May 17, 2011

Thru A Glass, Weirdly

Normal life in the abnormal, New American Matrix
Life is getting too bizarre; I have to share this with someone, anyone who'll read it. Watching the TV news or listening to radio, the big story of the past week or more has been the reported assassination of the USA's bogeyman no. one, Osama bin Laden. Yes, it has been widely reported by all the media news outlets as a veritable, and credible fact... although so many of us in the 'alternative news,' parallel world know that the story is complete bunkum.

I've listened to experienced journalists and media pundits analyze the story, discuss its details, muse on its implications, and so on... as if it were an indisputable 'given.' Even the 'conspiracy theories' they cite are utter nonsense: i.e. that bin Laden was not killed that day, but lives on to plot again. Nothing about the story bears the faintest tinge of reality. Yet all these interviews, words, and videos portray it as 'the real deal.'

To those of us who are aware that Mr. bin Laden has been deceased for, lo, the last ten years, all of this theatre rings weird. Can't anyone who professes the title of journalist ask any kind of penetrating questions about this whole 'incredible' narrative? Are all the media mouthpieces nothing more than PR spokespersons for the megalithic corporations that produce our news, which in turn, is little more than regurgitation of government press releases?

This latest manufactured news story does one thing very clearly-- it demonstrates just how thoroughly our world is now the post-1984 society of George Orwell's novel. Virtually everything coming from the US Whitehouse these days is pure lies. Sure, there may be elements of truth included, but overall, every message is a crafted piece of propaganda designed to advance the program of the elite.

For those of us who see the absurdities for what they are, all these lies lead to a growing sense of, what to call it?-- disconnection, is perhaps closest. Those around us seem to be content to listen to all the commentary about bin Laden's 'death,' and treat it all seriously, fully absorbed in the play-act, like participants in 'reality TV.' It's just freaking bizarre!

It's like finding oneself in a Hollywood movie-- think of The Matrix, The Trueman Show, etc.-- where we are the only few who know the whole thing is a big sham. You want to shout, to grab the sleep-walkers by the lapels, shove information in their faces. Yet you know that they aren't capable of handling it. They would treat you as a raving lunatic, and insist that they are the sane ones.

The matrix of illusion has been there for a long time, maybe centuries, but with the evolution of technology, it's becoming the 'virtual reality' of the 21st century. That may be the closest analogy-- global, everyday life is now an artificial construct of multi-media façade.

This 'Age of Illusion' started with a literal bang in 2001 with the piece of theatre known by numeric code as '9-11.' Whatever you may think you know about the attacks that day, none of us can know for certain what really happened. Yes, we saw video coverage; yet all available footage derives from either TV stations or from people with professional connections to media. Much evidence exists to support allegations that the video coverage was fabricated, or at the least, edited before airing. There is no doubt for anyone who can reason for himself or herself that the official explanations of what took place are simply outrageous nonsense.

Surely, many people have nagging suspicions over the glaring inconsistencies of the official story-lines. Yet, they see and hear all those sage journalists and their sage guests carry on discussions that treat those accounts with all convincing gravity. This incongruity between our gut sense and the prevailing consensus outlook produces true cognitive dissonance.

The easy way out, the default option, is to simply shrug and say: 'they must know what they're talking about, and I must be missing something; therefore, I'll just accept the majority opinion.' Rarely does someone stop to consider why they believe what they believe. The whole acceptance of dubious information as 'fact' is premised on the implicit assumption that the 'authorities' (be they government, university professors, professional specialists, or whatever) would not deliberately deceive us. But-- is that assumption really justified?

On one level, we acknowledge cynically that 'all politicians are liars;' yet, we then accept their lies as facts, provided they are concerned with 'the national interest.' It's another curious anomaly of human psychology. How does that patriotic halo get extended to journalists and other media mouthpieces? I'll let you readers mull over that one.

Until a sufficient proportion of the population rouses from their blissful slumber and smells the coffee, we awakened ones are forced to live this bizarre existence in the 'twilight zone' where illusion is supposed to be reality.

Daily, we have to see and hear things like a do-nothing president awarded a Nobel Peace Prize; a zombie-like man trying to light a bomb in his underwear; once-favored dictators suddenly turned into pariahs to be deposed and disposed. Now it's the strange murder of an accused terrorist figurehead who once worked for the CIA, and was never forensically linked to 9-11 that he supposedly master-minded. Please-- tell me the craziness will stop soon! Meanwhile, will the majority ever wake up?

I believe that every person on the planet will be forced to confront the challenge squarely, of whether to grow up and face reality, or else to consciously continue to maintain the charade constructed by the puppet-masters. The hard part for the few is to somehow live in the Matrix when we are painfully aware that it's all a vast deception.

Like isolated, awake members in an audience of hypnotized viewers at a magic show, we don't know whether to pretend to see the 'Emperor's new clothes,' or to project some radical 'reality therapy.' Until something 'un-ignorable' happens, we must wrestle daily with this grating conundrum, and love our complacent neighbors as best we can.

Beyond Boxes

As Morpheus explains to Neo in the movie, The Matrix,
all those who haven't wakened up are your enemy.
In other words, there were only two kinds of people-- those few who were aware of the cyber-dream world, and all those who were still enmeshed in it, and worse-- would fight to maintain it. We are living in that kind of world, not physically as in the movie, but virtually, in the sense that our apparently normal reality is largely a fabrication sustained by the corporate media for the benefit of a tiny elite group.

For those few of us who have seen the Neo-matrix, a.k.a. New World Order, being erected all around us, it is a source of much frustration that the vast majority, including our own families, do not 'see' the true, dark situation. We fervently wish they could pull away the blinders and think outside the box.

I got thinking about how appropriate that metaphor is-- the box. A simple three-letter word for a simple concept with a lot of significance. We understand the box to be a paradigm, a set of beliefs that circumscribe our perceptions of reality. This box surrounds us on 6 sides, has unique faces that filter everything that enters the conscious mind, and thereby, governs absolutely how each individual understands the world. The perception box encloses its owner all around. Yet despite its authority, this box is completely transparent and non-material. Anyone can walk out of this box, if they will to do so... and if, primarily, they are aware of the box!

It's interesting that when we die, we are buried in a box, the final box made of solid material to enclose the last, material remains. Perhaps it's more remarkable that when we are born, we're placed in a cradle-- a five-sided box. It surrounds the baby protectively, but allows free access thru its open top. Symbolically, we could say it represents the reality that a child comes into the world already delimited by fixed structures of race, gender, health, etc. as determined by genetics and parental circumstances. These influences are far stronger in shaping our emergent beliefs than most of us realize. Some students of these factors can tell you an amazing outline of your basic beliefs simply from your place and year of birth, and your birth-order position. (Indeed, author Gail Sheehy and others have written books that paint such sketches of 'generations' with uncanny accuracy.)

In other words, the 'box' is subtly assembled around you, starting from the moment of your conception, and continuing thru your entire growing experience. As they say, give me your child for the first seven years, and I'll shape his character (or mind) for the rest of his life. There's also the old proverb, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. This latter saying explains how the constraints of culture are transmitted from one generation to the next. Clearly, the forces that shape an individual's belief system conduct their work in a million incremental-- and largely unnoticed-- steps.

However, that cradle you lay your little head in had one open side, remember? That symbolizes the opportunity to escape the box-- which you can only do by 'rising upward.' As we grow up, we develop, first, self-awareness, and later, awareness of the world around us. Why are some of us so much more aware than others? I believe that the answer is a combination of environment and character. The 'Western paradigm' is preponderantly left-brained, disdaining intuition and other right-brain faculties. Those raised in this milieu learn that 'logic' and 'reason' are paramount, while imagination and creativity are only useful so long as they are 'constructively channeled,' which is code for 'stuck in the approved boxes.'

By nature, some of us are more 'rebellious,' as labeled by the mainstream society, while the majority are more compliant (since that's where the rewards lie). Those rebels who also exercise their intuition and imagination are, I submit, most likely to be aware of the box. Being aware of it, they can then make an informed choice as to whether to accept the prevailing world-view or some variation. The rest are destined to drift along in the comfort of their mental boxes, believing what the 'box-makers' want them to know.

For any who manage to escape the box of their birth/circumstances (e.g. religion, culture, caste, etc.) the greatest risk to their subsequent freedom is this: that they will simply leave box 'A' and jump into box 'B!' It's almost unavoidable, for that is what we know-- boxes; and that's where we feel comfortable. And thus, the rebel Protestant becomes a Catholic... or vice-versa. A Christian might join the Bahai's, or a Republican may become a Democrat; or an Evolutionist a Creationist; and so on. In every case, the individual gained freedom from one thought-prison only to pick up the shackles of the next... traded one box for another. Big deal!

True freedom lies in avoiding all the 'big boxes,' and keeping one's mind as open as possible. As Jesus told his followers, the truth shall set you free! And truth, contrary to the snake-oil salesmen who peddle their substitutes, does not come in a box. Only when the human mind (soul) allows itself to soar freely among beliefs does it understand real freedom.

The honest answer to most of the transcendent questions of existence is 'We don't know.' But religionists and atheists, alike, insist that their answer is correct, while all others are in error. The cynic (or realist) may assert that mere humans are doomed to live in a box of some type, and there is no total freedom for physical beings. Agreed. Therefore, the object is to live in as large a box as possible-- one that provides as much freedom as feasible for mortal minds. We want a box that encompasses as many other boxes as possible, without being enclosed by another paradigm. Those who insist that their box is the only 'true' one, simply demonstrate how firmly ensconced they are.

If I call myself a follower of Christ, it does NOT mean that I've jumped into a box called a denomination or a church. By studying the scriptures in a non-dogmatic, inquiring manner, and allowing the text to explain itself (under the unction of the Holy Spirit) I discern the themes and unifying principles underlying the words. The words are only tools, often crude ones, that attempt to convey truth. To get hung up on literalism or fundamentalism leads to the next box. Jesus told us plainly "I am the way, the truth, and the life!" Scripture also, interestingly, tells us that he is the Word. So, the object of scripture, and study, and religion, is NOT a denominational, cast-in-stone box; it is a being, the person of Jesus the Christ.

As humans, we must believe in something outside of ourselves, be it based on science (so-called) or religion, or possibly something else ('the Force?'). That outer framework provides the solidity of the reality we exist in, whether we are contemplative or not. To accept Christ as the source of that external context of our lives, without submitting to a pre-packaged credo (ie. a religion), is as free as a person can get, in my opinion.

Decoding Religion

You've seen those silly symbols attached on the back of some automobiles-- the 'fish' icon, with the word Jesus enclosed.
Then, later variations quickly appeared, that include little 'feet' below the fish, and the word Darwin inside. It was the latest mutation that really triggered my thinking on the subject of symbols-- the familiar fish... with a 'Star of David' within! Now what the heck is that supposed to mean? Does it signify the assimilation of Judaism by Christianity? In a theological sense; or some other way? My final notion is that it probably indicates a belief in 'Christian Zionism,' i.e. the confused theology of certain, mostly American, evangelical sects that think they can hasten Armageddon by promoting Israeli hegemony.

In fact, if my suspicion is correct, the symbol is far more significant and nefarious than the proud bearer realizes. What the 'star inside the fish' represents to me is the insidious infiltration of Christianity by the virus of Zionism. These so-called Christians are completely ignorant of their own sacred scripture-- the New Testament-- that makes it abundantly clear that 'there is no other name (than Jesus) by which we must be saved.' Contrary to Paul's explicit advice to the Galatians, these uninformed sheep have been bewitched and seduced by the strong wine of legalistic Zionism. Thus, the symbol is entirely appropriate, and chilling to true believers in Christ.

When you examine the six-point star, you have to realize that it is really an occult symbol, the hexagram. It is no coincidence that people speak about casting a 'hex' on someone when they want to bewitch them in some way! This is exactly what has happened to that errant sect of false Christians. The hexagram has great meaning to adepts of Gnosticism and other 'mystery cults' thru the ages, that sought the keys to 'higher knowledge' that would unlock the mysteries of the universe. Composed of two interlocked, equilateral triangles, the hexagram is the two-dimensional projection of a Platonic solid. In the three-dimensional analog, there are two, interposed tetrahedrons or pyramids, whose vertices touch the surface of a circumscribed sphere. Transposing to the heavenly spheres, the planets and stars, it is believed that those points of contact (which occur north and south of the equatorial plane) represent energy points that can be mapped out and used to empower human activities.

Then, going back to the fish, I pondered about how the prophecy of Revelation 13 could actually come about-- that a restored but false Israel would effectively rule the world in the last days. How could a nation of only 6 million people rule over a world with 1000 times that population? Yet it's happening before our eyes! How can they do it? I realized that it's the 'power of the pyramid' so to speak. It's by using the classic, hierarchical, power and control system. The Zionists have installed operatives in key positions in Western (and other) countries, who exercise control over witting or unwitting agents below them, and so on, down to the functional level. Most 'awake' netizens know that the pyramid is an important occult symbol, but now we can see that it has practical significance as well as figurative. This is the occult modus operandi that has well served the satanic cabal in advancing their cause, over the centuries. It is an authoritarian, paternalistic, legalistic system, based on the pyramidal, hierarchy of management.

On the choice of a fish to represent Christianity, there seems to be some doubt. Some might suppose that it had to do with the miracle where Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed the crowd. But a few scholars state that it is related to the zodiacal age that began around the time Jesus lived, namely, the Piscean Age. In summarizing this still-current age, Wikipedia states succinctly, "The Age of Monotheism, Spirituality, and the Fish."

In any case, there are numerous fish swimming in these theological waters, as the profusion of denominations of ostensible Christianity attests. As for the fishy symbol I noticed, it points to a church that has swallowed the bait of Zionism, hook, line and sinker. This is a church that has no Biblical legitimacy, and depends on the ignorance of its fellowship for existence. Yet it can do much evil in its zeal to force the hand of God and impose Israeli rule over the Middle East and beyond.


Dr. John Dee, the court astrologist of Queen Elizabeth I, in his book Hieroglyphic Monad, includes the following quote:
"'Mahatma Letters,' page 345: 'The double triangle viewed by the Jewish Kabbalists as Solomon's Seal is...the Sri-Antana of the Archaic Aryan Temple, the Mystery of Mysteries, a geometrical synthesis of the whole occult doctrine. The two interlaced triangles are the Buddham-Gums of Creation. They contain the 'squaring of the Circle,' the 'Philosophers' Stone,' the great problems of Life and Death--the mystery of Evil. The Chela who can explain this sign from every one of its aspects is virtually an Adept.'"

From the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:
"The interlacing triangles or deltas symbolize the union of the two principles or forces, the active and passive, male and female, pervading the universe... The two triangles, one white and the other black, interlacing, typify the mingling of apparent opposites in nature, darkness and light, error and truth, ignorance and wisdom, evil and good, throughout human life."
-33rd Degree Freemasons Albert G. Mackey and Charles T. McClenachan quoted from Codex Magica by Texe Marrs

Atheism and Science

Atheists think they're free, because they've removed their faith from religion.... and placed it in science... believing with religious fervor that science is the route to liberty of the human mind.
But-- science is just another construct of the human mind, and subject to the same weaknesses we know so well. Viewed 'objectively,' science passes every test for religion! Here's the proof.

If, as its practitioners insist, science were truly 'objective,' there should be only one school of thought (or, shall we say, church of belief) because all objective investigation (using the touted methods of reproducible experiments, mathematical equations, etc.) should lead to the same results and conclusions. But, the fact is that there are many schools (denominations) of scientific belief.

Moreover, scientists (believers) in a given discipline object strenuously if a practitioner from another discipline should have the temerity to cross the forbidden boundaries and bring new, fresh beliefs into their hallowed halls. A classic example is the shameful treatment of Velikovsky (a psychiatrist) in the 1950s. After the early space probes sent back data that confirmed his unorthodox theories, did his critics apologize? No; they simply absorbed the new truths... and stopped any mention of his name.

Today, the battle of scientific dogmas rages between the true church of the classic, gravitational model of the universe, versus the heretical, upstart proponents of the electric universe. Like Catholics and Protestants, Sunnis and Shiites, these two camps loathe each other and their aberrant ideologies.

Clearly, scientific orthodoxy becomes as entrenched as any religious views. This is a natural outcome of human nature, and occurs irrespective of the field of knowledge (be it religious or secular). The problem in both spheres, is that true believers of any stripe refuse to acknowledge this truism, and insist that their truths are somehow immune to the human tendency to cast our biases in stone.

Added to the problem of subjectivity in all belief systems, is the influence of purely practical or operational factors, the primary one being finances. All human systems require money to fund the salaries of the priests who conduct the services/research, instruct the initiates/students, and proclaim the dogmas/theories. In this regard, science may be objectively seen as in a more precarious situation than religion. Ministers are generally paid by their congregation or denominational authority, hence find it expedient to preach the message approved by those authorities.

Scientists, as highly educated individuals, feel they deserve high salaries-- much higher than the average pastor. Those salary levels must be secured by performing research and writing papers that are sponsored by well-endowed corporations. Obviously, the research must be of some relevance to corporate sponsors; but more troublesome, it must not compromise the profits of the corporation for fear of having the funds withdrawn. It's a clear conflict of interest that everyone is aware of, but few dare to question, at peril of their income.

Yet, secular humanists cling to this pathetic faith that science is objective, impartial, and the only system capable of yielding credible models of reality. Sure, there have been great advances in the material realm. Many of the great leaps have been born of the scientific breakthroughs of the 19th century, when the pioneers of electro-magnetism laid the ground-work for much of what followed. Advances in steam, and later, gasoline engines were more due to engineering progress, which resulted in trains, automobiles, aircraft, and so forth. Those early researchers were not beholden to the corporate sector as today's graduates, and were more propelled by a true spirit of investigation.

What passes itself off for science in this 21st century, especially at the theoretical level, is really another form of religion, if only its practitioners had the honesty and courage to admit it. All belief systems, whether grounded in theology or in natural observation, are subject to all the limitations of human psychology. They would all do better to cooperate than compete. But in that regard, they behave as purveyors of consumer products, and scramble to grab as much 'market share' as possible for their stake-holders. Bottom line: in the realm of ideas, humans are as irrational as in all their other endeavors.