February 24, 2014


By now, some readers get it-- that we live in an age of rampant deception and denial. But many still cling to the belief that altho the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, at least science looks for, and sustains, truth. Nothing could be farther from the truth, in fact.

Since the term science embraces a multitude of sins, I just want to consider the field of archeology, which some might challenge as even deserving of the title, but which claims to uncover mankind's development, from origins to the present. Most of what they tell us, I am convinced, is pure bunkum-- speculation decorated with academic grandiloquence.

One thing we know (within reasonable margins of fuzziness) is that sometime around 4000 years BC, what we call civilization sprang up in the area of Mesopotamia, very suddenly in historic terms. This seems to be one thing archeologists agree on; and it also puzzles them greatly. Nonetheless, they sweep this anomaly under the carpet, and proceed to speculate on how those 'cave-men' managed to build cities that amaze us even today. We know this fact of the rapid appearance of civilization because, among their achievements, they had writing, and kept records. Fortunately, they kept those records on very durable media-- baked clay tablets, that retain the impressed characters for far longer than most media.

We, the public, are expected to believe that after tens of thousands of years of living as 'hunter-gatherers,' humans suddenly got this notion to settle down and live in cities. Those cities were not just collections of mud huts; far from it. They included the construction of huge pyramids built from precisely-cut stone blocks, often transported from quarries located many kilometers from the final site. One recent BBC documentary (on Caral, Peru) made the astonishing statement that "Pyramids marked the beginning of civilization."
Seriously? In a mere few hundred years, those new urban dwellers figured out how to quarry massive stone blocks, move them over rivers and valleys and deserts, and then place them together with an accuracy that is amazing, all without any indication of the technology we'd need today to duplicate their feats! Yes, the archeologists want us to believe that homo sapiens went from caves and stone tools to mathematics and giant pyramids almost overnight in relative terms. Their assertions are patently ludicrous, defying common sense!

Another annoying problem is that archeologists keep finding new sites with that strange hallmark of early civilization-- pyramids. And they all seem to have emerged in about the same era. The recently discovered city of Caral, in Peru, is possibly the oldest city on Earth, predating the Egyptian, according to that BBC video. Other ancient cities have been un-earthed in Serbia, in China, in India, and elsewhere. So now we're supposed to believe that primitive humans, in widely scattered parts of the globe, simultaneously got the idea to create cities, and to build (of all things) pyramids in them!

The reason they want so desperately for us to believe this clap-trap is because there's another hypothesis that makes far more sense... but which is anathema to the (closed) scientific mind. This alternative theory is that the megalithic structures of antiquity were built by extra-terrestrial visitors to Earth. It was they who gave early humans the knowledge that characterizes civilization-- writing, mathematics, music, laws, education, and so on.

This is the only theory that makes sense... and for which there is an abundance of evidence, by the way. That evidence is completely dismissed by the academic egg-heads, and so the sycophantic press treat it similarly, as merely curious at best. Since no academic could hope to promote this heresy, it falls on those without the accepted credentials to do the investigation and present the reports to the public. Among those who have done so are people like Eric von Daniken (author, Chariots of the Gods), and Zecharia Sitchen (The Twelfth Planet, and many more).

By not accepting the clearly more likely and more sensible explanation, archeologists are left scrambling to come up with a variety of hypotheses to attempt to account for logical problems with their insistence that humanity pulled itself up by the boot-straps. Any decent economist could point out that to build the pyramids of Egypt with primitive tools would have taken a huge population of dedicated workers and support functions, working over a very long period... something simply not upheld by the evidence.

Furthermore, the archeologists time scales become completely skewed by their dogmatism. They proclaim that the pyramids of Giza date to about 2,500 BC. Yet the nearby Sphinx has been dated to about 10,000 BC by many analysts! What are we expected to believe, then?

Those pyramids have been described by the professionals as burial crypts for the pharaohs, even calling the largest one the 'Pyramid of Cheops,' a pharaoh who lived at about the 'right time' for their theories. Yet there is no evidence to support this theory. No tomb has ever been found in the pyramids, nor any hieroglyphs dedicated to these pharaohs-- who were otherwise not noted for modesty.

It must be made clear that there are more than pyramids (or ziggurats) left behind by the extra-terrestrial builders. To take a notable example, there's the 'cyclopean' platform near Baalbeck, Lebanon, constructed from giant limestone blocks, squarely hewed, and some weighing over 1,000 tons! It measures about 90 meters by 60 m. and the top layer of blocks are about 10 m. above grade. Archeology essentially ignores the obvious questions about who, how, and why, because the academics simply have no credible explanations.

Over the last century or so, along with the usual domestic artifacts of long-gone settlements, researchers have found more puzzling drawings and other artifacts (e.g. small sculptures or castings in metal). As documented by a number of independent investigators, these items depict flying machines, humanoids in helmets and 'space suits,' and other things that were indecipherable to researchers of even 100 years ago. Today we can identify them because we're making similar devices.

Of course, 'science' just hates to change its mind on an existing sacred cow, so alternate 'explanations' are supplied by the academics who have much to lose, professionally, if they should invoke the scientific principle called 'Occam's Razor,' and accept the simplest theory. That simple theory being that visitors from outside our planet were here in our ancient past, and built the megalithic structures that can be found around the world.

Given that modern science is fraught with its own politics, compounded by the fact that scientists are beholden to the corporate masters that pay their fat salaries, I have no hope that archeology will officially recognize reality, and admit that the mysterious cyclopean structures of antiquity were not built by early human prodigies, but by non-human (or non-terrestrial) beings of unknown origin.

The Bible as well as numerous other ancient traditions make cryptic references to those alien visitors, calling them Nephilim, or 'the Sons of God,' or (in other cultures) star-people or star-brothers, Annunaki, and other terms. Again, the wise men of 'science' dismiss all those references as 'religious myths,' thereby absolving themselves of any need to investigate further.

Regardless of the ignorance of archeology, the plain evidence is that Earth has been visited by extra-terrestrial beings in the past. The big question is: will they come back again?

February 17, 2014

It's All A Game!

That's right, folks; in case you haven't figured it out yet, 
it's all a game. Life, that is. And I'm not trying to be flippant.
 This is a truth I finally faced many years ago, but it's hard to convey it to other people who haven't got it yet.

To spell it out, I'm saying that all the various systems we've devised over the centuries, and that have come to define our civilization-- they're all games. As in artificial constructs of the human mind, developed for a number of purposes, most having to do with money in one way or another. If they didn't start off as games, they eventually became full-blown games. Let me illustrate.

Take the main institutions of our societies-- religion, economics, government, education, arts, sports and entertainment, the military and police; that just about covers the gamut. They are all mere fabrications of human imagination. There is nothing ineluctably 'natural' about any of them, as we've come to accept them. Sure, we need governance of some kind; we need an economy of sorts; we enjoy the arts and entertainment; we instruct our younger generations in some fashion. But, here's the thing-- none of those institutions must exist in the forms we've developed.

Due to the degeneracy of the human psyche, we made them all into games... but we don't want to acknowledge that fact, so we pretend that they are the way they are by some natural process. We treat them with a seriousness they don't deserve.

What is a game, anyhow? It's an artificial, created environment in which players participate, generally competing with each other, according to established rules of play, in order to gain some recognized reward. Isn't that exactly how our institutions function?

Take the military for example. We are led to believe that every nation must have a military for 'protection.' Well, fine; nothing wrong with defending your turf. But, is that what happens? No; the army is one of the most obvious games. The players are rigorously ranked according to rigid rules of hierarchy. To advance, a player must demonstrate various leadership traits. These traits are best demonstrated in war, which is the ostensible raison d'etre of military. Therefore, any pretext for engaging in battles is welcomed, if not precipitated. The losers of this game are usually killed or injured. I didn't say the outcomes are frivolous.

The education game is one that we all are familiar with since it has been made mandatory in most countries. After a few years of the daily conditioning, we learn the rules-- how we are expected to behave, and what we are expected to 'know' and regurgitate back to the already-programmed instructors. It's another rigid system, with rules galore, mostly meaningless rewards, but taken very seriously by all. As if to reinforce the foolish lesson desired by our controllers, we now have 'graduation ceremonies' complete with silly mortar-board hats for kids going from kindergarten to grade one. What they are teaching us, dear people, is deference to authority, and swallowing the 'accepted wisdom' of every facet of knowledge.

The economy is a colossal game which started off with the good intention of being a means to distribute wealth in an orderly manner. We have made it into a covert casino-- which is an ultimate, obvious gaming house. In the global, economic casino, the 'house' has rigged the bets and the machines so that they collect almost all the wealth. They allow a few lucky blokes to win a small pot every so often to keep the common folks invested in the games.

Under unchecked corporate capitalism, the global economy has become a virtual pyramid-scheme. Think of it; it's completely predicated on the expectation that more rubes are going to continue to join the frenzy of consumption and spending in order that the earlier players can continue to reap 'profits' from the cycle.

Numerous spin-off games have been generated from the original, simple economy. The stock market is perhaps the prime example. And if you think to disagree, then step it up a notch to the derivatives markets-- pure gambling on what may or may not occur days, weeks, or months down the road.

Religion seems to have been one of the original games. I don't believe it started that way. God may very well have revealed himself in some circumstances to our ancestors. In fact, our early forebears may have been much more attuned to the spiritual aspect of reality than we are today, in our overwhelmingly artificial, technocratic society. (So don't be too quick to dismiss the 'hidden reality' that is beyond your present ability to perceive.) But, it wasn't long before the opportunists saw the opportunity in a situation calling for belief in an unseeable dimension. Installing themselves as go-betweens, these religious shysters modelled their institutions along the same lines as all other human agencies, devising titles, roles, rules, and so on. Perfect.

Don't misunderstand-- I'm not saying some games aren't serious or useful. But even those that appear to have genuine function have been perverted by the born gamers to be another avenue to riches, fame, or power for themselves. If you can't play the game well, then too bad for you.

Perhaps this essay was triggered by the latest Winter Olympics, since they represent a prime example of my thesis. Here we have a whole, global institution revolving around the simple notion of getting athletes together from many nations to play games. There's now an enormous bureaucracy involved in planning, organizing, promoting, and staging these events. The sums of money involved are truly staggering. Yet, it's all about nothing more than gathering people together every four years to compete for metal trinkets. To illustrate the artificiality of it all, we now have alternating summer and winter games, so there is a big extravaganza every two years instead of four... double the fun, double the profits! If that's not enough, each Olympiad now has an associated 'Paralympic Games,' for athletes with disabilities.

The point about everything being a game is that we needn't mentally invest them with such solemnity, such power over our lives, as if they mean more than they really do. It's very unfortunate that the Powers that Be have convinced virtually the world that it matters if someone is awarded a damn Oscar, or an honorary PhD, or a Nobel Peace Prize (to belong to a class that includes 'peace-maker' Barack Obama, the war-monger president).

By programming all individuals to 'jump for the jelly-beans' (as one professional counsellor put it) as required to succeed in all the societal games, our controllers achieve a number of goals. Competing in hollow games keeps us perpetually pre-occupied with worldly, materialistic matters that saps our time and energy from seeking spiritual values. It focuses our attention on the physical stuff of life, rather than on working towards peace, total health, equitable distribution of wealth, and other higher, nobler goals. It hides from our soul-eyes the fact that life should really be about love and co-operation, than competition and worldly success. Playing these games keeps us divided and individualistic, exactly as proposed by the Darwinian, biological model.

Unlike the games of our childhood, the fabricated institutions of the adult world can be harsh, deadly sports, bringing mayhem, misery, and mortality to millions. We clearly saw this in the 20th century. We are seeing it again in these early years of the 21st. I predict right here that we will not live to see the '20s, barring divine intervention. The puppeteers behind the scenes have set in motion forces that, in multiple combination, cannot be turned back, and that are bringing destruction to the entire planet.

Sad to say-- it's game over, fellow players. Make your peace with the Creator while you can.

February 8, 2014

Heights of Olympic Hypocrisy

Here we go again-- another episode of the epitome of sporting extravaganza, the Winter Olympic Games, 2014. The venue is Sochi, in southern Russia. 
Russia, that 'evil country' that discriminates against homosexuals, bi-sexuals, the 'transgendered,' and who knows what else. 
A perfect opportunity for the hysterical, hypocritical, and sanctimonious Western media to get on their high-horses to rail against Russia's 'poor record on human rights.' Right!

At this moment (a few days before the games begin) the innocent populace of North America is getting periodic news updates from reporters at preliminary events in Sochi. And every report on the sports and the athletes is overshadowed by constant reminders of how the poor 'LGBT community' is being mistreated by those awful Russians. (LGBT = lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered... did they leave anyone out? None of the above?)

Notice, these are the same news channels that rarely ever bother to update the Western public on such things as the horrendous plight of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel, nor the injustice of the never-ending incarceration and torture of prisoners in the US facility in Guantanamo, nor the predicament of hundreds of thousands of refugees created by American support of 'rebel forces' in Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and elsewhere.

No, the public must be entertained with news of the puerile goings-on of Justin Bieber, or Katy Perry, and the latest death of some actor or musician, and so on. Only under the most carefully-scripted circumstances will the public receive occasional news on things that really matter. Right now, the powers that be will not let this chance pass unexploited to promote the cause of the poor, down-trodden sexual deviants.

Some readers-- mainly the good-hearted, liberal-minded ones-- will be outraged that I use the term deviants. Yet, pause to think a moment; these individuals are self-admitted deviants. After all, this 'community' so-called, comprises barely a few percent of the overall population. The population anywhere is overwhelmingly 'normal'-- heterosexual, as clearly intended by nature itself-- in its sexual orientation. Therefore, those who deviate from the norm are, by definition, deviant.

You won't hear that on any Western news reports. Instead, you will be 'informed' (you poor uninformed soul) that LBGT is some kind of 'new normal,' to be embraced by all, and regarded as just another 'choice' our young people can make. In fact, we are exhorted by the breathless promoters in the media to not just tolerate sexual deviancy, but to practically exalt it. You think I exaggerate. What recent history shows clearly is that once this tiny, vocal minority (LBGT) get their 'rights' officially recognized (in legislation, etc.) then their 'rights' trump all others.

In many Western jurisdictions, Christian pastors who object to same-sex marriage, for example, are forced to perform these odious ceremonies under legal sanction. Even cake-decorators who refuse to put same-sex statuettes on top of wedding cakes can be prosecuted! Clearly, the rights of people to follow their conscience in what they see as a moral issue are completely trampled underfoot by the tyranny of this deviant minority.

Yet, these same Western governments and their subservient media whores talk blatantly about 'democracy!' And especially about its supposed shortcomings in places like Russia. Isn't democracy supposed to be about the rule of the majority? If the majority are, by far, heterosexual, then how do LBGT rights over-ride all others?

Ah well, Russian readers; not to worry. All this promotion of the 'rights' of sexual deviants to define normalcy in society is not really a serious threat to Russia at this time. No, the hysteria over gay pride/rights is really meant for domestic consumption-- more conditioning of the Western public mind-set. It's all part of the ongoing scheme to destroy the basis of society-- the family unit. And it seems to be doing quite well, if you check the statistics on divorce, domestic violence, child abuse, interventions by social agencies, women in shelters, and any other yard-stick you can find.

No doubt, the Western media will also discover many other things to complain about at this latest Illuminati sports spectacular, but their 'cause du jour' will apparently remain the phoney issue of the rights of those afflicted with abnormal sexual orientation. Many of us are hoping that Mr. Putin and the Russian government will not cave in to this hypocritical nonsense.