September 29, 2016

A is for Apocalypse!

Despite the pronouncements of a number of cogent observers in recent years that we are living in apocalyptic times, it is still breathtaking to observe the outworking of this phenomenon before our dazed eyes. The grey eminences have been manipulating the world from their hiding places for many years, and had become confident they and their schemes would remain cloaked even as the deeds became more outrageous.

However, the Big Guy who's really in charge of this Universe of ours, cannot be circumvented by the schemers or even their capo, the prince of darkness. 
The truth keeps rearing up and confronting those who hate it... and those brave enough to see it. 
Regardless of the fact that the puppeteers own the mass communications media which are doing everything to maintain the illusion, the truth pops up, or seeps thru, to expose the schemes.

The latest case in point is the bizarre US presidential election campaign. The media have been so biased against Trump, and so obvious in papering over Clinton's numerous crimes, gaffes, and health problems, that it's back-firing, making them look ridiculous and phoney; and rightly so. Polls are showing that a large proportion of Americans have no trust in the mainstream media, and are abandoning them as sources of information.

Trump was the x-factor that the power-trippers apparently didn't see coming. They've been blind-sided by his outsider's brashness, his unwillingness to play by their unwritten rules. As a result, the media game-plan, in its desperation, got fully exposed. The lies and omissions over Hillary's true nature have become laughable in this age of the Internet when anyone can find in an instant a slew of videos displaying her every peccadillo.

Yet, as I say, the truth is perceived by those with the 'eyes' to see it. For example, the 'attacks' of 9-11-01 were a turning point for many of us. The events were traumatic, and the explanations supplied by the government and its experts were so incredible (literally)-- and transparently so, to any thinking observer-- that it opened the eyes of many. What we saw was so monstrous in terms of the extent and magnitude of the evil in our midst, that it's still difficult to assimilate, even 15 years later.

The criminal magic show that was 9-11 could never have been pulled off without the complete complicity of the mainstream media. It's clear that they were prepared for the events beforehand, and were involved during the events, and then were instrumental in selling the storyline in the ensuing days, months and years. Just the realization that the MSM were in on the caper was a huge mental blow to many awakened souls who once put their full trust in the big news channels.

So it is, that many people simply turned their thoughts away from the stark evidence of common sense, and either swallowed the official BS, or put it out of mind. The truth was just too much for these souls to bear. But truth cannot be forever spurned or ignored. Whether we like it or not, 'the truth will out.' No one can permanently prevent the truth from becoming apparent. The 20th century was characterized by subversion of truth behind a curtain of authoritative deception; but the tide is turning in this 21st century.

It was at the turn of this century when the evil-doers began to overtly implement their plan for one world government or 'the new world order,' as it's commonly known. And note that the phrase 'NWO' did become widely heard by a global audience around that time. That's also the time when knowledge about the conspiracy became widely available and disseminated via the 'new Gutenberg revolution,' the Internet, still in its infancy.

Cyberspace, the Internet domain, contains a great number of websites characterized by the mainstream as 'alternative' (news) sources. As I've written in other essays, these sites span a vast range of views, from the sublime to the ludicrous. Nevertheless, the resolute seeker can find the truth with a little diligent searching and the exercise of mature judgement.

Besides the 'alt-sites,' recent years have seen the rise of Wikileaks, and other sites devoted to storing official information leaked by insiders. These sites hold a trove of electronic evidence that would, if acted upon in a rational society, result in the arrest and charging of thousands of corrupt officials and politicians, primarily based in the USA and the West, generally. Revelations from Wikileaks provide damning indictment of criminal and unethical activity by the US military and its allies, by Hillary Clinton and her unsavory foundation, by George Soros and other corporate oligarchs, and much else. Even if the corrupt legal system fails to act as it should against the criminal elite, every individual now has access to information that proves the culpability and ill intentions of those heading our governments and industries.

By this Divine providence, we now have the knowledge to discern the satanic scheme to enslave humanity under the rule of a tiny, elite minority. As usual, there are a relative few 'early perceivers' who have been aware of the conspiracy for years, while the majority are still largely asleep, or groggily shaking their heads in amazement. Things like the US election will certainly wake up a sizable group to, at least, the fact that something's rotten in the US body politic and likely elsewhere. It will take more events, and more drastic ones, to finally wake up a majority of citizens to the aweful reality that the world of their childhood dreams is gone forever.

Many (even among you readers) will deploy the time-tested shield of denial. 'It can't be,' your mind will argue; therefore, it isn't so. Things are going to get so bad, tho, that the status quo of your Matrix-world simply can't continue. The 'late perceivers' will probably be the first to go; the first ones to panic when the system collapses. Denial always supplies outdated, wrong information on which to base decisions. When the stakes are high, the deniers lose big-time.

That's what the Apocalypse is all about-- childhood's end; tearing away the veil of illusions behind which our civilization has been glibly existing for more than a century. Facing reality means growing up, spiritually speaking. It's the end of our child-like trust in authority, in the experts. It means taking responsibility for our world; using our God-given common-sense to discern the myriad forms of manipulation used to control us.

I won't kid you, it hurts. You may actually feel physically ill for a while. You may exhibit signs of depression for a long time (e.g. needing more sleep, lacking energy, listlessness, etc.). It's not easy being wrenched from the comforting, illusionary world you knew, into the harsh, real world run by a global Mafia of silver-tonged crime lords! Hard as it is, it is high time to wake up, grow up, and prepare for reality.

September 13, 2016

Why Are We Here? (Religion for Dummies)

Few are the people these days who are interested in pondering the truly deep questions concerning human existence. 
The most basic dilemma is: why are we here, why do humans exist? 
If you're one of those whose response is 'Who cares?' then you are (-- be honest) hardly better than an intelligent animal, living day-to-day like an automaton.

It's in pondering the basic questions of reality that humans are most different from the rest of creation. This philosophical enquiry is the hallmark of consciousness and self-awareness. Yet most people shy away from such thinking, as if it's a waste of time, since 'it can't be answered anyway.'

In the mental realm, I like to go where others fear to tread. In this essay, I explore the question of why humanity exists. Of course, for the atheists, a century of indoctrination simply provokes the knee-jerk reply that we exist merely as accidents of 'evolution;' the highest life-form to develop, eons after the primordial microbes. I don't want to spend a lot of words showing the obvious flaws in that dogma. Those who believe in 'spontaneous genesis' haven't spent any more time studying that theory than they have on our existence.

For me, the starting point of all philosophy is the phenomenon of consciousness; i.e. the fact that we know that we know. Taken mostly for granted, consciousness is, in fact, a mystical or transcendent faculty of mind. No one has been able to figure out how it works. Sure, we have a brain, but it's a piece of biological hardware, possessed in some form by almost all living creatures. All brains process sensory data, using basic instinctual 'software.' Some mammals exhibit a certain degree of intelligence and awareness, but only humans can think about the reasons for our reality, our existence in the universe.

What's so important about knowing why we're here, anyway? (Ah, now you're thinking!) Well, if we're just here by pure cosmic fluke, then life is a free-for-all, and anything goes. It's survival of the fittest, even if we pretend that we're playing by some kind of rules. Look around; isn't that more or less how things work in this world? The US can barge into any country on Earth, because they've got the biggest military; the pretexts for these invasions is getting flimsier with every new misadventure.

On the other hand, if there's a deeper reason for human life, then maybe we are called to behave as more than intelligent animals. Since we know when we are doing wrong, then we are expected to behave in a moral/ethical manner. Consciousness rules over instinct.

Unless you're completely self-absorbed, you must have noticed that life in this 21st century has become at least complicated, if not outright bizarre. Whether you believe that terrorism is due to Islamic fanatics, or perceive the forces behind the scenes, you have to confront the fact that humanity is certainly not improving, but is rather regressing. The world has become more chaotic each year of the third millennium.

Why, one must wonder, are we in this constant, and worsening, mess called human society? Even at the interpersonal level, there is constant strife and conflict. Parents struggle with children; the rich suppress the poor; the races struggle with each other, and so on. Is there any fundamental or higher reason to this misery and suffering?

That question is interrelated to the one concerning existence. My contention is that we are alive for the purpose of spiritual learning. This world is the school of hard knocks. Each soul is here to experience life with other souls; to undergo the 'slings and arrows of outrageous people!' At the fundaments, it's about discovering that the cosmos is a battle-ground between good and evil.

This paradigm may be too much for most minds to absorb. The diehard atheist will deny this view out of hand (i.e. with no further thinking). Those of a spiritual bent will see that it makes full sense. There's no other rationale for higher-consciousness to exist in such inhospitable conditions as we are seeing in this stage of world history.

So it is that each of us fumbles our way from childhood and its limited world-view towards maturity and a more sophisticated view of reality. Some who are well-educated (as the world measures it) and well-travelled, regard themselves as being worldly-wise and thus more enlightened than others. Such people are no better than fools if they are ignorant of the transcendent (spiritual) aspects of human life!

Just because the higher dimension of existence cannot be seen or detected with the five senses, does not mean they don't exist. The point of consciousness is that it can conceive of that hidden realm, and at best, can even detect or tap into it. This access of a higher realm of reality has been demonstrated or experienced countless times, and described to the extent possible, over the ages and across all cultures. It can be in the form of clairvoyance; or a 'life after death' experience; or mind-to-mind communication; even 'divine inspiration;' whatever.

The problem is that the exultation of the 'scientific method' (mind-set) over the past two to three centuries in European culture has required the utter rejection of any recognition of the spiritual aspect of human existence. As promoted from cradle to grave in every facet of life, modernism denies anything beyond the material world. Thus, the contemporary populace is conditioned to embrace ignorance of the transcendent.

The rejection of the transcendent is at the root of our constant state of conflict and chaos. With no vision of what we could be, or should be, humans behave as tho this brief 'three score and ten' years is all we will ever experience, therefore let's grab everything we can whenever possible. Without recognition of our common spirituality, we see each other as mere fellow strugglers, at best, or as prey, at worst. Without a spiritual outlook, morality becomes more of a humanist option than a moral imperative.

At the end of the day-- or of the world, as it happens-- every human being is faced with a choice, or a dilemma: doggedly adhere to the pathetic belief that there is nothing beyond the material universe, or else, accept the existence of a non-material yet tangible dimension in which concepts exist in pure form. By that, I mean that qualities like truth, justice, love, and all the virtues exist only in their ultimate form; there are no lesser shades, and no opposites.

Over the ages of civilization, many have experienced the ineffable-- events big or small that cannot be explained in 'rational,' that is, material terms. Some have tried to write about those experiences, often with good success, in that readers can grasp some sense of what occurred, so that they vicariously share in it and believe in it.

Yet for some people, no amount of 'anecdotal' (hence, not 'scientific') evidence will satisfy them. We have circumscribed science within such strictly defined limits that it is hopelessly confined to dabble in the merely material realm, willfully blind to the vastness beyond. A shame it is! In this 21st century, not just a shame, but an accomplice to final disaster.

Unfortunately, spirituality appears almost a function of personality. Some types are entirely open to the possibilities of the transcendent domain, while others are endemically grounded in the material. Is that fair? I don't know. We all have 'free will,' at least morally speaking. What we choose to believe is subject to numerous subtle factors that have been studied by modern psychology with limited success. I've pretty much given up trying to convince anyone of anything. All I can do is present the best case for a belief, and then it's in the hands of the hearer/reader to do with as they please.

So it is with this essay. Even if you are one of those who holds to a materialist outlook, I hope to have given you something to ponder. Perhaps some day you will experience something that shakes your material world-- makes a crack in your cosmic egg (to borrow from Joseph Chilton Pierce). In that moment, you will have the blessed opportunity to glimpse the ineffable, feel the breath of God, so to speak. I pray that every reader will have that moment to reflect on the glory of the higher dimension and accept the reality of the spirit world.

Once you have had that encounter with the transcendent, you will understand that there is evil abroad in our world, yes; but as the holy writings have assured, there is Good/God in charge of all that occurs. His immense consciousness subsumes all else. Our being is miniscule in His sight, yet we still have that faculty of free will by which we can cling to God's grace... or we can, defiantly and incredibly, reject it. It's in your will. May you use it wisely, not stupidly!