January 17, 2011

Portents of Doom? Forget it!

It doesn’t take a trained observer to notice, these last few years, that there’s all kinds of strangeness going on, all around the world. You know, things like floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, fireballs, rogue waves, flood tides, sonic booms, sinkholes, not to forget earthquakes, volcanoes, and snow storms. My goodness, the list could even go on! In spite of all these numerous, accumulating examples that show that things are not normal on this planet, most people, apparently, do not get it. The majority wants to continue in blissful ignorance, pretending that these anomalies are all simply random and temporary-- we will eventually get back to normal, even if the baselines may have shifted somewhat. As my other essays indicate, I don’t believe in this fairy tale for a moment. But it’s frustrating waiting for the reality to hit home with so many of my friends, relatives, and acquaintances.

The past few weeks, something was finally reported in the media that should have made the magnitude of the present, looming crisis obvious to all.
The headline that first hit my eye read: “Light shines in High Arctic darkness,’ reported on the CBC website news, datelined Dec. 27, 2010. Well, I’d seen a similar story several years earlier, and it didn’t seem to gain any traction with the population at large.

Then, just a couple weeks later, I was startled to see this headline: “Strange Phenomenon: Sun rises two days early in Greenland?” (Notice how the headline is presented with a terminal question mark.) The story, which appeared on the news website, The Hals Report, stated, “The sun has arrived two days early in Greenland according to KNR Radio. It usually rises on January 13th but for some reason rose on 1/11/11 this year.” Since I had never heard of the Hals Report, I spotted the headline on SOTT (Signs of the Times website). Despite the fact that this sounds like ‘earth-shattering’ news, it was mostly ignored by the mainstream media. Mostly, but not totally, since they seemed to realize that this story would, if nature took its course, spread far and wide, opening a can of worms for the Powers that want to keep the masses ignorant of possible impending doom. It was time to resort to classic propaganda tactics to ensure that the troublesome story just fizzled out.

Since most readers, even those who may remember the headline (if nothing else), are unaware of how media deception is accomplished, this case is eye-opening. On the same day as the Arctic light story, another account hit the mainstream, to the effect that some astrologer claimed that the popular zodiac may actually have shifted a bit, so that: (1) the classic ‘sun signs’ may be a bit out of whack with the usual date-ranges, and (2) there may be a 13th sun sign, called Ophiuchus, between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This article went on to paraphrase the astrologer as saying that “the moon's gravitational pull has since shifted the Earth on its axis and created a one-month shift in the stars' alignment.” Articles written since that date have mostly debunked the first story, but the desired obfuscation was in full swing.

On Jan. 7, this headline was carried by many ‘MSM’ sources: North Pole Shifts, Causes Closure of Runways at Florida Airport. Now this sounds pretty serious, doesn’t it? Who knew? Yet a scan of the text showed that it had to do with the well-known drift of the magnetic north pole, which every nautical navigator corrects for. Some stories advised that this ‘pole shift’ (their words) was not an indication of pending magnetic pole reversal, as has been predicted by some pundits. By this point, you should be at least a bit confused-- that’s the idea.

The story carried by the Hals Report (Jan. 13) included speculations by a few ‘experts,’ for example, local geophysicist, Wolfgang Lenhardt, assuring that “the data of Earth’s axis and rotation would be monitored minute by minute all over the world.” He
also stated it could be an ‘atmospheric phenomenon.’ Scientists consulted by other media to cover the story proposed the theory that ‘global warming’ created temperature inversions in the air that bent the sun’s light, in the manner of an atmospheric lens. The writer for Hals Report had it right when he observed: “One thing is certain, the event continues to baffle scientists who have struggled to come up with an explanation.”

On Jan. 14, the astrological aspect was again paraded in the MSM. CBC picked up the story from CP (Canadian Press) which included this statement: “Parke Kunkle, a board member at the Minnesota Planetarium Society, told a newspaper interviewer that the Earth's wobbly orbit means it's no longer aligned to the stars in the same way as when the signs of the zodiac were first conceived.” CP concluded the article with the cogent quote: "This is not new news. I have no idea why it went viral this time," Kunkle said. "Almost every astronomy class talks about it." Indeed, it’s a story that should not have ‘gone viral,’ yet apparently, some forces decided it should, and gave it the necessary legs.

So there’s the process, unfolding before our eyes. The story of the sun rising two days early in the far north ought to have been the subject of serious, rational investigation by journalists, especially ‘science journalists.’ Because, if true, it is proof that the Earth’s axis is wobbling-- which would account, not only for the sun’s untimely appearance, but also for the global weather chaos we’ve been experiencing for many years. Friends, this is very unsettling news, with far-reaching implications for the future of mankind. Yet, instead of treating the story as it warrants, the media pulled out the propaganda tricks.

They conflated the issue with the reference to astrology, already regarded by many as mere amusement at best, and quackery at worst. They created a conceptual smoke-screen by running stories about the shifting of the magnetic poles, and assurances that the Earth’s rotation is minutely monitored by ‘real scientists.’ Perhaps most damning, they failed to ask the pertinent and obvious questions, such as ‘what could be causing the Earth to wobble?’ Thus, at the end of the day, the casual reader is left to draw his/her own comforting conclusions-- to whit, that the early light in the high Arctic must be due to more ‘global warming’ effects, because if there were anything more to it, our brilliant scientists would be telling us.

An objective onlooker has to almost gasp at the audacious deployment of this ‘disinfo’ strategy... and at it’s obvious success. I mean, not only do they avoid the guano that would hit the fan if people properly understood what is at stake here (all the spin-off effects of a wobble in the planet’s rotation); they also reinforce the false notion that the Earth is undergoing warming, just as those clever scientists in the IPCC said it was. (I don’t disagree that we’re seeing huge climate chaos; but now you can see that it is probably caused by a wobble in the axis, affecting the jet stream, etc. etc.!)

Any time a once-stable system goes into unexpected instability (e.g. a wobble) the outcome is usually a catastrophic phase ending in a new state of stability (that we would regard as rubble). You can imagine why the Powers That Be do not want the general population to know about this planetary crisis. I don’t particularly believe in the ‘public panic’ line of reasoning, at least not at the early stage of an anticipated disaster. But, no doubt, the masses of people would start asking a lot of inconvenient questions, and demanding immediate, straight answers. As the crisis unfolds, widespread unrest would surely occur, and given the magnitude of this calamity, it can be predicted to be very ugly. As disasters multiply, those who planned and participated in this monstrous cover-up will be especially reviled by the deceived public.

For you casual readers/viewers of what passes for news, it is time to get serious, and start truly ‘following’ the news-- monitor a variety of sources for traces of evidence that might help you get a grasp on what is really happening in this battered world of ours. It’s time to put aside the childish trust in ‘our institutions’ and face the dark prospect that ‘thing’s ain’t what they uset’a be!’

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