December 4, 2010

The Madness Increases

What else can I call this essay? It's late in the year 2010, and the heat definitely has been turned up a notch, despite the cold in Europe and parts of mid-America. A few weeks ago, it was volcanoes erupting in Indonesia. Then it was the Irish Tiger suddenly mewing like a pussy cat, as they were rather coerced into applying for a bank bail-out from whoever would, please, lend them a few (quite a few) billion Euros. It seems that the way this game is played in the capitalist world, is that banks lend a crap-load of 'money' (such as it is) to 'risk-takers' (note the moniker they love to boast) who pour it into mega-projects such as big condo complexes and the like. When the economic down-turn hit these projects with the realization that there were not enough ordinary folks with money for those new homes, etc., well then the risk-takers could not pay the banks back for the loans. That's when the banks went to the governments and cried piteously that they might have to close unless they got generous sums of money from 'someone.' The governments in question (e.g. Iceland, Greece, Ireland.... who's next?) were persuaded to nationalize the debt of these banks, thus making the banks' problem into the problem of every citizen of said beset nations. In other words, it's 'capitalism' when there's money to be scooped... but corporate socialism when the risks don't pan out. Folks, there's something awfully rotten about that picture!

While the weather outside is frightful, and the economic news far from delightful, another ill wind suddenly blew onto the scene in the form of something called Wikileaks. If non-geeky people had never heard of this thing before, they now have had a solid week or more of constant spouting about it from the mainstream media (surprise! read on). Modelled on Wikipedia, the user-defined, online dictionary, Wikileaks is a website depository of information that would otherwise have been kept hidden by its government or corporate holders. There was a bit of a stir, months ago, when the site released US military video clips from Afghanistan showing helicopter gunships obliterating hapless 'enemies' (or other) on the ground, and the flyers gloating over their bloody massacre. This latest release was first announced ahead of time, then given extensive coverage (at least of selected stories) by the mainstream media. Why is this surprising? Because one would have expected the MSM-- who have demonstrated consistent protection of US gaffes and law-breaking, especially since 911-- to have, similarly, buried these unsavory revelations down the black memory-hole. Instead, they have made a big deal of them, gleefully giving us numerous examples of the dirty dealings of Uncle Sam with his minions all around this world. When you comprehend that the major purveyors of what passes for news in the Western world are owned by a mere handful of Zionist interests, and then take note that, out of a quarter million dispatches, hardly a one even mentions Israel and its besmirched activities, you have all the proof necessary to support the now widespread claim of most netizens in the know, that Wikileaks is really an Israeli weapon of unofficial war. Think about that for a while before flipping to the hockey scores.

If the preceding stories weren't enough to get our blood pressure up, we've had the stream of anecdotes from the US airports, where the traveling public gets to line up and either be scanned like a piece of baggage, or else undergo a full body feel-up that includes all the once-private parts. If someone had told you ten years ago that this is how flying would be, you might have scoffed. Incredibly, it appears that many Americans, while not exactly comfortable with the process, are nevertheless quite willing to be so humiliated and degraded, all for the cozy comfort of feeling 'secure.' (How secure can a thinking person be when treated this way... and when the 'lapses' still continue to be 'apprehended' at the last moment by authorities?) Parents warn their children about strangers wanting to touch them in inappropriate ways, and then they allow the same kids to be felt by these government-delegated perverts... how logical is that? The airlines seem to be living in dreamland, unmindful of the very real risk that, sooner than later, people are just going to forego this traumatic nonsense, and stop traveling by air. Maybe that's what the PTB want, regardless that it will send some big corporations down the tubes.

In the same vein, we had to have another (mercifully gentle) reminder that the terrorist bogey-man can strike anywhere, when a teen-aged immigrant was arrested in Portland Oregon for plotting to detonate a bomb in a public place. When you look closer into this ‘story,’ the whole thing starts to look like now-classic, ‘theatre of terrorism.’ It seems the FBI found this poor, immature dupe, cajoled him into exchanging e-mail with a supposed jihadist-- another FBI operative-- and then over a period of several months, guided him into preparing the van loaded with supposed explosives, to be triggered by a supposed phone call... which was another FBI set-up. Ya gotta wonder-- just how much input in all this ‘sting’ did Mohamed Osman Mohamud really have? This charade is similar to the big bust of 18 Arab-Canadians a couple of years ago, where a government operative had groomed the na├»ve participants, leading them into a plot to a point where the trap was sprung on them. One would hope that young Muslims would take a serious lesson from all these enticing operations.

As I predicted a few essays ago, the US Transportation Security Agency has set up a screening operation at a Florida bus station, subjecting travelers to the same kind of invasive checks as they do at airports. Yes, I said bus station! Apparently it’s not a permanent fixture-- not yet, at least. They plan on setting up such ‘security checks’ at various public transportation sites across the country, on a rotating or random basis. The mind-conditioning proceeds. And again, Americans were largely sanguine about the process, believing they are being ‘protected.’ The Powers That Be must be laughing their guts out. Remember, tho, that I also predicted the scans would appear at other popular venues, such as shopping malls and big office buildings. Stay tuned.

Well, I think that’s probably enough excitement for a mere 6 weeks in the life of beleaguered planet Earth. To those who aren’t in serious denial, or in total somnambulistic mode (that’s sleep-walking), it’s obvious that the shocks are coming fast and furious. It’s worth noting that various ancient traditions with a belief in the cyclical nature of time predicted that near the end of this age, events would speed up, time itself would seem to accelerate. Terrance McKenna (of 2012 fame) coined the term ‘novelty’ to refer to such societal disturbances, and saw them as increasing in logarithmic scale. The Mayan view of cosmic time includes nine levels of temporal space, each one being 20 times ‘faster’ than the previous, while recapitulating the same series of significant fluctuations within the compressed time. I’m capsulizing a great amount of research here, just to give the reader a flavor of the context for the craziness that characterizes these perilous times. It can’t all be simply ‘coincidence.’

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