August 4, 2016

Apocalypse Update, Mid-2016

It's now late in the Apocalyptic Era; this civilization's fate is sealed. It's both depressing and exciting to be alive and watching it unfold in front of dumbfounded eyes. 
For me, it's clearer than ever how the 'upper echelons' of society have leveraged immense wealth to direct the masses of people into predetermined fates. They could only have achieved this feat by operating over centuries and with unnatural prescience-- i.e. under supernatural guidance. Since that influence is patently malevolent, that spirit identifies itself as satanic. Stated plainly, the human race has been under attack by this evil spirit-- Satan, as it is called in the Bible-- since the beginning.

Things are transparently screwed up enough that many people have awakened to the fact. Some of them have exercised their imagination and first, pointed out the negative cycle we are in, and second, often proposed possible solutions. Sometimes, it even looks quite optimistic. I too might like to be among the optimists; however, sober spiritual analysis of our predicament forces me to abandon all false hopes, and face the terrible truth of our Age-- there is no magic solution. What will be, must be. As has apparently happened in the distant past, must occur again.

There are solid reasons for my pessimism. The primary one being that it is too late! While a relatively tiny proportion of the populace has awakened and noticed the extreme degree of dysfunction, and that it's by design, the vast majority are still drifting blissfully along in the swift currents of hectic modernism. Even among the awake, there is too much disagreement, often viciously, as to what are the remedies, as well as to who are the culprits. To imagine that we still have time to mobilize a social revolution that would reverse the ravages of the past century, and merely usher us in the direction of a sane world is to dream for the unattainable.

For me, it is clear that this move toward self-destruction is being orchestrated by incredibly sick individuals under extremely evil influences. In other words, the dilemma is a spiritual one. Many pundits, especially those just newly-awakened, do not accept that view. They cling to the belief that mankind can somehow pull himself from this trajectory by the boot-straps in a purely materialistic frame of reference. The more mature members of the 'awake' have (often against their own biases) concluded that 'we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but... against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places,” as affirmed by writer Paul in the New Testament (Ephesians 6:12).

Altho I quote from the Bible, many persons even among the spiritually aware, would still disavow reference to holy scripture, or to the idea of God. They want to acknowledge that the battle is raging in a dimension transcending ours, but want to deny God as identified in the Christian writings. I say this to illustrate the extent of division among those who can recognize the spiritual malaise of the Age, and to show how unlikely it is that a concerted effort can ever be mounted against the wickedness that consumes our existence.

Yet, make no mistake-- the enemies bent on the destruction of humanity are united far more than those who would oppose them. They have been operating in a concerted manner for centuries to maneuver human society into the set of predicaments that presently confront us. I would agree that 'evil' always self-destructs... in the end. But before we reach 'the end,' so much senseless suffering and bloodshed must occur!

So, I wait in my obscurity and seclusion, watching the train-wreck proceed, frame by agonizing frame. Some readers might have expected me to state 'slow-motion' train-wreck, but it's not. Far from it! In this late-stage year (2016) things are moving at breath-taking pace. In fact, they have been since the turn of the century and its grotesque opening, occult ritual coded in the numbers '9-11.' All those awake fully realize that the 'attacks' on America that day, involved the deliberate, planned destruction of the twin towers and symbolic scarring of the 'pentagram,' for reasons beyond the apparent.

As I say, the pace of change-- for the worse-- has been near incredible. In barely five decades, society has been turned upside-down, in terms of its values, its character, and its outlook. This rapid regression shows how desperate the demonic forces are to attain their ends. Patience has expired; they are pushing their agenda with reckless zeal. But why are they in such a rush; and what are those ends, exactly?

It's as if the evil forces know that their time is almost up. In fact, the Bible predicted that this time would come when the Devil is in a frenzy, knowing that his termination is close at hand (see Rev 12:2). The nexus of change is the USA, self-proclaimed leader of the free world, really the center of demonic activity that hides behind a fog of beneficent-sounding platitudes. Many Americans think (still) that their country is Christian, despite its destructive rampage in pursuit of global hegemony.

In fact, the US was never a true Christian endeavor, but an occult project from the start. The location of Washington was selected not for its fetid swampland, but for its geographic coordinates that hold esoteric significance. Many of the states' names derive from occult history, even if the citizens were unaware. All but a couple of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons. The layout of the streets of DC describe Masonic symbols such as the square and compass, and the inverted pentagram. The Great Seal of the USA is loaded with occult symbols, notably the pyramid with a floating capstone holding 'the all-seeing eye of Horus;' the number 13 figures prominently, and so on. A little research will demonstrate clearly the true occult (i.e. demonic) roots of America!

In keeping with this end-of-the-age zeitgeist, the satanic agenda is today flaunted in our faces in the pop culture, in building architecture, as well as on the dollar bill (where its been for decades). The evil manipulators are confident that the masses are so thoroughly deluded that they can now unveil their sick, perverted program with complete assurance that it will not only not be opposed, but it will be welcomed! In two generations, they have perfected the art of packaging the most unpalatable or nonsensical ideas and legislation with a slick layer of lugubrious verbiage that makes it sound perfectly beneficial to society. So much so, that anyone who opposes those ideas is immediately denounced by both co-opted media shills and the brain-numbed masses. Brilliant!

For those who think I exaggerate, just think about how society has had its attitudes revamped concerning 'gender diversity' as it's innocuously labelled. A couple decades ago, those in same-sex relationships had to be discreet about it. Most people took a 'live and let live' approach to such things. Today, there's a whole panoply of 'gender choices' covered by the expanded alphabetic initials LGBQTTT... (where does it end?) and they demand 'equality'-- which really means that their 'rights' trump anyone else's. All 'enlightened' people know that this is how it should be, because they have been educated with 'modern values.'

For the masses to be able to extrapolate from the recognition of 'gay etc. rights' to the logical, planned outcome, is beyond their capacities. Every 'advance' in society arises because it has been planned and orchestrated into existence. Legal entrenchment of sexual perversity ('oops, that's diversity, of course) will inevitably lead to the destruction of the family as the fundamental unit of a stable society. Moreover, the confusion around sexuality is producing a generation of effeminate, ineffectual males, who should be instead the backbone and leaders of society. And while women largely support gay rights as somehow beneficial to them, the truth is that they become more victimized as pseudo-females demand access to their toilets, change-rooms, and social benefits. But, hey, it's cool to be 'liberal' these days!

One can understand the resistance of the general populace towards 'theories' that upset their world view-- a paradigm that has been carefully hard-wired from the cradle to adulthood. What is more difficult-- even galling-- to accept is the arrogant smugness of these people in the 'self-evident correctness' of that illusory outlook. Most of them are totally ignorant, in the literal sense, basing their rosy confidence simply on the apparent freedom they have to function in the world. A smaller proportion have duly read the 'newspapers of record,' and tuned in to the handful of TV news networks, and therefore presume that they are well-informed.

Goody for both these groups; they really know nothing! On the basis of such biased information, the majority of people arrogate the right to scorn and ridicule the few who have put in much time and effort in comprehending the true state of this world. Does that make sense? To the smug millions, it matters not. They have 'the experts' on their side, and those talking heads continually assure us that all is well-- just keep on working, spending, and submitting to authority.

In the same vein, the powers that be invert absolutely everything, turning black into white, and constantly accusing those they attack as being the aggressors. With our solidly supine media backing them, the dark vanguard get away with those games, frustrating all attempts to speak truth to power. Yet, the Bible warns 'Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil' (Is 5:20). Or, if you prefer, karma will not be denied forever. By their deception, TPTB have tricked the populace into 'virtual consent' to the depredations heaped upon them. In their haste lately, they are filled with hubris, so over-confident that they no longer care if mistakes are made. After all, they reason, the dull masses will either not notice, or they can be easily swayed by the usual mass-psychology techniques.

Yes, pay-back for the hidden rulers is close at hand, even as they are on the verge of final attainment of their goal of world domination. It will be a time of unparalleled chaos: i.e. if you thought the world is crazy now, just hang on a bit longer!

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