June 10, 2012

Death of Truth

The greatest feat of magick in history, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated, was accomplished before a global audience on Sept. 11, 2001. 
Being such a complex operation, it was inevitable that there were glitches, some of which were anticipated beforehand, others that were not. Anyone who observed the events of that day, and who thought about the explanations provided by the US government and other commentators, could not avoid becoming either confused or skeptical, at the least.

The 'success' of the whole operation rested firmly on the cooperation of the media, in particular, and crucially, on television. The other, underlying, critically important ingredient in the success of the 9-11 magick show is human psychology. Like all magic tricks, only by exploiting the weaknesses of the human psyche could this psy-op be pulled off.

Yet, there were giant, fundamental flaws in the overall scenario; flaws that anyone with even elementary understanding of physics, chemistry and logic would be able to detect. If we truly had an independent press, and analytical journalists, and honest editors, those glaringly obvious inconsistencies would have been immediately highlighted in the media, and explanations demanded of the authorities. Instead, the mass media did the exact opposite. They repeated the official stories with nary a hint of doubt, acting for all the world like the Ministry of Propaganda for the Bush administration.

The public, having been duly shocked into a malleable mental state, fell back on their favorite position-- i.e. 'they' must know what they're doing... despite all evidence to the contrary. The sheeple willingly surrendered their common sense (what's left of it) and their doubts to the pre-arranged talking heads, who, like good magicians' assistants, directed their attention to plausible-sounding, but basically ludicrous, explanations.

The clever people, academicians, engineers, aircraft pilots, security staff, demolition professionals, etc., must have sat amazed and dazed for the first while, trying to come to grips with the enormity of what they were witnessing-- i.e. nothing less than a conspiracy of the elected government to create chaos within their own realm. When they eventually recovered their composure, it was already too late, in the sense that the media had blanketed the masses with a cover story, and the Bushmen were calling anyone who questioned it, a traitor. Hardly a suitable atmosphere to entice anyone to step forward to question the Emporer's new clothes.

The 9-11 truth-seekers had little choice but to take the 'alternative' route-- setting up websites to proclaim their rightful questions and opposing theories. First ridiculed with the perfectly legitimate label of 'conspiracy theorists,' they persevered to become simply '911 truthers.' Today, more than a decade later, the criminals who orchestrated the shocking events are comfortably at liberty to do the speaking circuit, getting handsomely rewarded for reciting their odious lies.

The 'truth community' has made some progress in raising the issues in the minds of the public, no thanks to the mainstream media that continues to cover for the cabal, while spouting the new lies invented by the latest government operations. Without at least one major, national media outlet to publish their views, truthers like Richard Gage, are at a severe disadvantage in reaching the masses with their compelling evidence, despite speaking directly to audiences across the country.

But 9-11 was just the opening spectacle in the elitists' plans for the 21st century. After that came '3-11' (2004), when a commuter train was bombed in Madrid, apparently to underscore the Spanish government's support for the illegal invasion of Afghanistan. While various forces tried to pin the blame on Al-queda or on Eta (the Basque separatist group), circumstances directed suspicion on secret provocateurs, and the ploy back-fired, when Spain, instead, voted to withdraw its troops.

Then there was 7-7-05, the bombing of a London subway train and a bus, that caused 52 deaths and numerous injuries, and incidentally, led to even greater surveillance of the populace. The 'beeb' (BBC) did a marvelous job of detailing the 'facts' surrounding the events, and publishing obituaries; but failed to adequately investigate the curious 'coincidences' and inconsistencies that easily led the alert, alternative media to suspect, and later confirm, another government-created, false-flag attack designed to advance the plan of the globalist elite. As in the USA, the public in the UK fell victim to the same psychological theatrics used so effectively to deceive and manipulate. The real perpetrators could not have gotten away with this deadly deed without the full cooperation of the media, especially the BBC.

Yet the shock and awe tactics of the globalists is not limited to mere political terrorism. When the opportunity presented itself, a month later in 2005, they seemed to be amazingly prepared to take advantage of nature itself. Hurricane Katrina raged as a magnitude 5 storm in the Gulf of Mexico, and by the time it struck the coast of Louisiana, had been down-graded to category 3, still very powerful. Altho designed to handle a class 3 hurricane, the levees (dikes) on the inland-side waterway 'failed' after the worst of the storm had passed. For the alert observer, there were initial reports of a gun-battle between N.O. Police and a group dressed in combat gear, in the vicinity of one of the major levees that subsequently failed. That story quickly disappeared, never to re-surface. First-hand accounts, published on the 'Net, told horrific stories of national guardsmen forcing refugees to remain in dangerous conditions, denying water and food to homeless victims, and even turning back a convoy of citizen-organized rescue boats from neighboring states. To those with eyes, Katrina was clearly an exacerbated disaster at the least, and a manufactured tragedy, at worst.

Then there was the big, urban spectacular event, of the attack on Mumbai, in Nov. 2008. Again, to anyone who closely followed the reports in real time, things were darkly suspicious. If the attackers were Muslims, as alleged by India, why were some of them wearing a traditional Hindu wrist-band? Why did the attackers include the Mumbai synagogue in their raids? How did a boat-load of armed commandos slip into India's premier sea-port undetected? Why was only a single attacker captured alive? If one takes the time to read 'unofficial' accounts of the raid, it soon becomes obvious that the government narrative is full of holes, and seems intended to achieve political objectives, not the least being the ongoing demonization of Muslims to justify increasingly strict 'security' measures, and increasing military expenditure.

Back in the USA, there were more shenanigans. Remember the Fort Hood massacre in 2009? A 'lone Arab-American psychiatrist' suddenly goes on a shooting spree, killing a dozen people and wounding another 30. For those who delved into the early reports, and read the analyses of those with military background, this was another story held together by a web of lies. Another fabricated atrocity, involving mind-programmed puppets, was foisted on the gullible public.

The last glaring, government-rigged set-up was the ludicrous tale of the 'Christmas, underwear bomber of 2010. Once again, if you bothered to read any of the silly details, it reads like a TV sit-com. We're supposed to believe that a man from Nigeria boards an aircraft in Amsterdam, in December, bound for Detroit, with no passport, no boarding pass, no luggage, and wearing only his summer attire... and no security guard raises an eyebrow to prevent it. Maybe there is a Santa Claus, after all; it would make as much sense. Another passenger reported that Abdulmuttalab was 'escorted past security' and airline staff by an Indian-looking man in a suit. But, of course, you didn't read that info in a mainstream media story.

As for the unfortunate 'bomber,' he apparently made no reaction when his crotch burst into flame-- don't try this at home, folks. For any reader who still doesn't get it, the said Muslim bomber was another mind-controlled agent, and couldn't have found his way to the toilet without secret-service escorts. And because Americans can't be bothered to investigate a few readily-available details, they now have to have their privates frisked or X-rayed every time they want to take an air flight. And does it not strike you as 'interesting' that the said X-ray machines were already waiting to be deployed, and that a certain Michael Chertoff (yes, that guy who was head of FEMA) just happens to be an owner of the company that sells them to the government?

So, there you go; I won't belabor the point any longer. The point is that the first decade of this 21st century has seen a string of outrageous deceptions perpetrated (quite easily) on, mainly, the American and British public, by their own governments. (Who else could have orchestrated these charades?) Clearly, beyond any doubt, the mass media are complicit in every case, and it's useless to expect them to conduct any sort of journalistic investigations into the criminal conspiracies of the masters who pull their strings.

We've had one opportunity after another to discover the deceptions played out in front of our noses, to demand answers to obvious questions, and to proclaim that we won't take it any longer. But... it's more fun to watch American Idol (or is it Idle?).

Because the media create reality for the average American, and because the average person has been conditioned since birth to passively accept the illusions presented to them as reality, we now live in a virtual, Orwellian dystopia. Future-shocked citizens are desperately trying to maintain the generated reality; to question it would create unacceptable dissonance in their mind. It's going to get a lot uglier yet. Since the globalist-elitists have been shown they can get away with (literally) mass murder, they are emboldened to push their insane agenda to its crazy limits. We can expect anything to happen in the next several months, and maybe years.

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