January 23, 2015

Lessons from Zombies

If you recall, 2014, was notable, among other things, as the year of the zombies. We had movies about zombies, music videos about zombies, even DHS/FEMA training exercises aimed at quelling zombie insurgencies. Even in a culture characterized by such transient and farcical fads, it was puzzling where all this interest in zombies came from.
Many people are awakening to the fact that virtually nothing happens by accident in this world, especially in entertainment. So, was this ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ just for scary amusement, or could there be more to the story?
What is a zombie, anyway? A zombie is supposed to be a dead person whose body (but not soul) has been revivified by some sort of black magic. Thus, the corpse staggers around as if alive, but is really dead. ‘Sound familiar— read on.

What got my interest piqued was the phrase ‘zombie economics’ that I saw somewhere (can’t recall where). For some years now, the US economy has been in serious trouble, with high unemployment and underemployment, shrinking real incomes, a shrinking middle class, 50 million people on government subsidies, mortgage foreclosures, ad nauseum. But… you’d never know it, to look at the Dow-Jones stock index. No, the index has soared over the past several years since 2009, and apparently, investors are getting rich.

Same story with the US dollar. Given the economic indicators (apart from the stock indices) and a national debt in the $18 trillion range (i.e. not repayable, ever), any other currency would be in the toilet. Not so, the US green-back. With the application of economic black magic— described as ‘quantitative easing’ or ‘liquidity’ in the mumbo-jumbo— currency speculators have flocked to the dollar keeping its value artificially inflated.

Even as the price of oil, currently, continues to drop or languish at very low values, the dollar is viewed as a ‘safe haven’ by the speculators. It’s the Ponzi-scheme mentality at work  here— each participant is gambling that he’ll make his profit and move on before the whole thing collapses when no new suckers can be found to put their funds into the scheme.

It’s a similar story in most other institutions of the Western, particularly American, society. Take ‘freedom of speech’ as a topical example. While crowds of brain-numbed Parisians and others marched so that Charlie Hebdo might enjoy free speech, the French gov’t arrested comedian Dieudonne’ on the charge of using an arm motion that resembles a Nazi salute! Free speech in the West has been dead for years, since 9-11-01 basically, yet the populace will march in the streets to celebrate it. Does the irony get any thicker?

Ditto for the legal system. There are multitudes of laws on the books, but they apply only to the poor and middle classes. For the rich, there are no laws… unless you piss off one of the uber-rich over-seers of society. The ‘law officers’, the police, apparently get zero training on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; they just don’t care about such details. If you happen to arouse their suspicions (as more and more things seem to) they may investigate, even arrest you, and you can try to invoke the law later before the courts. 

By now, I think most readers get the point. Our vaunted, Western institutions are factually DEAD! They only appear to persist by staggering on under the influence of the black magick applied by the hidden manipulators of our culture. 

As I say, the dollar is really dead, but persists as a viable currency thanks to the machinations of the Federal Reserve and the London sorcerers. The other institutions, such as our envied freedoms, our legal systems, etc., are likewise being sustained after they have really died, due to the illusions conjured by our controlled major mass media. 

The media tout freedom of expression when it comes to promoting sexual and other perversions of all kinds, presented in the guise of artistic freedom. Yet, just try to get opposing opinions aired on TV or in print, and it’s either totally boycotted, or denounced as politically incorrect ‘hate speech.’ The gate-keepers decide what is worthy of free speech/expression.

Clearly folks, we are living in zombie-land. Our cherished institutions, once the pinnacle of our ostensible civilization, are d-e-a-d. They stagger on, as if still alive. When these conventions are tested in time of need, they collapse into the dust, as any corpse must.

As they so often do, the hidden Powers That Be, who orchestrate all the big moves, have used the zombie meme as another piece of their ‘predictive programming’ pay-op on society. It’s another case of their telling us in allegory what is taking place right in front of our zombified eyes. You can either be entertained in ignorance, or jolted awake by seeing the reality!

January 22, 2015

The Magic of BS

We humans are a curious lot. That much, everyone knows. But the extent of our peculiarity is appreciated by few. Perhaps nothing about us is as weird as our gullibility. 
While a very few humans are able, eventually, to detect the odor of fresh b.s. issuing forth from fellow homo sapiens, the vast majority show a terrible propensity for swallowing the most outrageous nonsense, provided it is presented subtly enough. If you accept the Bible in either literal or even allegorical terms, this probably doesn't come as a surprise. After all, the first couple, Adam and Eve, were easily duped into believing the deceptions of the snake, as the story goes. And, we've all been falling into the same traps, ever since.

Apparently, there is something in human nature that makes us susceptible to believing things that are, under objective scrutiny, quite counter-productive, even harmful to us as individuals and as a species. Yet, we are born with an instinct for what's called common sense, which is pretty useful when not over-ridden with 'reason.' So in order to deceive us, certain conditions need to be put in place first.

Our thinking, in this modern age, has become befuddled as we live predominantly in mass enclaves called cities, far from the beneficial influence of nature. Living in dense societies promotes the normalcy of group-think without our even being aware it is happening. One could cite numerous examples of 'facts' we accept without question because we've been acclimatized to them from birth... by people who have similarly assimilated them. 

For example, the system assures us that industry and commerce are essential for jobs and a sound economy, and therefore some risk to our environment must be tolerated in exchange. We in the enlightened West are told that we enjoy the freedom of democracy therefore it is imperative to send troops thousands of miles away to fight shadowy, supposed terrorists who would somehow attack us at home. We are told that we have freedom and tolerance for 'diversity' of 'lifestyles' therefore we must promote minority views on all manner of cultural matters, including sexual orientation, race, religion, and so on. We must promote those minorities even at the expense of curtailing the rights of the traditions that served us so well up to now, never mind that we have no idea of the consequences of doing so.

There are many more instances, but the common factor is that they all serve to advance an agenda that is never made explicit by our corporate and government leaders. That end, if one were to extrapolate objectively from recent past experience to the present and beyond, is the breakdown of Western civilization. It sounds extreme, perhaps absurd, to anyone who hasn't stopped to thoughtfully ponder the tide of chaos rising inexorably all around us in every sphere of life.

Of course, every step in the process of destruction is sold to us as a benefit, something we should embrace. And millions of folks, of all stations in life, do just that-- they embrace the latest corrosive nonsense because... because what? Well, usually because it's become 'trendy,' which is a very appropriate word that's really a self-fulfilling prophecy! The social manipulators, via the mass media, start calling something trendy, and guess what? It often becomes exactly that, a trend. Once that happens, everyone starts to pile on the band-wagon. After a while, this trend is just another 'given' in the cultural baggage of the citizenry, never to be questioned again.

You think I exaggerate; so let me supply real examples from the last few decades of my own lifetime as a 'boiling frog.' Forty years ago, television was the most powerful medium and exploring new modes of expression. But there were limits, tacit and legal, on what could be spoken, what could be shown. Today, those limits are long-exceeded, and simply replaced with 'viewer advisory notices' before a program. Far from deflecting viewers away, one suspects that these notices actually encourage people to satisfy their curiosity. Younger viewers can't imagine how the themes and innuendo in today's broadcasts make those of yore look laughably innocent. 

I'll enumerate some more examples of the destruction agenda, without elaborating on them:
- 'advanced countries' of the world have been building and using nuclear power plants for about half a century; yet the problem of disposing of spent radioactive fuel has never been properly addressed. They just keep storing it locally, hoping for a magic solution to appear.
- the USA has been involved in one war or another since the end of WW2, is presently engaged in several costly wars, yet there is not a shred of evidence that these wars have ever resulted in benefits for the American public. The only winners are the suppliers of gov't services and military equipment.
- the annual budget allotment for the US military establishment is roughly half a trillion dollars-- enough money to end poverty in Africa, or eradicate many diseases worldwide, or feed every starving person, etc. etc. But instead, the money is flushed down the toilet of weapons, mass murder, and lining the bank accounts of a few.
- in the never-ending search for 'resources' by the global ponzi-scheme called capitalism, forests are cleared, mountains levelled, oceans stripped of fish, and farmland turned into urban wasteland. This process is sold to us as normal, necessary, and good for the economy.

With minimal reflection these policies are seen for what they are-- obscene, and destructive of the planet and society we inhabit. Yet they proceed 'as if there's no tomorrow;' for indeed, there is no long-term future for humanity. These self-annihilating actions have essentially reached a point of no return. To reverse them-- and almost all would have to be included-- is too difficult, if not impossible with our present technology and mind-set. It's just a question now of when, not if, the planet will become unlivable.

We refer to our race as 'homo sapiens', or 'thinking man.' But to examine our conduct over a mere few thousand years (trivial in geological terms) you'd think we'd more accurately be labelled as 'irrational man.' How could we possibly have come to the point of global destruction in the few hundred years since the 'Age of Enlightenment' ushered in the Industrial Age?

This is where we see what I call the power or the magic of b.s. (i.e. bullshit). For at every step of the project (and for a certain select few, it is a project) cleverly-packaged nonsense was sold to either the ruling elites, or later, directly to the masses. It's the ultimate exercise of 'b.s. baffles brains.' 

But, it required careful planning. First, it was imperative to dumb-down the populace by various means. The Industrial Revolution removed people from the countryside and an attachment to nature, and thrust them into depressing urban dormitories. Man-made cities became the normal environment, an artificial existence far removed from the lesson-book of nature with its flora and fauna of which we were originally part.

While the masses were now employed in dreary production of 'goods,' a few enlightened souls convinced the masters that children ought not to endure such labors. Seizing a golden opportunity, the elites then devised mass education, along the lines of the industrial model. Wonderful! A more effective means of indoctrinating the next generation could hardly be found. Compulsory public education provides the ideal avenue for instilling the views, values, and mores of the ruling but hidden elite. As Orwell wrote: who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.

Ironically, as the dumbing-down began, the exaltation of 'reason' also blossomed. Reason it was that assured us that there obviously was no such thing as God or He would have surely introduced Himself to us by now. Besides, our wisest professors decided that humanity, the pinnacle of creation, somehow evolved over eons from primordial slime, thru a variety of stochastic branch points, to the apes, and then to us. Rather than being created by God, it was we who created God, for various psychological reasons.

Once the Creator God was disposed of, the process of disseminating b.s. got much easier. Human reason, in service to the dark impulses of a pathological elite, had free rein to mold the innocent populace in their desired direction. In case you hadn't noticed, that direction is towards racial extinction. Only the till-now coddled citizens of the prosperous Western countries have the luxury of optimism in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. (So, go ahead, doubt me; but that doubt will soon melt into fear, as the truth emerges.)

In the 'anything-goes' culture of 20th century America, few individuals realized that the pop kultur spewing forth in torrents from Hollywood, Broadway, and all points between was really propaganda in pure form. Despite initially strong opposition from Christian and other moral authorities, the slide down the slopes of morality proceeded uninterrupted from the end of WW2 to the present. 

The directors of decay played the tolerance card liberally and skillfully. Regardless of which half of the duopoly occupied the White House, the decline of standards in the sphere of entertainment went on. With unabated cheerleading from the liberal press, the cry of artistic freedom led the downward charge. Even as the crime statistics demonstrated a remarkable correlation with the violence depicted on the TV and movie screens, the promotors denounced all attempts to curtail their 'art.'

Today we've reached a point where it seems that the battle is lost. The proponents of destruction have all but won the game since they gained virtually total control of the Western communications media. There are still many pundits who see the naked Emperor, the signs of moral and economic collapse, the depredations of the corporations, the futility of incessant foreign wars, etc. But the average person would never know it, so complete is the official stranglehold on the 'news' outlets. 

As of this writing, a recent event that underscores the gullibility of the masses is the Charlie Hebdo passion-play in Paris. A supposed three million hum-bots marched in the streets, proclaiming 'Je suis Charlie,' and upholding the virtue of 'freedom of expression' in democratic France. They also mourned the death of a dozen countrymen. Could you get such throngs to march against Israel for slaughtering 2,500 civilians (including hundreds of children) in July, 2014? Or to remember the 2,000 innocents killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria? The 'City of Light' has become 'La Cité des Illuminés' (as stated in effect by President Hollande).

And while the millions marched in support of our vaunted freedom of expression, the French police arrested comedian Dieudonné on the pretext that he used an arm motion that resembles a Nazi salute. What happened to freedom of expression? As Hobbs must have stated to Calvin in the comic strip, 'there's irony everywhere!'

No; the marionettes march for whatever cause the puppet-masters decide for them. The PTB espouse freedom of expression so long as it's in support of the agenda of the elite. Otherwise, it's a 'hate crime,' and you're ostracized, persecuted, or worse. The 'public debate' on an issue is dead. The cards are stacked by the media moguls, and the outcome is always a foregone conclusion.

Yes, we have the Internet, and thank goodness! But here, too, the invidious Powers that Be have ways to subvert the truth. Vicious 'trolls' are hired to patrol the forums and comments, and spill their vacuous venom on anything that threatens to expose truth. Most of it is obvious trash, but there may be just enough semblance of reason amid all the misspelt profanities to lead astray the sheeple, who are hoping in any case that the bad news (the truth) ain't so.

Worse than trolls, are the 'limited  hang-out' websites that have the veneer of respectability and academia, publishing articles that mix truth with error, in compelling propaganda. These sites exist to pander to every point on the political spectrum, with an admixture of religion ranging from none to mostly.  

So, here we are, at the start of 2015.  A few brave souls in the mainstream are starting to realize that things aren't really as we are supposed to believe. As always, the majority (at least in the Western sphere) proceed as if we will somehow muddle thru come what may... without ever daring to investigate just what, in fact, may come. This year will likely be a year of (more) surprises-- most of them very rude. Prepare for a rough ride, dear readers.

January 15, 2015

Systemic Subversion

We coddled citizens of the Western world grow up, most of us, in pretty congenial circumstances relative to the rest of this planet. While psychological stresses are plenty, we don’t contend with inadequate food, water, and shelter, on an everyday basis. If we are involved in an accident or fall sick, we can count on getting health care in modern hospitals. We own a lot of things; we take mobility for granted; we generally take security as normal. In short, our world is peaceful and stable enough that...
we don’t expend much reflection on its underlying assumptions, beliefs and institutions... and their effect on us individually and as a society. That’s too bad, because it makes us highly resistant to understanding why we behave as we do, and how we are manipulated into a desired group mindset.

In fact, virtually all our institutions (ie. school, church, business establishments, government) exert a covert as well as overt influence over every individual, whose purpose is to homogenize our thinking and hence, behavior in a particular direction. Now, I should state up front that I’m not saying there’s always a concerted conspiracy behind these institutions... at least not originally. I think most of them evolved in a rather organic manner, seeming to make sense at the time of inception, often emerging in very simple, unsophisticated form that may have taken centuries to reach the level we have today.

For example, originally, Christianity was more of a cult as we’d call it today. Then some well-meaning pastors took the Roman bureaucratic model and applied it to their communities and came up with the notion of church as a group of people of a like religious persuasion who sit in a big building once a week, and listen to a professional adept preach to them. The idea of ‘school’ as education for the masses of all classes emerged out of the industrial revolution. As parents were herded into batteries of factories, their children were herded into buildings where they could be trained to become useful cogs in the industrial wheels.

The institutions start off innocently, with good intentions for improving things for the people they are supposed to serve. Once in place, though, they become ideal vehicles for ultimate mischief. Ideal because they hold a captive audience, are already organized around some unifying concept (education, religion, democracy, whatever) and by nature, have some kind of command structure or hierarchy. All that’s missing in such a matrix is the mischief... and that seems to inevitably arise in every case, in one guise or another.

In the case of school, it’s the gradual, subtle, insidious construction of a mind-box around every graduate of the 12-year assembly line. This box instructs the products exactly how this world operates, how to fit in, and how to play the game by the rules. The irony is that even if this system should teach students how to think, they do it in a way that conforms to an orthodoxy that almost invariably channels their thinking in predesigned paths. Even ‘free-thinking’ graduates of this system rarely spawn truly ‘breakthrough’ ideas. Heaps of Ph.D’s are awarded annually to good students who’ve played the game properly, put in their time, paid homage to the right sacred cows, and haven’t pissed off their thesis advisor.

Many of the ‘revolutionary ideas’ have come from persons whose mental state treads the fine line of madness-- the only real escape mechanism for most of us. We recognize what we call indoctrination when we view it in another society-- for example, in the communist states. We are far less successful in acknowledging the indoctrination that occurs routinely in our own.

Religion is another of those ideal vehicles for exercising mind control. It’s all about belief in the first place, so it’s just a question of what beliefs (or whose). Your church is promoting a denominational agenda, a view of the world that was designed by back-room boys who are sold out to some specific dogma. The members are either born into the system, or likely, they have chosen to join it. If they are born into it, they can be indoctrinated either by ‘osmosis’ or by the well-known methods of education. If they join, that indicates an a priori willingness to accept the doctrines favored by the organization.

Until recent decades, the custodians of a faith had merely to thunder the dogma from the pulpits, and append suitable pictures of ethereal rewards in the hereafter, plus threats of hideous punishments to befall the unfaithful. Only in the 20th century did adherents start to question the fundaments of their faith, and either demand some changes or walk out the door to seek some other purveyor of ultimate truth. But overall, the religion game has stayed much the same for ages.

While religions all fervently proclaim their dedication to truth, the objective onlooker must conclude that there are as many truths as religious beliefs. But truth, by nature, must be unique... a conundrum of cosmic proportions! Another problem: virtually all religions claim to believe in, and promote, peace among mankind. Yet how many wars have been fought, not just between different religions, but even between different flavors of the same religion? It’s small wonder that so many thinking people have shunned the obvious irrationality of religions, and sunk into unreflective atheism or New Age humanism.

Here in the Western world, we have our ‘free press,’ by which we now include all the mass communications media. But how free, really, are the media? Let’s not forget that their raison d’etre is to make money-- we should think of them as the ‘free enterprise press.’ This means that their devotion to the notion of truth in reporting is always subordinate to the prime objective of making a profit. We may like to think that presenting the most genuine truth will always be rewarded in the marketplace, but global experience, particularly in the 20th century, has supplied ample proof that truth is a highly malleable thing in the minds of those who control the media, and very often, the ‘enhanced truth’ sells much better than the raw truth.

The last century produced the concept of propaganda as government-sponsored ‘information’ disseminated via the mass media. It also gave us the new field of advertising-- paid commercial messages-- and the related field of ‘public relations,’ which is a natural child of a liaison between propaganda and advertising. With the convergence of two big factors-- media integration and mega-mergers-- the stage was set perfectly for mass manipulation. Integration means the acquisition of one media type (e.g. a newspaper) by another type (say, a television channel). Mergers, of course, refers to the joining of two former competitors of a like genre into a bigger company. Thus we see in the USA all media being controlled by a handful of major corporations. If market forces do not ensure the homogenization of news, then less obvious forces certainly operate. Since the vast majority of Americans do not have access to, or interest in, news from foreign sources, they have virtually no idea to what degree they are brainwashed by their domestic media. And yet, in any democratic society, it is the media that play the essential role of public scrutineers of government conduct.

Sensational events have demonstrated the vital role that media play in ‘free societies.’ The assiduous investigation of a duo of reporters was instrumental in bringing down Richard Nixon for his abuses of the office of President. In 2002, the near unanimous media endorsement of George Bush’s fabricated ‘War on Terror’ ushered the US into the disastrous Iraq invasion... which they now characterize in harshly critical terms. The power of media in the modern world was predicted, eerily accurately by George Orwell, and has been analyzed cogently by Noam Chomsky.

As for governments, well, again, we clearly notice how regimes of our adversaries exercise control over the lives of their citizens. In the days of the former Soviet Union, the joke that the savvy populace bestowed on their two main media outlets was that ‘there is no pravda (truth) in Izvestia (News) and no izvestia in Pravda.' Both institutions were under the beady eyes of government censors, and there was no alternative press allowed. Today, in the free enterprise paradise, governments understand that similar control can be more acceptably achieved by subtler means. With the media in the hands of a few conglomerates that often need a favor from their regulators, it’s pretty easy to seek payment in kind. Since the swing to the political right that began in the 1980s, the intercourse between corporate officers and government officials became plainly promiscuous. Dick Cheney can go from CEO of Halliburton Inc., to VP of the Incorporated States of America, hardly skipping a beat.

Democratic governments have learned the necessity of establishing official bureaus of ‘information,’ and of having media-savvy spokespersons to explain the many benefits they bestow on their citizens. Even despite constitutional safeguards and built-in auditing functions, our governments constantly abuse the bounds of their authority and the law to pursue goals that have, traditionally, been financial in nature, but that are lately more directed to wresting greater control over the populace. To do the latter, they employ time-honored techniques, namely fear of some threat, in concert with promises of peace and security. The 21st century started with a spectacular demonstration of the use of those age-old techniques, as a terrifying new enemy was introduced in the guise of the rather vague notion of ‘terrorism,’ conveniently abbreviated to ‘terror’ by its principal and illustrious proponent, G.W. Bush.

The Bush administration made Herculean efforts to leverage the 9-11 events into a pretext for worldwide military hegemony. That their plans have hit serious obstacles is a tribute to the persistence of ‘traditional democratic values’ by ordinary citizens... and to the truism that power always attracts competitors. However, in the first Bush administration, we were subjected to a chilling demonstration of the kind of scenario described by Orwell’s dreary ‘1984’ in what could be achieved when the media are co-opted by government. In the final analysis, governments down thru the ages have always desired to direct the thinking and energies of their people into channels of docile serfdom.

Perhaps the most successful institutions in manufacturing consensual reality are the corporations. While ‘companies’ have been around for centuries, even as mega-entities (think of the Hudson Bay Co., and East India Co.) it is in the 20th century that they really gained in size and influence. By the 1920s, they had become so powerful that the US government introduced ‘anti-trust’ legislation in an attempt to curtail their steroidal growth. Regardless, companies grew into what we call ‘multi-national corporations’-- and what they prefer to characterize as ‘international companies.’

These artificial entities now go anywhere in the world, seeking the lowest wage labor and the most favorable tax environment in which to conduct their business. Wherever they go, the agenda is basically similar-- use local resources with the lowest costs possible, and that generally means little regard for the ecology and for the poor workers. Every modern corporation now employs a squad of ‘spin doctors’ whose task is to present a benign and beneficent face to the public in whatever circumstance or scandal that may arise. If the PR function is not in-house, they hire other corporations that specialize in molding public opinion.

Whether consciously or not, big corporations in diverse industries work in cooperation for PR purposes. For instance, the media companies foster the inherent assumption that corporations are essential for prosperity, providing good jobs to the working class, and paying taxes to governments. In the ‘Incorporated States of America,’ this underlying doctrine has always held mythical status. The revulsion most Americans maintain towards, not just the hated Communism, but even for socialism, is truly amazing for the rest of the civilized world to behold. Despite the obvious fact that so many citizens have been excluded from the wealth generated by corporations for their executives and major shareholders, they are nevertheless trained from birth to revere corporatism and revile socialism. An amazing demonstration of ‘the power of persuasion,’ as one ex-advertising executive describes it.

No matter what institution you consider, the aim is basically similar-- to harness the minds of the masses of people. The reasons for corralling the thinking of the population may have changed over the ages. Long ago, in the heyday of kings and nobles, it was a way to keep the ‘common people’ in line, compliant with royal rule. The church and aristocracy worked in tandem to promote ‘social order,’ wherein everyone knew his/her place-- especially the serf/layman. In the Industrial Age, the same systems persisted, joined now by the education system that reinforced the assimilation. However, since technology arose from the science that came with ‘enlightenment,’ cracks began to appear in the cultural conditioning.

Widespread education, while programmed, still inevitably provoked some independent thinking. And the advance of science brought corresponding breakdowns in the grip of religion on the mental landscape. Hence, we had some genuine progress in the social sphere: the triumph of democracy in Western society, the abolition of slavery, hard-won benefits for the working class through collective action by trade unions, social safety nets for the lowest economic class, and in most countries, some degree of medical coverage.

The very fact that all of these advances have, in our modern world, come under attack from faceless forces that would roll them back, is demonstrable proof that there are, indeed, conscious agencies guiding the programming undertaken by our institutions. The freedoms achieved as a consequence of the Enlightenment are regarded by these agencies as an unfortunate, collateral development; an aggravation that must be retracted at all costs. And so, they have used their wily means to gain control of all the institutions in order to twist them to their purpose. That purpose is to return society-- now the global populace-- to a feudal state wherein the few wealthy, powerful families exercise absolute control over the majority who are kept in poverty and servitude to the overlords.

Those who don’t believe that our social gains are under attack are more stuck in the illusion than they admit. The big shift to ‘conservatism’ that began in the 1980s was the vanguard of the trend, and entails ‘privatization’ of many former public functions. In the process of putting public services into the hands of corporations, the profit motive is sold as ensuring 'new efficiencies,' while in fact, it more often brings degraded service levels and higher costs. Literal slavery has been replaced by de-facto bondage to low-wage, Mc-jobs, with no benefits and scrambled schedules. Even white-collar workers have lost ground in real terms, and realize that their jobs, too, could be sent off-shore if their employers hear excessive complaints from them.

In the past, this grasping of control was almost invariably conducted by force. In the present world, the preferred method is more circumspect-- let the people (in the ‘free’ nations) believe they are free, but rig the systems-- as described above-- to achieve what’s wanted. It’s far more cost-effective in the end. Only when ‘common people’ start to question the mesmerizing power of their institutions can they hope to regain a measure of freedom. This will not be easy, as the manipulators behind the institutions/corporations have stepped up their efforts to control society, and they are using every means available.

Some have referred to the collective influence of our institutions as ‘the Matrix,’ after the sci-fi movie. And make no mistake-- the Hollywood movie industry is a prime co-opted institution, producing its powerful, visual narcotic to numb and dumb the minds of viewers, and prepare them, using a favored medium, for predetermined attitudes. For example, you have to wonder why we’ve had such a run of ‘disaster flicks’ in the past decade. And then there’s the series of ‘alien visitation’ movies. Are they all simply random ideas cast into cinema-- or are they part of a plan to acculturate us for future events? Although The Matrix seems highly fanciful, it embodies an obvious allegorical message... Could it be a warning for our times? Time will tell.

January 11, 2015

Pedal to the Metal!

Most ‘interested’ people, even those not seriously aware, can see that
 world events have been moving at a breath-taking pace in every sphere since the turn of this century. 
These events fall into two categories: 1) a variety of natural phenomena that includes wild weather, earthquakes, volcanism, sonic booms, fireballs, and so on; and 2) man-made (or humanly-caused) events such as war, financial crises, environmental accidents (oil spills, nuclear power-plant mishaps, etc.), aircraft crashes, rail disasters, and others.

In both categories, it’s obvious that the level of frequency and intensity of all these events has increased in the last 15 years. Is there a reason why this is happening, and happening in parallel? Could there be a connection between the two classes of happenings? 

There are various theories put forth to explain the increased occurrence of activity we call natural disasters. (Of course, some simply deny anything unusual is happening at all.) Some say that it’s due to increased solar activity— fluctuating magnetic field, powerful solar flares, and possibly other effects. Another theory is that the Earth (or solar-system) is currently passing thru a region of space where there is a greater incidence of asteroids, comets, and/or cosmic radiation.

As one who has studied these events for years, I can attest that there is only one theory that can account for ALL the phenomena noted in the news. That is the Planet X hypothesis. Very briefly, this view is that a ‘10th planet’ hitherto undiscovered in the modern age, that orbits the sun in an elongated, oblique, retrograde orbit, with a period of 3600 years, is now in our solar neighborhood and affecting the Earth. 

In fact, Planet X— aka Nibiru, Hercolubus, Nemesis, etc.— is also affecting the other planets in our system. This body is actually a planetary complex, consisting of the planet itself plus an arrangement of moons, a vast debris field, and a huge ‘cloud’ of reddish dust held in a magnetic web. You can be skeptical, but when you investigate, this is the only explanation that can account for the seismic activity, fireballs, weather anomalies, geo-magnetic fluctuations, and so forth, that are occurring world-wide. 

Now, what about the second class of events, those humanly generated? Why would they be increasing at this time? If I, and a sizable group of dedicated researchers know about Planet X, then you can be absolutely sure that ‘they’ have known about it, and for a long time. They being the elitist, banker, ruling criminal cartel (aka the Illuminati), the true powers that rule from (mostly) behind the scenes, manipulating world events thru their front-line proxies, the political heads and officials in almost every country and organization. 

Since TPTB have known about ‘X’ for at least 30 years, they have been making plans for surviving what has been prophesied to be a close encounter of the worst kind. No-one knows when Nibiru will make its closest approach to the Earth, except that it must surely be ‘soon.’ For years the uber-wealthy elite have been building underground refuges and stocking them for a prolonged stay.

But, many readers will exclaim, ‘they’ (NASA or some government office) would surely have told us if a heavenly intruder with extinction-level potential was on a near-collision course with Earth. Sorry readers— it’s wake up time! Despite the evidence that ‘something’ is affecting global stability, those people in the know certainly do NOT want to inform the common humanity. They’ve got the usual, tired, incredible excuse that they ‘do not want to create panic.’ Wonderful! Let’s avoid panic and just peacefully watch 95% of the human race perish without warning in the coming global catastrophe! How thoughtful.

I hope that most of you can now see why our leaders have been behaving with such reckless abandon in the last two decades. They KNOW it’s game over; so why bother to exercise any restraint? Who cares if the oceans are polluted by petroleum, ‘Corexit,’ and nuclear radiation? Who cares if GMOs contaminate the natural gene-pool, and forests are decimated? Who cares if countries are destroyed and millions of residents killed and displaced? The world is soon going to be destroyed, so why not live for the moment and damn the consequences.

That is cynical, but it seems to capture the thinking of the elite. Why do you think the USA and other countries have refused to sign on to the ‘climate change’ international accords? Why does the US ‘Fed’ create money like confetti, with nary a care about the inevitable crash of the dollar?  Why are the foreign policy initiatives of the US gov’t getting increasingly foolhardy and desperate-looking? One could cite numerous other examples of decisions and behaviors of the leaders of the Western world that just make no rational sense to the normal mind.

You can find all kinds of cogent-sounding, jargon-filled, answers (so-called) on the Internet, and you can believe them if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. But, surely, something in the pit of your stomach is trying to tell you that what I’ve revealed here is the only paradigm that ties together all the bizarre events that have characterized this 21st century.

In the next several months (maybe years) you can expect the frantic pace of craziness to increase even more. And that’s on both fronts— ‘natural,’ and human. Naturally, as the Planet X complex nears its closest point to Earth, the magnitude and frequency of its effects will increase. For instance, as the dust ‘tail’ of Nibiru sweeps over our world, we will witness more bodies of water turning red (as has already occurred in local areas). If this sounds Biblical, I’m sure it ought to, as prophecy speaks of rivers and seas ‘turning to blood.’ 

Prophecy also tells of extreme hail-storms (Rev 15:21) and this is another effect that can be expected as the Earth wobble is exacerbated. It might also refer to showers of meteorites that occur as the Earth passes thru denser parts of the Nibiru debris field. The continental plates and every fault line will be wrenched by the gravitation of Nibiru, so that tremors will be virtually continuous after a while, and even volcanoes considered dormant will belch forth ash and lava.

On the geo-political scene, it will be as if nature’s agitation is carried over into the human realm. ‘Nation will rise against nation,’ as prophecy records it. The ruling elite will grow ever more desperate to sequester material goods for their supposed survival, and want to eliminate as much of the ‘common folk’ (i.e. you and I) as possible, to hoard more for themselves. The easy way, as always, to achieve this end is to provoke wars. You can see that the Western hegemonists have been setting the stage for war with various countries around the world (N Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, and who knows where). They’ve also been setting the stage for civil war within the USA, on racial lines or against the ‘preppers’ and patriots who bear arms. 

In Europe, the whole artificial Union experiment is falling apart, and the ‘eurocrats’ are desperate to keep it together. They forced the union of ‘iron and miry clay’ just as predicted in the Book of Daniel (ch. 2) and of course, these strong and weak economies cannot co-exist with a single currency, the Euro. It’s doomed to fail, but they will resort to any duplicity to preserve the illusion. Thus, they have opened the EU borders to floods of immigrants from mostly Islamic countries, deliberately creating a huge rift between the indigenous, white Europeans and the new-comers who largely despise the pseudo-Christian, secular culture of their adopted lands.

Probably the most acute danger at this moment is the stand-off in the Ukraine. Many other writers have described the situation, and particularly, how it could be the flash point for the final, global war. While no-one knows the timing, things escalated quickly in 2014, so that the chess pieces are in place for the next war if the over-lords decide it’s time for the last big move. Once the USG declared its policy of pre-emptive strike, and demonstrated they will use it, they gave no room to a potential adversary for pre-conflict negotiation. 

The Cold War doctrine of ‘mutual assured destruction,’ as menacing as it sounded, imposed a certain discipline on both sides that no doubt averted the Armageddon scenario that the peoples feared. In today’s world, where the madmen run the asylum, that sobering threat seems to hold no sway whatever. The Western elitists seem to really believe that they can trigger a nuclear world war, and somehow they will survive and even thrive in the aftermath. Utter insanity!

Wittingly or otherwise, the USG has forced any opposing country to plan for striking the USA before the Americans hit them. Unlike the 1980s MAD case, this is a formula for disaster. Fortunately, the Russians have much cooler heads than our hysterical media credits them with. Same goes for the Chinese. But undoubtedly, both Russian and Chinese military have their offensive forces on permanent alert, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Hardly a comforting thought.

As I write this, in early January, we’ve already inaugurated the year with new ‘terrorist attacks’ in France, as this type of event is becoming the hall-mark of this decade. I don’t know which is worse: the authorities calling for the defense of our ‘freedom of speech,’ or the masses believing the media coverage. In any case, all references to terrorists, from the last 30 years, have to be written in inverted quotes, since they are the exclusive preserve of government agencies created for the task.

So, ‘Charlie’ kicks off the year with an obvious hoaxed ‘terror’ incident, no doubt the first of many more to come. The public, by and large, seems to have bought this one, just as they swallowed the previous false incidents (the CT school ‘shooting;’ the Boston Marathon ‘bombing,’ etc.). After all, the ‘news’ told them what happened, didn’t they? 

Clearly, these staged theatrics have one primary purpose— to frighten the populace into accepting whatever draconian measures the ruling elite want to impose to consolidate their iron-clad grip on them. Once they’ve done that, I don’t think we’ll be hearing much about ‘Western freedoms’ and ‘human rights’ from anyone. Expect the shocks to come from every angle in this ‘exciting’ new year. It could well be the year the casino-capitalist system finally crashes. It could be the year when the USG starts populating the FEMA camps with rounded-up ‘dissidents.’ Or, maybe the year WW3 is triggered, and many of us will never know what happened.

Given the unpredictability of ‘unintended consequences,’ plus the wild-card rambling of the celestial intruder, Planet X, 2015 promises to be a wild ride.

It’s 2015, and on spaceship Earth it’s pedal to the metal. Fasten your mental safety-belt.

January 5, 2015

Challenge Your Mind in 2018!

t’s that time when some people like to entertain the idea of new year’s resolutions. Usually, it’s just a moment of temporary insanity. 
But this year, I’ve got a very important, life-changing suggestion for every reader of good faith: this year, resolve to challenge your mind! Meaning, really, to change your thinking, your paradigm— the way you view the world.

Most of us in the Western world have grown up, and got used to, living in privilege. At least in material terms. The last half of the 20th century saw a burgeoning of the middle class as the economy expanded and included the great majority in its beneficent embrace. There’s nothing like affluence to dull the sensibilities and political awareness. 

Along with material wealth came a vast mythology regarding the superiority of our democratic, capitalist, free society over any other system devised by man. So insidious and effective was this mental illusion that when, in the late 1980s, the whole socio-economic environment began to change, scarcely anyone noticed. Only the few of us who exist on the fringes and observe the big trends could detect a sinister sea-change under way.

Thirty years on, it’s truly a different world— ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!’ Yet many still cling to their pathetic myths of yore, convincing themselves that Kansas can be restored to the old comforts if ‘people would just smarten up and vote right.’ Or some such nostrum. Others realize that the world is badly out of kilter, and they’re waiting for a savior to appear and lead them to a new promised land.

Thanks to the Internet, there does appear to be an awakening taking place among the global populace, particularly in the spell-bound Western countries. However, great hurdles prevent a required coalescence of popular discontent into a coherent force capable of restoring the world to a place of peace and prosperity for all.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to any semblance of unified opposition to the present world order is human nature itself. Everyone has their opinion on everything. If necessary, most people would probably be able to find a major school of opinion which they could identify with. Even then, those major movements differ remarkably, often bitterly, in their world views, morality, values, and so on.

Hence, the great majority, while having superior numbers, are seriously fragmented. By contrast, the problems they face are far more monolithic. There are huge environmental problems— nuclear contamination from Fukushima and the reckless use of ‘depleted uranium’ munitions, chemical pollution on land and sea from the risky transport of petroleum products by pipelines and ships, the slashing of our very lungs with the ‘harvesting’ of forests all around the world, and on it goes.

There are enormous systemic problems— the abandonment of the ‘precautionary principle’ in the approval of GMOs and vaccines and other products, an economic system that virtually guarantees that the rich will get richer while the poor get poorer, an education system that has been co-opted as an ideal tool of indoctrination by vested interests, an entertainment industry dominated by one special interest group whose track record is undeniably destructive, and so on.

I’d like to list some of the most important errors that the unaware masses make in their ‘background’ (i.e. assumed) knowledge. These are assumptions people don’t question… until their worldview is shattered by personal experience.

- we have always been assured that we could call on the police in times of physical crisis, and they would respond as needed. Today we have to think twice before getting police involved in many situations (e.g. domestic issues) because they may end up injuring or killing someone needlessly. The use of ‘tasers’ was supposed to reduce the incidence of lethal force from fire-arms by the police, but they seem to think that one shocking jolt is never enough, so people are still dying from this supposedly safe weapon. 

- we are taught that our elected officials are there to serve, and have our best interests at heart, yet increasingly we’re discovering that they make laws that favor the wealthy while making life harder for the less advantaged. If you doubt this, then explain why, after a century of unparalleled economic growth, all indicators show that the middle class is shrinking, the poor class is growing, i.e. the trend is backwards for all but the top 1%.

- our governments introduce all kinds of bureaucracies to ‘protect the public’ in various ways, e.g. the US FDA is supposed to ensure that food and pharmaceutical products are safe for consumption. Yet they have allowed all kinds of products that have either not been properly tested for human use, or else that are surrounded by controversies that are never properly addressed but simply dismissed as ‘anecdotal.’ Case in point: while denying certain vaccines are harmful, the FDA was offering cash settlements (hush-money) to certain complainants.

- while still crowing about the ‘democratic freedoms’ of the West, our governments have all introduced, since 9-11-01, increasing restrictions on our freedom— none of which have demonstrated any efficacy in protecting the public from further ‘terrorist actions.’ When you look closely at any of those supposed terrorist attacks of the last 15 years, they are all riddled with suspicious inconsistencies that cast serious doubt on the official cover stories, and worse, point to complicity by government agencies (i.e. they were ‘false-flag’ events).

- under the flimsiest of pretexts, the US government has launched illegal, immoral invasions of a number of sovereign nations, such as Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, and has used proxy ‘rebel forces’ to topple legitimate regimes in Haiti, Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere. Of course, Syria and Ukraine are the latest instances, and still raging as of this date. If you think the US had solid, justifiable reasons for invading these countries, then maybe you can explain why their rationale keeps morphing from one lame excuse to another, as their game is uncovered. The PTB depend on the short memory of the public… and they’re rarely disappointed.

- from Serbia and Kosovo, to Syria and Ukraine, the USG tries desperately to look legitimate by leaning on its toady, client nations, i.e. NATO, to support its untenable foreign adventures by sending their soldiers, aircraft, ships, and ‘advisors’ to those regions. Far from a defense organization, NATO is really a club of western, sock-puppet governments that was created to lend a patina of legitimacy to USG global hegemony.

- the much-vaunted, sacred cow of Western capitalism, the ‘free-enterprise system,’ comprising  ‘equity markets’ of various kinds, and the fiat-currency banking system, is nothing more than a gigantic casino! Actually, it’s a global ponzi-scheme, as can be plainly seen now, as the central banks pump vast amounts of printed (or electronic) ‘money’ into the system— money that has virtually no value apart from the illusion imparted by the authorities. Thus, it relies on the acceptance of all participants that this paper is worth whatever number is printed on it. As long as all participants continue the charade, the scheme appears to flourish. We’ll see.

- besides being based on an illegal and unsustainable premise— i.e. the classic ‘pyramid’— the Western economy is also completely rigged. The big banks (who are major share-holders of big corps) really control the politicians in DC and UK Parliament, and get the legislation that favors their interests. The ‘revolving door’ in the USG Dep’t of Finance/Treasury with the big players on Wall St. ensures that only the rich get to play, and get what they want.

- and here’s a chilling thought: if the USG spy agencies (DHS, FBI, CIA, etc.) are ‘monitoring’ all private communications (at least in USA)— and we know that they are, thanks to a few brave whistle-blowers— then they are also privy to insider information communicated among the traders and managers on Wall St. Therefore, the whole stock market, etc. is not operating as a free, independent mechanism as presumed by the academics and economists!

- if, as claimed, our system is really ‘democratic,’ i.e. of, for, and by the people, then why do we allow our governments so much secrecy? More and more gov’t activity is hidden under the cloak of secrecy, generally justified under the excuse of ‘national security.’ Yet much evidence  exists to show that this secrecy is really just hiding a variety of misdeeds and illegal actions.

- the US military budget (the known one) for one year would provide funds to end poverty in Africa. Instead, it is used to murder people around the world, wherever US ‘business interests’ feel hampered by pesky, uncooperative indigenous governments. And Africa remains as hopeless as ever, her resources pillaged by international corporations that are little more than thieves, her people subjected to medical experiments administered as beneficial vaccination programs and other such ruses.

- the Western criminal governments are able to get away with almost any atrocity thinkable, for two vital reasons: 1) they control the mass media, i.e. the TV news, the ‘newspapers of record,’ and Hollywood; therefore the message is pure propaganda that always serves the ends of the Wall St./DC axis. 2) they appeal to the basest of emotions, especially fear and patriotism. After ramping up the fear factor with false-flag ‘terrorist incidents,’ the manipulators start waving the flag, proclaiming the sheer joys of the ‘American way of life,’ and assuring the brain-addled masses that they are the greatest nation on Earth. This is a formula for making people sadly self-satisfied and easily amenable to accepting almost any measures sold as necessary to maintain the status quo.

- as each outrageous abrogation of human rights and historic gains is achieved by the ruling elite, they get even greedier. The huge robbery of the public purse in 2008/9 by Wall St. banksters is being surpassed by even bigger thefts to come. While the public is fed purely fictitious statistics (‘lies, damn lies, and stats!’) on the nation’s economic performance, things are in stark contrast on the ground. As the gov’t boasts a 5% growth rate in 2014-Q4, nearly 100 million people are  unemployed; some 50 million live below the poverty line. This, in the ‘wealthiest nation on Earth;’ go figure!

- it’s astounding how low the esteem of the USA has fallen in the mere decade and a half since the start of the 21st century. Altho the USG still has the temerity to wag it’s finger at foreign regimes for their ‘poor human rights record,’ the exceptional nation finally had to acknowledge publicly the open secret that they’ve been torturing prisoners for years, all over the planet. Henceforth, said foreign regimes will rightly tell Washington where they can go next time some politico spouts off about another nation’s human rights record.

- note that the ruling elite always have a way to circumvent the law. The President uses ‘executive orders,’ the House passes ‘omnibus bills’ so full of text that no-one reads them, the UN is given BS ‘proofs’ of imaginary threats posed by nations designated as ‘rogue’ by the global policeman, Uncle Sam. Since ‘posse comitatus’ forbids the use of US troops against US citizens, why then, the Powers That Be simply militarize the domestic police forces. Military equipment is passed to local law-enforcement agencies, who are also trained by professional soldiers, and voila!— the police are now para-military.

there’s more, much more. But I’ll stop here.

The preceding list is a depressing read, but necessary to the process of awakening. Either you can stay in denial and comforting ignorance… or you can wake from your slumber, face the ugly facts, and become empowered. ‘You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!’

To assist the reader in the awakening, let me outline what you need to do to work thru the process and see the reality that’s been hiding in plain sight for so long. And, I must inform you that this is a serious shaking of your core beliefs; you will feel ill at times; you may lose sleep for a time! These symptoms are normal; acceptance will help you prevail.

1- go back over my list above, and research anything you doubt. But don’t only read material that just feeds your existing beliefs; that will get you nowhere! Find ‘alternative’ websites, read the authors that can’t get published in the mainstream news because of their ‘heretical’ views. Read the news from (gasp!) foreign news sources, e.g. presstv.ir, rt.com, russia-insider.com, globalresearch.ca, etc.  You’ll be amazed at what you aren’t being told by the ‘presstitutes’ of Western (esp. US) media.

2- forget about patriotism! Grow up and realize that the elite use patriotism like a puppeteer controls his/her marionettes— a jerk here, a jerk there, ah, that’s the good little sheep. I’m not saying not to have allegiance to your country— that’s a different thing than letting your gov’t play you for a fool.

3- ignore the mainstream media news— they’re nothing but lying ‘presstitutes’ for the governments. Not only do they divert the public’s attention with trivia and nonsense, but they just repeat the lies told by the politicians. The ‘lying wonder’ of 9-11-01 could never have succeeded without the active participation of the MSM. Ditto for all the subsequent false-flag terrorist incidents since then. To obtain real news, see point 1, above. Yes, it’s work, but it’s the only way to know what’s really happening!

4- start thinking globally; see the big picture; only then can you hope to ‘connect the dots’ that, otherwise, are simply a jumble of disjointed-looking factoids. Look for the patterns; for instance, the PTB re-use the same tactics as long as they seem to be working— e.g. ‘color revolutions’ instigated in various countries around the world (hint: it’s always American ‘advisors’ and ‘NGOs’ that just happen to support/create leaders and ‘freedom movements’ in opposition to existing, ‘uncooperative’ regimes; see Libya, Syria, Algeria, Myanmar, Sudan, Yemen, Georgia, Ukraine,
etc. etc.).

5- your biggest challenge (probably) is to stop believing the authority figures— government officials, university professors, credentialed experts, doctors, clergymen, etc. Becoming skeptical means overcoming years of conditioning, from cradle to the present, that makes us defer to authority. The fact is that most of these figures are deceiving us, either deliberately, or thru their own ignorance. 

6- realize that Truth is inimical to the agenda of the corporate/ruling elite. They try to suppress it, deny it, hide it, ridicule it, outlaw it, every way they possibly can. Therefore, when you see something given this treatment, you can almost be assured that it is most likely true!

There may be more steps one could take to effect a total change of mind and paradigm in this new year; but for now, these six will pose a sufficient challenge to the earnest seeker. I encourage every reader to make at least this one important resolution for 2015— that is to raise your awareness… wake up to the Evil that has been stalking the globe in a particularly vicious manner in this 21st century.  Understand that Evil does not want to be recognized; no, it wants to hide behind a mask of respectability, always pretending to be benevolent.

This is an Age of tremendous deception; deception operating in our very midst, not somewhere ‘over there.’ Stop thinking that you’re getting truth from your usual, mainstream, traditional sources— they are an integral part of the deception! Stop thinking that it’s going to be easy to tell the good from the bad— it isn’t! Stop thinking that ‘Big Brother’ (government, academia, tv evangelists, etc.) wants to keep you informed and safe— they don’t care about the ‘sheeple,’ only themselves! Stop hiding in denial— in the daily trivia of work, sports, and entertainment; they want to amuse you to sleep!

Start learning to think critically for yourself. Start questioning those so-called experts— who do they represent? Where do they work? What are their information sources? Start developing your spiritual nature… “for we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Hard as it may be to accept, the more you study the zeitgeist of our age, the more you see that it’s a struggle with a spiritual dimension. You may think it intellectual to abhor ‘religion,’ but you have to move beyond that perception screen if you want to truly raise your consciousness.

Best wishes to all in what promises to be another exciting year!