February 8, 2014

Heights of Olympic Hypocrisy

Here we go again-- another episode of the epitome of sporting extravaganza, the Winter Olympic Games, 2014. The venue is Sochi, in southern Russia. 
Russia, that 'evil country' that discriminates against homosexuals, bi-sexuals, the 'transgendered,' and who knows what else. 
A perfect opportunity for the hysterical, hypocritical, and sanctimonious Western media to get on their high-horses to rail against Russia's 'poor record on human rights.' Right!

At this moment (a few days before the games begin) the innocent populace of North America is getting periodic news updates from reporters at preliminary events in Sochi. And every report on the sports and the athletes is overshadowed by constant reminders of how the poor 'LGBT community' is being mistreated by those awful Russians. (LGBT = lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered... did they leave anyone out? None of the above?)

Notice, these are the same news channels that rarely ever bother to update the Western public on such things as the horrendous plight of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel, nor the injustice of the never-ending incarceration and torture of prisoners in the US facility in Guantanamo, nor the predicament of hundreds of thousands of refugees created by American support of 'rebel forces' in Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and elsewhere.

No, the public must be entertained with news of the puerile goings-on of Justin Bieber, or Katy Perry, and the latest death of some actor or musician, and so on. Only under the most carefully-scripted circumstances will the public receive occasional news on things that really matter. Right now, the powers that be will not let this chance pass unexploited to promote the cause of the poor, down-trodden sexual deviants.

Some readers-- mainly the good-hearted, liberal-minded ones-- will be outraged that I use the term deviants. Yet, pause to think a moment; these individuals are self-admitted deviants. After all, this 'community' so-called, comprises barely a few percent of the overall population. The population anywhere is overwhelmingly 'normal'-- heterosexual, as clearly intended by nature itself-- in its sexual orientation. Therefore, those who deviate from the norm are, by definition, deviant.

You won't hear that on any Western news reports. Instead, you will be 'informed' (you poor uninformed soul) that LBGT is some kind of 'new normal,' to be embraced by all, and regarded as just another 'choice' our young people can make. In fact, we are exhorted by the breathless promoters in the media to not just tolerate sexual deviancy, but to practically exalt it. You think I exaggerate. What recent history shows clearly is that once this tiny, vocal minority (LBGT) get their 'rights' officially recognized (in legislation, etc.) then their 'rights' trump all others.

In many Western jurisdictions, Christian pastors who object to same-sex marriage, for example, are forced to perform these odious ceremonies under legal sanction. Even cake-decorators who refuse to put same-sex statuettes on top of wedding cakes can be prosecuted! Clearly, the rights of people to follow their conscience in what they see as a moral issue are completely trampled underfoot by the tyranny of this deviant minority.

Yet, these same Western governments and their subservient media whores talk blatantly about 'democracy!' And especially about its supposed shortcomings in places like Russia. Isn't democracy supposed to be about the rule of the majority? If the majority are, by far, heterosexual, then how do LBGT rights over-ride all others?

Ah well, Russian readers; not to worry. All this promotion of the 'rights' of sexual deviants to define normalcy in society is not really a serious threat to Russia at this time. No, the hysteria over gay pride/rights is really meant for domestic consumption-- more conditioning of the Western public mind-set. It's all part of the ongoing scheme to destroy the basis of society-- the family unit. And it seems to be doing quite well, if you check the statistics on divorce, domestic violence, child abuse, interventions by social agencies, women in shelters, and any other yard-stick you can find.

No doubt, the Western media will also discover many other things to complain about at this latest Illuminati sports spectacular, but their 'cause du jour' will apparently remain the phoney issue of the rights of those afflicted with abnormal sexual orientation. Many of us are hoping that Mr. Putin and the Russian government will not cave in to this hypocritical nonsense.

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  1. Fantastic analysis as usual...It's obvious to all of us who can see...