March 12, 2009

The Puzzle of Human Psychology

For many of us ‘pundits,’ the inability of the great majority to exercise sufficient brain-power to enable them to perceive the true state of the world, specifically, the presence of a bold conspiracy to subvert freedom among Western citizens, is baffling.
To those writers, and movie-makers, and musicians who see what is unfolding, it becomes self-evident; hence our puzzlement with our fellow-citizens. Various cogent theories have been advanced to account for the flourishing of evil in our midst with little opposition from the majority. Author and psychiatrist Raymond Peck, in his book ‘The People of the Lie,’ had a chapter on psychopaths in government, the military, and other organizations; but he didn’t pursue the matter, admitting the subject itself was psychically fatiguing. Recently, Andrzej M. Łobaczewski, advanced the study with new research, and gave it the name ‘Political Ponerology’-- ‘A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes’.

Before this generation of studies, tho, the eminent scholar, Immanuel Velikovsky, proposed a very interesting theory as a prelude to his ground-breaking research into ‘catastrophism’-- studies into past calamities that have drastically altered the geography, flora and fauna of this planet. To mainstream science, any talk of calamity is anathema. The high-priests of orthodoxy in all branches of science adhere religiously to the dogma of uniformitarianism-- that the universe is highly stable, and all change comes about by processes that take eons. They have bought into Darwinian evolution-- which is premised on this doctrine of minute changes in organisms occurring over vast spans of time. And they defend this faith with any and every means at their disposal, which entails a lot of very un-academic, ad hominen (and irrational) attacks on those who would dare propose alternative theories.

In Velikovsky’s cosmos, the universe was far from stable, and Earth had undergone numerous encounters with celestial bodies that passed in the vicinity of our planet. The last several of these brushes even occurred in historical times, the records being captured in stories characterized by later ‘scholars’ as myths and religious allegory. To the unbiased eyes of a few true scholars, these stories yield an amazing tale of the passage of heavenly bodies close enough to Earth to trigger enormous upheavals in the oceans and continents around the globe, making huge alterations in the geography, and changing the course of history for all inhabitants who survive these disasters. Now, here’s the key idea that Velikovsky hit upon, especially when his seminal work ran into a storm of opposition from enraged ‘scholars.’ Being a trained psycho-therapist, he realized that there was more to this resistance than plain academic jealousy. He posited the idea of ‘racial denial,’ (my words) to characterize the rejection of unpalatable conjecture on our origins by the majority of people. Velikovsky stated that the cosmic catastrophes that destroyed previous civilizations were so traumatic to the surviving remnants that the memory was suppressed deep in our subconscious, where it continues to exert unwholesome influence over our contemporary thinking.

I think this notion of racial denial is quite brilliant. It makes sense out of what is, otherwise, completely irrational. When a majority can be easily led to reject the evidence of common sense, even sensory evidence, in preference for another, inferior explanation that lends support to a comforting and precious doctrine, it can only be labeled as irrational. Yet today’s ‘enlightened world’ is egregiously askew on any number of issues of vital importance to the collective well-being. And in each such case, the orthodox explanations are so inane-- despite being widely accepted-- that you have to acknowledge the validity of Velikovsky’s theory.

Just this week, a story that seemed to appear in all the major news media, despite its rather narrow, scientific interest, was the launch of the ‘Kepler’ space probe designed to search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe (i.e. by seeking ‘Earth-like’ planets). I had to laugh; what a joke! Every day and night on this planet (and apparently for millennia) there are sightings of ‘unidentified flying objects,’ of all kinds, performing spectacular feats of movement and light. And for decades, the agencies most connected with flight and investigation have either ignored or ridiculed the idea that these objects are piloted by intelligent beings from other worlds. Instead, our ‘authorities’ come up with ludicrous alternative ‘explanations,’ and stonewall all efforts to discover the truth about these UFOs. Now they have to spend another king’s ransom to launch a space probe looking for what’s right under their ignorant noses. Brilliant! And incidentally, if you’re one of the skeptics who still agrees that hundreds of thousands of people of all kinds-- including police and military officers, pilots, and ex-presidents-- are all seeing nothing more than animated swamp gas, or errant weather balloons, then consider another fact. What about the crop diagrams? Don’t try to offer the cock-and-bull nonsense that these are humanly created, because that is sheer stupidity. The mysterious glyphs that appear, in mere minutes, in fields of cereal crops primarily, are of amazing complexity and depict information of current importance in highly inventive ways, including geometric design, and astronomical configurations. There’s simply no way they can be man-made (although attempts are made to counterfeit them).

A similar bit of farce obtains in the case of the Martian probes. Both orbiters and surface-based probes have been sending back ‘anomalous data’ on surface structures for decades-- ever since the first Viking photographs of 1976 showed the image of a human face on a rock ‘mesa’ in the area called Cydonia. Successive probes have sent us thousands of photos showing all manner of curious, clearly artificial structures in various sites on Mars. And these are the ‘censored pictures,’ the ones that NASA/JPL has doctored to remove clear glimpses of the amazing structures. Other pictures, unreported by the ever-compliant mainstream media, show what would be immediately identified on an aerial Earth photo as forests and lakes. Yet, the consistent blather from NASA/ESA is that they are sending new probes to look for ‘signs of life’... by which they seem to mean microbes. Their on-going charade about ‘seeking indications of H2O’ sound beyond lugubrious, as they ignore signs of life all around the ‘red planet,’ right in their own photographs! Now, I’m not saying I’m amazed that NASA et al would play this foolish game; not at all. They seem to be committed to the lie of a stable Earth in a changeless universe. No, what’s more puzzling is why the majority can look at the news stories, maybe even see the ‘evidence,’ and then simply accept the BS explanations from the talking heads in the glowing box. That’s the amazing part.

The same kind of mass credulity of news stories or political pronouncements that are either obviously suspicious or at least ‘fishy sounding,’ prevails in all other areas of our lives. A topic that is now a permanent controversy is ‘climate change,’ where again the uniformitarian dogma holds sway, and we are to believe that since natural climate change takes centuries, the current global turmoil must be caused by humans, never mind copious evidence that contradicts this theory. What if, I ask you to ponder, the climate turmoil (i.e. warming in places, while winters produce record cold snaps) is not caused by carbon emissions? Without laying out the counter arguments, I challenge readers to think about how they would deal with such knowledge. And why have the media done such an about-face on global warming in the last decade? They started off as scoffers, then switched to staunch supporters of the UN-blessed explanation based on carbon build-up in the atmosphere. While the powers that be insist that there’s a consensus behind this theory, it doesn’t take long to discover that there’s really quite a serious opposition within scientific circles concerning the ‘favored’ theory. Again, the deniers can’t face the notion of impending-- and uncontrollable-- climate catastrophe.

Another persistent example of the power of denial is the nagging controversy over the true perpetrators of the attacks of ‘9-11-2001. Even while watching the events on ‘live’ TV, many observers realized that things just weren’t ‘adding up.’ Yet as if to anticipate such skepticism, the networks quickly produced ‘experts’ of all kinds (including, curiously, a stranger in the street... see Youtube) who recited a tissue of fabrications that offered the public the rationale they desperately wanted to hear for these ‘senseless acts.’ Despite all the myriad of details that defy the intelligence of a normal 10-year old child, the public largely has bought the official nonsensical story. Not to worry; the world makes sense, we can name the bad guys and the good guys, and it’s the business of war as usual, only this time it’s waged against ‘terrorists.’ No need to question your faith in the system; just believe in your government, and keep spending.

As I’ve written before, so pervasive is the power of the ‘media-manufactured culture,’ that the majority have lost their common sense. Actually, they’ve been convinced that they don’t have any common sense, or even any need for it. Instead, we turn all our reasoning and decision-making over to the magic box that talks, and has been our faithful informant all our lives. So the media machines keep pulling the wool over our heads, providing very fluent, convincing cow-crap uttered by suitable ‘experts’ with impressive credentials. In so many of these science controversies, those who define orthodoxy have circled their academic wagons, broken out the blunderbusses, and defended their sacred writ with all vigor. As Velikovsky postulated, the stalwarts of orthodoxy are unconsciously acting out of deep-seated denial that our world is really a vulnerable body whirling thru an unstable and unpredictable universe, one that poses unknown dangers to the survival of our species. This will be the ironic situation when the current accumulation of signals of planetary distress reach some kind of crisis: our mainstream experts will still be assuring us that all is well, it’s just a temporary problem, so do not adjust your receiver... and above all, do not attempt to exercise your common sense! While the whore-experts mime their lines, the great majority of box-watchers will nod their heads in puzzled agreement, wanting desperately to believe the unbelievable, that all is, indeed, normal, despite all the havoc taking place all around them. When the charade can no longer be maintained, and people have to face the fact that the sky is truly falling, there will be widespread social collapse. Probably many will have mental breakdowns, becoming virtually useless burdens on the rest. Others will be in shock, dealing with a reality that they could have seen coming for months, if not years, had they been capable of using the common sense that the manipulators scared them away from. These are typical consequences befalling those who retreat into convenient denial of unpleasant facts that disturb their assumed, stable existence. Readers are advised to reconsider the normalcy and stability of life on Earth at this time... and how you would cope with a ‘disruption’ (polite term) in your worldly rhythms.

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