May 17, 2011

Thru A Glass, Weirdly

Normal life in the abnormal, New American Matrix
Life is getting too bizarre; I have to share this with someone, anyone who'll read it. Watching the TV news or listening to radio, the big story of the past week or more has been the reported assassination of the USA's bogeyman no. one, Osama bin Laden. Yes, it has been widely reported by all the media news outlets as a veritable, and credible fact... although so many of us in the 'alternative news,' parallel world know that the story is complete bunkum.

I've listened to experienced journalists and media pundits analyze the story, discuss its details, muse on its implications, and so on... as if it were an indisputable 'given.' Even the 'conspiracy theories' they cite are utter nonsense: i.e. that bin Laden was not killed that day, but lives on to plot again. Nothing about the story bears the faintest tinge of reality. Yet all these interviews, words, and videos portray it as 'the real deal.'

To those of us who are aware that Mr. bin Laden has been deceased for, lo, the last ten years, all of this theatre rings weird. Can't anyone who professes the title of journalist ask any kind of penetrating questions about this whole 'incredible' narrative? Are all the media mouthpieces nothing more than PR spokespersons for the megalithic corporations that produce our news, which in turn, is little more than regurgitation of government press releases?

This latest manufactured news story does one thing very clearly-- it demonstrates just how thoroughly our world is now the post-1984 society of George Orwell's novel. Virtually everything coming from the US Whitehouse these days is pure lies. Sure, there may be elements of truth included, but overall, every message is a crafted piece of propaganda designed to advance the program of the elite.

For those of us who see the absurdities for what they are, all these lies lead to a growing sense of, what to call it?-- disconnection, is perhaps closest. Those around us seem to be content to listen to all the commentary about bin Laden's 'death,' and treat it all seriously, fully absorbed in the play-act, like participants in 'reality TV.' It's just freaking bizarre!

It's like finding oneself in a Hollywood movie-- think of The Matrix, The Trueman Show, etc.-- where we are the only few who know the whole thing is a big sham. You want to shout, to grab the sleep-walkers by the lapels, shove information in their faces. Yet you know that they aren't capable of handling it. They would treat you as a raving lunatic, and insist that they are the sane ones.

The matrix of illusion has been there for a long time, maybe centuries, but with the evolution of technology, it's becoming the 'virtual reality' of the 21st century. That may be the closest analogy-- global, everyday life is now an artificial construct of multi-media fa├žade.

This 'Age of Illusion' started with a literal bang in 2001 with the piece of theatre known by numeric code as '9-11.' Whatever you may think you know about the attacks that day, none of us can know for certain what really happened. Yes, we saw video coverage; yet all available footage derives from either TV stations or from people with professional connections to media. Much evidence exists to support allegations that the video coverage was fabricated, or at the least, edited before airing. There is no doubt for anyone who can reason for himself or herself that the official explanations of what took place are simply outrageous nonsense.

Surely, many people have nagging suspicions over the glaring inconsistencies of the official story-lines. Yet, they see and hear all those sage journalists and their sage guests carry on discussions that treat those accounts with all convincing gravity. This incongruity between our gut sense and the prevailing consensus outlook produces true cognitive dissonance.

The easy way out, the default option, is to simply shrug and say: 'they must know what they're talking about, and I must be missing something; therefore, I'll just accept the majority opinion.' Rarely does someone stop to consider why they believe what they believe. The whole acceptance of dubious information as 'fact' is premised on the implicit assumption that the 'authorities' (be they government, university professors, professional specialists, or whatever) would not deliberately deceive us. But-- is that assumption really justified?

On one level, we acknowledge cynically that 'all politicians are liars;' yet, we then accept their lies as facts, provided they are concerned with 'the national interest.' It's another curious anomaly of human psychology. How does that patriotic halo get extended to journalists and other media mouthpieces? I'll let you readers mull over that one.

Until a sufficient proportion of the population rouses from their blissful slumber and smells the coffee, we awakened ones are forced to live this bizarre existence in the 'twilight zone' where illusion is supposed to be reality.

Daily, we have to see and hear things like a do-nothing president awarded a Nobel Peace Prize; a zombie-like man trying to light a bomb in his underwear; once-favored dictators suddenly turned into pariahs to be deposed and disposed. Now it's the strange murder of an accused terrorist figurehead who once worked for the CIA, and was never forensically linked to 9-11 that he supposedly master-minded. Please-- tell me the craziness will stop soon! Meanwhile, will the majority ever wake up?

I believe that every person on the planet will be forced to confront the challenge squarely, of whether to grow up and face reality, or else to consciously continue to maintain the charade constructed by the puppet-masters. The hard part for the few is to somehow live in the Matrix when we are painfully aware that it's all a vast deception.

Like isolated, awake members in an audience of hypnotized viewers at a magic show, we don't know whether to pretend to see the 'Emperor's new clothes,' or to project some radical 'reality therapy.' Until something 'un-ignorable' happens, we must wrestle daily with this grating conundrum, and love our complacent neighbors as best we can.

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  1. John, I really appreciate your comments and believe we see things from much the same understanding. I have bookmarked your site; it is always good to read others who also understand reality and the Matrix. There are others that do, but most do not also see the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I had noticed in an earlier post of yours concerning Revelation 13 - which you understand in the same way that I do - that you raised the question of "the image of the beast," that you were not sure what it meant. I think what you have described here in this article is the image of the beast. I have long understood that to be, in part, the television set, with the larger "media" and modern "box" education behind it. Yes, up until now, the TV has been the most powerful change agent in the history of human culture, but, as you also see, I have been overwhelmed the last few weeks at the ratcheting up of the deception coming through that speaking image. Both with showing the pictures of three clearly different men, but calling them all Bin Laden - and everyone "believes," to the image having declared the most horrifying disaster in human stupidity and pride - Fukishima, a non-event, and everyone "believing" that as well. But it's more than particular things, there seems to be a release of a "who cares anymore, let's lie with abandon and laugh as they believe" spirit.

    I write partly to encourage you (and myself), that there are others, a few, who understand the truth of the Matrix, and that reality is a person, the Lord Jesus, and not a mental box.

    I like your next article as well. I am so amazed, looking at Christian sites exposing "deception" and find that never do they ask themselves the question, "Am I the one teaching deception?" I wrote an article about it here that you might enjoy.

    Anyway, your conclusion here, "We must wrestle daily with this grating conundrum, and love our complacent neighbors as best we can," expresses so eloquently what I also feel every day. Courage is what we need most, so I encourage you, John, we're not alone.

    P.S. The "First Remove the Lies" at the top is not me. I couldn't get the comment to work with my wordpress site, so I tried Google and that's what came up. Oh well.

    My name is Daniel Yordy and here is one of my sites.