June 17, 2015

DIY - Find the Truth!

Almost every time I burst the bubbles of comforting misinformation of people I meet, telling them we cannot trust the Western media to tell us the truth, they challenge me with the question 'How do you think you can trust the alternatives?' Or they pose related questions challenging the fact that I'm emphatic over the deceptions of the media. So, in this essay... 
I want to lay out the reasons why I can be sure the Western press is lying, and how I go about determining the truth (at least, as closely as possible).
And I suppose it's necessary to go back a step and inform the reader that the communications media in the Western world are neither independent nor in the business of providing factual information. If this is heresy for you, then you really need a reality check (refer to Chomsky's 'Manufacturing Consent' for more insight on the subject). If you're younger than 30, you probably don't know that in days of yore, the media actually did 'investigative journalism,' whereby they dug below the surface of official accounts, and often uncovered malfeasance that would have escaped the legal process.

Below, I present the methods I use to discern truth from lies in the news. In using these principles, one will also be able to recognize that the 'mainstream media' have a concerted agenda to shape the beliefs and values of the public.

1. The 'news media' are not in the business you think they are!
We (in the 'West') have been conditioned from birth to believe that the media (radio, TV, newspapers, newsmagazines) must be telling us 'the facts' (ie. truth). All our authority figures-- parents, teachers, pastors, politicians-- take it as a 'given' that anything in the news can be simply assumed to be true.

Yet this assumption is highly dubious. We believe it because it's a consensus; and because in the past, prior to the Internet, all of our easily-accessed sources stated largely the same thing on any given story. During the 1990s, there was a major consolidation of the communications media so that today some 96% of news sources are owned by only 6 companies. These corporations are run by similar-thinking directors who share a common interest in shaping public perceptions. (See Chomsky, for e.g.).

You can quickly find on the Internet (Youtube, to be precise) hilarious videos showing newscasters from a dozen 'different' TV stations all repeating exactly the same words, verbatim, on a selected story, showing clearly it had to come from the same origin.

The 'MSM' (mainstream media, the handful of biggies) really act as shapers of public opinion and group-think, advancing a corporate agenda towards materialism, atheism, scientism, patriotism, paranoia, and a range of other outlooks conducive to their interests. They achieve their goals by a variety of mass psychology manipulations mostly adopted from Edward Bernays' work on propaganda.

For instance, they introduce ideas that may be outrageous at first, then by constant repetition and reinforcement, they become normalized in the public mind (case in point: homosexuality). Since the media are the gate-keepers of informaiton, they wield tremendous power merely in selecting what stories they include in what you see. For every 'fact' they let you know, there are a dozen they withhold because they could compromise the desired premise.
Similarly, every external expert (the 'talking heads') that the MSM interview in connection to a story has been vetted to ensure he/she supports the desired viewpoint. Any guest who manages to contradict the official line is summarily shouted down and cut off.

And another big weapon the MSM uses continually is distraction. There's always a juicy scandal among the celebrity class that can be trotted out and bandied in our faces for a week or so, all while something truly important is going on, under the public radar. (Think Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, the Kardashians, Miley Cyrus, the royals, etc. etc.) Do they inform us about the things that could really impact our lives, like TPP, who started ISIL, Israeli control of Congress, and on it goes?

If any of the above is 'news' to you, then, sorry, but you really need to start paying attention to how your favorite source is presenting its so-called news every day. It could be life-changing!

2. Find Alternative news sources
Once you free yourself of the notion that our media are providing truth, then you need to find other sources of information. Thanks to the Internet (so far!) it is easy to find many alternative sources of news. In fact, it's too easy! There are so many sources that some searchers throw up their hands in dismay and say 'It's impossible to determine who is presenting truth and who is not, in this babble of voices.'

That kind of dismay is a cop-out. This plethora of sources is really a benefit for anyone willing to put in a little effort towards finding truth for our times. By looking at several sources, you can notice discrepancies, find concurrences, and look for consistency. Especially when two 'antagonistic' sources agree on details, you can be more confident in the story. After a while, you will recognize the biases of the different sites, and learn which are more trustworthy on a particular subject.

3. Read The international press
Many countries have excellent English-language news websites, often publishing well-qualified, native-English-speaking writers who cannot get published in the Western press because their views are at odds with the 'party line' proclaimed by the anonymous 'powers that be.' These are sources the enquirer should be consulting for views that are not constrained by the group-think of the oligarchical Western media outlets. You will quickly discover many facts that our media are NOT telling us about the wide world out there. The glaring omissions of often important details is itself a red-flag indictment of the conniving nature of our mainstream media.

4. Use your common sense!
This is a tall order, I acknowledge, but it's essential for people today to stop letting others pre-digest and spoon-feed them their information. It's well-known by now that the Bush administration fabricated 'evidence' to justify the Iraq invasion, yet at the time, virtually all the media simply repeated it as given. If they willingly repeated lies in 2003, then why should you keep believing them today? When the official, media narrative starts morphing from one story-line to another, over time (as was glaringly the case with why the US/NATO invaded Afghanistan) then, surely, your gut instincts should start smelling a rat! Once upon a time, the press conducted investigations of stories; today they just regurgitate official pap.

Our whole education system strives to exterminate our innate common sense, replacing it with so-called science (the whore of big business) and reliance on the pronouncements of external, ivory-tower experts. Instead of following our instincts, we let authority figures define our reality-- no matter how ludicrous their suggestions. You doubt this? By now, everyone has seen the twin towers of NYC collapse at free-fall speed-- which could only happen by pre-planned demolition-- yet millions of Americans (mostly) still swallow the nonsense that it was caused by airliners crashing into the structures.

5. Exercise your memory!
Another big task. The authorities count on the fact that most people cannot remember events, especially the details, beyond a week or so. Those who recall the Vietnam War, for example, could compare it to the Iraq War, and the Afghanistan War, etc. They would notice the similarities, the futility of the whole thing, the needless deaths of soldiers, the mass deaths of innocent civilians, and the huge sums of money spent on weapons. What was the point of the Vietnam conflict? Any ideas?

Exercise of memory would make it obvious when the MSM is using its tricks; for example, they report certain details in the immediate aftermath of a 'terrorist incident,' and then the next day those details disappear, or are substantially altered, replaced by a new version of the Matrix. This happens far more often than you think. It's pure Orwell, but most people never notice.

Today we have the advantage of the Internet and computers to assist our feeble memories. When you see a curious story, often appearing on only one network, it's easy to copy the page and save it to your hard-drive (don't just bookmark the page) for future reference. When you notice the MSM flush the details down the memory-hole, you'll still have the original version.

The media like to use this memory function to their full advantage, pulling up past miscues of targetted politicians or troublesome individuals for ridicule. By the same token, they hide other information that pokes holes in their official outlook. You can't let the media supply your memories; you've got to do it yourself!

6. Ask questions!
Today, what's the point of the endless wars in the Middle East and beyond? Are we really more secure? Who really gains? As no. 5 demonstrates, it's vital for a truth-seeker to ask the hard questions. Too often, people just swallow the packaged story from the media, without reflection. If they have questions, it's far easier to put them aside with the presumption that 'they' (the experts) must have it under control, so why get too concerned. Another example: with the vast sums of money spent on a plethora of 'security agencies,' why do 'terrorists' still slip thru the net and cause chaos?... Or, are they really terrorists; couldn't these incidents be set-ups?

We have been programmed from birth to accept the dictums of remote experts and authorities whose interests may be quite opposed to ours. The fact that a news medium regards itself as the 'newspaper of note' in its field (e.g. the WSJ, the NYT, the WP) does not mean it can be trusted implicitly to deliver truth! Who owns these media outlets, who do they support politically, and what are their views on the world? That famous question, 'Cui bono?' (Who benefits?) all too often leads us back to the truth, since everything comes down to money and power in this world.

Once you become sensitized to asking questions, it's amazing to analyze the MSM interviewers doing their job. You see how selective their questions are; asking them just in the right way to encourage the answers they want. Often, the professionals avoid asking the really troublesome questions, and if they do, they are too easily satisfied with glib responses.

Again, we cannot be lackadaisical. The importance of asking questions regarding media assertions cannot be over-emphasized.

7. Look for the 'fruit,' the outcomes, the hard facts that emerge over time.
The Western media assured us of the great benefits that we'd be bringing to countries like Iraq, and Afghanistan, by invading their sovereign territory and replacing their governments with 'Western democracy.' Today, those countries lie in ruins, tens of thousands of citizens have died, similar numbers have been displaced, depleted uranium from US weapons has polluted the air, water, and human gene-pool, the infrastructure is still broken... How wonderful is that? The same media told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; none were found. They tell us that the Russians are aggressively confronting NATO in 'Eastern Europe;' no hard evidence is ever presented, it's all insinuation.

They do not explain why it's fine for the US/NATO to build bases on Russia's borders while it would be denounced as an act of war if Russia were to try and build a base in Mexico or the Caribbean. The media play up 'popular uprisings' in selected countries; they do not tell us that these insurrections were financed and instigated by the likes of George Soros, using his fortune to establish phoney pro-democracy agencies.

As I write, the Western media are all against Russia and especially, Putin. They present a totally distorted view of the regime in Ukraine, never mentioning the ouster of a legally-elected president in favor of a puppet, Nazi leader installed by Western/US treachery. The media actively promote aggression against Russia as if Russia were another of the impoverished, poorly-equipped nations that were invaded and destroyed in the past century by 'Western interests.' They seem to be oblivious to the immense consequences of provoking a modern, nuclear-armed, well-equipped power that has proven, multiple times, that it will not capitulate to boorish bully-tactics.

Those are merely a few examples to illustrate how our media behave as nothing more than the Ministry of Propaganda for Western/US governments.

Orwell had it right on, even to the revision of history, and to the use of 'newspeak'-- a diminished and euphemistic vocabulary introduced to limit the range of thinking. It's all being done openly by the hidden manipulators of society using their indispensible tools-- the pervasive communications media, and the persuasive powers of 'Big Brother' authority figures who define the Reality Matrix for the mesmerized masses.

These seven principles of analyzing media should be exercised by all 'consumers of news,' every citizen, to gain the best chance of finding truth in this world of artificial reality. Only then will the populace be able to see that we are not truly free, but merely have the illusion of freedom. From that point, it's a long and winding road to true freedom. But it's a journey that everyone must begin if this race is to survive.

Pole Shift Now Under Way

For maybe 15 years the Internet has been buzzing (discreetly) about the prospect of a 'pole shift' in our near future. Just how near, no one knows. But, there are indications it has happened in the past, therefore could happen again. Some think it will merely entail a reversal of the magnetic polarity; others say it will be a catastrophic shift of the geographic axis. Who knows? But one thing is observable right now-- the human sphere has been undergoing a radical shift in moral compass for a generation... and the results appear disastrous.

From the Kolbrin:
SVB:7:18 ...It will come in the Days of Decision, when men are inflicted with spiritual blindness, when one ignorance has been replaced with another, when men walk in darkness and call it light.
SVB:7:21 Hear my voice, for I tell of things to come. [...] In those days men will be falling away from manliness and women from womanliness. It will be a time of confusion and chaos.

From the Bible:
Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
[21] Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight!

Jeremiah 4:22 “For My people are foolish, they have not known Me. They are foolish children, and they have no understanding. They are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.” [MEV]

Orwell, '1984':
War is peace; slavery is freedom; ignorance is strength!

With astounding prescience, Orwell had it right, in a novel written more than half a century ago. Within a lifetime of the novel's release, almost everything it envisaged has come about. In particular, the inversion of our moral compass, the reversal of our values, is egregious. Using the power of the mass media combined with the exploitation of human psychology, the hidden manipulators have, in one generation, changed the moral landscape of a society. That society is the so-called Western civilization, originating in Europe and achieving its dubious epitome in America, with outposts in Australia and New Zealand.

To the extent that other societies have emulated Western civilization (e.g. Japan, India, now China, etc.) they also are experiencing an overturning of their traditional mores and values. The objective observer is amazed at how effective is the insidious and relentless attack on traditions that brought 'the West' to a pre-eminent position in terms of material success. In like fashion, the reversal of those traditional values will certainly bring material ruin in the wake of the ongoing moral ruination.

In other essays, I have written, as have a few others, on the remarkable (to us) way that the elite running society have been able to re-engineer the beliefs and perceptions of a sizable majority of the population. Things that were once forbidden to display or discuss publicly are now in our faces (e.g. quasi-nudity on TV, sex-ed in primary school, etc.). And freedoms we once took for granted are being removed under a strict regime of 'political correctness,' and where that seems inadequate, by outright legislation (e.g. any hint of criticism of Jews or Israel; mere lack of support for the 'LGBT' agenda).

People of my generation (leading edge of the 'baby-boom') feel like strangers in a strange land. Sure, many appear to be coping marvellously by simply going along with the program. Hey, why rock the boat? We have to just accept each others' differences, is their reasonable-sounding rationale, just as prompted by the media manipulators and academic savants. Yet, too often it seems that tolerance is a one-way street, and the tail now wags the dog.

It's easy to just pretend that the 'good parts'-- the new 'openness' and 'acceptance'-- make the changes all worthwhile, and ignore the 'bad parts'-- the restrictions on speech and even thought. Most people can't seem to project a trend into the future if their life depended on it. If today the government takes away a freedom from some group identified as terrorists, who's to say when they'll subtly change the definition of that group so that it now includes a wider membership... maybe people like you?

So it goes, in every sphere of life. The 'entertainment industry' is all about normalizing the perversions and transgressions so that they not only do not shock us, but they become regarded as the norm. Prime-time television these days will show almost anything, as long as it's preceded by the standard warning message that 'this program contains scenes that may be disturbing to some; viewer discretion is advised.' Of course, such messages serve more to whet the appetite of viewers who've already been pre-acclimatized by previous, less-offensive programming.

The 'history' we are taught is largely self-serving clap-trap, spinning anything resembling a fact into another component of the 'white Anglo-European' mythology of righteous wars fought by the good-guys to preserve decency and democracy from some evil dictator with designs on our precious freedoms. 'We' (actually our overlords, if we bothered to think) have memorialized our cherished lies with monuments, medals, annual ceremonies, and the like, elevating them to sacred cow status. To question these touch-stones of mythology is to invite harsh sanctions as a lunatic or a heretic.

Our environment itself is being modified by various modes of 'geo-engineering' (e.g. chem-trails, strip-mining, deforestation) whose full, cumulative effects are yet to be seen, but which impact agriculture and the ecology, and thus, our very source of food and water.

Companies like Monsanto want to replace many of our traditional sources of food with their 'bio-engineered' substitutes... without ever properly demonstrating any benefit, or doing scientific, long-term tests of the effects on human health. It seems like a madcap rush to insert artificial products in place of nature's originals.

The very essence of our humanity is now under attack by the science (so-called) in thrall to this satanic agenda. One school of technicians is madly tinkering with our DNA in the vain attempt to improve on the Creator's handiwork, but of course, under the pretext of seeking to eliminate various diseases. Another bunch is going even beyond the biological, (aptly called 'trans-humanism') wanting to integrate electronic and mechanical prostheses into the human body in pursuit of improved performance and longevity (see e.g. Kurzweil on 'the Singularity.')

Now the US Supreme Court has issued another ruling that represents a tectonic shift in the moral and legal fundaments of the USA, with their decision that all states must recognize same-sex 'marriage.'  Whether you support the ruling or not, you'd have to agree that the effect will be earth-shaking in it's reach, and represents an attempt by humans to redefine the building-block of stable society-- the family unit. It's a reversal of a bedrock tradition that dates to the beginning of our species.

The entire natural order-- the world as created by God-- is being overturned, replaced by a 'New world order,' created by the agents of Darkness. But this new, ersatz order is completely opposite to God's order, as it must be to fulfill Satan's desire to destroy the natural world. That is the true intent of the 'great work of the ages,' using a motto of one occult society enlisted in the service of Darkness. The 'order' that will ultimately emerge from the ongoing chaos of this Kali Yuga, is really total disorder, a completely artificial world in which nature is bespoilt thru environmental destruction, morality turned upside down, history is fiction, degradation is entertainment, gender distinctions are utterly blurred, and the human race becoming hybridized into some demonic aberration.

The writings of the prophet Isaiah (ch. 14) describe the aspirations of Satan, thusly: ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High’ (vs 14). In other words, he desires to be 'like God.' But it's impossible for any created being to be equal to its creator, especially a being with a perverted nature such as Satan! What the Devil does, instead, is to overturn everything in God's creation, making it into a warped counterfeit of the perfect original. 

'As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man returns.' (Matt 24:37) While full details are scarce in scripture concerning the days of Noah, it is clear that mankind was dabbling in a myriad of 'sciences' that were threatening to destroy the ecology and create monstrous variations in the human race. In short, the people of that Age were apparently engaged in much the same activities as are occurring today.

'...and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be' (vs 39). Altho clever in their own eyes, the anti-diluvian populace did not understand the deep implications of what they were doing. Nor did they understand the immanence of their destruction, despite their scientific prowess. You can interpret Biblical references according to your understanding, but to those of whatever persuasion who read the signs of the times, we are living in a seriously troubled age.

A geographic pole shift may indeed be in our near future. Regardless, we are currently in the midst of a major inversion of our whole cultural foundation; and the outcome looks frightening.