October 20, 2014

No More Heroes!

The recent announcement of the young woman, Malala Yousefzai, as the 2014 recipient (jointly) of the Nobel Peace Prize, underscores several things about the state of the world. For those of us who didn't pay much attention to Nobel prize winners, in various categories, over the years, the awarding of the Peace Prize to Barack Obama was a shock. It indicated conclusively that even the Nobel committees are under the control of the Rothschild international banker Zionist elite who control virtually every other institution in the Western world and beyond.

So the awarding, this year, of the prize to Ms. Yousefzai has to be viewed with considerable suspicion. In fact, the whole story of her brave defiance of fundamentalist fanatics in Pakistan, her amazing recovery in Britain from gunshot wounds, and her subsequent elevation to poster-child stardom are all highly suspicious. It's a made-for-Hollywood script, one that the average person immediately wants to believe.

I, too, would like to believe this tale of bravery, etc.; but sadly, I cannot. Back when Malala started her new career as figurehead for female education and women's rights, perceptive observers were asking questions. Like, why does she make no mention of illegal US drone strikes in Pakistan that have killed far more children than the fundamentalists? She seems to stay well within the confines of a prescribed text in her public pronouncements. And in return, she gets the adulation and perks familiar now to all rock-stars.

And that's how I know she's got to be fake. Because no-one, anymore, gets to be a hero strutting and fretting on the world stage, except with the express benediction of those hidden Powers that Be who control everything that we are allowed to know. It's well known how the uber-stars of the entertainment world, who rise from childhood to demi-gods almost overnight, are those who have sold their souls to the industry demons. The list of such 'phenoms' is long and sad, and includes also the too-early deaths of several who tried to escape the clutches of their deal with the devil.

Clearly, the same web of control of public heroes now extends to all spheres. You can't get elected to a political office (of any import) without the approval of the illuminated ones. You can't create a multi-billion-dollar business unless the hidden powers grant their backing. You can't remain a Hollywood icon unless you play ball with those mysterious moguls. You don't write a 'best-seller' unless it contributes in some way to the hidden agenda.

In every arena of public life, only those people who give their allegiance to the Illuminati (as a one-word descriptor of these manipulators) have access to the media spotlight. Since they own and control the major media, and since most people base their views on what they see and hear in those media, then the Illuminati create reality for the vast majority.

If the UN and the 'global community' should start pointing fingers at Israel's atrocious abuses of the Palestinians and continued illegal settlements, well then the mainstream media simply create some new flim-flam story to run in all the franchises, and presto! they've diverted the attention of the harried masses, and the atrocities continue uninterrupted.

That's it, folks-- sorry to inform you, but there are no more genuine heroes; only fictitious heroes created and promoted by the people who create your world, and whom you've never heard of. They are the ones who exalted Albert Einstein to scientific sainthood; who trashed the life and reputation of Nicola Tesla, while making his nemesis, Thomas Edison, into the great American folk hero. That's how they fabricate history, using their economic and many other levers, like some kind of arrogant demi-gods. That's life in the artificial reality of the 21st century Matrix.

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