August 26, 2012

What I Know- Mark Well!

In days of yore, when a person attained a certain seniority, as determined generally by years, people would often ask them first, the secret of their longevity, and second (and only optionally) what they could or would tell those who follow. Neither of these traditions survive the modern world, where everyone knows that ‘modern medicine’ is the obvious answer to Q1, and Google the answer to everything else. However, for the exercise, and
snubbing the new norms, I will attempt to record the wisdom of my years… 
for the benefit of ‘whoever,’ which may include no-one.

The following observations  (opinions, whatever you want to label them) did not spring full-blown into my mind upon a milestone birthday. Some of them I’ve known for a long time; others developed over the age, sometimes appearing too soon, and being rejected for their audaciousness until I had matured enough to accept them. I present them here, not necessarily in order of importance, but more as they come to mind.

1st conclusion is one that took serious decades of trial and error. It is, simply, that religion is a hoax, often a deadly one. That statement must be immediately clarified by my 2nd assertion, that I believe in God in a not-unusual sense as the Creator of all that is, and as a spiritual force involved in human affairs. So consider me ‘small-r’ religious, but opposed to all those humanly-organized, and invariably misguided attempts to corral God and codify a system of worship. True religion is a relationship between each individual and God. Those who would erect structures around this relationship, package it, market it, and then impose it, are doing the greatest disservice to the God they claim to worship.

3rd gem is that virtually ALL humanly organized systems are nothing but games; games invented to exalt certain individuals above their fellow travellers on this brief, earthly sojourn. Clearly ‘religion’ constitutes one of those ‘games.’ But there are numerous others, such as armies, stock markets, higher education, professional sports, entertainment, (contemporary) science, and so on. If you can’t see what I’m getting at with one or another of these examples, then give it a few years—you just haven’t been subjected to it long enough. And, these humanly-devised activities should more accurately be designated as 'rackets,' as in 'War is a racket' (google it); but I'll use the less inflammatory term.

The common thread in all the games is that they are organized with built-in hierarchies of command, glorification of ‘star players,’ elaborate rules of play (complete with rewards and sanctions) that govern advancement and recognition, and so on. And, most importantly, they are all completely artificial; that is, they’ve been invented by human ingenuity. There is no natural, organic method of doing any of these systems. Even science, that loves to regard itself as so ‘objective,’ has devolved into a labyrinth of academic gamesmanship, sucking for sponsors, producing 'papers,' and basically selling to the highest bidder.

The vital point to take from the games paradigm is that it doesn’t ultimately matter how you perform according to the system’s criteria—it’s all BS, anyway! Lest you think I’m a genius or a nincompoop for making this cynical remark, let me remind you that the Hindus knew this fact millennia ago. They refer to all the world’s systems as ‘maya,’ that is, illusion. More precisely, they are self-delusions. We believe in them because we’ve been taught since birth to believe they are real, that they matter. As implied above: these games were all invented to create a matrix within which players (the populace) find their level of competence. The ambitious rise to the upper echelons, reaping measurable (yet artificial) rewards, basking in adulation, and usually lording it over those who ‘score’ below them.

Anyone with a bit of imagination can apply my paradigm to any of the examples  cited above, and notice that the characteristics I mention can be found. One other comment about the games is that they are in a constant state of growth. As the number of players increases, they keep getting more complicated, allowing new avenues for clever players to thrive. For examples—the stock market spins off ‘derivatives;’ armies incorporate ‘intelligence,’ psy-ops, high-technologies, etc.’ universities offer ever-more-specialized degrees; new sports are added to the Olympic Games; and on it goes.

With the above in mind, the reader should be able to acknowledge my next assertion—that money is the biggest game of all. The invention of money was a major step in creating a do-all scoring system for this race. (Hmm… could that be why humankind is called a ‘race’… as in another sport?) Money provides the incentive, the reward, the measure of success, and finally, the power, that are essential features of any good game; and life is the only game in town.

But, as the Hindus discovered, all this frenetic fumbling and grubbing for greenbacks is, in actuality, illusory, and self-defeating. What humanity needs is not a giant game-system, with artificial scoring and misplaced allegiance. What we need is a lofty vision of existence, one characterized by spiritual, rather than material values. One where individuals matter more than things and ‘goals;’ and where they are valued for their humanity rather than for their functions.

If you are with me up to this point, you may possibly be ready to make the final, aweful leap to my biggest, most astounding conclusion about life. This is the crazy fact that human history has not just happened, haphazardly (as the history books would lead us to believe, typically). The truth is so bizarre, so counter to the mental conditioning we get from cradle to grave, that the majority of people cannot accept it. Instead, they retreat to the comfort of denial, resting in the soothing spells of the trained spokesmen of the hidden puppeteers, those who spout the dogma of the ruling elite without ever revealing those who pay their wages.

Yes, history has been, and is being propelled in a very specific direction, over the ages, by a small cadre of individuals. Those individuals are persons who have invented some of the ‘games’ cited herein, or developed spin-offs, and have exploited the rules to ensure that they inevitably win. They are descendants of a limited number of dynasties (some say 13 only) worldwide, who regard themselves as self-appointed over-lords of the vast majority, whom they consider inferior and needing their rulership. These people have schemed, labored, deceived, murdered, and done whatever necessary to advance their plan. That plan (incredible as it may sound) is nothing less than to ensconce themselves as rulers over a reduced global population, effectively regressing humanity to a neo-feudal system of governance, where they have all the privilege, and the masses exist for their exploitation.

This outlook only appears insane because we have been raised in a inverted world—one where evil is called good, insanity is called normal, and illusion is accepted as reality. If one can free him/herself of this carefully crafted cocoon of consciousness, then one finally starts to see the world as it truly is. It took me more than 50 years to peel the filters from my perceptions. And it was a process that took place in stages. The good Lord knew that I wasn’t able to reach the truth in one leap, so he gently guided me from my first big ‘epiphany’—that being religion—to further, all-encompassing revelations.

Yet multiple millions of humans will soon have to confront this discomfiting truth—that they’ve been manipulated for eons by evil, self-serving elitists who want to destroy the majority and enslave the remnant. As validation of this view, it is quite revelatory that  many ordinary people have awakened to the concept by demonstrating against the '1%' (the elite) who enslave and impoverish the '99%.'

To put it bluntly, the world is being run by criminals, a political-economic mafia. Virtually every country and most systems are under their control or influence. They are now arrogantly flaunting their ghoulish game in our faces. If you still doubt, just do a little research on the 2012 Olympic Games as a major instance. Probably, most people will not be capable of digesting such a bitter pill; they will effectively go mad, and/or perish, in the short or long term.

All of which brings me to the next big revelation (as I see it) which is that this world, this planet, is a mere few years away from destruction—the end of this age. Sure, this is another bizarre, incredible (literally) assertion that most readers will attribute to a kind of mental illness. However, those who glibly make that assumption are, invariably, persons who haven’t bothered to make the slightest effort to investigate the clear signs before our collective eyes. In ages past, (even as recently as 25 years ago) people may have had an excuse. But today, we have the Internet and worldwide web. As much as this technology can be misused (as can every human invention) it has provided 21st century man with unparalleled information access.

You might argue that television and radio already give us worldwide information, but there’s a serious flaw in that logic. What has happened is that the elitists have gained control over all the major communications media, with the result that only their approved message gets delivered, and that message is conducive to their ultimate, globalist plan. Only the Internet allows the diligent to obtain ‘unapproved news’ from around the world.  Sure, I understand that there’s a huge amount of ‘noise’ on the ‘Net—misinformation, disinformation, speculation, bias, and sheer nonsense. It’s true; but amid all the chaff, the noise, there is a signal, true news, clear views, that constitute valuable knowledge.

My point here is that after years of sifting the information available on the Net, I can arrive at no other conclusion than that the current physical turmoil in the world (again, you’ll have to face this fact yourself) is due to the approach of a giant entity in our region of space. Known as Planet X, or Nibiru, this body has been causing a variety of physical effects ranging from climate instability, earthquakes, fireballs, to sinkholes, and mass deaths of bird flocks and fish schools.

Everything is coming together in these first years of the third millennium. The wickedness of the materialists is flourishing like noxious weeds in a farm field. Signs are clearly discernable in nature, in the weather around us, in the ground beneath our feet, in the skies above. While basking in our progress, destruction lurks in a shaky future. Information abounds as never before, yet ignorance reigns supreme among the televiewing audience. Our leaders speak empty words of peace while plotting the next wars. Corporations fight to be persons, while working mindlessly and recklessly to consume the world’s resources. Atheists scorn God with nothing to cause their cosmos but an illogical explosion of matter from nothing.

All these things are accepted as normal… and you think I’m crazy for believing in the Bible. Yet the Bible and other holy scriptures foretold much of what is unfolding at the present time. Of course, it’s not spelled out in descriptive tweets that modern readers expect. But the outlines are there for those who bother to put in a little effort to understand, rather than simply dismiss what isn’t right in your face.

Jesus told a parable about ‘weeds’ allowed to grow until harvest time, which he stated represented wicked people flourishing until the end of the age. He also spoke about other signs: ‘wars and rumors of wars,’ (Iran, anyone?) earthquakes in ‘diverse’ (i.e. unexpected) places, signs in the heavens (google ‘fireballs’) and so on. Most tellingly, Jesus stated that conditions at the end of the age will resemble those that characterized the days before the Deluge. Scripture tells us that in those days, evil ran rampant, yet people carried on life as if things would never change. Does that sound familiar?

Many would dismiss me as a ‘prophet of doom;’ as if putting a handy label on a pest will somehow eliminate the threat. It’s not so simple. Until you, cher lecteur, take the initiative to do a little research, you can’t just dismiss my outlandish views as wrong. But, as I stated, it’s another thing I’ve learned with maturity—broad is the route to error, and many there are who take it; while the way of truth is narrow and steep, and few are they who bother to pursue it.

We are living in the valley of decision. If it isn’t totally obvious at this moment, it very soon will be. Each of us will have to decide; will we drift along the broad way of the material world that leads surely to death and destruction; or will we turn our heart to the ineffable One who Created reality?

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