December 9, 2015

Wheels within Wheels?

We in the West are accustomed to think of time as being strictly linear, starting at the 'Big Bang,' and moving inexorably out from then. In other cultures, tho, people think of time as moving in cycles. Not necessarily in 'circles' but in cycles; think of spirals-- they go around, but also move ahead.

So what?, you may wonder. You know the saying 'what goes around comes around.' Or, those who neglect the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them! Those who study history outside the 'box' (of conventional, approved history) notice how certain themes and patterns keep repeating at the societal scale. That's the real point.
What cycle am I talking about? Over the years I have found many, and they all have some bearing on our present lives. These different cycles arise from different cultures, pertain to different viewpoints, and have quite different periods. Some were described millennia ago, others are recent discoveries. Let's briefly survey them.
By 2012, most people had heard of the Mayan calendar even if they never learned anything more about it. The Mayans, whose culture flourished for a few hundred years , had elaborate ways of tracking time, including two main calendars. One was based on a 260 day cycle, the other on a 52 year cycle. The two have often been depicted as two wheels whose gear teeth are inter-meshed. Altho the world did not end on 12-21-2012 as some expected, other people speculate that the date nevertheless had some esoteric significance that we may yet discover. Others claim that the end of the '13th baktun' (the terminal date on the long-count calendar) simply meant that the calendar would roll over to begin anew.

Another long-term reckoning of time comes from the Hindus and their system of 'yugas' (or what we'd call eras). They refer to four yugas which can be characterized in English as follows: a Golden Age, marked by high advancement in all aspects of human expression; then a Silver Age, when there is some retrenchment of achievement, but still a high level in most respects; followed by a Bronze Age, when mankind starts to show signs of more serious regression; and finally, the Iron Age-- the Kali Yuga-- which reveals full abasement of human kind, in terms of greed, selfishness, and constant warfare over material ends. The final yuga ends in global catastrophe, after which the human race starts the cycle over again.

In the late 20th century a novel theory of time was put forth by Terrance McKenna (described as 'an American psychedelic shaman') which he called the Timewave. I won't try to even summarize his arcane derivation of the graph that plotted time on the X-axis and something he called 'novelty' on the Y-axis. Apparently, novelty was his attempt to quantify significant achievements or events in the world's development. Hence, the graph displays spikes during certain time periods, and down-troughs at other times, suggestive of cyclical patterns.

By applying exotic math transformations on his data, McKenna produced a graph that simply dove to zero around the year 2012. I say around because we're still here; and other scholars found that his time scale and computations could have contained errors altho the overall concept appeared consistent. (The interested reader can find plenty of head-scratch-worthy material on the subject to peruse.)

Earlier in the last century (1920s) the Russian economist, Nicholai Kondratiev proposed a theory of economics based on a 60-year cycle, incorporating demographic analysis as well as financial factors. He identified four phases in the cycle, with the final phase being a collapse or depression, often followed by war. Applying his theory to current events, we are presently in the fourth phase, which would last until about 2020.

A popular book was published in the 1990s titled 'The Fourth Turning,' which described how whole generations exhibited specific views on life and thereby affected the zeitgeist or the tenor of the times in predictable ways. The authors identified four 'turnings' that occur as one generation passes the batons of society onto the next. The fourth turning is characterized by a tearing down of institutions and complete rebuilding... often accompanied by war. The authors postulate that we are presently in the throws of a 'fourth turning.'

Overarching all human cycles (except the Hindu yugas) there is natural cycle in the cosmic realm, which has been called the Platonic Year or Great Year, lasting 25,920 years. This is the time it takes the Earth to wobble once thru the 'precession of the equinoxes;' or, for the Earth's axis of rotation to point thru the entire zodiac, spending about 2,160 years in each of the 12 'signs' or constellations.

Various cultures believe that there are cycles of behavior as the Earth passes thru these 'ages' (e.g. the Age of Pisces is the one we have been in for about the last 2,000 years, as we move towards the Age of Aquarius). It is difficult to determine precisely where one zodiacal sign ends and the next begins; it appears to be a time of transition. Some esoteric beliefs posit that the Earth experiences a natural calamity or major turning of some kind at each quarter point of the Great Year, i.e. about every 6,500 years. Hence, the last such milestone would take us back to the sudden appearance of human civilization in Sumer. Before that point, it was the great Deluge (about 10,000 BC).

On that cosmic scale, we are due for another major 'event' of some kind, at any moment. In fact, some researchers say that the Earth's precession is now poised to return to the 'start point'-- taken as the 'great dark rift' seen in our Milky Way galaxy. Several ancient cultures point to the dark rift as the 'mother of the cosmos,' the beginning point of Earth's development. They expect momentous events as we complete the Great Year 'soon.'

Another long-term cycle some researchers refer to is the 'ELE' or extinction level event. As numerous species have gone extinct within just the last hundred years or so, they speculate that the Earth is undergoing 'The Sixth Extinction.' According to ELE theory, the 'dominant species' on the planet always dies out during one of these extinction cycles. Obviously, that does not bode well for humankind at this stage of planetary history.

Now, to tie all these cycles together (as I believe is possible) is the point of this essay. Let's suppose that most, if not all, of these cycles has validity. Notice that these cycles are not mutually exclusive, and in fact, it appears that several of them overlap or coincide. If most cycles end in 'disruption,' what can be expected when several cycles reach their conclusion at about the same time? Isn't is reasonable to expect that the result would be utter chaos?

There is one final, periodic phenomenon that I have saved for last. Like the other cycles, not everyone agrees in the existence of this one; but there's strong evidence to support it. It is the orbital period of a tenth planet, called Nibiru, or Planet X, among researchers. Nibiru is believed to have a nominal orbital period of 3,600 years, and on every passage in the inner solar system, it has triggered 'significant events' on all the planets, including Earth.

Believers in P-X say that in its last passage, it caused the series of calamities cited in the Bible as the 'Ten Plagues' that afflicted Egypt and led to the Exodus of the Israelites. Going back another 3,600 years takes us to the time when civilization burst upon the human scene in the Sumerian culture of Mesopotamia (ca 5,000 BC). Two more regressions of 3,600 years takes us to the time of the great Deluge, ca. 12,000 BC. (Frankly, I don't know what may have happened in 8,700 BC.)

Scoffers and deniers, as expected, disagree with Planet X theory and the coincidence with previous catastrophes. For those who are paying attention to global events, however, the past two decades or so have been characterized by increasing levels of various natural phenomena (see appendix, below). When you 'connect all the dots' of those natural disasters, they produce an outline that points directly to Nibiru as the underlying, common causal factor.

My theory (take it as you will) is that Nibiru is genuine, that it is drawing close to Earth's orbit, and that it will be the natural, cosmic mechanism by which the destruction expected from the major cycles (especially the Kali Yuga) will be accomplished. When will this happen? 'Soon,' is about as precise as one can get. Pay attention to the phenomena listed in the appendix; they are all pointing to a collapse or crisis of some sort.

When you think things are reaching a breaking point, then brace yourself! All we can say is that we're in the 'final count-down.' When people can actually see Nibiru in the sky, you will know that it's 'game over.'
Appendix- Global phenomena that are increasing in frequency &/or magnitude
- weather instability (it's not 'global warming;' it's due to wobble in Earth's axis)
- earthquakes (4 of the largest since 1900 have occurred in the past 15 years)
- volcanic eruptions (more eruptions have occurred in the last 2 years than in the previous 2 centuries)
- sinkholes (have been appearing in numerous places, swallowing roads, homes, vehicles, even people)
- space 'bolides' (meteors, fireballs, have been reported, with some quite spectacular ones)
- animal mass deaths (whole flocks of birds fall from skies; huge schools of fish wash up on shores)
- marine mammal beachings (pods of whales, dolphins, have mysteriously run ashore)
- mystery 'booms' (sonic blasts occur that have no obvious explanation, e.g. Aircraft)
- humming sounds (reports of 'throbbing' or humming sounds with no apparent source)
- 'Trumpets of the Apocalypse' (strange screechings have been recorded; put on Youtube)
- rogue waves, whirlpools at sea (even in relatively clear weather)
- pillars of light in the sky (have been seen and photographed in various places)

There are more 'unprecedented' phenomena, but those are the most common. Readers who are unfamiliar (&/or skeptical!) with these incidents are urged to do a little research on the Internet. Just entering the key words or the phrases in brackets in a search engine will return a myriad of news items that rarely get a mention in the big mainstream news channels.
All of these items can be explained with reference to the properties of Planet X that were recorded by the ancient Sumerians and reported by Zechariah Sitchin in his popular books.

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