December 9, 2012

What's Wrong with the World?

Well actually, everything. Really-- everything. If this response sounds unduly (radically) pessimistic, 'sorry; but when you take the time to really pursue the question, you can't avoid this conclusion.

'But, that's utter pessimism!' complain the optimists. No, I reply, that's realism.
 Optimism, in the face of overwhelming evidence of immanent disaster, is not optimism, but sheer, pig-headed denial. 
Those presiding over the accelerating destruction prefer the masses cling to their pathetic optimism, because a serious grasp of reality would shake the populace to the core.

Where to begin the litany of what's wrong, then? Answer: at the fundamentals. Let's make it clear; it's not a case of growing problems arising as a result of the increasing complexity of modern life. No, it's much deeper; it has to do with the very basis of our civilization. Especially our Western civilization.

Our 'modern way of life,' as we refer to it with a certain pride, is fatally flawed at its very core. Think of it. Our basic paradigm is a model wherein 'goods' must be produced in ever-greater quantity to satisfy ever-growing demand. If this does not happen, the system goes into recession, which entails shrinking standards of living, with weeping, wailing and teeth-gnashing.

This paradigm is a formula for eventual disaster. In a closed system-- which our finite Earth is-- you can't keep extracting resources at a constant growth rate, to produce 'goods', ad infinitum. In the words of a study produced in the 1970s, there are 'Limits to Growth.'

It's not that simple, the optimists protest. True; it gets worse. The economic model doesn't run in a merely deterministic fashion, like some inevitable law of nature. No; it is entirely a construct of human design, and hence, subject to all the vicissitudes of corruptible human nature.

As it has evolved, the Western economic model has acquired all kinds of complexity that we simply take for granted. One of the primordial elements is money. Originally a convenient medium of exchange (facilitating multiple barter transactions) money has become the great measure of success, the greatest power on Earth. The pursuit of this power has become the ultimate motivator, the instigator of grandiose achievements... and of despicable crimes.

Money is one of those things that sounds like an excellent idea. After all, we don't all have craft skills to make things for barter; but we can all perform some kind of work, and earn credits of exchange that we call money. Except that the inevitable has happened: the good idea has become a monster. The pursuit of money, in combination with the attendant notions of 'the free market,' and social Darwinism, has spawned predatory capitalism that threatens human survival.

Archimedes (or one of those Greek geniuses, back in the days before the almighty dollar) was so confident in the prowess of applied physics that he stated, 'Give me a lever, a fulcrum, and a place to stand, and I can move the world.' Much later, in Renaissance Europe, people discovered that a pile of money can do the same thing, with a lot less effort. Institutionalized money-lending (i.e. banks) took a stranglehold on the economic model, that has only gotten stronger with time.

The invention of the corporation, a soulless entity wholly devoted to the accumulation of wealth, was an important step in the social hegemony of money. Maybe it was corporations that boosted this whole religion of eternal growth. Whatever; the mixing of markets, corporations and capital combined to create monsters that everyone thought were friendly, for a while. 'See,' the people boasted, 'Western capitalism has wrought economic miracles!'

Behind the curtains of history, however, by the manipulation of the three factors, a few clever individuals attained unbelievable wealth. Instead of just being a huge heap of 'beans,' that wealth enabled those families to actually mold history. By financing certain kings and factions and so on, they fomented wars, redrew maps, and installed ideologies. Some diligent research will supply the details of how all these things were accomplished, starting with Mayer Amschel Bauer, whose family line morphed into the Rothschild dynasty that essentially runs Europe, and by extension, the world.

So, out of the abstract concept of money arose the political power to rule the world. And there's a lot more. Leveraging their enormous clout (the lure of jobs, pay-off of politicians, legal threats, etc.)  the corporations have pushed the pointed end of capitalism into every part of our biosphere, wreaking havoc with nary a care... after all, who's responsible? Corp's are mere 'entities' and their directors have 'limited liability.'  Only Satan could design something so prone to malevolence.

While the worst polluters make some cosmetic efforts to mitigate their damage, other corporate criminals pursue alternate paths to perdition. Monsanto, the champion of genetic modification (aka playing God) has been aggressively pushing its modified grains in every market, yet resisting all efforts to have its products labelled as GMOs. If GMOs are so beneficial, why are they trying to hide their use? And why do the elite insist on only certified organic food at their own tables?

Our government regulators once paid lip-service to 'the precautionary principle', that placed the onus on industry to demonstrate the safety of their initiatives. Now, both caution and principle have been simply dropped in favor of a pedal-to-the-metal rush into the great unknown. While species die out, and evidence mounts that this policy is fraught with risks, nothing slows the juggernaut of 'progress.'

Perhaps the worst aspect of corporate hegemony in society is the complete control they have grasped of our communications media. With 96% of the media business owned by only half a dozen mega-corps (in the USA, at least), our view of the world is entirely filtered by the corporate gate-keepers. All the blatantly egregious actions and policies of the global corporatocracy are spun and presented to the populace in the most flattering light. Where the media were once critics of government, they now constitute the Ministry of Truth (i.e. the lying propaganda of the rulers).

The power of money extends to every aspect of life. In education, it's the textbooks that spout the 'correct' (corporate approved) views that get published and promoted. It's the 'proper' research that gets funded in the universities, ensuring the dominance of 'the party line,' in every art and science. We live in a carefully fabricated Matrix wherein the truth is not recognized even when thrust in our faces... which it often is, but in the guise of fiction.

While Americans believe the nonsense fed them by their lying media that the USA has the best form of government in the world, the truth that most of the world gets, by now, is that it is instead, the best democracy money can buy. With virtually no spending limits on candidates, it's a frenzy for corporate 'donors.' It guarantees that politicians go to the highest bidders.

Not only that, but America's system of government departments run by un-elected, presidential appointments is unparalleled in most Western nations. These bureaucrats are largely drawn from the very corporations their departments are supposed to regulate. How are they going to restrict the profit-potential of their former employers... who are most often, also their 'post-government' employers? It's totally sick; but the average, brain-washed 'merican thinks it must be marvellous because it's made in the USA.

Corporate control of a society allows all kinds of crazy abuses. They have convinced most of the 'free world' (giggle) that adding a toxic poison to the water supply is beneficial to the citizenry. Yes; this stuff is going to prevent tooth decay! Wow; what utter crap. What next-- will they add something else to the water supply to prevent, uh let's say, AIDS? Ask yourself, how do they get away with this kind of foolishness?

In a like vein, the pharmaceutical industry exists as the biggest drug-pushers on Earth. But they make mega-fortunes on their products, while your local purveyor of cannabis is always in imminent danger of arrest and jail for his business. Those legal drugs are approved after publishing 'clinical trials' that demonstrate their statistical efficacy. But they don't have to reveal the tests that refute their efficacy! Of course, the FDA (Food and Drug Admin.) is usually headed by a shuttled executive from the drug industry, so... don't expect many refusals. Consequently, the number one cause of death in the USA is now (hold your breath) complications from prescription drugs. Progress, indeed.

With ex-industry executives running the regulatory agencies, is it any wonder that the US gov't is making concerted efforts to 'regulate' (i.e. eradicate) the health product industry? Products made from natural substances cannot be patented, and thus, can't become cash-cows like the synthesized products 'invented' by richly-paid corporate scientists. It's big industry versus small industry, and in the free-market system, we all know what Darwin said about the expected result.

The optimists (God love 'em) will say that the system will eventually correct itself, that's the beauty of 'free enterprise.' Well, I'd like to place a small bet on that. (Actually, a very large bet!) There's only one way this present self-defeating system can ever correct itself-- and that's by total collapse. Which is exactly where it's heading, at full speed now. Even secular analysts agree; see, for instance, The Fourth Turning, for a historical-cyclical study of what's occurring.

This rush towards catastrophe is no accident. The dark force that has opposed the Creator from the beginning of the world is pushing this agenda at full bore. His human accomplices think that they're working towards a system that will reward them with Earthly riches. Meanwhile, their master puppeteer knows that it's a lost cause; they're all soon going to hell together.

Why, you might ask, do the powers really in charge of the world keep themselves hidden, and sustain this pretence of democracy and freedom? Goethe had the answer centuries ago; he stated 'There are none so enslaved as those who think they are free when they are not.' It's simply much easier controlling a society when the people themselves are content to be enslaved to their illusions. Otherwise, it takes a lot of troops/police on the ground to keep the lid on. Compare Orwell's bleak dystopia in '1984' with the happily drugged inhabitants of Huxley's 'Brave New World.'

So, here we are in the second decade of the 21st century... somewhere with the worst combination of Brave New World and Oceania. While the restrictions imposed by urbane but brutal governments grow increasingly inhuman, the number of mindless TV reality and entertainment shows keeps growing. Television and electronic gadgetry have become the 'soma' of our age. Behind the lugubrious scenes tho, lurks the true reality... of Guantanamo, Bagram, Gaza, Libya, Afghanistan, ad nauseum. One day, there will be a rude awakening.

The preceding diatribe is the bad news. But, there is behind it all, good news. The present corrupt, irremediable, irredeemable system, devised and advanced by the 'father of lies,' Satan, is about to collapse spectacularly and definitively. (See Revelation 12:12). There will be no sudden airlift to safety for those who attend the right churches. Everyone will have to make their choices and deal with it.

When the destructive forces of the cosmos reach a zenith, and the diabolic sentient forces seem poised to deliver world-wide death, then our Savior will appear and will restore true order to creation. Until then, we're in for a very rough ride, one where the 'new optimists' will be the former pessimists, who have faith in the ultimate victory of the Rock of Ages.

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