January 31, 2016

New Year Update re NWO

It's been a long time since I wrote about the Conspiracy... you know, the New World Order, a.k.a. global dictatorship. Back around '02, it appeared that it was just around the corner; maybe two or three years. In 2016, one can see that many steps were taken, and probably more than a few hit serious road-blocks. Nonetheless, the plan has proceeded apace, and this year seems poised to be a block-buster. While 2015 did not bring the disasters predicted by various pundits, the last quarter contained a flurry of apocalyptic (i.e. revelatory) events in several directions.

By actively attacking IS targets in Syria, the Russians made it obvious how the US has been merely pretending to war against 'ISIS,' since they're really using these terrorists as a proxy insurgency against Assad.

At the same time, the Russians also revealed the despicable duplicity of Turkey's PM, Erdogan, in supporting IS by purchasing the petroleum the terrorists stole from Syrian and Iraqi oilfields. Putin went on to provide proof that Erdogan's family benefitted financially from this illegal trade, and they provide medical treatment, training, and weapons to the IS.

On the economic front, the apparent vigor of the world economy at the close of 2015 was immediately shown to be completely false when markets opened in 2016. The Shanghai exchange was automatically shut down twice when its index plunged by 7% on two successive trading days. The ripple was echoed in other exchanges in Europe and America, with the high-flying Dow-Jones index losing a cumulative 1000 points in about a week. People hadn't seen this kind of bearish start to a new year in a very long time; and most predict that it's going to get a lot worse!

It's highly curious that the New Year's messages delivered by both the Pope and Queen Elizabeth referred to Christmas of 2015 as being 'the last' that people would likely enjoy. In fact, the Queen's statement had to be re-done, at the broadcasters' request, to soften the bleakness of her outlook.

What has all this doom stuff got to do with the NWO project, you might be wondering. It's obvious, if you know the motto and M-O of the hidden manipulators behind the 'great work of the ages.' Those puppet masters use a time-worn but proven formula-- order out of chaos (as stated right on the seal of the USA)-- to drive their agenda of a global dictatorship. And that's why the chaos has been kicked up several notches in the past year.

Yes, dear innocent readers, as I've written before, none of this turmoil in the human sphere is accidental or random. It is all instigated and orchestrated by those criminal forces that hope to gain from the outcome. No, you can't believe it; that's true. You have been programmed from birth not to see the evidence that is every day right in our faces. But... you can't see that fact, either! That's the point. Until you can boot-strap yourself into a higher, objective viewpoint, you will not be able to see the bars of your mental prison!

Sure, you can't believe me-- this obscure, unrecognized nobody pushing words into the blogosphere. Okay then; suppose the president of the USA were to say exactly the same thing (that there's a world-wide conspiracy to take over the planet). Would you believe him? Do you think the 'POTUS' would be in a position to know such a thing if it were true?

Maybe you aren't sure what you should answer to those questions. Logic tells you that surely the President would know if such a conspiracy really existed. And your automatic impulse (i.e. programming) tells you that, no this can't be true! If it IS true, then what the hell happens next? Will you accept the fact as a new paradigm to struggle with? Or, will you retreat into full denial mode because that would allow you to sustain the pleasant illusion that has comforted your 'reality' all these years?

As you may have begun to fear, it's a fact that the President of the USA, one John F. Kennedy, stated unequivocally: “... we are confronted with a ruthless conspiracy...” (see web link, below). A month later, he was dead, assassinated in broad daylight before the eyes of the world. A lesson to any public figure who would dare speak out against those shadowy forces. Or, just a coincidence, right? History is riddled with just those kinds of coincidence that always work, ratchet-like, in one inexorable direction. How curious.

There is a famous scene in George Orwell's dark novel, '1984,' where the antagonist, O'Brien, holds up three fingers and forces the protagonist, Winston, to finally agree that it's four. The scene graphically symbolizes the power of the state to enforce even absurdities on the populace. Most readers probably take it as an extreme unlikely ever to occur in their mundane lives. They're starkly wrong.

Following the attacks on New York and DC in 2001, the US government has held up as factual that three huge, steel-reinforced concrete towers were brought crumbling to the ground (for the first-- and last-- time in history, btw) by the effects of fire. Steel melts at something like 1500 deg C, and aviation fuel burns at around 430 - 800 deg C. It's impossible for the fires to have 'weakened' the steel in the Trade towers and allowed them to collapse; especially to collapse at the speed of acceleration due to gravity. This notion is utterly absurd!

Yet, a large portion of the US population apparently believed it in 2002, and still does, today. This forcing of an absurdity to be accepted by a majority of people is, on a mass scale, the equivalent of the scene from 1984... think about it! (Yes, I know NIST 'addressed' the issue of temperatures in their 9-11 report and concocted an explanation that makes no sense. That's part of the whole psy-op process-- produce an official report by experts... who are part of the plot. Many sky-scrapers have burned fiercely, before and after 9-11; not one has ever collapsed.)

If you are scoffing at this essay based on the 'information' you pride yourself on absorbing from the Western mainstream media, then you are seriously pathetic-- both in placing such naive trust in corrupt institutions, and in esteeming your knowledge on that shaky basis. If that statement upsets you then let it motivate you to prove me wrong by doing some serious, objective research; then you'll be in a position to be skeptical.

Back in 2000, PNAC (The Project for a New American Century) proposed the take-over of seven countries in the Middle East region (Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia). Leveraging '9-11' for far more than its worth, the USG (US government) proceeded to implement this scheme. Clearly, despite the expenditure of billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives, the plan has had only partial success, and has hit a major road-block in Syria.

Regardless, the silver lining for the globalists is that there's now great gobs of chaos in that region, with so many different and competing interests arrayed in a patchwork of alliances and conflicts. In a re-play from the Cold War, the US/NATO are now engaged in a proxy war with Russia/China/Iran, and a really stupid move by any of the big actors could conceivably trigger a major war, even a once-unthinkable nuclear war.

All restraint seems to be gone these days, among the 'Western' leaders. Many of them appear ready to provoke Russia (and China) into all-out war. These crazies seem to actually believe that, somehow, they could survive a nuclear holocaust. 'They' meaning the elite, the few who've built the underground bunkers and stocked them with enough Veuve-Cliquot to sit out several months of radioactive rainfall. Oh, pity about the rest of us proles, but c'est la vie.

So, while the ME kettle is nearing a rolling boil, Obama expects Americans to believe that the economy is ticking along just fine... as long as USG indicators are taken seriously. No one is supposed to look beyond the veil and notice that numerous indicators are heading for the basement. (You can dig these out for yourself, they're easily available; try Zerohedge.)

Reality can only be denied for so long; when the dam finally bursts, the flood will be enormous. In this case, the flood will be economic cataclysm of epic proportions, since the longer the day of reckoning is delayed, the greater is the final consequence. Many pundits-- including such surprising sources as the Royal Bank of Scotland-- are saying that 2016 could be the year when the house of cards crashes. Be warned.

NWO plans abroad may be stalled, but there's plenty of chaos to exacerbate back in the USA. After decades of TV violence (they don't call them programs for nothing) the American society is in a perilous state. Besides people killing each other, more citizens are killed by police officers in a year than have ever been killed by officers in Britain or Canada, for example. With millions of fire-arms in the hands of Americans, the USG realizes it's too late to entertain the notion of confiscating them. Nonetheless, the President stirs up plenty of fear and loathing among legitimate gun-owners with talk of laws to restrict proliferation of guns.

It just encourages people to arm themselves while they can; especially since the same USG also sends the message that Americans are ever in danger of terrorism by a variety of bogeymen-- most of whom are mind-controlled 'sleepers' set up by gov't operatives. As stand-offs between 'armed militiamen' and gov't agencies become more common (e.g. the 'Bundy ranch' affair) the danger of widespread civil insurrection grows. These events are provoked and orchestrated by the USG to test the resolve of 'patriots,' and prepare the scene for eventual bloody battles, as was seen in Waco, Texas, in 1993, and again in 2015.

Then there's the 'immigration crisis' or refugee crisis, currently taking place mostly in Europe, but at a lower level in the USA, too. Notice that this chaos is a 'useful' consequence of the military turmoil in mostly, Syria, (but also other ME countries). It's useful from the globalists' viewpoint, since it's causing enormous social instability in Europe, regardless of whether US/NATO forces achieve anything in their Middle East misadventures.

Strangely, tho, it's really self-defeating for the globalists. They've strived mightily to force together what they optimistically call the 'European Union' as a building block towards their eventual 'World Union.' Yet by flooding the EU with hordes of disaffected young Muslim men, the very foundation of 'free, open borders among EU members' is being questioned and denied as governments are feeling the unrest and moving towards securing their borders.

Another example of the old 'Hegelian dialectic' in action-- create problem, wait for the masses to react with demands for action, then propose (their) solution. The racial tensions in Europe are obviously manufactured, and the indigenous populations are already dividing between those who support liberal immigration and those who demand action to stop it.

The 'solution' proposed may be closer integration of the EU members, with a pan-European police force, which would suit the globalists. However, that strategy will fail, and more likely, member states will be forced to return to border controls and the end of free movement among the nations... i.e. end of the EU.

So, there's a quick overview of the 'state of the world,' at the start of 2016. A global economy teetering on the brink of unprecedented collapse. US stage-managed conflict in the Syria/ME region with a potential to blow up in the faces of the world populace. Civil turmoil in the old countries of Europe, and seething under the surface of a fractured USA.

Those are just the most acute crises facing the planet. I haven't even explored incipient environmental disaster, natural or bio-engineered pandemics, widespread famine due to climate change and reckless adoption of genetically modified food staples. Any of these factors could conceivably wipe out millions of people in a worst case scenario.

While the prospect of the decimation of large numbers of our fellow humans is chilling to normal people, the globalists see it as a golden opportunity. They really believe there are too many 'useless eaters' occupying space, and that they can use their wealth to save their horrid hides. That's the awful explanation for why they've been pushing their insane policies of obvious self-destruction for so many years. They really expect to inherit the Earth with a much-reduced population over whom they will rule as feudal masters.

You, pauvre lecteur, can go quietly into the night, assuring yourself that none of the foregoing is true or likely; or, you can start to wipe the sleep from your eyes and to see the train-wreck unfold in real time. Welcome to the final count-down.

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