February 13, 2010

Spiritual Warfare

Many readers understand that there are forces pushing society and events towards chaos for the benefit of a small elite seeking total domination. However, most people do not understand the true dimensions of those forces.

What I’m saying is that those forces are demonstrably evil, in a spiritual sense. But more than that, I’m saying that the directing intelligence behind those evil individuals is none other than Satan, as identified in the Bible.

Sure, today’s ‘modern man’ does not believe in the Devil; that’s so yesterday. Great for Satan if the majority don’t even believe he exists! What better cover could anyone have?

For the scoffers and skeptics who can’t accept this premise, how else can you explain the single-mindedness, the coherence of effort, and the success enjoyed by the forces of evil over centuries (if not millennia)? It is simply beyond human ability! No ideology has ever survived intact for such a long period as has this pernicious plan to subject all of humanity to the absolute rule of a self-appointed elite.

You have to suspend your antipathy towards religion long enough to discern the spirit behind the string of evil persons and actions down thru the ages. That spirit is Satan. And his subterfuges and modus operandi also, importantly, account for the ambiguity over a group called the Jews.

Much has been written, especially lately, concerning the Jews and their connection to Zionism, and Zionism’s connection with the Illuminati, Satanism, etc. Some people want to lump all Jews in the same class as the ‘bad Jews;’ others can distinguish between them. But, there’s a spiritual reason why Jews are over-represented in Zionist/NWO schemes.

In every age, God used certain individuals to advance His plan for mankind. After Cain killed Abel, God used Seth as His agent. After the Flood, it was Noah. After the Tower of Babel, God used Abraham. From Abraham’s line, a man called Jacob was chosen after a symbolic struggle from which God renamed him Israel. Later, the remnant of Israel’s descendents was (basically) one tribe called the Jews. From the Jews, God used Jesus, His ultimate servant, to deliver His message.

Jesus told the Pharisees (as religious leaders) that the mission was taken from the Jews and given over to ‘another people’ who will bear fruit with it (see Matthew 23:41). So for Christians to believe that the Jews continue, 2,000 years after Jesus, to be God’s chosen’ is completely unscriptural and baseless. After Christ, the Jews were as any other people on Earth in God’s eyes. The spiritual torch was handed over to ‘spiritual Israel,’ i.e. those of any background who accept the gospel message.

Satan has infiltrated and corrupted every institution created by man, especially religion. At first, Satan tried to stamp out the Christ-based faith, thru the Romans. When that failed, he had a better plan and co-opted the emerging church-- which explains all the occult/demonic symbols found in the Vatican. (By the same token, it explains the weird practices of the Freemasons, another organization effectively used by Satan to advance his cause.)

Just as God had attempted to use the children of Israel for His purposes, so too, the great pretender, Satan, is using the (once) ‘chosen people,’ the Jews, for his evil ends. This started in the 18th century, with Adam Weishaupt, and got more serious in the 19th century when Theodor Hertzl instigated Zionism. Today, we are seeing the final flourishing of the Zionist/Illuminati conspiracy. One reason for its success is that a large body of Christians have been duped into supporting the fiction that modern Israel still represents God’s chosen people.

Once you recognize Satan, the picture clarifies. Because Satan’s big ambition in life is to be like God-- to exalt himself over the human race as our God. And notice that this desire to mimic God also explains the demonic obsession with ‘Israel’ (geographically) and Jerusalem, its capital. These literal places have been superceded in God’s terms by spiritual counterparts; but Satan’s desire is to install himself in a temple in Jerusalem.

He’s been working at that goal for literal ages; and he sees its accomplishment as imminent.


  1. You say you do not "get stuck in the muck of the dogmatism of any belief system" yet freely quote the Bible and use your religion as the basis for your arguments. ???