June 19, 2016

Fire-Monkey Business!

Curious fact: 2016 in the Chinese calendar system is called a year of the Fire Monkey, which is characterized by unexpected events, often unsettling. 
Well, no kidding! This year is barely half over, and we've already seen chaos aplenty in various spheres of life. (I won't try to make a list; you know how to find them if you don't remember past the last crisis.)

As I write, the latest episode of insanity comes from Orlando, Florida (yes, the home of Disney World, the epitome of American fantasy). The Ministry of Truth, a.k.a. mainstream media, tell us that 50 people were gunned down by a Muslim extremist, and a similar number injured by this lone gunman. Then there are the coloring details: the gunman, Mateen, claimed the 'massacre' for ISIS, the club was a popular LGBQT hang-out, he was 'known to the FBI,' etc.

From this initial mish-mash of 'information', the public is apparently supposed to reach some kind of conclusions and get riled up about them. But, really, what kind of sense are they supposed to make of this fog? One side will proclaim that the incident shows the hatred Muslims have for Americans, and/or for 'queer people;' whatever their preference. Another faction will say it shows how everyone hates homosexual/transgender persons. Others, that clearly, people must not be allowed to buy guns. And on it goes; something for every prejudice!

Many of these views overlap, so the cacophony of voices gets even more confusing. There's nothing like a mass murder to get the juices of rage, especially irrational rage, flowing. Yet this is the time for people to take a deep breath, take a step back, and take a sober look at the big picture, not the flurry of 'info-bits' tossed out by the MSM to obscure the reality.

After a decade and a half of staged terror events around the globe, the alternative media pundits are getting very good at detecting fabricated, false-flag terrorism. And this Orlando event is another one. I won't go over the litany of clues and mis-cues that make it obvious that this was another orchestrated tragedy-- you can easily find them with a simple search. Instead, let's try to fit this piece into the bigger puzzle of global action by the hidden hands who pull the strings of society thru their appointed puppets, our political leaders.

About eight years ago, Americans with hope in their hearts, elected a man who promised 'change you can believe in.' Today, with just half a year left to his term, we can look back and see what really happened in those eight years. To be succinct, I will present his major achievements in point form, below.

1- Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, while expanding US military involvement in conflicts they initiated in the Middle East and North Africa, and now with NATO in Europe.

2- he failed to close the Guantanamo prison, as he had promised to do. Don't argue that he was blocked by Congress; he used executive orders to do other things he wanted (which is why the US got involved in so many undeclared wars in the first place).

3- he was expected to bring harmony between the races in America; instead, there were race riots in Missouri and elsewhere, and tensions are high between (especially) blacks and the police.

4- by opening the southern border, Obama brought a flood of hispanic, illegal immigrants who swell the ranks of welfare recipients and low-wage earners, stirring resentment among the tax-paying population and those legal residents competing for the scarce jobs.

5- exploiting (if not creating) domestic crimes involving firearms, Obama has blamed easy access to guns as the scapegoat, and exacerbated the divide between those who want gun controls and those who hold to the right to bear arms.

6- in a bold move, the Obama administration forcefully advanced the 'gay agenda' by a quantum leap, requiring schools to allow 'transgendered persons' access to the restrooms of whichever sex they 'identify with!' That statement demands an exclamation point since you just can't make up this utter craziness. This move has been resisted in several states, but with the hammer of federal funding over them, and the aid of the media in pushing 'gay rights,' it looks like a foregone case. The divide between those who uphold traditional values and those who have been taken in by modernist, liberal progressivism is wide open.

7- by finally opting in to international accords on 'climate change,' and agreeing to carbon emission targets and carbon credit trading, Obama appears to be friendly to the environment. Yet his administration has basically changed nothing with regard to things like fracking and other destructive practices of industry on US soil. Hence, the struggle between unbridled industry and environmentalists continues unabated.

8- while arrogantly dismissing his economic critics, all meaningful indicators of economic performance in the US have been going in the wrong direction since 2008. Almost 100 million Americans are out of the work force; real wages have not risen in 30 years; and the bulk of the wealth is held in an increasingly smaller proportion of the population.

9- while demonizing 'socialism' in one breath, Obama pushed strenuously to impose his version of universal health care on Americans, thus ensuring that the whole populace would be dependent on the government for health care. This move has widened the cleft between supporters and opponents of state-managed programs, i.e. socialism.

10- on the international scene, the Nobel prize winner has been a disaster. The USA is mired in wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, either directly or indirectly. American proxies are also meddling in parts of Africa, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Ukraine, and heaven alone knows where else. The military contractors in the 'defence industries' are the one bright spot in the US economy, doing as well as ever.

11- by strong-arming its 'allies' in Europe, the US government wages relentless 'cold war' on its nemesis, Russia, pushing NATO forces right up against the Russian borders and installing missile systems in Romania and Poland... all the while hollering about 'Russian aggression.'

12- as if it's entirely natural for the US to be defending its borders 10,000 miles away, the Obama admin sends warships and aircraft to harass China in the South China Sea. It would be interesting to see the US response if the Chinese were to sail warships in the Gulf of Mexico.

These are some of the major accomplishments of Barack Obama during his illustrious reign as El Presidente of the republic. I do not support any political party or ideology; I am unimpressed by any of the promises made by politicians. As you can see for yourself, Obama has succeeded brilliantly at what he was appointed to do, which is to leave America in a shambles.

Even the casual reader will note the number of times I used the words 'between,' and 'divide,' and synonyms in describing Obama's achievements. That's the main legacy he leaves-- a populace split along multiple lines and at such elevated levels of tension that violence could explode at any time among opposing groups.

The Orlando shooting is transparently another hoax crisis designed to aggravate the fear already instilled in the American public, and thereby pave the way for further draconian measures to be imposed on them. What those measures will be, remains to be seen. Living up to his billing, the Fire Monkey is really getting mischievous, so what happens next is anyone's guess.

The demonic cabal is getting ever more brazen in closing their trap, and fully imposing their New World Order. Their staged crises are getting sloppier in execution, but they hardly care, since their PR branch, the media, will trumpet whatever lies they think will provide cover for the shaky pretexts behind the hoaxes. Sadly, the majority never bother to read beyond the headlines, to view anything more than the crisp clips flashed by the TV 'news.' Thus, they are utterly vulnerable to whatever mind-conditioning the media impose on them.

Before this current Fire Monkey scuttles off the cosmic stage next February, it will have left a trail of chaos such as we seldom see in a single year. Will it wake the world out of zombie slumber? Maybe a few souls, one hopes. But in predictable fashion, most people will probably continue doing what they always do, believing what they've always believed, and just hoping that nothing forces them to face the harsh light of reality.