December 4, 2012

End Times Craziness

... continues unabated. In fact, it gathers speed, as you read. The sheer magnitude of the insanity is staggering... for anyone with 'eyes to see' that is. For the majority of frogs in the metaphorical saucepan, it's just normal life on planet Earth. It is what it is, as today's contemporary generation loves to intone.

One gets the feeling that all the still sane folks are taking refuge in the last bastion of freedom, the blogosphere, all exchanging our anguished musings on various aspects of the unfolding train-wreck. The big names are now familiar to us. Regrettably, many of them are wasting energy fighting among themselves, no doubt to the glee of the madmen behind the scenes.

The rest of us unknowns toil away at our keyboards, posting our pearls of wisdom, and casting them at the feet of... who? The odd reader who happens upon our obscure websites, perhaps truly seeking the wisdom provided, or maybe just entering a misspelt URL... who knows?

Meanwhile, the destruction accelerates. We finally reached the finish line of the uniquely bizarre American pretence of selecting a head of government-- a marathon run covering most of 49 states and 12 months (minimum) and, oh yes, burning thru something like a couple billion dollars of 'donated' money. To assuage your post-election blues, there's still the inauguration games to be held in January, wherein more millions will be spent to make sure dignitaries and commoners alike are all duly entertained.

Do I sound slightly sarcastic, jaded by the banal stupidity of it? Sorry, but I just can't help it. Last month, we celebrated (if that's the word) Remembrance Day. November being the rottenest month of the year seems ideally chosen as the season when, since there's nothing better to do, we 'honor our valiant soldiers.' You know, those brave men and women who fought for our freedom, giving their lives and blood to preserve our glorious system.

This day has always troubled me; there's just something ironic about sending people off to fight and, perhaps, die, and then holding this public holiday to 'honor' them. I realized long ago that wars were events where old men sent young men off to die for dubious invented causes. Later, I found a few truly brave soldiers who admitted that the whole thing was a racket-- our armies were the enforcers for big corporations with interests in foreign countries.

Only late in life have I discovered the ultimate truth, which is, at once so bizarre and so awful that few individuals can accept it. It is that (stated bluntly) the world is run by gangsters. Sure, you think I employ literary hyperbole; but I mean it. These gangsters wear expensive suits, travel in exclusive circles, have charming manners in public, and give high-sounding speeches at important-sounding functions. They make the decisions about war and 'peace' (such as it is), about flows of currencies, the flow of 'energy' (petroleum, for all intents), the flow of guns, drugs, slaves, and most of all, deception. I almost wrote 'bull-sh*t' for deception; but this might be read by sensitive eyes.

We fortunate folks born in the 'democratic West' think the world is somehow, 'mostly sane,' with periodic outbursts of organized violence involving professional or amateur soldiers attempting to kill people for any number of ostensible reasons. We have come to take it for granted that that's just how the world works. A growing number of matrix-dwellers are starting to wake up to the realization that those manufactured excuses don't just fall out of the blue. Someone-- persons or organizations-- concocts those reasons and promotes them as 'casis belli' (the excuse for wars).

Those wars always create outcomes, which normal people consider highly negative-- death, destruction, chaos. But for the manipulators behind the scenes, the sick minds who instigated the conflicts, the results are usually positive-- profit, political gain, and consolidation of their schemes. They call it 'Ordo ab Chao'... order out of chaos. (Yes, it's printed right on the US green-back; ponder that item a while.)

But the world is in continuous chaos... so where's the order? It's coming; or so they believe. Each new outbreak of violence and war brings them a step closer to their ultimate goal-- a single government over the whole globe; their 'order' established over all. Some innocent souls actually regard this notion as wonderful. With one world government there'll be an end to international wars, and one police force fighting crime in all its forms.

Some religions actually anticipate this glorious state. That's how effective is the propaganda of the globalists. The innocent lambs know nothing about the essential corollary terms of their utopia, which involve the reduction of the Earth's population down to a 'manageable' 500 million selected individuals. How they get rid of the other pesky 6.5 billion persons is open to (very dark) speculation.

What most pundits miss is that we already are under 'one-world governance.' It may not be recognized under a UN acronym, but it's been in place for a long time. We are all under Satan's government. The satanic spirit rules behind the scenes in every area of our lives-- education, politics, economics, entertainment, science, and even religion.

That's precisely why we (society) keep failing at making things better! Think of all those 'rhetorical wars' that drag on ad-infinitum-- the 'war against crime;' the war against drugs; the war against terror; the war against bullying; the war against poverty; the war against war... all of them 'lost causes!' We can never eliminate even one of these perpetual problems because  the managers of these 'wars' do not want them to be won! Their funding, and big salaries, would dry up; and who wants that?

The ordinary Joe and Jane want a peaceful, decent world where they can get on with life. The globalist/Satanists, on the contrary, want to turn the entire world into a feudal fiefdom, with themselves (the 'one percent') lording it over the majority, who would exist purely as their slaves. They will resort to any level of chaos when they think it will further their stinking ends.

But there's a huge problem for the globalists. They are being played for suckers by their boss, the 'capo-stone' of the satanic pyramid of command and control. The human agents of evil think that they're going to ultimately inherit, by following their superior's plans, the feudal world described above. But Satan has other plans, based on higher knowledge.

As it states in Revelation 12:12-- “Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time.” The great game of the ages is coming to a dramatic conclusion. In every sphere, this planet is being destroyed, as the environment and ecology are pushed beyond all ability to recover sustainably. This destruction not only consumes the Earth, but naturally, the human population as well.
At a deep, subconscious level, many people are becoming aware that we're approaching this precipice of history. Many cope with the notion by envisioning it as a beneficial crisis, wherein the Earth's inhabitants will ascend to some new, higher, conscious state of existence. Others seem to succumb to the darkness, and end their existence violently, often taking others with them.

A segment of so-called Christians grimly yet eagerly await 'translation' into heavenly realms, in rapturous deliverance from the end-time chaos they anticipate. Other 'Christians,' plus many Muslims, are expecting the one called Antichrist to make an imminent appearance, prior to the return of Christ as deliverer from evil. Jews too, await their long-expected Messiah to finally install them in their rightful place as the rulers of the world, from their capital, Jerusalem.

As much as a cadre of prescient bloggers are striving to awaken the masses to the dangers ahead, the great majority are highly resistant to anything that disturbs their  slumber. So much so, that they denounce the prophets as 'doom-sayers,' alarmists, miscreants, exploiters, and so on. In no way, tho, are they prepared to do a little investigation of their own to assess whether there might be some truth in the warnings.

So it's a period of great confusion. Globalists are hell-bent on reducing the world to an unlivable state over which they somehow rule. Religionists are sitting on their holy books, waiting for Godot, their favorite deus-ex-machina, to suddenly arrive and rescue them from the evil that the secularists insist is all in our minds. And the stupified majority would rather tune it all out and watch 'reality TV.' Crazy times!

See... I did bring this essay back to the original theme. There's a glimmer of sanity to cling to.

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