to drastic solutions presented as the last and only hope for preserving the ‘modern, Western way of life.’ Before we know what’s happened, it will be a new World, one in which the huge majority will be ruled by an ultra-rich, elite, who claim they alone know what’s best for us. And that is the state of the Earth that will usher us into the purported date with destiny, 2012. You read it here first... (at least in this form).

What will actually happen on 21-12-2012, nobody knows, of course-- not even the Mayans, apparently. Other cultures’ predictions or mythologies imply a ‘transformation in human consciousness’ taking place at that time; but what that really means is, again, anyone’s guess. So, what happens in 2012 could range from nothing observable, to the end of the world as we know it... which is quite a range. My intent with this essay is basically to demonstrate that IF the premise of a ‘global government’ has validity, then it is entirely possible for it to actually take place, however unlikely it may appear at this prior moment. To clarify, when I say ‘take place,’ it may not look like what many people expect a NWO to be-- e.g. a single, unified administration, etc. No, most likely it will look more like a ‘coordinated, consensual agreement’ of some sort, along the lines of a UN on steroids. Nevertheless, the effect will be of a world-wide domination of populations by a small oligarchy.

Another aspect of the NWO that arises from Biblical prophecy is that it will involve some form of ‘religious belief.’ This part sounds quite crazy, since we all assume that Western-style governance, be it democratic or otherwise, is solidly secular, maybe even irreligious. Why or how a world rule should entail religion is not at all clear, especially to the non-religious mind. However, to those who perceive spiritually, behind the scenes of the material world, the matter is not so obscure. You see, once you grasp that events are being propelled by a cadre of hidden manipulators, you see that they must be psychopaths, given the insane destructiveness of their actions. You also see that they are the latest progeny of a line of conspirators that go back centuries, who have been planning this ambitious scheme all those years. If they are psychopaths, then what motivates them to proceed with a plan that will bring the entire planet to extinction? (They are destroying the Earth ecologically by poisoning the environment with a huge array of toxic chemicals, and annihilating the human race using the same means and by ruining our DNA with toxic food additives, DU dust, GM foods, etc.) There’s only one answer, and that is the power of evil; a power so great that it can only emanate from the Prince of Evil, Satan himself. As the Bible reveals, Satan desires to ‘magnify himself’ and to exalt himself above God. His hated rival is Jesus, and so he must be exalted by the people that Jesus came to save-- us. To do that, Satan needs to counterfeit the features of Christ and of true religion (not ‘churchianity’) and to deceive the masses into acknowledging him as ‘God.’ Thus, Satan stands true worship on its head, but must do so thru mass illusion. This explains, incidentally, why the Zionists insisted on having Palestine as their homeland when they were offered an easier location in Africa. They must have Jerusalem, site of the ‘temple mount,’ where they intend to install their false religion, and make it the seat of their fake god. Once they have seized effective control of the world, they will impose their anti-religion on everyone, demanding worship of their Antichrist.

After all this dire speculation, the point, dear reader, is that you should be prepared (mentally, at least) for virtually anything to happen in the next few months and years. Don’t get too comfortable in your lifestyle, because it may come to an abrupt end. Altho the above scenario promises to bring great turmoil and hardship on the Earth, the Bible indicates that this period will be cut short and will be terminated by the rescue mission of Jesus, coming this time as conquering Lord of Lords to reclaim the planet for God. We are headed for very bad news; but it is to be followed by very good news. Take heart, all ye of good faith!

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