December 13, 2016

How to Destroy a Civilization – Part One

As the last vestiges of our much-vaunted 'Western civilization' come crumbling down around us (tho so many are oblivious), I am moved to ponder how it came to pass. These crashes of empires don't just happen out of the blue; they develop over decades or centuries, like cosmic cancer on the body politic. This crash, tho, will be the final 'gotterdammerung' for the whole planet, and has been in the planning since the beginning of human kind. Overblown rhetoric? I think events happening now and in the near future will bear it out.
From that starting view, I want to uncover the steps by which hidden powers maneuvered our species into the incredible position of willing self-destruction we see taking place. We see it today, but it's been carefully contrived over the ages.
The most important step, from the perspective of the plotters, was to neutralize God in human consciousness. After that, virtually anything becomes possible. And that is what we've seen, especially in the last couple hundred years.

I say 'neutralize God,' because religions have been around from the beginning, and seem destined to persist since they have shown how ineffective they really are, having been infiltrated by satanically-inspired agents. People continue to invoke God's name (as in the nauseous 'God bless America') but it's just futile lip-service.

In the final Age of humanity on Earth, every social institution has been corrupted, co-opted, and used for undermining our inherent (God-given) faculties of mind and morality. In that sense, we were doomed from the beginning, since our progenitors were innocent until schooled by 'higher entities.' Religion as originated was already perverted; the narrative of the Bible is the story of the true God preserving a remnant of true believers down thru the ages.

At this point, I have to disclose my belief in the research of Zecharia Sitchin, noted scholar who studied Sumerian records (in cuneiform script) as well as other ancient scripture, and concluded that humans were genetically engineered by combining 'alien' genes with those of proto-humans. Many disagree, naturally. But they are then forced to rely on a literal understanding of the biblical Genesis, or on the unbelievable claims of the Darwinists. Neither option appeals to me as reasonable. Sitchin's paradigm simply makes most sense... and is not incompatible with the compressed narrative of Genesis.

While the original genetic engineering aliens departed, the orphaned humans were adopted, spiritually, by the Creator of All, whom we call God. Since God destined this bedraggled species for ultimate glory, including mastery over angels, the leader of a disgruntled segment of the angels, whom we call Satan, swore revenge. His perverted plan is to destroy the beautiful planet God provided humanity, and to bring as many human souls to perdition as possible.

The Devil really has only one weapon at his disposal; but it's a powerful one, and he's an expert at deploying it. That weapon is deception! As Jesus identified him, Satan is a liar from the beginning, and the 'father of lies.' That's bad news, because as it so happens, humans are psychologically very susceptible to deception. Yes, we love 'good news,' and hate 'bad news' so much that we'll do almost anything to avoid and deny it, including embracing thinly-veiled lies.

So it is, that even a half-clever con-man with a good command of language can dupe a sizable portion of any populace. Snake-oil salesmen always made a good living-- if they were smart enough to leave town before the truth emerged.

Let's examine some of the milestones in the satanic plan to enslave and destroy humanity.
- language is essential for human communication, and enabled great accomplishments; unfortunately, it also provides an expedient means to manipulate people's thinking.
- religion starts off with the good intention to worship God; then it gets high-jacked by those who recognize it's brilliant capacity to enable mass mind-control.
- education is hailed as the main means of lifting people from ignorance and raising society to heights of peace and prosperity; opportunists recognize public (mass) education as a golden means to indoctrinate whole generations of people.
- money seems like a great idea-- a 'medium of exchange' of value, enabling vibrant economic systems to flourish; by the vagaries of human moral weakness, money has become the total measure of everything and everyone, truly the root of all evil.
- government of some sort starts as a wonderful alternative to chaos and everyone for himself; then quickly becomes the platform from which 'strong men' attain rulership and use it to their full advantage, and the disadvantage of all others.

In the absence of government, people may claim, criminal gangs assume a similar role but without any restraints. Yet, in practice, all human governments become elected/appointed criminal enterprises with a satisfying veneer of respectability. It's governments that mold social institutions towards their desired goals-- education and health-care being two prime examples. Once installed in office, politicians just can't seem to resist padding their coffers, hiring their friends, and gaining maximum benefits, ethical or not.

From the simple notion of money (as value) we developed the concept of economies, markets, international trade, and notably, the corporation. Corporations became the ideal stalking horse by which Western nations (governments) carried out the 'legal' pillage of 'lesser developed' nations around the world. (Note how frequently I resort to ellipses/quotes to denote ironic use of the terms).

What happens is that the big institutions, once populated by opportunists (I'm being polite), often become intertwined in terms of disposition of power. In the USA and likely most Western nations, big business-- the corporations-- own the government in the sense that the politicians are virtually all beholden to corporate 'donations' (graft) for their election. The USA has been a 'corporatocracy' for a century or so, with very few presidents daring to oppose their agenda.

In Europe, the trend has been to socialism, wherein the state owns the corporations, but the result is essentially the same-- government and big business are comfy bed partners.

In more traditional countries, the organized church may 'work closely' with the government, and in the extreme, we have Islamic Republics where the religious head is de-facto ruler of the government.
Studying history, the most corrosive effects of the Industrial Revolution are rarely perceived. Industrial methods of production involved 'economies of scale,' and that concept led to creation of 'companies,' and then the LLC-- limited liability company, i.e. corporations. These heartless, faceless entities have legal status equivalent to 'persons,' but without real responsibility. Sure, the officers of a company can be sued, but in practice it's very difficult to establish individual culpability. (Most companies carry special insurance to cover their executives in the unlikely event of a successful law suit.) We are witnessing in this 21st century the consequences of ever larger corporations, having 'limited liability', running rampant across the globe, polluting, pillaging host countries, and paying pathetic wages with minimum benefits... all while the 'CE-X's get paid ridiculous compensation for their predation.

The other result of the Industrial Revolution generally unnoticed is our education system. It always hit me, even as an elementary student, how schools were organized like factories. Teachers are the labor, the students are the products, and curriculum is the methodology. It all runs according to schedules, there are performance measures, quality controls, and it's all done on a mass ('economical') scale!

While the education of millions of previously ignorant people might be expected to result in the lifting of society to heights of general wealth and positive attainments, it hasn't really worked out that way. Instead of teaching our children how to exercise logic, discrimination, and imagination, mass education became the ideal platform for indoctrinating children starting at their most impressionable age. Higher education simply carries on the training (mind conditioning) begun in the lower grades; by then, no one notices the scam-- it has become completely normalized. This is just as true in universities as in high-schools.

For the secretive conspirators to exercise influence (first) and then control over the population, they first had to promote selected 'thinkers' having their required ideas. These people are usually academics who have some connection with the secret societies we are now aware of (i.e. Freemasons, Illuminati, Jesuits, Zionists, etc.). With patience, those thinkers and their ideas, no matter how aberrant initially, eventually gain widespread acceptance. This assent comes with relentless promotion by the mass media. It was newspapers and scientific forums in Darwin's day; today it's TV, movies, magazines, websites, 'social media,' and so on.

The Industrial Revolution was due almost entirely to the blossoming of science in the European 'Enlightenment.' Science, like every other human institution ever invented, soon was transmuted to a 'thought-box,' in this case, scientism, altho by its very nature, no practitioner or believer in science could ever admit it. Scientism has its 'temples,' its priesthood, its many dogmas, its rituals, its holy scriptures, and so forth; in other words, it's a religion in disguise!

You should be able to see the pieces coming together, by now. Darwin was the guru raised at the right time to propose a theory that captured the minds of most in the scientism cult. They were eager, or at least primed, to cast off the yolk of religion, which had long devolved into mostly spiritualistic rhetoric. Invoking 'evolution,' scientists declared humanity free of God, like it or not.

With God out of the way, morally speaking, the occult agencies were able to really ramp up their agenda of re-making society in their perverted image. Note how, during those heady decades (the mid to late 1800's) every aspect of human civilization became 'scientized.' Freud happened along and developed the field of psychology. Commerce was scrutinized under the study of economics. The 'medical arts' became allopathic health-care. So it went.
Science (I'll call it that) laid the foundation for what became the hallmark of the 20th century-- technology. By the end of the century, the Western world took it for granted that technology would forever bloom, and usher us into the wonderful world of tomorrow. Yet, it was technology as the hand-maid of industry that has led to the many environmental crises that we face today! Reckless use of often poorly-designed or built machines and devices has allowed companies to 'more efficiently' strip our land of forests and minerals, and in the process, to lay off more unneeded workers, and pollute the air and water resources.

The physical destruction of our planet proceeds apace, pushed by ever-greedy shareholders whose corporations promise jobs to the locals in return for tax and regulatory exemptions. Meanwhile, the moral destruction is equally pernicious. Under the siren-song of such desirable goals as 'minority rights,' 'tolerance and equality,' 'anti-hate laws,' and so on, the liberal social agenda has been heavily and mindlessly promoted by the mainstream media and its shameless/brainless academics. All of those wonderful slogans are verbal weapons designed (yes, consciously) to restrict the freedoms of the majority, and also of 'competing minorities,' and to exacerbate the fissures inevitably found in any society.

Under the guise of political correctness and respect for others, the puppet-strung liberals increase the restrictions on not just our speech, but on our very thinking. That's because before we utter our words, the subtly absorbed PC protocols make us police our own thoughts. Eventually, people's ability to think clearly is impaired because of this deliberate shrinking of our range of expression.

Political correctness is another of those 'values' inculcated during the formative school years, along with all the other dogmas of the deep state (our hidden rulers). Since it comes from our teachers-- who are regarded as trusted authority figures-- and is repeated year after year, we register all their 'information' as background knowledge, and as such, it is rarely, if ever, questioned. Everything we 'know' about history, science, social studies, was fed to our receptive minds by teachers working from state-supplied curricula. It's an ideal situation for programming, in the literal sense, the minds of generations at a time, with homogenous beliefs and values!

If you suspect by now that I'm inditing our education system, you're absolutely right. Not that teachers are subversive conspirators, let me clarify. Classroom instructors are mere pawns in the grand game, themselves programmed by the system they service. It's the crafters of the curriculum who are the culprits. The political heads of the education portfolios install as the architects of curriculum only individuals known to espouse the beliefs and values the hidden masters desire to promulgate and instill in future graduates. These opinion-shapers are often the authors of books that expound their 'progressive' ideas, so not hard to find.

To grasp where this convergence of vectors leads, we saw it starkly in the 2016 US election, and are seeing it in the aftermath. First, the conduct of the mainstream media in their utterly biased 'coverage' of the election events, candidates, and issues, demonstrated conclusively their role as primary, mass mind controllers. That fact partly explains their fury at Clinton's loss despite every dirty trick they know being deployed against Trump. The MSM virtually ignored one of the biggest factors in Clinton's defeat-- the periodic dump of damning e-mails by Wikileaks from Hillary's own private, insecure server.

Second, the use of language via 'trigger words' and memes, was one of the means used by the MSM in attempting to manipulate the population-- e.g. Russian interference, election hacking, and notably, 'fake news.' Again, the mesmerizing failed, largely because the 'alternative media' did a very effective job in countering and neutralizing the barrage of trash-talk from the MSM.

Third, the fact that a sizable segment of the population, largely in the younger age groups (Millennials, Gen-Y), actually believed the lies fed by the MSM and their Democrat demagogues, illustrates how effective the brain-washing of the education system has been. Those deluded kids, weeping wailing and gnashing their teeth over the Clinton defeat, have absolutely no clue how to think objectively, no ability to detect bullsh!t. They are sheep ready and willing for shearing. Nor do they recognize the irony of their protests: they want to 'restore democracy' by overturning the clear results delivered by US democracy!

Fourth, we saw ludicrous amounts of money being raised and squandered by the DNC, all for nought, as populism fueled by alternative media triumphed. Ironically (here we go again) the MSM provided free publicity for Trump by their incessant attacks, because everything they were accusing him of were things the 'average citizen' agreed with! So, even the power of money can be countered by the free flow of real information (a lesson that, I'm sure, was not lost on the hidden agencies).

And finally we learned conclusively that American democracy is an utter sham, an overblown spectacle intended by its very theatrics to bamboozle the citizens into treating it as a serious exercise in grass-roots politics. Moreover, it has always been fake, orchestrated by secret agencies skilled at manipulating the populace. Those forces have always owned both the 'major' parties (why aren't there other choices?) and their candidates. They knew from the start of these tedious quadrennial political orgies who would win, and the winner is given his marching orders before even taking office.

The US presidential election was like a beta-test or demonstration of how the 'great work of the ages' is supposed to function to capture a society. Thus, they (the hidden elitists) played all their hands, and got exposed for it. They had not figured on a wild-card like Trump upsetting their apple-cart; even tho, evidence suggests the Democrat plotters had floated his name as a useful candidate in the RNC for splitting their opposition. Nor had they foreseen the power of the social media and alternative news websites in reaching the minds of the masses... who were quite turned off by the blatant lies being spouted by the MSM.

It was a case study for the global audience in New World Order politics, and how rotten it is. The NWO proponents will not go away, however. As I write, in mid-December, 2016, they continue to throw every possible hurdle in front of a Trump inauguration in January. Likewise, their European toadies continue to defy the will of the citizens, and push for more immigration, erasure of borders, and enforcing the Euro currency regardless of the impending bank failures in Italy and elsewhere.

In every sphere of human life, the masters in control demonstrate an insane desire to keep their feet firmly on the accelerator of destruction regardless of all indicators that disaster awaits such policies. Given the size of the global population, the widespread application of unbridled technologies, and the interlocked financial and other institutions, the collapse of our civilization is virtually unavoidable. Add to those factors the increase in natural disasters that we've witnessed in the 21st century-- large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild-fires, sinkholes, and temperature extremes-- and the scene is more than precariously set for a catastrophe of unparalleled proportions.

In the Bible, Jesus spoke of this time (Matt 24), and the book of Revelation outlines the geo-political maneuvering. The 'die is cast,' the scene is set; all that remains is for the final fuse to be lit. So, it looks as if Satan wins-- he achieves his two goals: to destroy the Earth as a habitable planet, and to deceive vast numbers of humans to abandoning faith in God. But, that's not the end of the story! Stay tuned for Part Two.

December 12, 2016

How To Destroy The World – Part Two

[Recapping from Part One] Given the size of the global population, the widespread application of unbridled technologies, and the interlocked financial and other institutions, the collapse of our civilization is virtually unavoidable. Add to those factors the increase in natural disasters that we've witnessed in the 21st century-- large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tornadoes, wild-fires, sinkholes, and temperature extremes-- and the scene is more than precariously set for a catastrophe of unparalleled proportions.

One could also mention the extinction of species happening at an alarming rate, as well as strange die-offs of masses of birds and fish noted world-wide. As always, many are dismissing whatever evidence is presented, using every kind of psychological dodge possible in order to not face the reality of imminent danger. While those deniers bluster and stonewall, stories persist (substantiated by sales data) that
 the wealthiest among us are busy building and stocking 'doomsday shelters,' clearly indicating their desire to prepare for some big disaster. 'What kind of disaster?' is a question that leads to interesting discussions.
If you still prefer to trust the MSM to inform of at least critical news, then there is nothing to worry about... besides crime, terrorism, drug abuse, and visits from your mother-in-law. On the other hand, if you are brave enough to do some digging into the subject, you will discover 'theories' about a so-called Planet X, a.k.a. Nibiru, and various other names. You can find numerous Youtube videos and other sources giving various descriptions of Nibiru, and others giving dates for when it will appear in the skies, and still others trying to de-bunk the whole idea. What to believe?

Here's what I believe, after many years of investigation. All those natural disasters that I cited above are indications that 'something' has changed in our cosmic neighborhood. The MSM generally ignore 'local phenomena' unless forced to report them, and then they avoid any hint of a connection with anything else. A few observers, me included, have connected the dots, and there is only one theory that explains all the observed phenomena from around the world; and that is Planet X.

Distilling reams of information, much of it inferred from diverse sources, ancient and modern, here is the essential scoop on Planet X. The theory first appeared in the public sphere in the 1970s thanks to the research of Zecharia Sitchin, a 'Russian-Israeli-American' scholar who learned ancient Sumerian language and interpreted a great many of the extant clay tablets of cuneiform script. He augmented the stories from Sumeria with parallel or derivative accounts recorded by the Babylonians, Assyrians, and others, and including the Bible.

Sitchin found in the texts, not fanciful myths of ostensible gods, but poetic accounts of the creation of our planet and the configuration of the solar system, and also the creation of the human race. He contended that the texts gave vivid descriptions of how Nibiru, as the Sumerians called it, is a large planet in a highly elongated (comet-like) orbit, in retrograde motion (i.e. clock-wise, as viewed from our North Pole), and with a period of approximately 3,600 years.

That orbital period is long enough for the human race to forget it's cyclical passages; however, historical and geological evidence lends support to the hypothesis. Successive close encounters with Nibiru would account for widespread disasters implied in various aboriginal traditions, as well as in physical phenomena often ascribed to a universal deluge, for example. In the ancient records (and the Sumerians were diligent record-keepers and able mathematicians) Nibiru is said to be about four times the diameter of Earth and having a strong magnetic field. It is depicted as a 'winged planet,' due apparently to a vast dust cloud and/or debris field that accompanies it. The ancients also described it as a red star, implying that the dust sheath is rich in iron.

Alright, but what do modern astronomers say about it. Here's where it gets 'woo-woo' (to borrow from Clif High; do a search). Most authorities say it's a myth or a conspiracy theory. The few that acknowledge the existence of Planet X (Nibiru) seem to meet untimely and suspicious death... strange how that works. I'm talking about the 'West.' In Russia, their TV stations have carried frank reports on Nibiru, some of which can be found on Youtube. Even China's media have carried news items on related sky phenomena such as a 'double sun' effect.

While NASA stonewalls on Planet X, they nonetheless have projects that suggest they're searching for, and monitoring, evidence of Nibiru. In 1983, US News and World Report published a story on NASA's 'IRAS' (Infra-red Astronomical Satellite) quoting the director of the Palomar Observatory, Gary Neugebauer, who stated that it had detected a new object, 50 billion miles distant, that was part of our solar system. Then in 1992, NASA issued a brief press release stating: "Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses, on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the sun."

Later, NASA went on to launch several other satellites that could also monitor for the presence of Planet X-- e.g. SOHO the solar observatory; WISE the wide-area, infra-red, satellite. They are interested in the infra-red spectrum since Nibiru is suspected of being a 'brown-dwarf' star, and not normally in the humanly visible range.

If you're one of the neo-innocents you're wondering 'if NASA is tracking Planet X, why aren't they telling us about it?' Right. Why aren't the authorities telling us the truth about anything? We live in an Age, a society, of endemic deception, a virtual Matrix as depicted in the movies. I mentioned the wealthy who are building survival bunkers, remember? Now you know what they're for. The 'one-percenters' expect to sequester themselves comfortably, while the 99% mostly perish in the passage and aftermath of Nibiru. Any survivors will be expected to become slaves of the elite in return for a subsistence life. Back to feudalism, folks.

Regardless of its exact nature, Nibiru is definitely enigmatic, defying attempts to predict its trajectory and velocity. Nevertheless, observing our environmental and geophysical data over the past few decades, it appears that its presence in the inner solar system has been increasingly felt since the early 1980s, and particularly the last 15 years. With everyone now walking around with a camera (in their phones) numerous photos and videos have been posted on the Internet showing 'strange anomalies' in the sky, especially at sunrise and sunset; e.g. the 'two suns' effect, that can be best explained as sunlight reflecting off Nibiru or its extensive moons.

You can think of Nibiru as a cosmic cannon-ball careening towards Earth. No, it will not collide with our planet, but its close approach will cause horrendous havoc of an extent not seen since the Biblical Flood. It is postulated that Planet X will trigger a geological pole-shift, whereby the Earth's crust will slide over the underlying magma, such that the poles of the rotational axis will end up in far different locations than presently found. It's not hard to envision that this shift will entail huge tsunamis washing far inland, and enormous earthquakes creating new mountain ranges and flattening others. Back in the 1950s, scholar Emmanual Velikovsky described in vivid terms what must have occurred during previous pole-shifts (see his 'Earth in Upheaval').

All the preceding information is to break the news to the neophyte reader that Planet X is expected to rendezvous with our Earth 'sometime in the near future.' Expected by whom? Well, apparently by those wealthy folks building the survival bunkers; including the hidden eminences who have been engineering the chaos as described in Part One. You can easily find out that the USG has been transferring essential services to new offices in Denver, in anticipation of the inundation/destruction of DC. Many in the 'prepper community' also anticipate the soon arrival of Nibiru and the resulting devastation.

For Christians, it should be a 'slam-dunk.' Jesus' 'apocalypse' (Matt 24) sets the general scene for what we observe presently, pretty much, altho it's still only 'the beginning of sorrows.' The plagues described in Rev 16 can be seen as consistent with the calamities that would be expected in a close encounter with another planet. In short, it's TEOTWAWKI-- the end of the world as we know it!

So, as I wrote at the end of Part One, it looks as if Satan 'wins' because he does succeed in manipulating his human agents into destroying the ecology and in enslaving humanity to a demonic, anti-christian system. However, it's a victory similar to the one he thought he'd gained at Calvary-- yes, Jesus was executed, but... it was all in God's master plan, and Christ was raised from death as the first of many believers who would one day follow him!

This time, Satan barely has time to relish his dual destructions when the whole Earth is totally re-set in violent manner by God's pre-destined wallop from His cosmic bowling ball. As all these events unfold-- those in the human sphere, plus those in the heavens-- people around the world see that they are in accordance with the scriptures. They finally realize how they've been deceived, and that God is real. Even if Satan's agents force some to join their devilish ranks, many people will turn to Jesus. Satan's win turns to his final defeat.

This is the way the world ends-- not with a whimper but a bang! The scriptures will be fulfilled, regardless of the pathetic attempts of man and demon to subvert them with their wicked distractions.

December 6, 2016

Boost Your Level of Awareness!

Another dark truth revealed by the last US election is that none of the people around me 'get it;' i.e. have a clue about what's really going on.
They are, to a person, living fully immersed in the Matrix of elaborate lies fabricated mainly by the dominant media voices that define our world for us. For those of us who've been awake for some time, it's truly grating to listen to the lies pouring glibly forth from the TV on a '24/7' basis.

What the media put forth as 'news analysis' has been well described as an echo-chamber. They simply repeat the prevailing propaganda of the governing corporatocracy, ad nauseum. The 'analysts' interview talking heads chosen from the same institutions that are essential to creating the false reality in the first place. There is no longer anything resembling true, objective journalism. It is all about crafting artificial reality using all the means at their disposal.

But, how did some of us succeed in extracting our minds from the all-pervasive murk of deception? In other essays (look under 'Resources') I've given practical methods by which a diligent seeker can arrive at truth despite years of programming and coordinated media falsehood. In this one, I want to describe another approach that I believe is a vital aid in discerning the reality behind the lies.

You could call it perspective. What I mean is expanding your frame of reference to the greatest extent possible at your current moment of awareness. As an example, when you see people vehemently supporting the Democrats or the Republicans, you know they are stuck firmly in the artificial matrix of duality constructed by the hidden manipulators using their cradle-to-grave cultural programming. If you hear someone state that the two parties are both pawns of the corporate lobbyists, then you recognize that they have raised their awareness to a higher level.

In the example, you would also (assuming you're 'quite enlightened') recognize that the person has only moved up one level, and has to climb higher on the 'pyramid' to obtain a more accurate picture of what's actually going on.

In other essays, I've argued that the highest frames of reference are necessarily found in the realm of what we call spirituality. One who insists on staying firmly ensconced in the physical domain is thereby limited in perspective. As a number of prophets from a multitude of backgrounds have informed us over the centuries, the reality perceived by the five senses is not the full picture of the ultimate universe in which we exist.

Perhaps that fact is the reason why the capstone of the Illuminati pyramid is shown floating above the bulk of the structure below. The gap depicts the secret that the 'all-seeing eye' in the capstone exists in a higher dimension; hence it's supernatural ability of insight! For there is no doubt that, evil as they are, the human agents of darkness have been guided with seeming uncanny prescience in pushing forward their sick agenda, over generations.

As long as the good people who oppose the global project of enslavement refuse to acknowledge that the battle is spiritual as well as physical, they will always be at a disadvantage. Those who have fully delved into the investigation of the secret societies who (think they) run the world almost inevitably are forced to acknowledge the presence of an 'extra-dimensional force' or beings that supply black knowledge to their human agents.

In return, those dark spiritual forces require rites and sacrifices of the most abhorrent kind, involving ritualistic torture and death of innocent children. Virtually all the political leaders, major corporation executives, heads of big universities, religious leaders, entertainers, and cultural icons, are compromised with connections to these secret societies and their sick rituals. This is a fact that most 'average decent people' find too outlandish to believe. And for that ironic reason, they leave the way open for the evil cabal to continue its ruinous activities!

To truly understand what is going on in the world in this era, you have to reach for a higher platform, a more powerful paradigm, than the 'trust us' directive of the mainstream authorities. This fact has been known from antiquity, which is why the ancients gave us a number of such paradigms. The Indian Vedas speak of a cycle of four 'yugas' or ages, that each end in disaster followed by the next era. In that system, we are presently near the very end of the last age, called the Kali Yuga or Iron Age, characterized by a low level of human consciousness wherein greed, lust, fear, and muddled thinking are predominant.

For many, events on Earth can be understood by studying the configuration of the heavenly bodies, i.e. astrology. While materialists scoff at this endeavor based on a cursory glance at newspaper horoscopes, there is evidence to suggest that the planets do indeed exert unseen influence over the lives of individuals as well as institutions, countries, etc. Those who have the skill possess a higher frame of reference with which to comprehend terrestrial goings on.

Even limiting our purview to just the past, say, several hundred years, students of history have identified a cyclical pattern that recurs in an 80 year period, i.e. within roughly four 20 year generational spans. Two authors (Strauss and Howe) show that we are at the end of what they call the Fourth Turning, which is a period of political, economic, and social chaos that always culminates in disaster. You could have scoffed at this conjecture a few years ago; in the light of events of just 2016, you'd have to agree that there's something to this.

In another essay ('Wheels Within Wheels') I reveal how several of these overarching, metaphysical cycles are simultaneously converging on this period of time, multiplying their separate effects to bring about these end times. If you aren't aware of any of these phenomena, you are futilely trying to understand world events with a perspective somewhat better than that of an insect.

In trying to understand why some people stubbornly refuse to give any credence to the truths that the authorities label 'conspiracy theories,' (regardless of the fact that those theories make far more sense than the official fairy-tales), I looked for meta-level paradigms. One interesting area of study looks at inter-generational differences at the aggregate (statistical) level. While every individual has his/her own personality, it's amazing how generational cohorts share the same basic values and outlooks.

So, for instance, those born in the 1920-45 interval generally exhibit implicit deference to authority and institutions. To question either is unthinkable in their world-view. Their children, the 'Baby-boomers,' have far less reluctance to challenge authority and to operate outside the institutions. Researchers in this field have identified five generations living concurrently, each having its own predominant world-view... each of which is different to a degree from the rest. Is it any wonder life is so 'interesting' on this planet?

So, reiterating, to get a firmer grasp on the 'whys' behind the news-- assuming you're fairly confident in the 'whats' in the news-- you must do your research and determine which higher perspective framework resonates with your growing understanding of reality. After decades of this game, I know what works for me, and I've written several essays describing my approaches. I'm not going to be dogmatic about a precise paradigm for everyone; don't expect to be spoon-fed! Take responsibility, do some digging in places you usually avoid; use your common sense and 'ask the universe' to guide you. Start tugging on those boot-straps!

November 11, 2016


[Reflections on My Big 7-0]

It's official, I guess-- I'm old. On my recent barf-day I turned 70; that's seven decades, or 'three score and ten' in Biblical parlance. However you call it, the next big event in my life is the curtain-call, right?

That's fine; I'm ready, plenty ready. Once you come to the point where you've more or less figured out what life's about, seen thru its futility, there isn't much incentive to carry on. What do you want to live for? Playing more games? Traveling... to fill the boring hours? Studying what has lost meaning for you? Maybe the only reason to get out of bed is just to see what the heck will happen next (even if you think you have a general idea). It's not very compelling, for me, anyway.

Fact is, I'm weary. I mean just sick and tired of living in this human-created matrix of utter deception. Once, I would listen to, or watch the news, faithfully. Now, it just nauseates me, with the endless stream of bs, mostly obvious bs. Yet the masses believe it, devotedly.

The education system teaches us to be obedient units of society, drumming out of us our imagination and our common sense. Science has devolved into scientism, a belief system having all the characteristics of a religion, now the tool of the corporations. And religions are traditional control systems mixing a little spirituality with the human propensities for greed, hope, and conviviality. Governments, of course, are the ultimate control schemes, especially when they pretend to be 'democratic,' and to have our best interests at heart.

What I'm getting at is that all our societal institutions are corrupt, but worse, they do the opposite of what they profess to do. This situation has always existed; human nature has not fundamentally changed. Today, though, in this 21st century of our Lord, it has become blatantly obvious how corrupt people are, at the organized level. On top of that transparency, my lofty perch of 70 years has given me the perspective to see it in woeful clarity. Hence, my existential angst!

On top of the exogenous factors, there are plenty of internal ones, too. I won't recite a litany of pathetic complaints (that, by now, tire even my patience). Suffice it to state that if I had to choose one word to describe the tenor of my life, it would be 'frustration.' Frustration at never being able to fully exercise whatever giftedness I might possess; at making self-limiting decisions in earlier years; at feeling incapable of transcending the bonds of destiny. And there's much more.

To be clear: I have much to be grateful for, especially relative to many others. And I am grateful for the blessings, small and important alike. Yet... I can't help feel more than wistful at what could have, might have, been.

People may judge me arrogant for thinking I've deciphered the significance of life, but at this stage, I don't have to give a damn. Everyone has their own ideas about everything, no matter how vacuous and ill-informed. At least I can aver that I've put in the time, done more thinking than most, before reaching my conclusions. And my main conclusion is that this is all a spiritual boot-camp, a school of hard knocks. Any other explanation makes no sense; and at the fundaments, I believe that existence has to make sense.

Look-- there are only two explanations for everything. Either you believe in 'coincidence theory,' or you believe in 'conspiracy theory.' Let me elaborate. The first group are the pragmatists and materialists for whom everything can be explained from primordial coincidence. They believe that this whole, stupendous universe just exploded out of essentially nothing, by chance (i.e. coincidence), and that everything simply progressed from there to this point of human life that 'evolved' from propitious slime. For these stolid souls, there is nothing after life, and all instances of the numinous can be 'explained' as mere coincidence of misunderstood principles.

The second group believe it's all explainable by deep, subtle, often cryptic or transcendent factors and forces. They're not afraid to say that creation is a mystery, a marvellous one at that. Ironically, the coincidence camp believes that wars, economic events, and big social movements just happen 'spontaneously,' while the conspiracy contingent believes that there are logical, but hidden reasons why these things happen.

As a diehard conspiracy advocate, I have always argued that the 'mystical' outlook is superior to the pragmatic paradigm in explaining reality. The reason is simple. The transcendental view encompasses the physical, practical world, while adducing the unseen dimensions. On the contrary, the pragmatic (coincidence) faith cannot accommodate the concept of the spiritual (mystical) realm beyond the senses. Therefore, the pragmatists live in a limited cosmos-- which seems to suit them just fine, altho they reserve the right to feel superior for it. (Weird!)

Moreover, the coincidence adherents can't accept their inherent illogic. They want to start off their paradigm with a clearly mystical event (the 'Big Bang') and then, nano-seconds later, switch to pure materialism following the knowable physical laws! Surely this is crazier than the spiritual approach that treats all of existence as a numinous realm within which physical reality is a kind of base stratum.

Anyway, I have digressed terribly from my original blathering about breaching another milestone birthday. But, I can get away with such transgressions now that I'm a doddering curmudgeon (so, there). Returning to my 'wisdom,' I claim that the purpose of human life is to learn. To learn what? Apparently, it's right there in the last line of a simple popular song that made it to radio hits, way back in the early 1950s. From 'Nature Boy,' the song goes: 'the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.'

'Sounds too simple(-minded) to be taken seriously; but really-- do you have a better answer? All this to-ing and fro-ing, studying, working, playing, warring, making art, inventing, building, thinking, striving for more, hurting and being hurt... surely it's got to be worth something. Or is it really all coincidence, with no transcendent meaning?

As I've written elsewhere, consciousness itself is such a profound and amazing mystery that it points us to the spiritual dimension. Consciousness is related to the soul of man. The mind (aka 'heart', also called the soul) resides as the software of the brain (the hardware). In some way, the spirit resides in the mind/soul, and cannot be directly accessed. This is the part the pragmatists miss.

Any spirit-based manifestation (e.g. intuition, premonition, ESP, etc.) is 'explained' by the pragmatists as coincidence triggered by environmental cues. It's the best straw they can cling to. Naturally, these people cannot accept the notion of God, and must rely on the idea of secular humanism as a shaky basis for their ethics. And, since there are no transcendent (eternal) consequences for their actions, they are hard-pressed to create a functional morality. In the end, it's Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' that constitutes their moral basis. Not encouraging.

Altho I stated that I regard human life as a school of hard knocks, I don't think of it as frivolous in any way. It's serious, as seen by the lives of so many, especially in 'less-developed' nations, who live and die under horrific circumstances. There seems to be no fairness at all in how individuals are born and live their brief roles on this cosmic stage.

Back to frustration: that the vast majority are sleep-walking 'frogs' (from the analogy of raising the temperature of a pot of water slowly). Being raised in this environment of deception, people are programmed with hard-wired assumptions that they treat as axioms-- background facts that are unquestionable. To break out of this mental prison is difficult since it uses the peculiarities of human nature as the magic key. To escape, you have to admit you've been wrong to this point; to make that admission is too great a hurdle for most.

Frustration: having to live in an environment where all human qualities are inverted... and people think it's reasonable. Where we have news '24/7', yet it's just a constant stream of utterly biased propaganda... which the majority lap up without question, convinced they are now well-informed. Where the hidden manipulators even reveal their plans and methods openly-- albeit in fictional format, in movies, books, etc.-- and the masses just absorb it mindlessly as entertainment.

Frustration: pondering the trajectory of my life, and feeling I've lived it under a karmic curse. In certain areas, being destined/doomed to failure, or mediocrity. Sure, we all operate under those conditions; some see it and others prefer to attribute it to (you guessed it) coincidence.

Many non-Western traditions speak of the cyclical nature of human history, and in the Hindu view, we are in the final days of the Kali Yuga, also called the Age of Iron. It's a time wherein the basest human traits manifest unbridled, plumbing ever-darker depths of depravity that defy the sane and rational mind.

In the Christian schema, this is the Apocalyptic Age, coming from the Greek word for 'unveiling' or 'revealing.' This is exactly what we're seeing, those of us with eyes to see. Too many still don't get it; but they'll have no choice but to confront the evil in our midst once it blows up in their startled faces.

Perhaps that's how it's supposed to work: you reach a point in your journey where all the appurtenances of life lose all allure, leaving one cynical and empty; and then you're ready to graduate to the next level, whatever it may be. In fact, I've always experienced this restlessness prior to any big move in my life, whether physical relocation, or abandoning one paradigm for another. As I stated above, I'm ready to leave.

Actually, I never felt fully at home here anyway. I always felt as an outsider, a stranger in a strange land. And that was before I finally understood the utter corruption and deception on which this world operates. In some ways, I'm already gone in spirit; it's just a question of when the physical body will follow. For most strangers I meet, it seems I'm already gone-- they won't look at me, don't acknowledge my presence, and totally ignore me. Sometimes I wonder if I've turned invisible.

Yet, these are exciting times... if you like living in a matrix of deception fabricated by truly sick souls bent on the destruction of the world as we've known it. The world does not end with 'a whimper,' as T.S. Eliot wrote. It's a cosmic 'train wreck,' and we're only at the beginning-- the first wheels have just come off the rails, metaphorically. Wait till the bodies start flying out the windows. That's when the real madness breaks out in the open, right here in the peaceful North America. I can see it all unfolding, but am powerless to convince even those closest to me. (Can you say 'frustration?')

What makes the situation so bleak for me is the inescapable realization that there's no hope. It's too late. It's all basically cast in cosmic stone, the macrocosm and the microcosm. My relationships are what they are. Those around me (or who read my stuff) will never believe me until they experience it. I can't change anything, except my attitude, and even there, having gained certain conclusions, it's hard to have any other outlook than 'let's get it over with.'

With extensive and intensive reflection, one learns about life and about one's own life-track. In my case, I know I'm blessed in some ways; but also cursed in others (and in ways to get maximum leverage). Like the Oracle of Delphi, I seem to be doomed to be able to tell the truth (e.g. about worldly politics, the near future, etc.) but never to be believed. There are other curses, but I won't go into them.

Bottom line-- there's nothing left to interest or motivate me. The game now, for me, is just to keep going; to pretend to my loved ones that life is worthwhile. I guess I can pretend that it's a worthwhile pursuit (grin... a bit forced). ;-)

October 25, 2016

Deceived Dupes of Liberalism

No doubt, the 2016 US presidential election has uncovered a great many details about the US political system, the candidates, the parties, and on and on. Yet another interesting phenomenon has also emerged that baffles me and probably many others. That is the fact that the Clinton support fraternity is so smugly confident that their gal is obviously superior to the upstart, uncouth challenger.

Here's something that's even more baffling about the Clinton crowd: they are generally (it seems) from the 'upper echelons' of society-- the college-educated, the professionals, the 'ruling class' you could say. 
You would expect these intellectuals to know better, to see thru the blatant bias in the mainstream media that promote Hillary in every possible way.
But, no; they act as if under a spell. In fact, they are under the spell of Illuminati sorcery, that starts before kindergarten, and continues thru graduate school. It's the spell of liberal, progressive, modernism, that takes every virtue and pushes it beyond reason into the realm of demonic tyranny.

Is tolerance a good idea? Of course it is; we should all 'live and let live,' right? Is tolerating the deconstruction of all the traditional mores and values that sustained us for millennia a good idea? The neo-leftists would unhesitatingly concur. Never mind that we saw it happen in Mao's Cultural Revolution, and the killing fields of Pol Pot's Cambodia, and the carnage that ensued.

Anyway, re the current election, my well-educated friends laugh patronizingly at me when I defend what Trump is attempting and I point out how Hillary gets a free pass from the media, even literally getting away with murder. It doesn't matter what evidence I present that indicts Clinton as the unhealthy criminal compulsive liar that she is; they simply laugh it all off as obvious 'conspiracy theories.'

When I challenge these intellectuals as to why they are so confident in Clinton's superiority, they reply that it's obvious from her demeanor and from the adulation she gets from the media. 'Why, if there were real problems with Hillary, the media would surely mention them, wouldn't they?' (they retort, haughtily).

It's hard to believe that these intelligent people can be so foolishly naive, yet they scorn any news source that does not have the benefit of bigness and a mainstream 3-letter call-code. So, how can they possibly consider themselves objectively informed when they restrict themselves to only one monolithic source for their knowledge? Apparently, their intelligent minds have been 'hacked' (to use the hackneyed expression).

Some friends assure me that before they read anything from a non-mainstream source (usually sent by me) they check with Google to see if it's trustworthy. Well, how about that for a clever strategy! They might as well ask the wolf if the fox can be trusted to guard the hen-house! These poor souls have no clue that their entire world-view is carefully crafted by the six companies that own 90% of the media, and by the big social-media websites.

This presumption that because a view is promoted by a majority of people it must be right, is patently vacuous, but that fact is dismissed as churlish by the zealots of liberalism. Equally galling to me, is the attitude that because these people read the NYT or WaPost or the Economist, that they are therefore well informed and know better than someone who is guileless enough to consult 'unauthorized sources from dubious websites.'

The smug intellectuals have absolutely no clue about how deceived they really are; and there is absolutely no way to shake them out of this self-satisfied mind-box that they are so proud of. This observation is just one instance of numerous instances of irony that surround, not just the current election circus, but the whole modern world.

Those of us who know the truth (at least as much as can be inferred) about the corruption and deception endemic in this world, have put in the hours of research, over many years, before arriving at our aweful conclusions. Our critics have done nothing except swallow the 'kool-aid' supplied in copious amounts by the media, 24/7. In another essay, I have described how I came to discern the evil that masquerades as benevolent, using only the sources available three decades and more, ago, before the Internet Age. It really isn't all that difficult-- it just requires a willing objectivity informed by common sense and conscience.

But the first step is a huge hurdle to most people, regardless of their education level or intelligence. In fact, increased education actually poses more of a problem in discerning reality. This is not surprising, if you think about it. See, the longer one is exposed to the intoxicating programming of 'the system' (the Matrix) the more one is mesmerized by the spell that I mentioned above. Thus, those clever university types have had a full dose of magic kool-aid from the establishment cut-outs who act on behalf of hidden eminences.

Perhaps what's most disheartening about all this, for the aware, is that there is no known cure for willful, arrogant ignorance. There are only spontaneous remissions, usually triggered by a traumatic encounter with a reality that cannot be conveniently denied. Only in the rarest incidences does a stalwart believer in orthodoxy experience an epiphany after reading or hearing something that clearly reveals a cognitive dissonance that pushes them over the edge from illusion to a semblance of actuality.

The longer a deception is held as truth, the greater are the consequences when the truth finally prevails... and the truth will always emerge eventually, because lies cannot survive the harsh light of reality. I feel sorry for the masses, especially the 'true-believers,' for what they will experience suddenly, when the stark truths of this sorry world burst thru the ugly walls of deception that are starting to crumble in this apocalyptic era. In the meantime, these self-satisfied experts continue to be quite irritating.

As stated by Morpheus in the movie The Matrix, 'until these people wake up, they are our enemies, they support the system' (paraphrased from hazy memory). Likewise, our friends and associates who scoff at 'conspiracy theories' and give active backing to the Bush-Clinton crime cabal are witlessly encouraging the very people who are working assiduously to impoverish and enslave them!

For those few of us with 'eyes to see, and ears to hear,' it is disheartening to be powerless to help the blind to gain (in)sight. But that is the way it must be. The battle is spiritual, and only by utilizing non-physical weapons can it be (eventually) won. We look forward to that day with eager anticipation.

October 7, 2016

Chronicle of Chaos-- Exceptional Evil!

Lest any younger reader be under the impression that it's the Internet that caused my skepticism (or generates the conspiracy theories), let me make it clear that all one needs is common sense accompanied by a modicum of logic, plus the ability to read (or hear) the 'news stories' produced by the mainstream media.
This writer became a disbeliever in the myth of 'Western sanctimony' a few decades ago, long before the Internet, and using the aforementioned mental faculties. Look, it's not brain surgery!
World War Two (the war to end all wars) ended in 1945. Barely five years later, the US got involved in a war half a world away when they decided to project their power in the region to prevent a client of the USSR from extending into South Korea. Using the now-familiar tactics of 'convincing' the UN into supporting US interests, and cajoling NATO allies into a willing coalition, the US engaged in a proxy war with its nemesis, the Soviet Union. After appalling numbers of casualties, hostilities ceased in 1953, and both adversaries went back to their pre-war positions on either side of the 38th parallel of the peninsula.

Along came the 1960s, and the US government, employing a classic false-flag, gun-boat incident (search 'Bay of Tonkin incident') maneuvered itself into its next big conflict, the Vietnam war. Citizens of the 'free world' were supposed to believe that the US had to win this war to prevent the world from falling under Communism. Well, after seven terrible years of blood-shed, the US had to sue for peace with the North Vietnamese; and, wonder of wonders, the world did NOT fall to global Communism! Nonetheless, 60,000 US soldiers paid for this travesty with their lives, while more than a million Vietnamese were slaughtered. Nothing gained, politically; but heck, a few US military contractors/suppliers made a fortune from selling weapons and materiel. Others made a fortune running drugs, as depicted wryly in the movie Air America.

As if the ruination of Vietnam was insufficient sacrifice to the gods of mayhem, the USG also bombed large parts of Cambodia and Laos, with the intention of disrupting Viet Cong supply lines. To this day, all three Asian nations are still dealing with the deadly aftermath of unexploded ordinance, including cluster bombs and land mines that are still killing innocent civilians. In Vietnam, the American gift that keeps on giving is the chemical pollution from Agent Orange, a defoliant used to strip the jungles of their protective foliage. As a consequence of its use, many Vietnamese children were born with terrible birth defects, damning them to short and miserable lives in hospitals.

Then we reach the 1970s, and instead of sending in the army, the US gov't now sends their subversive arm, the CIA, to do the dirty work. This time, they were again fighting the dreaded Communism, now in the freely-elected gov't of Chile. Leveraging domestic opposition groups, the CIA instigated a coup against president-elect Salvador Allende, killing him and installing a puppet leader who was ready to do as the corporatocracy in DC wanted. This intervention became well-known, even discussed in the mainstream media, and was to become a blueprint for similar illegal interference in a number of other countries throughout Latin America. (Study Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Paraguay, etc.).

In the 1980s came the Reagan years, and now the CIA was running amok in Central America. As usual by now, the bogieman was Communism, this time 'in our back-yard.' The US created a 'school' on American soil (the 'School of the Americas') to train 'insurgents' (rebels) in the grisly techniques of overthrowing a legitimate government. This fact also was reported in the 'msm' for those interested. The curriculum included torture methods and the terrorization of the civilian population, and was diligently followed by its graduates in places like Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. It makes for sickening study; but it's all available for those with the stomach.

Reagan's gov't also found time to send the brave troops of the USA to invade the bothersome island of Grenada, in 1983. Those irritating Grenadians had the gall to elect a 'Communist' government, so naturally, it had to be eradicated post haste, by the world's self-appointed protector of capitalism... 'oops, that's democracy, of course!

By the close of the '80s, we had the fall of the Berlin wall, and the collapse of the USSR. That historic event was supposed to bring a 'peace dividend,' as the West could then beat their swords into ploughs, metaphorically. The next decade barely began when the Bush (Sr.) administration baited Saddam Hussein into invading Kuwait, then launched a 'coalition' attack from southern Iraq. It was carnage, as latest-generation Western weapons devastated Iraqi soldiers and equipment. For whatever reasons, Bush left Saddam in power, and the US troops withdrew. Haliburton and other US companies made a fortune rebuilding the destroyed oil facilities of Kuwait.

Then came the 1990s, and fully addicted to war, the US cast about for its next catastrophe. The dart fell on Yugoslavia, which was an unstable collection of nations vulnerable to a trigger event. Using CIA subterfuge, the USG lit the fuse that blew up the Balkans in a bloody, internecine conflict that was used by the US to drag NATO into a 'humanitarian intervention' causing more useless deaths. The fighting finally petered out once the fragmentation of Yugoslavia was complete, and Western-friendly regimes in place.

That brings us to the turn of the century, 2001, and we all know what happened in September that year. I won't belabor the ineluctable signs of 'inside job.' The event was used as the justification for (going on) two decades of non-stop destruction from the US-led rampage in the Middle East. Despite naming 15 of the 19 high-jackers of '9-11' as coming from Saudi Arabia, the US invaded Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries on Earth. The claimed pretext for this attack kept shifting as each new excuse wore obviously thin. Fifteen years later, the US is still embroiled in that land; has spent billions of dollars; still has achieved nothing but devastation. Does that not tell you something? Oh, but the poppy farms are booming, and the CIA is making millions from the heroin trade... after the damn Taliban had shut them down.

In 2003, Mr. Bush (Jr.) decided he had to invade Iraq and 'finish the job' left by dad. Using every manner of twisted 'evidence' for 'weapons of mass destruction,' and performing show-and-tell at the UN, the US once again invaded Iraq, destroying the infrastructure, deposing Saddam, and installing a suitable US puppet regime. Mission accomplished, as Georgie said!

The Iraq war has dragged on for years, again costing billions of dollars, over a million civilian casualties, and creating irreparable social fissures. Oh, and creating a breeding ground for future 'jihadis' as factions continue to fight each other, to this day. It's pretty clear that most Iraqis would have preferred life under Saddam's secular regime than living in the debris of 'liberated' Iraq, breathing air contaminated by depleted uranium dust.

Next, US sights were set on Libya, the most successful state in Africa under Moamar Gaddaffi. Rather than barge in as they had done in the previous misadventures, the US gov't resorted to an older strategy from the CIA play-book. With money and deception, they stirred up whatever anti-regime sentiment could be mustered, sent in gangs of zealous jihadis from neighboring countries, then once the chaos began, they volunteered 'humanitarian intervention' to prevent excessive civilian casualties. How noble! That intervention was paraded as merely NATO air support for the insurgents, but resulted in the grisly death of Gaddaffi, and the end of his regime. That nation has been in chaos ever since its 'liberation.'

Still not satisfied with the death and demolition they caused in the Middle East, the administration of Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner, declared that 'Assad must go' in the once-thriving nation of Syria. Once again, flimsy pretexts were established for the US to 'approve' the invasion of Syria by 'moderate rebels' (or moderate terrorists!) who flocked in to join the 'extreme rebels' called ISIS (or ISIL, or just IS) who mysteriously and suddenly appeared on the scene armed, trained, equipped, and intent on establishing an 'Islamic caliphate' in the Levant. Amazing! And, did you notice they were driving fleets of Toyota trucks of the type manufactured in Texas? Also, that they show no interest in Israel... except for the medical/military aid they get from Israel?

Five years of horrific fighting via these proxy armies, and again, nothing has been achieved in Syria but the destruction of infrastructure and the displacement of millions of citizens as refugees. When the US saw that their ISIS forces were failing in their mission to topple al-Assad, they got progressively more involved-- with 'advisors' (i.e. special forces on the ground) and airborne attacks on gov't soldiers. Seeing this transparent treachery, the Russian gov't knew they had to assist Assad or Syria would fall. Then it would be Iran, and the encirclement of Russia by hostile, Western-backed enemies would be irreversible.

As I write, the situation in Syria has gone from bad to worse. US aircraft have attacked Syrian gov't forces, then excused it as a 'mistake' (amazing how many mistakes the US makes). Then they attacked a convoy of trucks delivering aid to eastern Aleppo... tho in true psychopath style, they bare-faced blamed Russia! The arrogance of the USG is beyond all bounds; their spokespersons can lie with utter smugness, never missing a beat.

If things are going rapidly awry in the Middle East, it isn't the only place where 'US interests' necessitated foolish stirring of dangerous currents. In 2004, the US fostered a relatively quiet 'orange revolution' in Ukraine, but it failed to result in the installation of a Western-biased regime. So... with the investment of a mere five billion dollars over as many years, the CIA with funding from George Soros, fomented a second insurrection against the legitimately elected government. Once the chaos got out of hand, the president, Yanukovitch, fled to Moscow, and the already-designated US puppets, lead by Yatsenyuk, quickly assumed power. That's called exporting democracy, by American apologists.

The situation in Ukraine has been extremely tenuous since that ill-advised meddling. Their financial status is very shaky, with loan after loan of millions of euros doing little to alleviate the growing debts. When the Russian-speaking regions of the country saw the game-- the putsch by veritable Nazis-- they seceded from the nation and declared independence. Since then, battles were fought until a tenuous cease-fire was arranged in the 'Minsk Agreements.'

Being an 'exceptional empire,' the USA has projected its imperial reach virtually everywhere on the planet. Not surprisingly, the attainment of sufficient wealth by China to rival the US has led inevitably to points of conflict. Co-opted Western media see no reason to question the American contention that they must be free to navigate in waters off the coast of China, even with warships or military aircraft. Whether the same media would be so sanguine if Chinese warships were to sail the Gulf of Mexica is a moot point for them.

For brevity's sake, I haven't even mentioned a number of other places on this planet that also fell under the misfortune of needing US interference. Places like Somalia, Venezuela, South Ossetia, Nigeria, and the list goes on. You can find full summaries (or details if you want) on the Web, for hours of reading enlightenment. Frankly, it staggers the mind.

All of the information presented above is and was readily available in the mainstream media, from the 1950s to the present. Sure, every incident, taken separately, had its 'bs' pretext. But-- does it take a genius to 'connect the dots?' Who's the bad guy here? What country has caused more death and mayhem world-wide over the past century than Uncle Sam? There's simply no justification whatsoever for such blatant evil. By the laws of Karma, or however you understand universal morality, the USA is due for one heck of a pay-back... any time soon.

This ugly conclusion may come as a shock to some die-hard patriots who disingenuously believed with all their heart that their homeland was the only source of good in a world gone bad. But, come on, you just read the facts as they are; you can verify them all easily. To continue to support such unbridled evil would be to add your name to the chronicle of shame! To whine that you didn't know what was going on in your country, that you were too busy, that you don't care about 'politics', well, sorry, but none of that will spare you from participating in the recompense to come. You gave de facto consent, maybe even cheered 'USA, USA' when watching the propaganda on TV. Now you will reap the whirlwind. Better start praying, dear American reader!

September 29, 2016

A is for Apocalypse!

Despite the pronouncements of a number of cogent observers in recent years that we are living in apocalyptic times, it is still breathtaking to observe the outworking of this phenomenon before our dazed eyes. The grey eminences have been manipulating the world from their hiding places for many years, and had become confident they and their schemes would remain cloaked even as the deeds became more outrageous.

However, the Big Guy who's really in charge of this Universe of ours, cannot be circumvented by the schemers or even their capo, the prince of darkness. 
The truth keeps rearing up and confronting those who hate it... and those brave enough to see it. 
Regardless of the fact that the puppeteers own the mass communications media which are doing everything to maintain the illusion, the truth pops up, or seeps thru, to expose the schemes.

The latest case in point is the bizarre US presidential election campaign. The media have been so biased against Trump, and so obvious in papering over Clinton's numerous crimes, gaffes, and health problems, that it's back-firing, making them look ridiculous and phoney; and rightly so. Polls are showing that a large proportion of Americans have no trust in the mainstream media, and are abandoning them as sources of information.

Trump was the x-factor that the power-trippers apparently didn't see coming. They've been blind-sided by his outsider's brashness, his unwillingness to play by their unwritten rules. As a result, the media game-plan, in its desperation, got fully exposed. The lies and omissions over Hillary's true nature have become laughable in this age of the Internet when anyone can find in an instant a slew of videos displaying her every peccadillo.

Yet, as I say, the truth is perceived by those with the 'eyes' to see it. For example, the 'attacks' of 9-11-01 were a turning point for many of us. The events were traumatic, and the explanations supplied by the government and its experts were so incredible (literally)-- and transparently so, to any thinking observer-- that it opened the eyes of many. What we saw was so monstrous in terms of the extent and magnitude of the evil in our midst, that it's still difficult to assimilate, even 15 years later.

The criminal magic show that was 9-11 could never have been pulled off without the complete complicity of the mainstream media. It's clear that they were prepared for the events beforehand, and were involved during the events, and then were instrumental in selling the storyline in the ensuing days, months and years. Just the realization that the MSM were in on the caper was a huge mental blow to many awakened souls who once put their full trust in the big news channels.

So it is, that many people simply turned their thoughts away from the stark evidence of common sense, and either swallowed the official BS, or put it out of mind. The truth was just too much for these souls to bear. But truth cannot be forever spurned or ignored. Whether we like it or not, 'the truth will out.' No one can permanently prevent the truth from becoming apparent. The 20th century was characterized by subversion of truth behind a curtain of authoritative deception; but the tide is turning in this 21st century.

It was at the turn of this century when the evil-doers began to overtly implement their plan for one world government or 'the new world order,' as it's commonly known. And note that the phrase 'NWO' did become widely heard by a global audience around that time. That's also the time when knowledge about the conspiracy became widely available and disseminated via the 'new Gutenberg revolution,' the Internet, still in its infancy.

Cyberspace, the Internet domain, contains a great number of websites characterized by the mainstream as 'alternative' (news) sources. As I've written in other essays, these sites span a vast range of views, from the sublime to the ludicrous. Nevertheless, the resolute seeker can find the truth with a little diligent searching and the exercise of mature judgement.

Besides the 'alt-sites,' recent years have seen the rise of Wikileaks, and other sites devoted to storing official information leaked by insiders. These sites hold a trove of electronic evidence that would, if acted upon in a rational society, result in the arrest and charging of thousands of corrupt officials and politicians, primarily based in the USA and the West, generally. Revelations from Wikileaks provide damning indictment of criminal and unethical activity by the US military and its allies, by Hillary Clinton and her unsavory foundation, by George Soros and other corporate oligarchs, and much else. Even if the corrupt legal system fails to act as it should against the criminal elite, every individual now has access to information that proves the culpability and ill intentions of those heading our governments and industries.

By this Divine providence, we now have the knowledge to discern the satanic scheme to enslave humanity under the rule of a tiny, elite minority. As usual, there are a relative few 'early perceivers' who have been aware of the conspiracy for years, while the majority are still largely asleep, or groggily shaking their heads in amazement. Things like the US election will certainly wake up a sizable group to, at least, the fact that something's rotten in the US body politic and likely elsewhere. It will take more events, and more drastic ones, to finally wake up a majority of citizens to the aweful reality that the world of their childhood dreams is gone forever.

Many (even among you readers) will deploy the time-tested shield of denial. 'It can't be,' your mind will argue; therefore, it isn't so. Things are going to get so bad, tho, that the status quo of your Matrix-world simply can't continue. The 'late perceivers' will probably be the first to go; the first ones to panic when the system collapses. Denial always supplies outdated, wrong information on which to base decisions. When the stakes are high, the deniers lose big-time.

That's what the Apocalypse is all about-- childhood's end; tearing away the veil of illusions behind which our civilization has been glibly existing for more than a century. Facing reality means growing up, spiritually speaking. It's the end of our child-like trust in authority, in the experts. It means taking responsibility for our world; using our God-given common-sense to discern the myriad forms of manipulation used to control us.

I won't kid you, it hurts. You may actually feel physically ill for a while. You may exhibit signs of depression for a long time (e.g. needing more sleep, lacking energy, listlessness, etc.). It's not easy being wrenched from the comforting, illusionary world you knew, into the harsh, real world run by a global Mafia of silver-tonged crime lords! Hard as it is, it is high time to wake up, grow up, and prepare for reality.

September 13, 2016

Why Are We Here? (Religion for Dummies)

Few are the people these days who are interested in pondering the truly deep questions concerning human existence. 
The most basic dilemma is: why are we here, why do humans exist? 
If you're one of those whose response is 'Who cares?' then you are (-- be honest) hardly better than an intelligent animal, living day-to-day like an automaton.

It's in pondering the basic questions of reality that humans are most different from the rest of creation. This philosophical enquiry is the hallmark of consciousness and self-awareness. Yet most people shy away from such thinking, as if it's a waste of time, since 'it can't be answered anyway.'

In the mental realm, I like to go where others fear to tread. In this essay, I explore the question of why humanity exists. Of course, for the atheists, a century of indoctrination simply provokes the knee-jerk reply that we exist merely as accidents of 'evolution;' the highest life-form to develop, eons after the primordial microbes. I don't want to spend a lot of words showing the obvious flaws in that dogma. Those who believe in 'spontaneous genesis' haven't spent any more time studying that theory than they have on our existence.

For me, the starting point of all philosophy is the phenomenon of consciousness; i.e. the fact that we know that we know. Taken mostly for granted, consciousness is, in fact, a mystical or transcendent faculty of mind. No one has been able to figure out how it works. Sure, we have a brain, but it's a piece of biological hardware, possessed in some form by almost all living creatures. All brains process sensory data, using basic instinctual 'software.' Some mammals exhibit a certain degree of intelligence and awareness, but only humans can think about the reasons for our reality, our existence in the universe.

What's so important about knowing why we're here, anyway? (Ah, now you're thinking!) Well, if we're just here by pure cosmic fluke, then life is a free-for-all, and anything goes. It's survival of the fittest, even if we pretend that we're playing by some kind of rules. Look around; isn't that more or less how things work in this world? The US can barge into any country on Earth, because they've got the biggest military; the pretexts for these invasions is getting flimsier with every new misadventure.

On the other hand, if there's a deeper reason for human life, then maybe we are called to behave as more than intelligent animals. Since we know when we are doing wrong, then we are expected to behave in a moral/ethical manner. Consciousness rules over instinct.

Unless you're completely self-absorbed, you must have noticed that life in this 21st century has become at least complicated, if not outright bizarre. Whether you believe that terrorism is due to Islamic fanatics, or perceive the forces behind the scenes, you have to confront the fact that humanity is certainly not improving, but is rather regressing. The world has become more chaotic each year of the third millennium.

Why, one must wonder, are we in this constant, and worsening, mess called human society? Even at the interpersonal level, there is constant strife and conflict. Parents struggle with children; the rich suppress the poor; the races struggle with each other, and so on. Is there any fundamental or higher reason to this misery and suffering?

That question is interrelated to the one concerning existence. My contention is that we are alive for the purpose of spiritual learning. This world is the school of hard knocks. Each soul is here to experience life with other souls; to undergo the 'slings and arrows of outrageous people!' At the fundaments, it's about discovering that the cosmos is a battle-ground between good and evil.

This paradigm may be too much for most minds to absorb. The diehard atheist will deny this view out of hand (i.e. with no further thinking). Those of a spiritual bent will see that it makes full sense. There's no other rationale for higher-consciousness to exist in such inhospitable conditions as we are seeing in this stage of world history.

So it is that each of us fumbles our way from childhood and its limited world-view towards maturity and a more sophisticated view of reality. Some who are well-educated (as the world measures it) and well-travelled, regard themselves as being worldly-wise and thus more enlightened than others. Such people are no better than fools if they are ignorant of the transcendent (spiritual) aspects of human life!

Just because the higher dimension of existence cannot be seen or detected with the five senses, does not mean they don't exist. The point of consciousness is that it can conceive of that hidden realm, and at best, can even detect or tap into it. This access of a higher realm of reality has been demonstrated or experienced countless times, and described to the extent possible, over the ages and across all cultures. It can be in the form of clairvoyance; or a 'life after death' experience; or mind-to-mind communication; even 'divine inspiration;' whatever.

The problem is that the exultation of the 'scientific method' (mind-set) over the past two to three centuries in European culture has required the utter rejection of any recognition of the spiritual aspect of human existence. As promoted from cradle to grave in every facet of life, modernism denies anything beyond the material world. Thus, the contemporary populace is conditioned to embrace ignorance of the transcendent.

The rejection of the transcendent is at the root of our constant state of conflict and chaos. With no vision of what we could be, or should be, humans behave as tho this brief 'three score and ten' years is all we will ever experience, therefore let's grab everything we can whenever possible. Without recognition of our common spirituality, we see each other as mere fellow strugglers, at best, or as prey, at worst. Without a spiritual outlook, morality becomes more of a humanist option than a moral imperative.

At the end of the day-- or of the world, as it happens-- every human being is faced with a choice, or a dilemma: doggedly adhere to the pathetic belief that there is nothing beyond the material universe, or else, accept the existence of a non-material yet tangible dimension in which concepts exist in pure form. By that, I mean that qualities like truth, justice, love, and all the virtues exist only in their ultimate form; there are no lesser shades, and no opposites.

Over the ages of civilization, many have experienced the ineffable-- events big or small that cannot be explained in 'rational,' that is, material terms. Some have tried to write about those experiences, often with good success, in that readers can grasp some sense of what occurred, so that they vicariously share in it and believe in it.

Yet for some people, no amount of 'anecdotal' (hence, not 'scientific') evidence will satisfy them. We have circumscribed science within such strictly defined limits that it is hopelessly confined to dabble in the merely material realm, willfully blind to the vastness beyond. A shame it is! In this 21st century, not just a shame, but an accomplice to final disaster.

Unfortunately, spirituality appears almost a function of personality. Some types are entirely open to the possibilities of the transcendent domain, while others are endemically grounded in the material. Is that fair? I don't know. We all have 'free will,' at least morally speaking. What we choose to believe is subject to numerous subtle factors that have been studied by modern psychology with limited success. I've pretty much given up trying to convince anyone of anything. All I can do is present the best case for a belief, and then it's in the hands of the hearer/reader to do with as they please.

So it is with this essay. Even if you are one of those who holds to a materialist outlook, I hope to have given you something to ponder. Perhaps some day you will experience something that shakes your material world-- makes a crack in your cosmic egg (to borrow from Joseph Chilton Pierce). In that moment, you will have the blessed opportunity to glimpse the ineffable, feel the breath of God, so to speak. I pray that every reader will have that moment to reflect on the glory of the higher dimension and accept the reality of the spirit world.

Once you have had that encounter with the transcendent, you will understand that there is evil abroad in our world, yes; but as the holy writings have assured, there is Good/God in charge of all that occurs. His immense consciousness subsumes all else. Our being is miniscule in His sight, yet we still have that faculty of free will by which we can cling to God's grace... or we can, defiantly and incredibly, reject it. It's in your will. May you use it wisely, not stupidly!

August 29, 2016

The Medium is the Mess...

We (society) are in truly bizarre territory here/now. It's the final count-down; and the good folks want to find an 'app' for it on their mobile phones.
Modern mass communications media are proving to be the makers of reality for a majority of the population of the Western World. And that reality is proving itself to be a huge mess to anyone with eyes to see behind the veil.
[Note: despite constant misuse by almost everyone, 'media' is a plural word and takes a plural verb form. To say 'the media is' is wrong. Either we have language logic or we have growing linguistic chaos.]

One of the main things the US presidential election campaign of 2016 is revealing is the power of the media to fabricate an utterly false, distorted world to its captive audience. I say 'captive,' because the six major US media corporations are in control of virtually all the 'news' (as they laughingly call it) that people see and hear. While the big six agree largely on many matters, such as international affairs, they are, temporarily, drastically split as regards the presidential candidates. CNN has been labelled the Clinton News Network; and FOX has been trumpeting the views of the Republican nominee.

And that's where people go to get their news/views. If you lean to the left, politically, you'll learn everything about the campaign (and probably the world) from CNN and its cohorts. If you are inclined to the right, you'll turn to the trusted voices on FOX and its semblables. In either case, you are getting a highly distorted picture of reality.

In my circles, people are 'well educated' (i.e. brain-washed) and liberal in their general outlook, therefore Trump is total moron with money but no discretion. Yessir, Clinton is their gal-- the establishment stalwart who will, at least, keep the world going in a predictable manner (always a desirable trait, apparently, whether one is to the left or right). They really believe that Hillary is more trustworthy to prevent a major war-- all evidence from her past, notwithstanding!

Now, I'm not a fan of Trump; I hated his TV show and his egotistical antics. Some in the 'alternative media' have questioned whether the Donald is a true anti-establishment upstart, or just a straw-man opposition to lend verisimilitude to the quadrennial spectacle... as was, so obviously, the Democratic party's phoney-baloney 'socialist' twerp. In my outsider's view, Trump is a real-deal, loose cannon, populist, for two reasons. One, he was madly opposed by the Republican establishment, who tried almost every option to expel him as their candidate, regardless of his impressive polling numbers early on. Two, it's obvious that the media are raining on Trump's parade every chance they get, in a desperate bid to get Hillary elected.

Also, in support of point two, the leftist media camp are wildly misrepresenting Clinton's true situation as a viable candidate. They are completely ignoring her recurrent signs of serious health problems that have manifested in her public appearances. These issues are getting so egregious that some are wondering if she'll even be able to carry on as the DNC candidate at all. But even leaks of her medical records are simply disregarded, and the ebullient coverage proceeds apace.

What will it take for reality to break thru the matrix of lies that frames American live theatre? The manipulative media apparently believe they can keep the illusions going ad infinitum. Yet we live in the Apocalyptic Age, when all things, all truth, must be revealed. Everywhere, there are cracks splitting the mind-screens generated by the masters of illusion.

Surveys indicate that more people are turning away from the odious TV news and getting their information from the Internet. Of course, this is both good and bad. Some of the big Internet sources are affiliated with the networks, so they just repeat the same nonsense. But there are plenty of 'alternative' sources, that provide a wide range of views that frequently challenge the prevailing 'wisdom' of the illusion-builders.

More than that, tho, is the power of an info-bit to 'go viral,' spreading widely across the World-wide Web in a short time to reach many individuals who would not otherwise be aware of it. This is how the younger generation communicates, and surveys indicate their growing disdain for the establishment mouthpieces and their drum-beat messages.

History demonstrates that the great majority of the population only wake up to a crisis when it crashes around their ears. There are always prophets ('opinion leaders') on the leading edge who sound the alarms before the crisis occurs, but the flocks of sheeple prefer good news to dark warnings. The 'normalcy bias' prevails... until it's too late.

The mass media are always the main purveyors of the norm-- which they define in the first place. It's the news editors who select the stories to be told; who edit and slant the stories in whatever is the desired direction; who choose the words that convey just the right color, often just on the edge of blatant lies. They may get their story right from government or corporate 'spokespersons,' who are trained in the skills of artful disinformation.

Our modern world, as prescient writers like Orwell and Huxley warned, is built on a web of illusion. The agencies behind the mass illusion even tell us about it, publicly. Of course, they do it the same way those authors did, using the cover of fiction. Consider the popular movie, the Matrix, and its derivatives. Other movies like The Truman Show, They Live, Syriana, Air America, The International, Eyes Wide Shut, and many others portray how the world really works, often using allegories. Do the hidden puppet-masters give away the game just to flaunt their power to create reality; or are there 'rules' that require them to disclose their agenda? It doesn't matter; the masses find these clues entertaining, but obtain no useful knowledge from them.

The shame of it is that the vast majority of the Western populace believe the lies; after all, they heard it on XYZ from their favorite news reader. We've been trained, indoctrinated from nursery school to graduate school, to have implicit trust in the system, in our authorities. The few rugged individuals who have discovered the game and try to warn their fellow citizens are, instead of being believed, denounced as conspiracy nuts! Welcome to my world.