February 24, 2013

See No Evil?

Modern people may be savvy about smart phones and such gadgets, but they are woefully ignorant of the things that really matter. 
In particular, the vast majority are totally in the dark about the instigator of so much evil, misery, and suffering in this world. That force is known by various names, but let's call him Satan, described in the Bible as the leader of legions of 'fallen angels.'

We don't know for certain the exact nature of angels. Scripture describes them as
 messengers of God, and as spirit beings possessing supernatural powers. Demons or devils are those angels that chose to follow Satan in rebellion against God's regime. They too, possess supernatural powers, but were expelled from the heavenly realm.

Both angels and demons are said to be able to appear in human form, tho it seems that this is not a natural state for them, and can only be maintained for a short time before they must revert to their normal form, and return to their hidden domain or dimension.

The Bible doesn't devote a lot of text to Satan (wisely, lest we shift our attention where it mustn't dwell) but there is sufficient information to forewarn and fore-arm every diligent reader. He is revealed in the Book of Job as the great adversary of mankind, and Jesus warned that Satan goes about like a roaring lion, seeking anyone he can destroy (physically and/or spiritually). In Isaiah (ch 14) Satan's hubris and fate are described, and his desire to usurp God's throne. Ezekiel (ch. 28) presents Satan allegorically as the 'King of Tyre,' and tells how God expelled him from the heavens to earth for his hautiness and pride.

In the gospels, there are several accounts of Jesus engaged in spiritual battle with Satan and demons. When dealing with the stubborn Pharisees, he tells them that the Devil is the 'father of lies,' and a murderer from the beginning (John 8).

Despite these warnings from sacred scripture, the modern world is easy prey for the 'Dragon' as he is called in Revelation. Why is this? A great proportion of modern humankind are spiritual orphans; they either call themselves atheists, or simply never think of God or the hereafter. These self-proclaimed enlightened ones scoff at the mere notion of a Devil. Since there is no God-being, they insist, neither is there an evil counterpart. Simple, and case closed. Obviously, anyone who doesn't believe in an enemy offers no resistance, and cannot protect him/herself from that enemy.

It's a different case for those who self-identify as Christians. They believe in the Devil, mostly; unless belonging to one of those 'progressive' denominations that has denatured the faith into a mix of psycho-babble and selected scripture. Yet modern Christian congregations show no more discernment in spiritual warfare than the majority of their secular confreres. Many of the fundamentalists can find 'sin' abounding all over; but their response is to seek political power to force everyone to conform to their rigid morality. Rarely do these church-goers identify the work of Satan in their very midst. Their own pastors, their politicians, their businessmen, are often the most venal sinners around, but as long as they speak the familiar words of denominational dogma, the sheeple are content.

Even among those who believe in the Devil, they have very little idea of the  true extent of his evil nature. The Christian concept of Satan seems to be along the lines of C.S. Lewis' 'Screwtape Letters,' an imagined transcript of the Devil's plan of action for subverting human morals, written in genteel, Victorian English. The people who should be most aware of the horror of the demonic agenda are instead, blissfully expecting the demons to be playing by the rules of the Marquis of Queensbury! The average pew-warmer seems to think of demons as little imps who try to entice one to do something 'bad.' The idea that Satan has infiltrated the Christian churches so that they teach a mish-mash of truth and error is something that these innocents would have a difficult time grasping.

To extend the notion and say that Satan has taken over the world's institutions (governments, schools, corporations, entertainment, etc.) would be too much for most Christians to accept... despite the scriptures that tell them exactly that. Meanwhile, the secular humanists, if they even acknowledge evil, think of its proponents as simply psychological deviants who had a traumatic up-bringing. The reason pedophiles like Jimmy Savile and clergymen can operate for decades without being caught is that most 'decent folks,' whether religious or not, think that evil is going to look ugly and obvious. To picture evil-doers dressed in expensive suits and fine jewelry, speaking eloquently, seems beyond the imaginations of the majority... to their detriment.

What I'm saying is that people-- of whatever spiritual persuasion-- simply have no clue as to the depths to which Satan and his hordes will act. It is sad beyond words that we, global society, will inevitably have to see yet another, ultimate, demonstration of just how hideously evil are those forces that oppose God and the Good. We've had glimpses of this horror under the regimes of history's worst villains, such as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Shah of Iran, General Pinochet, and various other dictators of countries large and small. But apparently, that wasn't near enough. We need a final demonstration that will unavoidably convince every 'neutral' soul on Earth that there exists evil so malicious that nothing imaginable in the heart of man cannot be perpetrated on innocent victims.

That final outburst of satanic evil will be so horrible that scripture informs us that unless those days be shortened, there would be no one left alive. Only then will the moral sleep-walkers be wrenched awake, forced to acknowledge unexplainable evil among us. It is regrettable that we have been so lulled into ethical numbness that most of us are totally unaware of how evil the world truly is. We still think of the news reports of this or that unsettling crime-- a mass murder here; a pedophile ring there; child prostitution in Asia; ethnic cleansing in Africa; and so on-- as being somehow just isolated, maybe even exaggerated, incidents used to promote media interest.

What if these stories were merely the tip of a criminal iceberg? If the USA can legalize torture (think about it!) and indefinite incarceration without trial, and dismantle their constitution before the eyes of the citizens, where are the limits? As in previous instances in the past, there are no limits on the abuses of perverted authority. Once that situation prevails, anything is possible; and as history amply proves, whatever is possible will occur.

All the psychic, financial, environmental, and geo-political characteristics that existed in the years leading up to the Second World War are once again in place, globally. When Satan gives the signal to his worldly servants, another ghastly conflagration will be unleashed on the world. As always happens when decency is buried, the perverts and psychopaths come out of the woodwork, are installed in positions of control, and  gleefully go about perpetrating every manner of unspeakable horror on their unfortunate victims. You think things are bad in your city or state? This is a picnic compared to what's coming. You think innocent civilians are mistreated in some foreign country? You haven't seen anything compared to what will occur in the civilized West.

Dreamy New-Agers are happily waiting for translation to a 'higher density;' secular humanists are uneasily hoping for sanity to prevail; fundamentalist Christians are waiting for their 'rapture;' Orthodox Jews expecting their mashiahk; Muslims anticipating their Mahdi; the Hopi looking for their Red and Blue 'Kachinas;' and so on, around the world.

Meanwhile... the dark prince of this world is getting ready to unleash the forces of Hell on Earth, because he knows the whole game will be over, very soon. He knows it's all for nought; he and his gang are destined to the fires of final extinction, as plainly stated in the book. Yet, they proceed with their foretold holocaust... evidently, because they must. Their goal, in the face of predetermined defeat, is simply to cause as much destruction as they possibly can; to lure as many souls to perdition as their deceits are capable; to deface as much of a beautiful planet as perverted technology permits.

It's nihilism taken to the extreme; but it's the only thing they know. The human puppets of the Devil think they're going to inherit total ownership and rulership of the world-- such as it will exist after they get thru their agenda of ruination. They regard themselves as superior, being more clever than the 'common folk;' yet they don't have the modicum of intelligence to comprehend that they're being played for suckers, mere disposable pawns, that have sold their souls for a few years of luxury before their final damnation.

If you're wondering why such a pessimistic tale has to be the destiny of this world, you may either weep in despair, or rail in angry denial. But, miraculously, there is a point to it; it's not mere futility. We are destined to an eternal existence in a positive creation, those who have not succumbed to the lures of temporal, fleeting materialism. Not surprisingly, tho, there is, first, a test. More than a test, a demonstration. The entire human race, the onlooking cosmos, must observe what happens when the negative principle, the service-to-self paradigm, the embrace of materialism, is adopted as the norm of a society. We must see-- nay, feel-- what happens when the spirit is ignored and negated, when God is denied and opposed, and His principles cast aside. It won't be pretty; thank God it's to be brief.

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