January 22, 2015

The Magic of BS

We humans are a curious lot. That much, everyone knows. But the extent of our peculiarity is appreciated by few. Perhaps nothing about us is as weird as our gullibility. 
While a very few humans are able, eventually, to detect the odor of fresh b.s. issuing forth from fellow homo sapiens, the vast majority show a terrible propensity for swallowing the most outrageous nonsense, provided it is presented subtly enough. If you accept the Bible in either literal or even allegorical terms, this probably doesn't come as a surprise. After all, the first couple, Adam and Eve, were easily duped into believing the deceptions of the snake, as the story goes. And, we've all been falling into the same traps, ever since.

Apparently, there is something in human nature that makes us susceptible to believing things that are, under objective scrutiny, quite counter-productive, even harmful to us as individuals and as a species. Yet, we are born with an instinct for what's called common sense, which is pretty useful when not over-ridden with 'reason.' So in order to deceive us, certain conditions need to be put in place first.

Our thinking, in this modern age, has become befuddled as we live predominantly in mass enclaves called cities, far from the beneficial influence of nature. Living in dense societies promotes the normalcy of group-think without our even being aware it is happening. One could cite numerous examples of 'facts' we accept without question because we've been acclimatized to them from birth... by people who have similarly assimilated them. 

For example, the system assures us that industry and commerce are essential for jobs and a sound economy, and therefore some risk to our environment must be tolerated in exchange. We in the enlightened West are told that we enjoy the freedom of democracy therefore it is imperative to send troops thousands of miles away to fight shadowy, supposed terrorists who would somehow attack us at home. We are told that we have freedom and tolerance for 'diversity' of 'lifestyles' therefore we must promote minority views on all manner of cultural matters, including sexual orientation, race, religion, and so on. We must promote those minorities even at the expense of curtailing the rights of the traditions that served us so well up to now, never mind that we have no idea of the consequences of doing so.

There are many more instances, but the common factor is that they all serve to advance an agenda that is never made explicit by our corporate and government leaders. That end, if one were to extrapolate objectively from recent past experience to the present and beyond, is the breakdown of Western civilization. It sounds extreme, perhaps absurd, to anyone who hasn't stopped to thoughtfully ponder the tide of chaos rising inexorably all around us in every sphere of life.

Of course, every step in the process of destruction is sold to us as a benefit, something we should embrace. And millions of folks, of all stations in life, do just that-- they embrace the latest corrosive nonsense because... because what? Well, usually because it's become 'trendy,' which is a very appropriate word that's really a self-fulfilling prophecy! The social manipulators, via the mass media, start calling something trendy, and guess what? It often becomes exactly that, a trend. Once that happens, everyone starts to pile on the band-wagon. After a while, this trend is just another 'given' in the cultural baggage of the citizenry, never to be questioned again.

You think I exaggerate; so let me supply real examples from the last few decades of my own lifetime as a 'boiling frog.' Forty years ago, television was the most powerful medium and exploring new modes of expression. But there were limits, tacit and legal, on what could be spoken, what could be shown. Today, those limits are long-exceeded, and simply replaced with 'viewer advisory notices' before a program. Far from deflecting viewers away, one suspects that these notices actually encourage people to satisfy their curiosity. Younger viewers can't imagine how the themes and innuendo in today's broadcasts make those of yore look laughably innocent. 

I'll enumerate some more examples of the destruction agenda, without elaborating on them:
- 'advanced countries' of the world have been building and using nuclear power plants for about half a century; yet the problem of disposing of spent radioactive fuel has never been properly addressed. They just keep storing it locally, hoping for a magic solution to appear.
- the USA has been involved in one war or another since the end of WW2, is presently engaged in several costly wars, yet there is not a shred of evidence that these wars have ever resulted in benefits for the American public. The only winners are the suppliers of gov't services and military equipment.
- the annual budget allotment for the US military establishment is roughly half a trillion dollars-- enough money to end poverty in Africa, or eradicate many diseases worldwide, or feed every starving person, etc. etc. But instead, the money is flushed down the toilet of weapons, mass murder, and lining the bank accounts of a few.
- in the never-ending search for 'resources' by the global ponzi-scheme called capitalism, forests are cleared, mountains levelled, oceans stripped of fish, and farmland turned into urban wasteland. This process is sold to us as normal, necessary, and good for the economy.

With minimal reflection these policies are seen for what they are-- obscene, and destructive of the planet and society we inhabit. Yet they proceed 'as if there's no tomorrow;' for indeed, there is no long-term future for humanity. These self-annihilating actions have essentially reached a point of no return. To reverse them-- and almost all would have to be included-- is too difficult, if not impossible with our present technology and mind-set. It's just a question now of when, not if, the planet will become unlivable.

We refer to our race as 'homo sapiens', or 'thinking man.' But to examine our conduct over a mere few thousand years (trivial in geological terms) you'd think we'd more accurately be labelled as 'irrational man.' How could we possibly have come to the point of global destruction in the few hundred years since the 'Age of Enlightenment' ushered in the Industrial Age?

This is where we see what I call the power or the magic of b.s. (i.e. bullshit). For at every step of the project (and for a certain select few, it is a project) cleverly-packaged nonsense was sold to either the ruling elites, or later, directly to the masses. It's the ultimate exercise of 'b.s. baffles brains.' 

But, it required careful planning. First, it was imperative to dumb-down the populace by various means. The Industrial Revolution removed people from the countryside and an attachment to nature, and thrust them into depressing urban dormitories. Man-made cities became the normal environment, an artificial existence far removed from the lesson-book of nature with its flora and fauna of which we were originally part.

While the masses were now employed in dreary production of 'goods,' a few enlightened souls convinced the masters that children ought not to endure such labors. Seizing a golden opportunity, the elites then devised mass education, along the lines of the industrial model. Wonderful! A more effective means of indoctrinating the next generation could hardly be found. Compulsory public education provides the ideal avenue for instilling the views, values, and mores of the ruling but hidden elite. As Orwell wrote: who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.

Ironically, as the dumbing-down began, the exaltation of 'reason' also blossomed. Reason it was that assured us that there obviously was no such thing as God or He would have surely introduced Himself to us by now. Besides, our wisest professors decided that humanity, the pinnacle of creation, somehow evolved over eons from primordial slime, thru a variety of stochastic branch points, to the apes, and then to us. Rather than being created by God, it was we who created God, for various psychological reasons.

Once the Creator God was disposed of, the process of disseminating b.s. got much easier. Human reason, in service to the dark impulses of a pathological elite, had free rein to mold the innocent populace in their desired direction. In case you hadn't noticed, that direction is towards racial extinction. Only the till-now coddled citizens of the prosperous Western countries have the luxury of optimism in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. (So, go ahead, doubt me; but that doubt will soon melt into fear, as the truth emerges.)

In the 'anything-goes' culture of 20th century America, few individuals realized that the pop kultur spewing forth in torrents from Hollywood, Broadway, and all points between was really propaganda in pure form. Despite initially strong opposition from Christian and other moral authorities, the slide down the slopes of morality proceeded uninterrupted from the end of WW2 to the present. 

The directors of decay played the tolerance card liberally and skillfully. Regardless of which half of the duopoly occupied the White House, the decline of standards in the sphere of entertainment went on. With unabated cheerleading from the liberal press, the cry of artistic freedom led the downward charge. Even as the crime statistics demonstrated a remarkable correlation with the violence depicted on the TV and movie screens, the promotors denounced all attempts to curtail their 'art.'

Today we've reached a point where it seems that the battle is lost. The proponents of destruction have all but won the game since they gained virtually total control of the Western communications media. There are still many pundits who see the naked Emperor, the signs of moral and economic collapse, the depredations of the corporations, the futility of incessant foreign wars, etc. But the average person would never know it, so complete is the official stranglehold on the 'news' outlets. 

As of this writing, a recent event that underscores the gullibility of the masses is the Charlie Hebdo passion-play in Paris. A supposed three million hum-bots marched in the streets, proclaiming 'Je suis Charlie,' and upholding the virtue of 'freedom of expression' in democratic France. They also mourned the death of a dozen countrymen. Could you get such throngs to march against Israel for slaughtering 2,500 civilians (including hundreds of children) in July, 2014? Or to remember the 2,000 innocents killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria? The 'City of Light' has become 'La Cité des Illuminés' (as stated in effect by President Hollande).

And while the millions marched in support of our vaunted freedom of expression, the French police arrested comedian Dieudonné on the pretext that he used an arm motion that resembles a Nazi salute. What happened to freedom of expression? As Hobbs must have stated to Calvin in the comic strip, 'there's irony everywhere!'

No; the marionettes march for whatever cause the puppet-masters decide for them. The PTB espouse freedom of expression so long as it's in support of the agenda of the elite. Otherwise, it's a 'hate crime,' and you're ostracized, persecuted, or worse. The 'public debate' on an issue is dead. The cards are stacked by the media moguls, and the outcome is always a foregone conclusion.

Yes, we have the Internet, and thank goodness! But here, too, the invidious Powers that Be have ways to subvert the truth. Vicious 'trolls' are hired to patrol the forums and comments, and spill their vacuous venom on anything that threatens to expose truth. Most of it is obvious trash, but there may be just enough semblance of reason amid all the misspelt profanities to lead astray the sheeple, who are hoping in any case that the bad news (the truth) ain't so.

Worse than trolls, are the 'limited  hang-out' websites that have the veneer of respectability and academia, publishing articles that mix truth with error, in compelling propaganda. These sites exist to pander to every point on the political spectrum, with an admixture of religion ranging from none to mostly.  

So, here we are, at the start of 2015.  A few brave souls in the mainstream are starting to realize that things aren't really as we are supposed to believe. As always, the majority (at least in the Western sphere) proceed as if we will somehow muddle thru come what may... without ever daring to investigate just what, in fact, may come. This year will likely be a year of (more) surprises-- most of them very rude. Prepare for a rough ride, dear readers.

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