November 20, 2015

Life in the 'Modern World'

This one table summarizes succinctly the state of the world as we find it in the middle of the second decade of the 21st century. 
The big hurdle for the 'optimists' and those stuck in denial is to acknowledge that the descriptions under 'Actual' are, indeed, factual.

I won't spend a lot of effort trying to convince anyone that my assessments are accurate. If the events of this century-- and their fruits-- have not convinced you that this world is in a precarious state, then no arguments or logic will suffice. You of that ilk can stop reading and go back to watching The Matrix-- you'll enjoy it, no doubt!

What's the use of this table, other than to present the bad news in one easy format? What I hope the reader will take away is that when it's all laid out this way, surely certain questions become unavoidable. Like, how did this happen? Is it all just a sorry consequence of innate human nature? Do we just have to accept this condition and learn to abuse it for our own gain? Can the human species continue to live this way on a limited planet?

As someone who has pondered those kinds of questions for decades, I have some opinions about them I'd like to share. First, when every institution of society has become infected with the viruses of corruption (in the guise of greed, covetousness, envy, contention, etc.) then it cannot be dismissed as coincidental or random chance. No, clearly something is happening at a fundamental level resulting in this tendency for all human organizations to collapse on themselves.

The situation is akin to other fundamental features of (at least) 'Western' society, such as, notably, the enduring myth of romantic love. We all want to believe it exists, and that we can partake in it. Yet the divorce statistics demonstrate just how elusive the story of 'love for life' really is. Likewise, we are trapped in the 'organization conundrum,' wherein humans need an organizational structure in order to accomplish things, yet every organization contains the seeds of its destruction as, inevitably, internal strife develops and the original goals forgotten.

I deliberately compare organizations to romantic love because each generation comes along thinking 'we can do this!' blissfully ignoring the historical evidence that its chances of success are very slim. Church is another good example. Despite having an established Bible for guidance, church congregations regularly coalesce around some particular doctrine... and then with almost equal regularity, disintegrate into sub-groupings. This has occurred often at the denominational level, and also at the local level. (I've seen both types happen; the process is essentially the same).

There are many fault lines along which any organization can fracture. They all rest on the realities of human personality and character. We are all different at the individual level even tho we behave amazingly predictably in large groups. In organizations, the primal ego-needs for power, recognition, 'being right,' result in constant game-playing as each participant competes with the other players.

In spite of those innate challenges posed by human nature, as a species we are capable of accomplishing much, as modern technology attests. Every time you get into an automobile and drive somewhere you are realizing the end result of a process that involved a huge sum of 'man-hours' of mental and physical cooperation in the concept, design, and construction of that machine. This idea can be extended in many areas of modern life.

So-- is there more to the story of why all of our institutions have become so corrupt, today? Of course, I contend there is! But what? As I implied in my questions above, this collective rush towards the drain has not occurred strictly due to human frailty, but has been assiduously fomented over a very long time.

As indicated, altho humanity has difficulties acting in harmony, it can be done. Malevolent agencies deliberately act to introduce the virus of self-destruction into our institutions, and they do so at the highest levels. That's why the pyramid is their 'in-our-faces' symbol of their presence-- it depicts the top-down structure they use to implement their corrosive agenda. (E.g. the pyramid, with floating capstone, has been on the US dollar bill for so long that no one thinks to question why such a strange symbol should be there in the first place.)

Who are 'they' you impatiently demand? We'll get to that. The important point at this stage is that some hidden force has coordinated the moral infection of our societal pillars. If this assertion were not true, then how would you account for the facts noted in the table? That favorite excuse of 'coincidence,' again? A convenient word that explains absolutely nothing?

The engineering of the moral collapse of global society has been an ages-long process that started with installing men of base character into positions of rulership. (The adage that the scum rises to the top, is too true.) By appeals to vanity, it is easy for clever, unscrupulous advisors to steer vainglorious monarchs into a range of ruinous policies.

In a similar process, selected ideologues are, over time, insinuated in the high-level, advisory positions of every important institution. We have been watching that process unfold in the field of education, for several decades. Some experts come along touting the benefits of some new educational ideology, using some concocted title ('child-centric,' 'new math,' 'main-streaming,' now 'common-core curriculum,' ad nauseum). As each new concept is introduced, the average scores of the affected generation of students drops a little. Once confined to academics, the latest curriculum 'advances' impose the new sexual ambiguity also being heavily promoted by the corrupt media.

Stand back and see! Once they gained control of ALL the major institutions, it became easy to coordinate any particular virus (aka concept) into the societal matrix. Hollywood and the music industry push the 'LGBTQ' agenda with full force on impressionable young people. The media take up the beat, inventing words like 'homophobia' with which to tar anyone who dares question the new agenda. The school system takes up the flag, introducing 'gay-tolerant' curriculum from KG to HS graduation. Corporations and the military introduce 'awareness seminars' to 'sensitize' their employees or troops to get with the program.

You can begin to see how hidden controllers, mostly behind the scenes, by exercising the institutional levers at their disposal, can virtually mould whole societies into conforming to new norms that may be in diametric opposition to the traditional values that brought them to the current generation.

Ideally, I would end this essay here, and leave it to the readers to do their homework and discover for themselves just who 'they' are, these secret manipulators. Yet I can also foresee that many will dismiss the essence of my thesis unless I put forth a plausible expose of the culprits behind the moral corruption identified in this article. So let me make an attempt.

Given the magnitude of the phenomenon (i.e. the undermining of civilization) you must appreciate that the answer is not straightforward (at least for most minds). If anyone does a bit of Internet research on the subject, it should become quickly apparent that there's a multitude of candidates! Each investigator seems to come to a different conclusion. It's the Vatican; it's the Jesuits; it's the Bilderbergers; it's the Freemasons; it's the Jews; it's the Rosicrucians; it's.... well, I suppose you'll take your favorite theory, depending on your pre-existing prejudices (which, by human nature, we all have).

In a real sense, it is all of those shadowy organizations. All of them have been infiltrated and co-opted to contribute in some degree to the desired effect-- that being 'Ordo ab Chao' or Order out of chaos, which is also found on the great seal of the USA, hence on the dollar bill. But, in true pyramidal fashion, something at a higher level is orchestrating all of those subordinate components. Like many other researchers, I identify that higher authority as the Illuminati. By operating thru a multitude of enigmatic arms, they keep their existence a mystery, and confusing to any casual attempt to penetrate the issue.

At the operational level, the primary means by which the Illuminati have been so successful is by the invention and imposition of money as debt. Briefly, instead of money as a value instrument, they imposed money as an IOU owed to their agents, the Zionist-run banking system that controls the economy of virtually every nation.

If you were thinking as you read the above text, you wondered how 'they' were able to place their ideological agents into positions of influence in all the major institutions. Now you know! It is thru the black magic of 'fiat money' (debt created by the say-so of the bankers). If you do your homework, you discover that this is how they exercised control over all the sovereigns of Europe, beginning in the 18th century (and continuing to the present).

In 1913, the US government passed the Federal Reserve Act, giving control of the US central bank (hence, economy) to the Zionist bankers, and the stranglehold over all institutions began in earnest. Yes, money buys anything in this sorry world. The hidden manipulators use vast wealth to buy universities, establish faculty chairs, confer donations on selected recipients, and so on. In this manner, they create and foster the ideas they want promoted.

Once the institutions of 'higher learning,' the ivory towers of expert knowledge have been infused with the doctrines of destruction, the tenets of the de-facto ruling cabal, they can influence all of society. We've seen the economic ideas of the 'Chicago school' (aka Straussian doctrine) become the dominant paradigm. We've seen liberal sexual ethics (i.e. the gay agenda) become the new norm, thanks also to the tyranny of 'political correctness' emanating from the universities and promoted relentlessly by the captive media.

That's how all kinds of crazy ideas proceed from obvious nonsense to the accepted orthodoxy. Make the lies big... and keep repeating them, especially by public figures. It worked in the 1930s in Germany; it's working today in the Western world.

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