January 8, 2010

The Missing Dot

To a huge segment of netizens, the truth about the Christmas, undie-bomber is starkly obvious.
In fact, few recent false-flag psy-ops are as easy to recognize. By now, all the evidence has been exposed and analyzed by the conspiracy analysts, and there's no point in re-hashing it. The only thing that puzzles us-- those who see thru the clumsy scheme as thru a screen door-- is why the great majority just don't get it. Meanwhile, Obama sternly scolds US security officials and agencies for their 'failure to connect the dots' that would have apprehended Abdulmuttalab before he even got aboard a US-bound flight. Many of his audience presumably take him seriously.

It's great theatre-- the President berates his government's functionaries for failing to do what they have spent billions of dollars on. So, the vast herd of blinkered sheep seem to figure, right, now that there's been a new, big hole found in the system, they will throw millions of dollars at it, and we'll restore our security systems. Sure; as if reckless spending on complex technological gadgetry is going to solve all our problems. But, that's the American way.... because, you see, that way a few people are going to make their fortune selling the complex gadgetry to the guvvamint for a king's ransom-- and everyone is happy, sort of, until the next ‘failure.’

However, there is a reason why the majority can't seem to connect the ‘other dots' and see the big picture of how these so-called terrorist plots always result in greater inconvenience and restrictions of liberty for the public, greater arbitrary powers for the government, and profits for the security industry. And, more than that, good (enough) justification for the US government to meddle in yet another, far off, impoverished, Islamic country that suddenly is found to be rife with 'Al-Qaeda'. Of course, there are several contributory reasons, such as the blatant spinning of news by a completely co-opted media machine, so that the public is kept in managed ignorance. But those factors affect the rest of us, too; yet we are able to see thru the nonsense and discern the BS. No, there is a fundamental factor that constitutes the single, huge, 'dot' in the middle of the picture, and which the vast majority totally misses.

By virtue of social programming and the basic decency of the average citizen, they make one, over-riding assumption that is never even brought to the conscious level, when evaluating news stories that describe the 'terrorist' events. That assumption seems so self-evident to them that it never occurs to challenge it. That is the presumption that our governments are entirely trustworthy (on matters of national security, at least) and fully committed to ensuring the safety of their citizens. After all, they have all those pieces of 'safety' legislation (e.g. vehicle standards, the FDA, the FAA, etc.) so, surely, they are sincere in their efforts to beat terrorism. So the underlying supposition lies, and undermines every attempt at exercising logic and common sense.

It can be seen as a form of self-hypnosis, or more appropriately, as stage magic, since the illusions are sustained by the ‘magicians’ thru clever use of suggestion and neuro-linguistic programming. We never see the real magicians-- they are the agencies that concoct and instigate the plots that keep us in a state of fear and mental imbalance. What we see are the magicians’ stage actors, the politicians who rattle off their improbable monologues with practiced polish, as if bluster alone makes the lies true. The NLP preparation and reinforcement are provided by the media, thru their trusted ‘anchor-men and women,’ their barking-dog talk-show hosts, and their foxy interviews of selected experts.

Underneath all the theatrics, is the need to sustain the essential, ‘a priori’ dogma-- that our elected officials genuinely have our best interests in mind. Take that big assumption out of the way, and the whole sorry picture of deception starts to take focus, however reluctantly. That supposition is the pivot point, the lynch pin, the Achilles heel, the final straw, that could bring the sick game to a rapid collapse. Yet, precarious as it may appear, that supposition is extremely robust, and very difficult to demolish. In the old Soviet Union, especially among the satellite countries, the citizens held a high degree of cynicism towards the system and its apparatchiks. That system was held together by a network of party old-boys and bureaucrats who benefited from supporting the big lie. Eventually, even that tissue crumbled. In the West, naïve belief in the intrinsic righteousness of our system is a crippling and ultimately destructive force. While people harbor suspicions about politicians and governments, most still believe that ‘the system’ provides enough checks and balances-- via party-based opposition, ‘free elections,’ and a ‘free press,’ for example-- that the government currently ruling is kept within the bounds of legal and moral propriety.

Thus, to dismantle the illusion that ‘they’ (the governors) are benign, it is necessary to disabuse the great majority of the subsidiary illusions of free and open elections, and of an independent and multi-voiced media. Not a trivial task! You might think that after eight years of the GW Bush gang, where every boundary of political, and moral decorum was blatantly breached, that Americans would become much more sophisticated and skeptical. Altho the populace is cynical, they still cling to their most cherished comfort blankets, such as patriotism, and pseudo-religion. So, while the politicians may be scoundrels, the bureaucracy incompetent, the bankers corrupt, at least they can cheer for their glorious soldiers fighting the evil terrorists ‘over there,’ and they can worship their blood-thirsty deity in their glitzy mausoleums.

How long will those slim comforts sustain the public’s faith in their system? Will they ever realize how biased and devious are the mass media? Having admitted the lies that pushed America into invading Iraq, can the public extrapolate that idea to see that the same process is invoked every time to justify the latest intrusion into a sovereign state? How many ‘mistakes’ and ‘failures’ of the security apparatus are necessary before the public awakes to the reality that the incidents are all staged for political ends? Will Joe Public finally understand that the real conspiracies are not the ones sneered at as ‘theories,’ but the ones pulled off under his nose by his own governing elite? How many early-breaking news items that subsequently disappear forever into the memory hole will it take before the consumers notice that their news is fabricated, and therefore, their reality is artificial?

Those are the big questions; destiny holds the answers.

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