September 29, 2016

A is for Apocalypse!

Despite the pronouncements of a number of cogent observers in recent years that we are living in apocalyptic times, it is still breathtaking to observe the outworking of this phenomenon before our dazed eyes. The grey eminences have been manipulating the world from their hiding places for many years, and had become confident they and their schemes would remain cloaked even as the deeds became more outrageous.

However, the Big Guy who's really in charge of this Universe of ours, cannot be circumvented by the schemers or even their capo, the prince of darkness. 
The truth keeps rearing up and confronting those who hate it... and those brave enough to see it. 
Regardless of the fact that the puppeteers own the mass communications media which are doing everything to maintain the illusion, the truth pops up, or seeps thru, to expose the schemes.

The latest case in point is the bizarre US presidential election campaign. The media have been so biased against Trump, and so obvious in papering over Clinton's numerous crimes, gaffes, and health problems, that it's back-firing, making them look ridiculous and phoney; and rightly so. Polls are showing that a large proportion of Americans have no trust in the mainstream media, and are abandoning them as sources of information.

Trump was the x-factor that the power-trippers apparently didn't see coming. They've been blind-sided by his outsider's brashness, his unwillingness to play by their unwritten rules. As a result, the media game-plan, in its desperation, got fully exposed. The lies and omissions over Hillary's true nature have become laughable in this age of the Internet when anyone can find in an instant a slew of videos displaying her every peccadillo.

Yet, as I say, the truth is perceived by those with the 'eyes' to see it. For example, the 'attacks' of 9-11-01 were a turning point for many of us. The events were traumatic, and the explanations supplied by the government and its experts were so incredible (literally)-- and transparently so, to any thinking observer-- that it opened the eyes of many. What we saw was so monstrous in terms of the extent and magnitude of the evil in our midst, that it's still difficult to assimilate, even 15 years later.

The criminal magic show that was 9-11 could never have been pulled off without the complete complicity of the mainstream media. It's clear that they were prepared for the events beforehand, and were involved during the events, and then were instrumental in selling the storyline in the ensuing days, months and years. Just the realization that the MSM were in on the caper was a huge mental blow to many awakened souls who once put their full trust in the big news channels.

So it is, that many people simply turned their thoughts away from the stark evidence of common sense, and either swallowed the official BS, or put it out of mind. The truth was just too much for these souls to bear. But truth cannot be forever spurned or ignored. Whether we like it or not, 'the truth will out.' No one can permanently prevent the truth from becoming apparent. The 20th century was characterized by subversion of truth behind a curtain of authoritative deception; but the tide is turning in this 21st century.

It was at the turn of this century when the evil-doers began to overtly implement their plan for one world government or 'the new world order,' as it's commonly known. And note that the phrase 'NWO' did become widely heard by a global audience around that time. That's also the time when knowledge about the conspiracy became widely available and disseminated via the 'new Gutenberg revolution,' the Internet, still in its infancy.

Cyberspace, the Internet domain, contains a great number of websites characterized by the mainstream as 'alternative' (news) sources. As I've written in other essays, these sites span a vast range of views, from the sublime to the ludicrous. Nevertheless, the resolute seeker can find the truth with a little diligent searching and the exercise of mature judgement.

Besides the 'alt-sites,' recent years have seen the rise of Wikileaks, and other sites devoted to storing official information leaked by insiders. These sites hold a trove of electronic evidence that would, if acted upon in a rational society, result in the arrest and charging of thousands of corrupt officials and politicians, primarily based in the USA and the West, generally. Revelations from Wikileaks provide damning indictment of criminal and unethical activity by the US military and its allies, by Hillary Clinton and her unsavory foundation, by George Soros and other corporate oligarchs, and much else. Even if the corrupt legal system fails to act as it should against the criminal elite, every individual now has access to information that proves the culpability and ill intentions of those heading our governments and industries.

By this Divine providence, we now have the knowledge to discern the satanic scheme to enslave humanity under the rule of a tiny, elite minority. As usual, there are a relative few 'early perceivers' who have been aware of the conspiracy for years, while the majority are still largely asleep, or groggily shaking their heads in amazement. Things like the US election will certainly wake up a sizable group to, at least, the fact that something's rotten in the US body politic and likely elsewhere. It will take more events, and more drastic ones, to finally wake up a majority of citizens to the aweful reality that the world of their childhood dreams is gone forever.

Many (even among you readers) will deploy the time-tested shield of denial. 'It can't be,' your mind will argue; therefore, it isn't so. Things are going to get so bad, tho, that the status quo of your Matrix-world simply can't continue. The 'late perceivers' will probably be the first to go; the first ones to panic when the system collapses. Denial always supplies outdated, wrong information on which to base decisions. When the stakes are high, the deniers lose big-time.

That's what the Apocalypse is all about-- childhood's end; tearing away the veil of illusions behind which our civilization has been glibly existing for more than a century. Facing reality means growing up, spiritually speaking. It's the end of our child-like trust in authority, in the experts. It means taking responsibility for our world; using our God-given common-sense to discern the myriad forms of manipulation used to control us.

I won't kid you, it hurts. You may actually feel physically ill for a while. You may exhibit signs of depression for a long time (e.g. needing more sleep, lacking energy, listlessness, etc.). It's not easy being wrenched from the comforting, illusionary world you knew, into the harsh, real world run by a global Mafia of silver-tonged crime lords! Hard as it is, it is high time to wake up, grow up, and prepare for reality.

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