July 25, 2010

Something Big is Coming!

Prepare your mind... and yes, you read it here first.
There’s been a lot of ‘buzz about impending major disaster, such as ‘2012,’ the death of the green-back (US dollar), the ‘big one’ on the West coast, war in Iran triggering WW3, and so on. As it turns out, the month of July (2010) is ending with a series of earthquakes that are ‘significant’ either because of their magnitude (three over 7.0 in the Philippines) or their ‘unusual’ locations (eg. DC). And that comes after a serious shaking in eastern Canada, in June, that seemed to parallel the tremors that took place at the G20 conference in that once-fair land. After weeks, the petroleum eruption that brought ruinous consequences in the Gulf of Mexico appears to be capped, although there are credible reports of other fissures in the nearby sea-bed.

So, there are plenty of ugly events to make anyone sleep a little more restlessly than before. And if those disturbances weren’t enough, there are various other, bleaker forecasts. Reports of fireballs and mystery ‘booms’ appear in local media, but never get out to the wider world. Similarly, an increasing number of sink-holes is appearing in diverse places, but predominantly in the eastern US states and parts of China. And again, these stories are not getting wide circulation except in the unfortunate case where there is loss of life, as happened dramatically in Quebec in May. Some more extreme prognosticators talk of ‘disclosure’ (of alien life forms) or even go beyond that with visions of a simulated, Biblical rapture (a plan known as Project Blue Beam on the conspiracy circuit).

How bad can it get? The scoffers will deny that there’s anything to worry about. “There’s always been disasters on Earth; what’s the big deal?” “It’s just better reporting,” others will confidently assert. No way! I’ve been around long enough to know that something’s up; something’s different. In more than five decades of following world news, I’ve never seen the like of what we’re seeing today. Yes, we’ve always had some sort of trouble here or there. But, there’s never been such a simultaneous confluence of ever-increasing disasters as we’re seeing this century. Whether you believe in ‘climate change’ or not, there are records being set in various parts of the world, for high temperatures or low; for early or late snow falls; for floods or bush fires. While the ‘global warmers’ want to pin the blame on human carbon use, they conveniently ignore the earthquakes that have rattled different corners of the globe with increasing intensity over the past decade. We don’t know yet what will be the ultimate consequences of the BP oil blow-out. After all, the Gulf Stream-- on which the climate of Europe is vitally dependent-- originates in the Gulf of Mexico, and who can predict how that amount of petroleum in the sea might alter the characteristics of the Atlantic ‘conveyor belt?’

Well, then, a person just needs a bit of luck, and there’s ample possibility of a disaster somewhere in the next few weeks, right? I’m going to take it a little further, tho, and predict that it’s going to be ‘big.’ How big? Big enough to join the ranks of ‘Sept. 11, 01,’ or the tsunami of Dec. 2004, or the market crash of Nov. 2008, to give some idea of the scale. An event that will shock the whole world to some degree, and get the attention of those who normally give a pass to the news.

How do I know? Of course, I can’t be sure; it’s a gut feeling. Almost literally. In the past several days, I’ve had what I can only describe as an ‘uneasy feeling.’ At first, I thought it was that cup of caffeine. Then I looked for other obvious culprits. Finally, I recalled the last time I felt like this. It was the summer of 2001, and I had a kind of queasy feeling that couldn’t be attributed to anything specific. Then came ‘9-11,’ and after the shock wore off, I felt a sort of purge, and my system went back to normal. Some people (a few) and many animals, have the ability to sense an impending earthquake. It’s not magic or mystical; they are more sensitive to the natural phenomena that precede seismic activity. (Since quakes result from colliding tectonic plates, etc., there are strains in the rock, causing ultrasonic waves and possibly, piezoelectric effects). So too, other natural (and maybe human) disasters can be preceded by a range of subtle physical effects. The skeptics may shake their heads at the notion that a human event could have precursor effects perceivable by the population, yet an ongoing experiment conducted by universities observed exactly that phenomenon. The ‘Global Consciousness Project’ has been collecting ‘random numbers’ generated by computers in stations located around the globe. Under ‘normal conditions,’ these sensors show a completely random distribution, as they are ‘supposed to.’ Yet, on Sept. 11, 2001, hours prior to the aircraft collisions with the World Trade Centre, all the generators registered a distinct ‘spike’ in coherence, ie. non-randomness. The researchers attribute this synchronistic anomaly as due to human precognition of some kind. Other events having ‘shock value’ (eg. Princess Diana’s death) produced similar patterns in the data.

It’s not as if I’m the only voice of doom out here in cyber-space, seeking some badly-needed recognition. No; there are plenty of recognized names making similar predictions. Some of them, as mentioned above, are quite specific in their forecast; for example, a collapse of the currency trading system, or an interruption of the Gulf Stream mechanism. I’m saying it could be any of the common proposals, but my sense is more towards a big, natural catastrophe. For instance, another quake in the magnitude of 8 to 9, likely in a populated region; possibly in the hitherto ‘safe’ Western world. Could one of the US West coast volcanoes explode again? Or maybe the ‘New Madrid’ fault could finally seek release on a large scale. Could the Gulf oil pocket expel a vast burst of methane and petroleum? These are, presently, looking like serious possibilities. Yet, if there’s any characteristic of this 21st century that will be remembered, it’s the unpredictability of events.

Gentle reader, you may think I’ve had too much strong drink. Like my kid brother, you may think I’m a closet lunatic. Or like my long-acquainted friend, you may think I’m a religious fanatic with an overactive imagination. Nevertheless, as a race, humans hate bad news, and will cling to denial long beyond its useful shelf life. What I’m saying in this essay is ‘prepare your mind’ for another shock. Don’t keep hoping that bad things can’t happen in your neighborhood. Remember the Quebec family who were watching TV in their basement... when the world collapsed on top of them. We live in perilous times; don’t be caught napping or be knocked into bewilderment by the events of the day. And stay tuned to your favorite news source.

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