January 23, 2015

Lessons from Zombies

If you recall, 2014, was notable, among other things, as the year of the zombies. We had movies about zombies, music videos about zombies, even DHS/FEMA training exercises aimed at quelling zombie insurgencies. Even in a culture characterized by such transient and farcical fads, it was puzzling where all this interest in zombies came from.
Many people are awakening to the fact that virtually nothing happens by accident in this world, especially in entertainment. So, was this ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ just for scary amusement, or could there be more to the story?
What is a zombie, anyway? A zombie is supposed to be a dead person whose body (but not soul) has been revivified by some sort of black magic. Thus, the corpse staggers around as if alive, but is really dead. ‘Sound familiar— read on.

What got my interest piqued was the phrase ‘zombie economics’ that I saw somewhere (can’t recall where). For some years now, the US economy has been in serious trouble, with high unemployment and underemployment, shrinking real incomes, a shrinking middle class, 50 million people on government subsidies, mortgage foreclosures, ad nauseum. But… you’d never know it, to look at the Dow-Jones stock index. No, the index has soared over the past several years since 2009, and apparently, investors are getting rich.

Same story with the US dollar. Given the economic indicators (apart from the stock indices) and a national debt in the $18 trillion range (i.e. not repayable, ever), any other currency would be in the toilet. Not so, the US green-back. With the application of economic black magic— described as ‘quantitative easing’ or ‘liquidity’ in the mumbo-jumbo— currency speculators have flocked to the dollar keeping its value artificially inflated.

Even as the price of oil, currently, continues to drop or languish at very low values, the dollar is viewed as a ‘safe haven’ by the speculators. It’s the Ponzi-scheme mentality at work  here— each participant is gambling that he’ll make his profit and move on before the whole thing collapses when no new suckers can be found to put their funds into the scheme.

It’s a similar story in most other institutions of the Western, particularly American, society. Take ‘freedom of speech’ as a topical example. While crowds of brain-numbed Parisians and others marched so that Charlie Hebdo might enjoy free speech, the French gov’t arrested comedian Dieudonne’ on the charge of using an arm motion that resembles a Nazi salute! Free speech in the West has been dead for years, since 9-11-01 basically, yet the populace will march in the streets to celebrate it. Does the irony get any thicker?

Ditto for the legal system. There are multitudes of laws on the books, but they apply only to the poor and middle classes. For the rich, there are no laws… unless you piss off one of the uber-rich over-seers of society. The ‘law officers’, the police, apparently get zero training on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; they just don’t care about such details. If you happen to arouse their suspicions (as more and more things seem to) they may investigate, even arrest you, and you can try to invoke the law later before the courts. 

By now, I think most readers get the point. Our vaunted, Western institutions are factually DEAD! They only appear to persist by staggering on under the influence of the black magick applied by the hidden manipulators of our culture. 

As I say, the dollar is really dead, but persists as a viable currency thanks to the machinations of the Federal Reserve and the London sorcerers. The other institutions, such as our envied freedoms, our legal systems, etc., are likewise being sustained after they have really died, due to the illusions conjured by our controlled major mass media. 

The media tout freedom of expression when it comes to promoting sexual and other perversions of all kinds, presented in the guise of artistic freedom. Yet, just try to get opposing opinions aired on TV or in print, and it’s either totally boycotted, or denounced as politically incorrect ‘hate speech.’ The gate-keepers decide what is worthy of free speech/expression.

Clearly folks, we are living in zombie-land. Our cherished institutions, once the pinnacle of our ostensible civilization, are d-e-a-d. They stagger on, as if still alive. When these conventions are tested in time of need, they collapse into the dust, as any corpse must.

As they so often do, the hidden Powers That Be, who orchestrate all the big moves, have used the zombie meme as another piece of their ‘predictive programming’ pay-op on society. It’s another case of their telling us in allegory what is taking place right in front of our zombified eyes. You can either be entertained in ignorance, or jolted awake by seeing the reality!

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