September 27, 2014

Layers of Reality

Most people assume that the world they perceive is the 'real world,' the true state of existence. Yet this view is woefully inadequate, as politicians cynically acknowledge with the remark that 'perception is reality.' In other words, appearances create what people think is reality.
In this world of the 21st century, the creation of artificial reality is far deeper than the mere generation of computer simulations. Software like Photoshop can be used to aid the more elaborate fabrication of broad social consensus, but is only a recent addition to the arsenal of techniques used to shape perceptions.

This is what I'm talking about-- the moulding of public beliefs by means of a variety of techniques and subterfuges. Those in positions of power have always used language and duplicity to try to sway public opinion. In the late 19th century Freud introduced the purported scientific approach to the study of human psychology, and his nephew, Edward Bernays, took the new science to the next level with his study into the power of mass persuasion-- what we call propaganda, and the corporate/government world calls 'public relations.'

Propaganda needs a vehicle, a means of propagating thru a population, and that means is the modern, mass-communications media, usually referred to simply as the media. The great masses of people are immersed in a totally artificial bubble of manufactured reality. It is fabricated by means of the media; and the various players that comprise the mainstream media ('msm') are all under the control of the same oligarchy. Hence, all emissions from the msm present a message that is homogenous and aimed at achieving specific goals. Those goals are to destroy our traditional beliefs and values while replacing them with new ones of their design.

Altho most people can't imagine it, the education system plays a essential role in the construction of the matrix of illusion that constitutes 'consensus reality' for the vast masses. All the while we are being taught basic cognitive skills such as reading and math, we are simultaneously learning other, less helpful lessons, quite unconsciously. Our schools condition our minds to defer to the authority of hierarchical structures, and of designated 'experts' whose 'knowledge' takes precedence over our common sense. Only prescribed text books can be used in schools, and those books are written, edited, and approved by the experts. You have only to compare today's text books in any subject with their counterparts from 40 years ago to see how the modern versions are made to confuse students and frustrate teachers.

By the time young adults graduate, they have absorbed the version of reality created by the control matrix. Otherwise they 'fail' (as we say) and become misfits of some sort. It is well known that once we learn something, it is very difficult to later learn anything new since new learning requires 'unlearning' the previous 'truth.' What we really mean is that we hate to abandon an outmoded notion, perhaps because of the mental and emotional investment involved in acquiring information.

When a particular paradigm is being reinforced day-in and day-out, it is small wonder that the majority of the populace simply accept it as true regardless of how dubious are its premises. This, despite the supposed lesson from Nazi Germany that 'if you repeat a lie often enough, most people will come to believe it, no matter how implausible it is.' So it is, that the American public can be persuaded into accepting, even supporting all manner of illogical and self-damaging attitudes and policies foisted on them by their over-lords.

Among the falsehoods imposed on, and absorbed by the public are things like the conviction that they live in a democracy, that they have freedom of expression, that the media are independent and broadcast mostly true stories, that certain nations are their friends and others their enemies, that they are in constant danger of attacks by 'terrorists,' for which reason they must surrender basic rights in order to gain 'security' from their government.

You can find long lists of such erroneous beliefs if you do a bit of searching on the Internet, tho most people seem more interested in searching for celebrity gossip and updating their Facebook page. Yet thanks to the Internet, many individuals are becoming more aware of the fact that the news from the msm cannot be believed, and are turning to alternative sources for learning about the world.

This turning away from the Ministry of Propaganda is good, but it comes with new problems. Since there are so many different voices in the 'alternative media,' people can end up simply finding one that aligns with their own preconceptions. At that point, you can see that such people have raised their awareness to a certain extent, yet they cannot learn the true state of the world by adopting another still monocular outlook. Americans are especially prone to falling into this trap, so entrenched are they in the 'binary politics' of left vs right.

Other persons may raise their views above this kind of 'biased independence' by surveying a wider range of websites, and thereby move to a higher layer of reality. Even at this level you find proponents of very narrow opinions on the underlying basis of reality. For example, they might insist that the power behind the obvious conspiracy is the Vatican, or the Jesuits, or a variety of other well-known culprits. Again, I would argue that while they may be more sophisticated in their paradigm than the unawake masses, they are still hampered by a limited, doctrinaire vision.

Hence I write of layers of reality, each layer observed by successively fewer individuals, and offering a more accurate version of the true state of affairs. In that structure, the perception hierarchy resembles in a kind of mirror fashion the occult pyramid flashed in our very faces on the back of the US dollar bill.

Because there's a definite spiritual dimension to the occult paradigm, secular (atheist) observers can never grasp the whole, true picture, which is, to cut to the chase, that the cap-stone of the occult pyramid represents none other than the Great Deceiver himself, Satan. He is quite satisfied that he has convinced millions of 'humanists' that he doesn't exist!

Meanwhile, Christians, whom you would expect would have an advantage, likewise fail to see the true picture of reality. Yes, they may know that Satan is the 'capo-stone' of the whole criminal enterprise, but they are confused about the layers of 'middle management,' the agents who execute his orders. This is not a trivial ignorance; it's so bad that legions of misguided 'Christians' are actually aiding and abetting the one they call their mortal enemy!

That's a matter for another essay, but suffice to say that in blindly following unscrupulous preachers, many Christians are part of the control matrix that is driving humanity to self-extinction. Truth is related to spirituality, to which 'religion' is regrettably a barrier.

Does anyone, then, see the world as it truly is? Jesus said 'I am the way, the truth, and the life;' only one with Christ-consciousness can see ultimate reality-- the true world state. Yet the more spiritually conscious one is, the more that person perceives the true world.

So there it is, ladies and gentlemen-- layer upon layer of 'reality' as it appears to the observers, in proportion to the sophistication of their world view. Which layer do you inhabit? And how comfortable are you in that level of falsity? And finally, what are you going to do about it?