May 8, 2009

What's with those Web-wolverines?

Here's another of life's little mysteries (as if we need more!). Why is it that the people who leave comments in reaction to serious articles posted on the web, or who are the most prolific participants in on-line discussion forums, all seem to have the following characteristics in common:
  • they are barely literate; incapable of putting together a coherent sentence in the English language... which they presumably speak, since they just read something written in English;
  • the only words they can, however, express very fluently are all foul, four-letter expletives that would be 'bleeped out' of any half-respectable TV/radio interview;
  • they are incapable of even the most basic reasoning, but simply react to certain words that trigger a short-circuit somewhere in the neural pathways of their primitive brains;
  • since they lack reason, their only reaction is to attack the writer of the offending article, and hurl loathsome insults of the most puerile and vicious type at someone they have never seen, met, or heard of;
  • besides being illiterate, they are also clueless in using computers or the web, since their diatribes are full of completely obvious spelling errors, and often are posted several times in a row, indicating their confusion over how to press the 'submit' button;
  • they are surcharged with self-absorbed hubris, confident in hiding behind the anonymity provided by their chosen pseudonym.

For some reason (help me understand) the worst offenders in this ignominious category seem to lurk all over YouTube, like an infestation of the vilest form of parasites. No matter how serious or valuable a posted video may be to any objective viewer, these responders feel motivated to spew their spurious verbal spittle for whatever fleeting gratification it may bring them.

Perhaps their intent is to deliberately cast slurs on anything that doesn't agree with their weird world-view, as if their meaningless meanderings held any kind of logical value. Or maybe, as some speculate, some of them are really 'disinfo agents,' paid by hidden organizations to disseminate this kind of nonsense. It may be nothing more than another indicator of the pandemic mental disintegration that is a hallmark of this decadent age.

Some of you seasoned web surfers can, no doubt, think of a few additional traits of these web vermin who pollute cyberspace with their utterly useless and inane drivel. But, those appear to be the main features. If you'd like to respond to this brief entry-- well, by all means, please do! 'Er, however, you will, of course, try to avoid the ugly trademarks of the 'web-wolverines'... won't you? ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Some of these "wolverines" are paid. It's their "job" to be attack dogs. Albeit, a really nasty job. People who have no sense of pride or self-worth...or self-respect, for that matter! They obviously don't want to "flip burgers" or get their hands dirty with an honest day's work. Many of them never show their face--cowardly!