September 14, 2013

End Games Pt2

In the first essay on End Times follies, I focussed mostly on the 'religious,' and 'Christian' aspect of 'future schlock.' As usual, there's more one can add.

One thing that all forecasters of the future often forget is that, regardless of how certain some outcomes may appear,
 God can always throw a 'spanner' (wrench) in the works, and change the game-board in a moment.
 (If you don't want to acknowledge God, call it fate or the cosmos, or something.) Whether you're a 'good guy' or one of the 'bad guys' in this crazy play, your perceptions and choices can be drastically altered very abruptly by forces and factors you never saw coming... that you could not have seen coming.

My father, an ardent anti-Communist, passed away in October, 1989. If he had lived just another two months, he would have been stunned to see the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of the end of European Communism. The geo-political chess-board was overturned almost overnight. That's how quickly our world can change; and few people could have predicted it.

A similar situation prevails today. There are various camps of thought about how the near future is going to transpire. (I've outlined many of them in other essays.) I have my own ideas about the general outlines of what's to come. But I don't let myself get too attached to any particular details, because I know how fast things can change. For those wedded to a fixed notion, the impact of unexpected change can be very unsettling. It can completely 'unglue' some people. The best preparation one can do ahead of time is to free your mind from cast-in-stone scenarios, and to train yourself to be flexible.

While the PTB are getting increasingly desperate, and therefore, bold, in pushing their agenda forward, there are signs that the great 'silent majority' are also waking up, and becoming more aware of how they are being duped and manipulated in every sphere of life. And it isn't easy for this awakening to occur, since the prime source of information-- the mainstream, network news organizations-- are zealous organs of propaganda for the corporatocracy that governs us.

With their hegemony over the news channels, it is easy for the PTB to disseminate their illusions to the masses, but very difficult for the truth-tellers to reach a few interested souls. If it were not for the Internet, it would be virtually impossible for the ordinary folk to have any possibility of obtaining 'alternative' (i.e. possessing some degree of truth) news. Even tho the Internet is monitored by government agencies, it is still possible to access independent sources of information, and to thereby gain an idea of what is really happening in the world.

It's almost as if the Internet was raised up at the appropriate time to provide an alternative to the satanic propaganda flowing from the big networks for Big Brother. Yes, the Internet also is a source of pornography, misinformation, disinformation, and craziness; but, at least it is the only way to obtain information that is not fabricated by the self-serving PTB. Thus, the onus is on the individual to exercise discernment and discretion when using this powerful technology.

Because of the diversity and confusion that characterize the Internet, the PTB have not moved to shut it down. They have co-opted and perverted every other technology to their advantage, so that is their tactic with the 'Net, too. Using paid 'trolls,' they attempt to discredit and disarm any movements and opinions they can find on popular websites that might stand against their agenda. Just look at the comments added to any article that contains elements that reveal the hypocrisy and misdeeds of the ruling, bankster elite, and their toady cut-outs and spokespersons. You'll find a few cogent remarks, generally brief, along with lengthy, flatulent diatribes that employ all kinds of spurious arguments, ad-hominen attacks, and generally worthless drivel, seemingly generated to discredit the original effort. Where would such incompetents get the time to create such rubbish if they weren't sponsored by faceless organizations subservient to the NWO?

As with TV programs, the dark forces devise websites that promote and justify their twisted agenda, using the most respectable and recognized authorities. They are experts at using false, beneficial ends to justify evil, destructive means. Deception is their stock in trade; creating false opposition, or co-opting opponents are standard ops for them.

Hence, you can't just do a 'google' search and put your faith in whatever the great digital oracle dishes up. It takes 'digging' for a variety of sources, comparing of claims, and exercise of mature judgement, to arrive at a semblance of truth. It's not a passive pass-time, unlike watching the telly.

Final events will unfold-- are unfolding as you read. Expect the unexpected. Don't put all your hopes in one paradigm, in one guru, in one so-called truth. Prepare your soul for a wild ride; the future is not what it's supposed to be.

September 2, 2013

End Games

Honestly, it's astonishing to see from the front lines how this momentous final act is playing out. I've been 'into' end-times prophecy for a large part of my life, and have read and studied many different theories. 
Now to watch the drama unfold before us is quite bizarre. Because it's nothing like what any of the popular scenarios depict, not at all!

After all my research over the years, the manual I've found most useful and reliable is the Bible (cue the jeers, I know!). But, I don't use the scriptures like the majority of pundits. To start with, I don't belong to any denomination nor school of teaching; my conclusions are all my own. So I don't pull together a hodge-podge of isolated verses, and painfully force them into a narrative that supports a pre-determined scenario... as does almost every other 'scholar' whose speculations I've encountered. Without a pre-set outcome, it's amazing how the scriptures can explain themselves in the light of an overview of current world events.

That introduction is as prelude to my following remarks. If you're a 'Christian,' you can forget about the 'Left Behind' (i.e. 'rapture') nonsense that is virtually the exclusive preserve of the American Evangelical camp. A proper understanding of scripture quickly demonstrates the vapidity of this view.

Non-Christian but 'spiritual' individuals have their favored apocalyptic scenarios, too. Most of them fall in the New Age type of outlook, anticipating a soon-to-come (some say already progressing) change in consciousness of the whole human race, a jump in vibrational frequency, as some put it. They see the gathering darkness and global destruction, but see it as merely the last gasp of opposition to the impending mind-shift that will usher us into some kind of glorious utopia.

Then there are the aboriginal traditions of tribes such as the Hopi, the Mayas, the Lakotas, and so on. They see humanity at a cross-roads, faced with a choice of recognizing our connectedness and common interests, or else continuing down the current path of mutual destruction that will include our 'Mother Earth,' as well. Like the Hindus and others, they tend to view history as cyclical, with periodic catastrophes that represent a virtual reset of human progress.

In our 'Western tradition' there is recognition of all these alternative viewpoints, as well as a secular view that seems to echo the indigenous view, i.e. that we are heading towards a crisis of some kind, be it global famine due to overpopulation, technological disaster (e.g. nuclear poisoning, world war, etc.), solar emissions, an asteroid hit, or whatever. In that optic, it's the end of the world... 'as we know it,' that they envision. Curiously, you can now find TV channels that practically specialize in documentaries that cover all these various scenarios.

Thus, there are many scenarios to chose from, including the 'we'll muddle thru somehow,' optimistic view. What amazes me, tho, is that none of these outlooks accurately depicts what is really unfolding. As J. Haldane (discoverer of the ring structure of hydrocarbon molecules) once stated: “the universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.” Time after time, arrogant humans, mostly 'Christians' of some ilk, propose dates for the end of the world, or the second coming of Christ, only to be left looking foolish as they deserve. Others construct elaborate scripts for their preferred future, and vigorously promote these to any impressionable soul who'll lend them an ear.

Perhaps because of the final book included in the Bible, Christians are particularly prone to engage in this on-going frenzy of 'apocalyptics.' It all goes back to the Revelation given to apostle John, as he spent his final days in exile on Patmos. He was given a series of (frankly) weird visions that he was told depict what was to unfold on Earth 'shortly.' I would argue that it is no accident that this enigmatic book was included in the biblical canon despite seeming to do little to amplify the gospel. Used correctly, it has given hope to down-trodden believers in Christ, down thru the ages. In the abusive hands of religious hucksters, the Revelation has also been used to deceive and defraud many innocent people who do not take the trouble to instruct themselves in the scriptures.

So it is that Christians of various denominations have their pet, apocalyptic hobby horses. American Evangelicals wait impatiently for a 'rapture' that will not happen. But they won't even bother to investigate the outrageous claims of their blathering pastors. No; they prefer to presume that their shepherds are infallible and would never mislead their flocks. Why should they read material that could confuse them with enlightening information?

Seventh-Day Adventists, likewise, await their bogey-man, the 'Sunday Law' that will force church worship on Sunday, rather than their sacred-cow 'Sabbath,' inherited from the Jews. Once, not many years ago, SDAs might have been accused of spending too much time focussing on 'the End Times,' yet today, they might instead be accused of falling into the same spiritual lethargy that seems to characterize the mainstream, Sunday churches. Concern for the near-future has been swallowed by creeping pragmatism. As the once-hyped Advent events fail to materialize, the faithful lapse into the business of doing church, pumping out denominational literature, and never-ending fund-raising for their schools and other projects.

Similar stories could be told of all the 'Bible-based' churches. The most vital business at hand is merely hanging on to the souls they've managed to entice, or that are born into their particular faith. Somewhere on the denominational shelves are a few books that present their approved views on eschatology. Should they be interested, the faithful are directed to those sources as being the only views on the future upon which to hang their eternal hopes.

As I surf the Internet, browse the religious websites, and read the articles and dogmas, it becomes dishearteningly evident-- none of the ecclesiastical authorities has pieced together a solid, scripturally sound outlook on what is presently happening, and what can be expected in the 'near term.' To make a statement like that implies that I consider that I possess a standard by which one can verify that other theories fall short. To avoid sounding arrogant, I can at least point out the obvious-- that since so many of the theories disagree with each other, it becomes difficult if not impossible to discern the truth.

In fact, even secular sources have, in instances, more insight into the unfolding end game than most churches. American church-goers have been bamboozled by a few, deceitful but influential preachers into believing that: (a) End-times events revolve around protecting the state of Israel, and (b) that 'Christians' can somehow force God's hand to bring about those eschatological events, with their political and financial support of Israel. While the blind Baptists and Evangelicals pour their efforts and treasure into support of rogue-state Israel, and into corrupt politicians who do the same, secular observers write incisive analyses clearly exposing the gross misconduct of the Zionist entity. When non-religious critics condemned the US government over 'rendition,' torture, Bahgram, and Guantanamo, there was a deafening silence from the so-called Christian camps, which should have been immediately crying foul to these offences against humanity. But in the ultra-conservative, patriotic ranks of American Christianity, any offences are tolerable if they're committed by 'us' against those 'devilish enemies' (whoever they may be).

As a non-affiliated believer in Christ observing all these events, it is (or was; I'm hardened to it now) highly discouraging to see just how 'out to lunch' all the recognized spokesmen and representatives of 'Christianity' truly are.

You Can Lead a Horse to...

The major obstacle preventing a member of any given Christian church from determining truth about eschatology is simply human nature. Most persons prefer to have information pre-digested and spoon-fed, rather than have to research it for themselves. In the religious world, this fact must be blamed equally on the clergy, who, to protect their privileged positions, create the impression that the Bible is so complex and obtuse that only those specially trained are able to interpret it. This practice has been going on since the earliest days of Christendom, as soon as professional clergy were appointed.

The next hurdle in the individual's path to knowledge again rests in our nature. Most people prefer to deal with 'known quantities' when it comes to major 'purchases.' In the heyday of 'main-frame computers,' there was a saying among customers: 'No-one ever got fired for buying IBM.' Likewise, consumers of religion like to go with the familiar. They seem to reason that God will not accuse anyone belonging to a religion with millions of adherents of bad doctrinal beliefs. That, perhaps, may be true as far as one's eternal fate is concerned. But, in terms of correctly anticipating End-time events, it is fatally flawed.

So attached are church-members to this notion of safety in numbers that you cannot get most people to even look at a pamphlet from a non-approved (i.e. extra-denominational) source. If you can get them to listen to alternative views for a few minutes, they might actually acknowledge that it has truth. Yet, for these people to abandon their familiar, packaged views for a 'foreign' outlook is just too scary a prospect.

The foregoing remarks beg the question: does a faulty view of eschatology imply or entail that a person will be denied eternal life? The answer is, of course, no it doesn't... however, there are definite risks associated. A Christian who is convinced that events are going to unfold in such-and-such a specific manner may very well become discouraged and give up all belief in God when those events fail to materialize. This kind of apostasy did, in fact, occur back in 1843/44 among followers of William Miller who were so sure that Christ was returning then that they sold their farms and belongings ahead of the announced dates.

What Christians have badly underestimated (or missed) in these perilous days is the extent of the deception that is being used to mislead us. Practically everything is turned upside down; good is called evil, evil touted as good. As I indicated above, often the secular are better able to distinguish evil from good than are Christians loyal to a church outlook. Only the spiritually aware can see thru the deceptions. Those who are stuck doggedly to a dogma are at serious risk of following a false messiah. Look, Christians: Mr. Antichrist is not going to be wearing a black hat and twirling a moustache, like some silver-screen villain! He's going to be a smooth-talking, flag-waving, well-dressed person with impeccable religious credentials. The kind of guy who's already ripped-off numerous television viewers of their cash by promising a load of religious rubbish. You fell for it then; you'll probably fall for it again!

In the Biblical past, God sent prophets to His people to warn them of impending disasters. Today, when we're facing the biggest crisis ever to befall humanity (as signals indicate) there seems to be a lack of credible Christian voices sounding an alarm. On the web you can find self-appointed prophets of all kinds, from secular to religious of all persuasions. Some almost sound convincing; others come across as borderline lunatic. Even restricting to just current 'Christian' prophets or commentators, there's a huge difference in views from one to another. So, even an unbiased seeker (if there be such a creature) has a bewildering array of prognostications to consider and evaluate for a rational view of the End of the Age.

It's that babble of diverse opinions that is the greatest barrier facing anyone who dares to investigate what is really happening in this crazy world. There are a few people who know they have the essential answers; I'm one of them. I don't make that claim lightly or from any desire to boast. But I've put in the years of effort... unlike the vast majority who 'know' everything from sitting passively in front of their tellys, having only official news downloaded into their befuddled minds. As Jesus stated, 'Seek and ye shall find.' You're not seeking when you merely absorb pre-digested mental mush designed to keep us ignorant.

Ironically, (and that seems to be the way God works) those who are trumpeting nonsense have the most popular websites and the biggest audiences. The few of us who present sober, solid warnings are on the mere margins of visibility, with few eyes falling on our words. It's beyond my ability to turn the situation around; I can only put out the truths I discover, and let God worry about how it gets disseminated. (Does God worry? I don't know!)