June 11, 2013

The Mockery of Democracy

As this global theatre of the absurd rapidly reveals its true nature, it's apparent that we live in a veritable, giant 'matrix' of illusion spun by our traitorous overlords.
One of the most insidious fantasies for those living in the 'Western' world, is that we are governed by a system called democracy... 
touted as the ultimate in guarding individual freedom. My contention is that our democracy is a huge farce-- we have, in fact, little meaningful freedom.

Sure, we have the freedom to vote; to elect members to a parliament of some sort, once every four years or so. Big deal! When you consider the choices on the ballots, it's usually a lost cause. Most elections come down to two candidates-- 'A' or 'B.' Take your choice, you lucky electors; they are both two sides of the same coin. Most countries are locked in this modern face-off between 'left' and 'right', supposedly opposing ends of the political spectrum.

Whichever party wins, you'll get four years of unending corruption. If there's a change in party, then the new-comers will inevitably 'clean house,' as they call it-- fire civil servants appointed by their predecessors, and replace them with their own cronies and benefactors. Of course, this is very costly, in terms of legal compensation to those fired, and in lost expertise. If the previous incumbents win, then they have another term to simply entrench their patronage and other back-room dealings. This process explains why and how governments always expand, and why they are typically 'top heavy' (with more 'chiefs than indians,' relatively).

Even the notion of 'winning' an election is fraught with conceptual problems. In many places, the winner is the 'first past the post,' i.e. the candidate (or party) that gets 50% plus 1 of the valid votes cast. If the votes are tallied by hand, it's very likely that mistakes will be made; and in a tight race, the errors can be enough to swing the vote to either candidate. This fact has been demonstrated time and again by 'official re-counts.' If the votes are tallied by machine, there are still opportunities for errors-- OCR errors, technical glitches, etc.-- as well as for malicious meddling, when software is involved. (Anyone remember Bush's wins in 2000 and 2004?).

Moreover, in the 50% + 1 system, whenever there are more than two candidates, there's a strong chance that the winner will actually poll fewer than half the votes (i.e. the other two parties may total more than 50%, but neither exceeds the third party). In that case, how 'representative' of the populace is the winner, really?

All of the above problems would be mere annoyances if, overall, we truly enjoyed democratic governments. But, sadly, we don't. Once elected, governments behave as dictatorships. The only thing distinguishing them from dictatorial regimes is that there are elections, regularly. Not surprisingly, oftentimes, the best governments are minority governments (i.e. where the ruling party has garnered only enough seats to officially win, but must have some support from at least one opposing party to pass legislation).

You might disagree that elected governments are despotic, but the state of our 'democracies' demonstrates otherwise. Over the past half-century, our democratic governments have shoved numerous bits of social engineering legislation down our throats, despite serious, often prolonged objection from even a majority of the governed. Generally, the social engineers like to use the media to soften up public opinion in preparation for 'progressive' legislation. But when that seems to be taking too long, they simply ram the required laws thru the parliamentary system, and rely on the police to enforce it.

So it is, that Western countries got an industrial chemical (flouride) in our drinking water; abortion-on-demand; gay 'marriage;' restrictions on free speech packaged as 'anti-hate' legislation; atomic energy plants before the waste-disposal problem was solved; involvement in countless wars despite the lack of any clear threats; expenditure of a huge portion of GDP on useless armaments; the erosion of workers' rights; an insane system of 'sick-care' that pretends to be a health-care system; protection for environmentally unsound resource extraction industries; and... I could go on.

You see where this is going. Whether you support some of the policies I cite or not, the fact is that most of these measures were introduced in the face of heavy popular opposition. How is that 'democratic?' Either it's the 'will of the majority,' or it's imposed from on high.

Leveraging the hyped threat of 'terrorism,' governments have in the past decade clamped ever-tighter restrictions on the rights and freedoms of their populations. There's nothing democratic about that. What it's done is make 'Western democracy' look an aweful lot like the former Soviet-style authoritarianism that our governments railed against. To cement the similarity, our governments have, apparently, given free rein to our police agencies, so that they now behave much as the old Gestapo and Stasi did, assuming everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

In our so-called democracies, the real power is held by big-business. Just as warned by Eisenhauer in the 1950s, our policies are drafted by the 'military-industrial complex.' While this has been obvious in the USA for decades, it was not so apparent in other Western countries until the military mis-adventures of the 1990s and 2000s proved that all the Euro-western nations marched to the same beat. As publicly admitted by Maj-gen. Smedley Butler, back in the 1930s, the military forces are merely the enforcers for the multi-national corporations that desire free access to the wealth of 'third-world' nations. 'Free access' meaning unfettered by such inconveniences as human rights, equitable compensation, environmental concern, and the wishes of the local populations.

Clearly, the much-vaunted democracy of Western civilization is a shallow parody that bears only the most superficial resemblance to genuine government 'of, for, and by' the people. It has taken diligent effort on the part of our rulers to maintain the illusion, but in today's climate of disintegration of our institutions (health, education, industry, etc.) the true picture is becoming starkly obvious-- this democracy is nothing but a mockery.

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