January 2, 2010

Great Expectations, 2010

By 2010, the human race was supposed to be exploring the moons of Jupiter... isn't that what the prognosticators of last century were telling us? The reality is hideously different. Just take a broad appraisal...

Coincidence Theory Strikes Again!

'The battering will continue until morale improves!' to rephrase the old joke. Just when the battering from nature was making Christmas travel difficult, the proverbial worse case occurred-- an interrupted terrorist attempt on a US airliner. If air travel was difficult before that, it became utterly grueling after the panicky imposition of new 'security measures.' But, as one who was sitting comfortably at home, one thing struck me-- how calmly the traveling public accepted the draconian inconveniences. In random, TV interviews, people just giggled, shrugged, and incredibly, stated that they were 'glad that things were being done to protect them.' Amazing!

The hidden manipulators behind the events must be ecstatic with mirth mixed with wonderment. What can't they do to this society of muddled-headed simpletons? Will nothing rouse people from their slumber and possibly provoke some serious thinking? This is too good to be true, they must be chortling. But, so preoccupied are the 'sheeple' that they can't be bothered to reflect on the absurdities of the stories they are fed, even when the subterfuge is practically thrown in their faces! Amazing!

In this latest case of a 'terrorist plot,' we have enough evidence to easily conclude that it was a deliberate set-up, designed by shadowy agencies, intended to ramp up the fear and stress already at a high level. Just to re-cap briefly: the 'terrorist's father, for heaven's sake, had fingered his son to the CIA as a suspected jihadist; the young man had 'lost contact with his family' for some six months; he had no passport-- yet was escorted thru security at Schiphol airport to board the flight; he got burned in the groin and leg, yet uttered nary a sound; the man who jumped him stated that the guy appeared in a trance. Folks, you don't get so many dots so easy to connect to spell the word 'conspiracy!' Mr. Abdulmutallab was a CIA (maybe Mossad) programmed 'asset,' primed to carry out a mission impossible for political-theatrical reasons. There may be much more to it, but those are the broad outlines that are sufficient to confirm that we are being played for suckers. And most people seem to love it. Doubly amazing!

Thus, 2009 closes as it opened, with another blow to the body societal by the heavy-weight puncher we don't even see. The year has been a succession of hooks and jabs, starting with the financial crisis carried over from '08, followed by frenetic attempts to make a pandemic out of an H1N1 virus that looked suspiciously lab-created; on-going sabre-rattling in the Middle East with threats of attack on Iran, then terror bombings in Pakistan; and late in the year, a strange shoot-up on a Texas army base by a supposedly disgruntled Arab officer. 'Curiouser and curiouser,' as Alice muses in Wonderland. Welcome to the ninth year of the 3rd Millennium-- a 'Wonderland' that would boggle Lewis Carroll himself.

The Psychology of Acquiescence

You'd think people would start to smell the rat, start to see that all this mayhem doesn't just happen because of discontented fanatics in poor countries jealous of Western excesses. Sadly, the attitude of the vast majority is to suck it all up, and pretend that the official stories really do make sense. You see, it's the psychology of ego that says: I've already invested too much time and effort-- (here at the stalled airport, or here in the army, or here in the failed investment house, or wherever)-- therefore, I have to make it somehow worthwhile. Hence, I will believe the nonsensical explanations of our authorities, because they validate my sacrifice, my futile efforts. If I admit for a moment that the official stories are incredible, then that makes our leaders and experts liars; and if they are liars then I've been believing lies all my life, and I can't countenance that thought. That means that my whole world is an illusion, a bad illusion; and I like that illusion! Now you see cognitive dissonance in action. The typical response is to retreat into what we call denial, and to re-affirm that the artificial world of lies is true and describes the real world.

At the same time, there is a strong element of 'abuse psychology' also at work here. Typically, sexual predators can operate for years within a family or society even when their proclivities are widely 'suspected.' Why? Because few individuals are willing or able to shatter the group illusion of the abuser as a solid citizen. To do so is to upset the mythos of the collective, and is usually met with fierce resistance and opposition from stalwarts who don't like their world ruined, even when their inner or moral being knows the ugly truth. In similar fashion, at the societal level, the majority have a vested, emotional interest in preserving the group addiction to unhealthy but rewarding beliefs and behaviors. This is not theoretical. Why do people line up to welcome home their fallen soldier family member, yet never question the futility of the war? The dead soldier is always a hero who fought for the group's values against evil forces who oppose those values. Why do people believe what the evidence of common sense should tell them is an impossible array of coincidences that caused the attacks of 9-11-01? Why did American voters vote for another big-party president when they've been getting shafted by the 'good-cop/bad-cop' strategy for decades? And so it goes.

The thinking behind the psycho-bashing is simple, and has been well explained by Naomi Klein in her book, 'Shock Doctrine.' It's all about keeping people emotionally unbalanced, mentally dazed, and functioning in survival mode. In that altered state of consciousness, the masses are easy to manipulate, and will accept 'solutions' that go against the very principles we say we believe in. What the forces of darkness have been doing to individuals in the notorious prisons-- the physical and psychological torture-- they are doing to the whole of society, with the same purpose in mind, which is to break the mass will. This ought to be astonishing to readers... but I hope to God, not unbelievable when you truly consider it.

Happy New Year... anyone?

The game has become almost too easy for the Powers That Be. They hardly worry about the inevitable slip-ups and contradictory news leaks, and the few individuals who blow their whistles. When you own and control all the communications media, you define reality. When you've been creating people's reality for the last half century, you have little concern about opposition. At times, TPTB almost flaunt the stratagems in our faces, arrogantly confident that their media will spin the story, and presto! the public will shrug and buy it. Yet for the minority of us who perceive the schemes, they are becoming increasingly transparent to us. And our puzzlement at why our circle of family and friends can't see it, is reaching agonizing proportions. What will it take?, we wonder. Same for the media analyses. The reporters go just so far in their questions, yet they always stop and switch topics before probing anywhere that might shed true light on the underlying causes and agents. That's why it is so important for every person to stop taking the easy route of ignoring the news, or accepting the ready-made fables of the media, and to start thinking about what we are being told about each shuddering blow to the status-quo.

We head now into 2010-- which is not the first year of the next decade, but the last year of the current decade. But, nobody cares about that, just as they don't care about all the other 'mere details' surrounding the chaos of our times. What will the new year bring? I don't pretend to be a prophet, but it doesn't take magic to predict that the new year will bring us more of the same constant pummeling on all sides. Why? Because the populace likes it! They must like it, otherwise they'd start thinking about it, and after thinking about it, they'd realize that there's something rotten in the state of this world... as it's defined by our leaders and experts. So, expect more concocted 'terrorist incidents' that will be leveraged to introduce more humiliating restrictions on our liberties... and justify new wars in exotic places. Now that they've got a choke-hold on air travel, the next incidents may well focus on other avenues we take for granted. My worst fears are that TPTB will decide it's time to unleash the dogs of daily terror in the heart of America, probably meaning, initially, more petty stuff like 'shoe-bombers', being apprehended in shopping malls and subway stations. Later, it will get serious, with explosions in those locales and blood in the streets, as they say. Don't be shocked if you have to go thru a scanner to go shopping at Walmart in a couple years.

Expect permutations of the influenza viruses to appear and create a stir in various parts of the globe. The economic recovery will continue to benefit certain already rich individuals, while keeping the masses on constant edge. Far from delivering peace in our day, Obama will expand US military operations in Yemen and Pakistan, expanding a dangerous region and making it more precarious. Israel seems bursting with a desire to strike at an enemy, especially Iran, and that rage can't be contained much longer. The hidden hands of evil-- CIA/MI6/Mossad-- will continue fomenting havoc in the Arab states (primarily) until the Muslim world is in total turmoil. Expect more news of strife in places most of us have barely heard of, and can't find on a map, such as the 'stans' of central Asia.

It's going to get ugly, because those lusting for world dominion cannot restrain themselves much longer. They almost appear to be working under a deadline. Or, perhaps they see the ages-long goal is now so close to achievement that they're in a frenzy to close the deal. Whatever the case, events are moving rapidly on the world scene. Because of their haste, 2010 will be worse than 2009. I know you don't like to read that or hear 'bad news.' Yet the time for blissful ignorance is long past; whether you like it or not, the bad news is going to hit you hard. You can either be sucker punched into oblivion, or you can brace yourself because you see it coming, and endure. It's your choice, reader. Happy New Year.


those who think this analysis is nonsense must surely find their comfort in this Orwellian slogan-- "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength"... good luck.

Scripture References (from the New Testament)

[Why should we pay attention to what goes on in the secular world?]

Jesus answered and said to them, "See to it that no one misleads you." (Matthew 24:4)

[How could events move so fast as to bring about the End of the Age?]

Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. (Matthew 24:22)

[How can we know that the world is moving towards the End?]

Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. (Matthew 24:32, 33)

[Why should I care what happens in the world?]

Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming. (Matthew 24:42)

[Why has the world become so chaotic in the years since 2001?]

Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time. (Revelation 12:12)

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  1. WOW! Terrifying and amazing read, John. We are of like mind and feel the frustration when we are constantly disregarded by family and friends. Yet, we continue to talk about it with everyone we know. It is an ongoing battle, every minute of every day to not become a robot mouse, but at least we are aware of it. We continue to educate ourselves by seeking the story from all sides. How do we walk with our heads held high and not feel defeated? What will we tell our children and how do we prepare them for the challenges ahead? You are a fantastic writer, exposing the truth and hopefully waking people up to what's in store! THANK YOU:)