September 30, 2012

The Truth Is Out There!

We've heard that expression a lot, these days-- the truth is out there. But what does it really mean? Let's consider the implications.

By 'out there,' one may be referring to the fact that, regardless of the variety of theories that are proposed to explain something, there exists one explanation-- somewhere, out there-- that is 'true,' i.e. that 'fits the facts.' The problem then, is how to find that truth, intermingled as it is with all the 'pseudo-truths.'

'Out there' is also modern slang for esoteric; i.e. things that are hidden in knowledge that's accessible only to adepts. So the implication is that truth is too 'far out' to be accepted by the average person.

There are still people out there who are confused about truth. They don't know what it is, arguing that it is a 'relative concept;' that it's subjective, etc. No! By definition, there is only one truth; truth describes what really exists. If you want to cling to a relative reality, a pseudo-reality, how do you expect to live in a consistent universe? If there's no such thing as absolute truth, then how can you plan the next moment, let alone the next year? Come off it! Truth is out there; all around us, every day, as the basic laws of nature.

Humanity's big challenge is one that faces every person alive-- what is the truth about our situation, the human predicament? Sure, we are constantly told-- by authorities, by the media, etc.-- certain things about the world that we are supposed to accept, without question, as true. Let's call this manufactured picture our meta-paradigm. This includes our entire world-view, our value system, religious views, and so on.

Every culture has it's own meta-paradigm, and hence, the kind of society it is now has been largely molded by that shared, group paradigm. That explains why the 20th century saw such a concerted effort to homogenize global culture. Those who want to gain total control of our perceived reality must first ensure that everyone has the same views on virtually everything. (That was the premise of the Matrix movie series-- all had fallen under the techno-spell.)

It doesn't take much reflection to see how successful the manipulators have been in creating a single meta-paradigm distributed across the 'civilized' world. Even before the collapse of the 'alternate paradigm' (i.e. Communism) it was remarkable how uniform our cultural characteristics had become, thru-out the Western and Eastern societies. Think of our cities and their steel/concrete structures and streets; our music and it's rock beat and electric impulse;  TV broadcasts and global interest in so-called 'reality' shows; and on it goes. The languages may differ, but the patina is tending to ever-greater uniformity of style and content.

Yet the devils seem to play by curious rules whereby they must divulge publicly exactly what mischief they are foisting upon us. Either that, or they enjoy flaunting the truth in our faces, confident that we are too mesmerized to notice, and even if we do, it will be of absolutely no avail. That in-your-face taunting is the 'true' meaning of the throw-away expression, 'The truth is out there!'

Despite unprecedented amounts of misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies inundating the very aether surrounding us, the truth of our world experience is also floated before our very noses!

Amid all the falsehoods proclaimed daily as 'news' by our presstitute media, often times one will hear genuine-- and perhaps ingenuous-- statements of truth, inserted as if to somehow balance all the associated nonsense. For instance, former presidents, now free of their obligations to the mob, will utter clear fact into the mikes, knowing it will make no difference to the big picture.

Hollywood movies, while hugely responsible for socially programming our minds with demonic drivel, can also (sometimes in the same vehicle) speak complete truth; often exact descriptions or depictions of how the manipulators operate, hidden in plain sight. As prime example, we have the Matrix series, that depict in allegory the kind of control system that has been constructed around society, not with technology or force, but with mass psychology.

Certain movies have characters who go on a rant, shouting in our faces exactly how television is used to program our minds and direct our thinking (remember Network?); or how the USA, far from being the 'greatest nation on Earth,' is really a 3rd-world nation on numerous social-success scales.

The media can flaunt truth in our faces because they know it will fly over the heads of the vast majority of their audience, such is the robustness of their  accumulated hypnosis. The intentional use of every new technology towards the accomplishment of 'the great work of ages' (as understood by the Masons and their ilk) has been going on for centuries.

Of note, the invention of the printing press initially had the same salutary influence among the masses (of course, mostly poor, and kept ignorant) as the Internet has had in the late 20th/early 21st centuries. Availability of great books, notably the Bible, freed ordinary people from the 'helpful interpretations' of the authorities (largely, the Church) in understanding religion and the world. This breakthrough led to new insights, rejection of enslaving beliefs, and a restructured Europe. Yet the printing press had hardly achieved those benefits when it was co-opted to produce volumes of less enlightening content. Eventually, mass printing provided everything from advertising to pornography to whatever. By the late twentieth century, so much 'stuff' was being printed every day that no-one could possibly even catalog the deluge of verbiage.

Television had the potential to truly improve the lot of humanity. Think of it; we could have broadcasts of morally uplifting, educational, and thought-provoking material that would enlighten and ennoble. Instead, we have exactly the opposite spewing forth from the studios. Levels of depicted violence and perversion have jumped to mind-numbing magnitude-- if the masses were able to remember beyond last week's Idol winner.

So, yes, the truth is indeed, out there, free for the taking. Your challenge is how to recognize it amid the daily barrage of 'information' that now streams into your consciousness via an array of technologies. Originally, we had books, and they were relatively hard to produce, and expensive. Then came newspapers, which were cheap enough to be produced daily, and thrown away after reading. Next we had radio which could be listened to while doing something else. Then came television, which demands and commands complete attention, and fosters a vacuous mind. Next we had computers which were of mere hobby interest until connection to the Internet made them all-purpose information sources. Now we have mobile telephones that are also pocket computers, capable of keeping us 'connected' (i.e. shackled) 24/7. And, notice; all these technologies presently co-exist and overlap. Hence, each individual on Earth has never had so much information thrown at him/her.

Only by raising your consciousness, your awareness level, can you hope to discern truth amid the garbage. By re-connecting with your common sense (something utterly discouraged by the education system) you can begin to detect 'data' that rings untrue, the falsehoods spewed out by the control system. Gathering information from several sources, representing various facets of an issue, you can piece together a probable scenario... as opposed to simply absorbing the pre-packaged 'story' disseminated by the media.

Nobody said the truth would be easy to find; nor easy to accept. Only by expanding your imagination will you be able to digest some very unpalatable truths that rule our reality. Our culture does everything to atrophy our imagination. Hollywood does the fantasizing for us, so you don't have to. The school system rewards the rote answers from the experts, not your creative insights. Get back in touch with your imagination... but, again, temper it with common sense.

As they say, the truth will set you free-- but first it's going to upset you! Don't quit the quest at that point of irritation. Work with it; go deeper before abandoning an annoying new concept. Don't give up because it doesn't accord with your pre-conceptions (and acknowledge what your pre-conceptions are). In other words, be courageous if you want to be a seeker of truth.

How many atheists just 'know' that the Bible is nonsense... without ever reading it with an open mind? How many believers just know that the Bible says this or that, without ever reading it themselves? How many people hate governments, yet cannot believe that these governments would do things to harm them? What you don't know may be harmful to your health and survival. What you DO know may, similarly, be detrimental to your existence.

The truth is out there. Now, either you find it and benefit from it, or be overwhelmed when truth finally is thrust in your face and can no longer be denied. The choice rests with each of us.

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