July 24, 2014

Black Days in July, 2014

Stupefaction. That's what I feel as I see/hear reporting from the mainstream media on the 'situation' in Gaza. As they've done for decades, the miserable 'msm' continues to characterize the massacre in Gaza as a 'war.' This is like calling rape 'sexual contact.'

War takes place between opposing armies. The Palestinians have no air force, no navy, no army, and no heavy weapons of any kind. Israel has all four of those appurtenances of war. How in bloody hell can anyone call this a war? What the Israeli military is doing in Gaza is genocide, ethnic cleansing, murder.

For heaven's sake, even a half-awake, adult televiewer should be capable of simple math. Take a look at the flipping casualty numbers, even as reported by the biased msm. For every Israeli killed (and they're up to about 20 total, as I write) there are 40 Palestinians. (It's far worse in the case of injured numbers, but I don't have the figures at this time.)

And the dumbstruck masses in the comfortable, Western world swallow this verbal mesmerizing with nary a twinge of cognitive dissonance. In the next breath, msm 'news broadcasters' are telling us about the airliner crash in Ukraine, and how horrible it is that young children had to perish in that deliberate act of violence against innocent civilians. Hello! How's that again?

Are those news-readers so utterly brain-dead? They just read out that over 800 Palestinians have been killed by the Israelis, and most of the victims were women and children, and non-soldiers. Yet it's just a statistic; there are never any tears available for Palestinian civilians, no matter how young they are. Only politically-correct, 'Western' people and Israelis are worthy of sympathy.

For you younger readers, it's always been that way in the msm, particularly in America. In the Middle East, if you're an Arab you're under blanket suspicion of being a terrorist. If you're a Palestinian Arab, then, case-closed, you ARE a terrorist by definition, regardless of age and gender.

The last time Israel pursued this same, senseless slaughter, the world waited until over 1100 Palestinians had been massacred before exerting enough pressure on the criminal Israeli government that they finally stopped the madness. How many more helpless people have to die this time before, once again, the bully is finally dragged away from his murderous sport?   

July 22, 2014

Which Group Are You In?

Presently, there are basically three types of people inhabiting the moral landscape of this age. 
First, predictably, are those who don't know what's going on in the world, and don't care. They are often proud of their ignorance. 'Why should I care?' they hurl at anyone who would hint at their lack of awareness of anything beyond their tightly corralled world. Sad to say, it seems that this group is always the largest segment of most populations.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the small group that really knows, to a relatively large extent, what is going on in the wider world. Perforce, they know that our situation is precarious with respect to the environment, the food and energy supply system, the leveraging of security concerns to remove our basic freedoms, the shaky economy, the real possibility of global war, and so on. This group is always the smallest because it requires not only perception of current events, but the stomach to look at, and accept, certain facts that are undeniably bleak. The majority just don't have that kind of fortitude.

In the middle are those who have just enough information to be dangerous. Oh, they pride themselves on being well informed, and will happily bestow on you the pearls of their opinions. The big problem is that these people have no perception, no insight, no real clue how things really work. What they do, essentially, is what we were all taught in school-- to learn what 'the experts' tell us is true, and then regurgitate it on demand. This group watches the tri-literal, mainstream news, and maybe even the 'talking head' discussion shows... and they then think they know everything.

That group of pseudo-pundits is dangerous because of their self-delusions. Thinking they are wise, they don't bother to look beyond the facades, the obvious, the lies told to them by their trusted sources. Thus, they can never have the truth on anything, merely the illusions supplied by the Matrix.

These are the 'Christians' who know they must support Israel, no matter how many innocent civilians her troops murder under their flimsy, self-serving platitudes. These are the atheists who know that life just sprang from muck and then evolved to humanity. These are the fear-filled sheep who will accept any indignity and surrender of freedom if they receive the empty promise of security in exchange.

The lesson was brought home to me (again) recently when I received an unexpected 'talking to' by e-mail from a distant relative. Having seen something that incensed his political sensibilities on my Facebook wall, he felt righteously indignant enough to deliver a lengthy diatribe to set me straight. Of course, the missive was simply a re-hash of the propaganda we get daily from the national news channels. As I hit the delete key with a groan, it hit me that this kind of hollow excretion that the masses regard as knowledge is probably typical of a whole class of modern fool.

Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions. Proverbs 18:2

There are none so enslaved as those who think they are free when they are not. Goethe

July 12, 2014

The Game of Life

As the self-aware, cognitive life-form on this planet, homo sapiens is inclined to ponder certain transcendental questions such as 'Why are we here?'
 For perhaps most individuals this question rarely pricks their consciousness, as we seem to prefer not to wrestle with such imponderables. Besides, there are numerous, pre-packaged solutions to these questions, gleefully offered by various religions of all persuasions, or philosophies, or even 'rationalist' schools. The fact that the answers from these purveyors of intangible snake-oil span a huge range of possibilities does not bother the adherents of any particular example. So, you will bear with me, surely, as I take another plunge into these speculative waters.

Having survived several decades to date, I have attained some hard-won understanding of human life and what it's all about. True believers of any faith generally think that we exist as God's creations and are here to live out our lives according to strict instructions imparted thru holy writ (of whatever stripe). The non-religious seem to accept the idea that human life is essentially a random event and we might as well live in accord with man-reasoned tenets of good behavior, for the good of all.

My experience keeps reinforcing the view that we are, in fact, God's creatures; but we are engaged in a cosmic contest-- a game, if you will-- of which we are not even aware as we dumbly sleepwalk thru our days. The first objective of the game, therefore, is to discover it exists!

The goal of the game of life is to wake up! Smell the coffee of reality, and stop living in the dream world. 'What is the dream world?', you ask, still thinking that, while others may be asleep, you are surely wide awake. Unless and until you are fully cognizant that our collective reality is a total illusion, my friend, you are still asleep, metaphorically speaking.

Yes, pauve lecteur, all that you think you know about this world is mostly lies! About the only things you can count on are the clear revelations of common sense. Things like the force of gravity, the value of exercise, the danger of deep water, etc. That's why so much effort is expended in killing our common sense. Learned men and women are awarded 'doctorates' and appear on TV as 'experts' to convince us of all manner of nonsense that contradicts our common sense. They are immensely successful thanks to the power of persuasion exercised by the mass media.

Recently, certain pundits have been propounding the notion that we create our own reality thru the power of our thoughts. That's not what I'm talking about. That theory, carried to its logical extent, would lead to chaos. What I refer to is the world of deception fabricated by forces inimical to human life, whose ultimate aim is the destruction of humankind.

You don't believe me, yet the evidence is all around us. You are still clinging to the comfort of the illusion by which you've lived your whole life. To let go of it by opening your spiritual eyes is akin, you fear, to jumping out of a boat in darkness. You can never win the game with that mind-set.

Why should you bother with this stupid game, anyway? Because if you don't, you are vulnerable to every kind of manipulation as you operate by the delusions of the Matrix. Moreover, you risk losing the prize of infinite value, which is genuine and eternal life in a world beyond our ability to grasp.

What is the nature of that illusory world? The lies and illusions are so deep and ensconced in our society that it would take a separate essay to begin to describe them. Here I am providing merely a brief survey to shake you up, attempting to wake you from the lethargy of consensus reality. Waking up means growing up. You have to forego the spoon-fed reality served up by the media, the opinion-shapers, the talking heads, the rabid radio pundits, the professors, the PR spokespersons. You have to (gulp!) do some homework.

The fabricated reality, like Trueman's show (the movie) pretends that the world is basically sunny-- a well-ordered society that is occasionally punctuated by wars, and other 'temporary problems.' It portrays a world where our (Western) governments are basically sound, and worthy. Even if politicians are self-serving, the system is able to tolerate such things, because the electoral process will restore order. Democracy prevails. So we are assured.

We are also told that capitalism is the greatest economic system to be found; the natural order of economics. We are not told how, left unregulated, capitalism will enslave us to its insatiable greed. We are raised to take it for granted that money as debt is the normal order. Never do we question why banks are allowed to take our money and lend it out-- over and over, in effect many times more than its real value.

People speak proudly of how we enjoy freedom in the West because we get to elect our over-lords every few years. Big deal! Does no one think about how those officials got to be elected? Or how they govern, once installed in office? Or why governments shroud themselves with walls of secrecy in our 'democratic' society?

If the sheeple would open their eyes they'd begin to notice that their world is hardly as secure and well-ordered as those Powers that Be want them to believe! The Fukushima nuclear disaster is spreading harmful radioactive particles across the Pacific via oceanic and atmospheric currents. Like tobacco smoke, it may not kill us in days, but it can cause premature death, or later cancers, and damage our DNA.

Those endless wars in the far-away Middle-East, and now Ukraine, are entirely pointless, useless, immoral, illegal transgressions based completely on egregious lies. A dozen or more years of 'the War on Terror,' has done absolutely nothing to make us safe from terrorism. The only aim was to create chaos... while a few capitalist entities and their owners make enormous profits.

Okay, some of you think you must be awake because you 'know' that these wars are really about securing petroleum resources and delivery routes. Some others, church-goers, think that it's all about what happens to poor little Israel, that outpost of democracy surrounded by all those nasty moos-lims. Whatever your monoscopic viewpoint, you still think we can elect some new officials and they'll do what we want them to, and clean up the messes.

Look; let me spell it out. This world is a huge scam; it's a racket run by the worst racketeers you could ever imagine. Our world is now run by gangsters in Armani suits, educated in ivy-league schools, cynically knowing how to subvert the system to their own gain... and our profound loss. Evil forces have been scheming for long ages to subjugate all peoples to the iron grip of a miniscule, psychotic cadre of elitists who regard it as their 'right' to assume absolute control regardless of how many innocents have to be murdered on the way.

There is no Tooth Fairy, dear readers. There is no democracy in any real sense. The new natural order of things is chaos. That's the much-balleyhooed 'New World Order! 'Ordo ab chao;' they fling it right in our faces on every US green-back. And the majority never notice, as long as they can still exchange it for more consumer stuff.

Don't you see? Everything you see/hear on the mass media is fabricated for your viewing pleasure. It's not meant to inform you. The politicians use maudlin patriotism to stir your fluttering heart, while by-passing your numbed brain. Scientists will publish anything to save their funding and their jobs.

The PTB want you to believe that humans are nothing more than the current high-point of impossible evolution that started from slime. They want you to accept unthinkingly that the only ethic is 'survival of the fittest,' (and even that, they misinterpret from Darwin's intention). They want you to embrace noble, 'liberal' and 'tolerant' ideals so that you defend and promote their homosexual agenda. And, you should be ready to welcome immigrants from anywhere... except when they come from Muslim or 'socialist' countries.

You'll know you've finally awakened when you utter something like 'Oh my God; it looks as if everything I believe is really a full or partial lie!' Yes, when you start to realize that the whole intellectual infrastructure of the Western world is based on deception-- then you can claim your reward. You've won the game of life!

What is the prize? Remember the old saying, virtue is its own reward? Similarly, consciousness is also its own reward. And it's not to be denigrated. You will see that knowing when you are being played, and being able, therefore, to see their stratagems is valuable. This insight is what gives you true freedom, because then your choices are based on reality, not on illusion. Then your outcomes are predictable and reliable, not phantasms based on psychological tricks, subject to rude awakenings.

Now that you've gained 'level-1' of the game of life, you're qualified and able to use that position to open other prison doors that hedge your life. If politics is an illusion, if economics is an illusion, and education, and so on, then so is science, to a great extent. Don't stop peeking behind the curtains of any branch of knowledge, thinking it must be solid and dependable. Keep searching. Seek, knock, ask. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7)