January 11, 2015

Pedal to the Metal!

Most ‘interested’ people, even those not seriously aware, can see that
 world events have been moving at a breath-taking pace in every sphere since the turn of this century. 
These events fall into two categories: 1) a variety of natural phenomena that includes wild weather, earthquakes, volcanism, sonic booms, fireballs, and so on; and 2) man-made (or humanly-caused) events such as war, financial crises, environmental accidents (oil spills, nuclear power-plant mishaps, etc.), aircraft crashes, rail disasters, and others.

In both categories, it’s obvious that the level of frequency and intensity of all these events has increased in the last 15 years. Is there a reason why this is happening, and happening in parallel? Could there be a connection between the two classes of happenings? 

There are various theories put forth to explain the increased occurrence of activity we call natural disasters. (Of course, some simply deny anything unusual is happening at all.) Some say that it’s due to increased solar activity— fluctuating magnetic field, powerful solar flares, and possibly other effects. Another theory is that the Earth (or solar-system) is currently passing thru a region of space where there is a greater incidence of asteroids, comets, and/or cosmic radiation.

As one who has studied these events for years, I can attest that there is only one theory that can account for ALL the phenomena noted in the news. That is the Planet X hypothesis. Very briefly, this view is that a ‘10th planet’ hitherto undiscovered in the modern age, that orbits the sun in an elongated, oblique, retrograde orbit, with a period of 3600 years, is now in our solar neighborhood and affecting the Earth. 

In fact, Planet X— aka Nibiru, Hercolubus, Nemesis, etc.— is also affecting the other planets in our system. This body is actually a planetary complex, consisting of the planet itself plus an arrangement of moons, a vast debris field, and a huge ‘cloud’ of reddish dust held in a magnetic web. You can be skeptical, but when you investigate, this is the only explanation that can account for the seismic activity, fireballs, weather anomalies, geo-magnetic fluctuations, and so forth, that are occurring world-wide. 

Now, what about the second class of events, those humanly generated? Why would they be increasing at this time? If I, and a sizable group of dedicated researchers know about Planet X, then you can be absolutely sure that ‘they’ have known about it, and for a long time. They being the elitist, banker, ruling criminal cartel (aka the Illuminati), the true powers that rule from (mostly) behind the scenes, manipulating world events thru their front-line proxies, the political heads and officials in almost every country and organization. 

Since TPTB have known about ‘X’ for at least 30 years, they have been making plans for surviving what has been prophesied to be a close encounter of the worst kind. No-one knows when Nibiru will make its closest approach to the Earth, except that it must surely be ‘soon.’ For years the uber-wealthy elite have been building underground refuges and stocking them for a prolonged stay.

But, many readers will exclaim, ‘they’ (NASA or some government office) would surely have told us if a heavenly intruder with extinction-level potential was on a near-collision course with Earth. Sorry readers— it’s wake up time! Despite the evidence that ‘something’ is affecting global stability, those people in the know certainly do NOT want to inform the common humanity. They’ve got the usual, tired, incredible excuse that they ‘do not want to create panic.’ Wonderful! Let’s avoid panic and just peacefully watch 95% of the human race perish without warning in the coming global catastrophe! How thoughtful.

I hope that most of you can now see why our leaders have been behaving with such reckless abandon in the last two decades. They KNOW it’s game over; so why bother to exercise any restraint? Who cares if the oceans are polluted by petroleum, ‘Corexit,’ and nuclear radiation? Who cares if GMOs contaminate the natural gene-pool, and forests are decimated? Who cares if countries are destroyed and millions of residents killed and displaced? The world is soon going to be destroyed, so why not live for the moment and damn the consequences.

That is cynical, but it seems to capture the thinking of the elite. Why do you think the USA and other countries have refused to sign on to the ‘climate change’ international accords? Why does the US ‘Fed’ create money like confetti, with nary a care about the inevitable crash of the dollar?  Why are the foreign policy initiatives of the US gov’t getting increasingly foolhardy and desperate-looking? One could cite numerous other examples of decisions and behaviors of the leaders of the Western world that just make no rational sense to the normal mind.

You can find all kinds of cogent-sounding, jargon-filled, answers (so-called) on the Internet, and you can believe them if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy. But, surely, something in the pit of your stomach is trying to tell you that what I’ve revealed here is the only paradigm that ties together all the bizarre events that have characterized this 21st century.

In the next several months (maybe years) you can expect the frantic pace of craziness to increase even more. And that’s on both fronts— ‘natural,’ and human. Naturally, as the Planet X complex nears its closest point to Earth, the magnitude and frequency of its effects will increase. For instance, as the dust ‘tail’ of Nibiru sweeps over our world, we will witness more bodies of water turning red (as has already occurred in local areas). If this sounds Biblical, I’m sure it ought to, as prophecy speaks of rivers and seas ‘turning to blood.’ 

Prophecy also tells of extreme hail-storms (Rev 15:21) and this is another effect that can be expected as the Earth wobble is exacerbated. It might also refer to showers of meteorites that occur as the Earth passes thru denser parts of the Nibiru debris field. The continental plates and every fault line will be wrenched by the gravitation of Nibiru, so that tremors will be virtually continuous after a while, and even volcanoes considered dormant will belch forth ash and lava.

On the geo-political scene, it will be as if nature’s agitation is carried over into the human realm. ‘Nation will rise against nation,’ as prophecy records it. The ruling elite will grow ever more desperate to sequester material goods for their supposed survival, and want to eliminate as much of the ‘common folk’ (i.e. you and I) as possible, to hoard more for themselves. The easy way, as always, to achieve this end is to provoke wars. You can see that the Western hegemonists have been setting the stage for war with various countries around the world (N Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Venezuela, and who knows where). They’ve also been setting the stage for civil war within the USA, on racial lines or against the ‘preppers’ and patriots who bear arms. 

In Europe, the whole artificial Union experiment is falling apart, and the ‘eurocrats’ are desperate to keep it together. They forced the union of ‘iron and miry clay’ just as predicted in the Book of Daniel (ch. 2) and of course, these strong and weak economies cannot co-exist with a single currency, the Euro. It’s doomed to fail, but they will resort to any duplicity to preserve the illusion. Thus, they have opened the EU borders to floods of immigrants from mostly Islamic countries, deliberately creating a huge rift between the indigenous, white Europeans and the new-comers who largely despise the pseudo-Christian, secular culture of their adopted lands.

Probably the most acute danger at this moment is the stand-off in the Ukraine. Many other writers have described the situation, and particularly, how it could be the flash point for the final, global war. While no-one knows the timing, things escalated quickly in 2014, so that the chess pieces are in place for the next war if the over-lords decide it’s time for the last big move. Once the USG declared its policy of pre-emptive strike, and demonstrated they will use it, they gave no room to a potential adversary for pre-conflict negotiation. 

The Cold War doctrine of ‘mutual assured destruction,’ as menacing as it sounded, imposed a certain discipline on both sides that no doubt averted the Armageddon scenario that the peoples feared. In today’s world, where the madmen run the asylum, that sobering threat seems to hold no sway whatever. The Western elitists seem to really believe that they can trigger a nuclear world war, and somehow they will survive and even thrive in the aftermath. Utter insanity!

Wittingly or otherwise, the USG has forced any opposing country to plan for striking the USA before the Americans hit them. Unlike the 1980s MAD case, this is a formula for disaster. Fortunately, the Russians have much cooler heads than our hysterical media credits them with. Same goes for the Chinese. But undoubtedly, both Russian and Chinese military have their offensive forces on permanent alert, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Hardly a comforting thought.

As I write this, in early January, we’ve already inaugurated the year with new ‘terrorist attacks’ in France, as this type of event is becoming the hall-mark of this decade. I don’t know which is worse: the authorities calling for the defense of our ‘freedom of speech,’ or the masses believing the media coverage. In any case, all references to terrorists, from the last 30 years, have to be written in inverted quotes, since they are the exclusive preserve of government agencies created for the task.

So, ‘Charlie’ kicks off the year with an obvious hoaxed ‘terror’ incident, no doubt the first of many more to come. The public, by and large, seems to have bought this one, just as they swallowed the previous false incidents (the CT school ‘shooting;’ the Boston Marathon ‘bombing,’ etc.). After all, the ‘news’ told them what happened, didn’t they? 

Clearly, these staged theatrics have one primary purpose— to frighten the populace into accepting whatever draconian measures the ruling elite want to impose to consolidate their iron-clad grip on them. Once they’ve done that, I don’t think we’ll be hearing much about ‘Western freedoms’ and ‘human rights’ from anyone. Expect the shocks to come from every angle in this ‘exciting’ new year. It could well be the year the casino-capitalist system finally crashes. It could be the year when the USG starts populating the FEMA camps with rounded-up ‘dissidents.’ Or, maybe the year WW3 is triggered, and many of us will never know what happened.

Given the unpredictability of ‘unintended consequences,’ plus the wild-card rambling of the celestial intruder, Planet X, 2015 promises to be a wild ride.

It’s 2015, and on spaceship Earth it’s pedal to the metal. Fasten your mental safety-belt.

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