February 28, 2016

Mondo Mendacity

Sometimes the audacity and pervasiveness of this world of endemic lies and deception are almost too much to bear. It would help if the people around me, my family and friends, could see the same things I do. But so few people are able to break free of the pernicious illusions crafted around us from cradle to grave.

You can't blame them, and yet can't help wishing that you could somehow snap your fingers, speak a code word, and set those folks free. Like a deliverance; only it doesn't work that way. The Matrix has a vice-like grip on the imaginations of the vast majority. Nobody said navigating the apocalypse was going to be easy!

The one, big reason the hidden hands have such a grip on humanity (well at least the Western world) is because they own and control the mass communications media. By that means, they broadcast a constant barrage of false information, misinformation, disinformation, and a great deal of utter trivia. And so, the great, harried masses, who rely on the big-biz mass media for convenient news updates, are easily led to believe all kinds of falsehoods about the true state of world affairs. Thus we say they live in a matrix of lies.

Of course, since the mid-1990s, we've had that amazing technology of global information exchange-- the Internet. Many regard the Net as the new Guttenberg revolution, comparable to the role played by the printing press in the Middle Ages. In that instance, the printing machine allowed the widespread dissemination of the Bible and other books, that broke the spell that the Roman Catholic Church and royalty held over the populace of Europe.

Today, many believe that the Internet, by allowing the spread of truth, will counter the lies of the Matrix. However, it's not that simple. While, yes, the Net does allow the transmission of truthful information, it also facilitates the spread of every kind of information imaginable, from the sublime to the ridiculous. In this tidal wave of digital data, the enormous problem facing any truth-seeker is how to find and discern truth from all the dross. (That is the subject of many essays, including some on this site.)

But here's the crazy thing. For anyone who's really determined to know what's truly happening in this world, it's entirely possible-- and without the Internet. All it takes is: 1) dedication to the task, 2) rigorous objectivity, and 3) liberal application of common sense. Employ those steps, and anyone can determine, in broad outlines, the true state of world affairs.

Many people in fact, have done that. Most of them (I presume) are writing for 'alternative' web-sites, or blogs like this one. They have come to know, almost instinctively, what sources they can trust, and what smells like 'BS.' Unlike the vast masses, these few souls do not bow to the so-called experts and authorities. They have learned the bitter lesson that any figure acknowledged as an authority only attained that exalted status at the pleasure of the puppet masters. Everything they utter is, therefore, suspect, regardless of its patina. One of the primary aims of the education system is to program people to defer to authority, and it is scarily effective.

Note, tho, that if you can free your mind from its homage to the authority figures ('big Brother') and recognize that you can really use your own judgement, then seeing reality becomes almost easy. Let me illustrate... and if you feel a little insulted, then good! Channel that energy into new revelations.

How many times does the USA (with or without its created lap-dog, NATO) have to concoct a flimsy pretext to invade a sovereign state, bomb it into rubble, and then proudly proclaim they've delivered democracy to the survivors... before the average citizen finally gets it?

Isn't it blatantly obvious that the poverty-stricken peasants in far-away Vietnam, or Afghanistan, pose absolutely no threat to the nation with the biggest, by far, military force on Earth? If you really believe the nonsense that 'Al Qaida operatives' are lurking in Europe and the USA, then you need to use the Internet to do some research (maybe starting with 'Operation Gladio').

Look, the game is stupidly transparent; no need for a PhD to figure it out... once you wrench the cultural filters off your eyes! The ones who continuously crow that they're the good guys are really the bad guys. It's classic comic opera meets Greek tragedy!

Yet, so many just numbly swallow the balderdash they are fed, non-stop, by the mammoth media machine. It's like a spell that can only be described as satanic. Everything the masses think is real is instead phoney, false.

And so, I continue to exist in this global insane asylum, incredulous that so many 'intelligent' people don't see the truth before their eyes. It can only end in great disaster.

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