July 24, 2014

Black Days in July, 2014

Stupefaction. That's what I feel as I see/hear reporting from the mainstream media on the 'situation' in Gaza. As they've done for decades, the miserable 'msm' continues to characterize the massacre in Gaza as a 'war.' This is like calling rape 'sexual contact.'

War takes place between opposing armies. The Palestinians have no air force, no navy, no army, and no heavy weapons of any kind. Israel has all four of those appurtenances of war. How in bloody hell can anyone call this a war? What the Israeli military is doing in Gaza is genocide, ethnic cleansing, murder.

For heaven's sake, even a half-awake, adult televiewer should be capable of simple math. Take a look at the flipping casualty numbers, even as reported by the biased msm. For every Israeli killed (and they're up to about 20 total, as I write) there are 40 Palestinians. (It's far worse in the case of injured numbers, but I don't have the figures at this time.)

And the dumbstruck masses in the comfortable, Western world swallow this verbal mesmerizing with nary a twinge of cognitive dissonance. In the next breath, msm 'news broadcasters' are telling us about the airliner crash in Ukraine, and how horrible it is that young children had to perish in that deliberate act of violence against innocent civilians. Hello! How's that again?

Are those news-readers so utterly brain-dead? They just read out that over 800 Palestinians have been killed by the Israelis, and most of the victims were women and children, and non-soldiers. Yet it's just a statistic; there are never any tears available for Palestinian civilians, no matter how young they are. Only politically-correct, 'Western' people and Israelis are worthy of sympathy.

For you younger readers, it's always been that way in the msm, particularly in America. In the Middle East, if you're an Arab you're under blanket suspicion of being a terrorist. If you're a Palestinian Arab, then, case-closed, you ARE a terrorist by definition, regardless of age and gender.

The last time Israel pursued this same, senseless slaughter, the world waited until over 1100 Palestinians had been massacred before exerting enough pressure on the criminal Israeli government that they finally stopped the madness. How many more helpless people have to die this time before, once again, the bully is finally dragged away from his murderous sport?   

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